The following was emailed to Llano attorney Tim Cowart 8-21-13:


In a recent interview with Connie Swinney you claim:

“CSCOPE has some controversial materials in its instruction plans. My clients have concerns that there tends to be a lot of collectivist ideology in CSCOPE,” …. As parents, grandparents, as taxpayers, we need to make sure that the lesson plans and the materials (the students are) learning is appropriate for them and not hidden away from public scrutiny.”

Can you provide specific references in CSCOPE lesson plans that support these allegations? If they are indeed “hidden away from public scrutiny” as they appear to be by statute,  where is clear proof of these claims? Not just allegations taken as truth? Sadly, there are numerous additional claims made by the Radical Right regarding this matter but, again, no clear, public evidence. Would the people you represent kindly remedy this for this publication and my readers?  Since these lesson plans are not available for public scrutiny, where have your clients and others received the information regarding the plans they claim to be un-American and collectivist?  From Right Wing websites?  

You further claim in the Swinney interview:

“I’ve seen and heard about certain examples, like the folks with the Boston Tea Party were a bunch of terrorists.”

Again, can you provide an exact reference to the lesson plans you and the people you represent are referring to? Better yet, can you provide a copy of the materials referenced in your interview with Swinney? At least, excerpts?  Anything other than hearsay?

Would certainly be willing to post all of it in this publication for benefit of my readers. Sadly, to date, with the CSCOPE website under reconstruction, the only source material available comes second hand from the Right, – which clearly has an agenda.

My readers are entitled to unvarnished, un-spun truth. … Sadly, a decreasing commodity in a state that has clearly embraced the Radical Right. Without question, you can most benefit the cause you and your clients so fervently believe in by providing, for public review, the exact, precise lesson plan material you find so offensive.

Finally, are you planning to appeal? While your services have apparently been pro-bono to date, who is paying court costs?  Why do you continue to litigate when you either have no evidence other than hearsay, or remain unwilling and/or unable to share it?

Tim Chorney, Publisher
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