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Dallas Massacre

All went well in last night's protest in Dallas until the very end.  Police were behaving magnificently.  So was the crowd.  The protest, totally non-violent.  Police even took selfies with protesters.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  Shots rang out.  At time of writing, 12 officers shot.  Tragically, five died.  Seven officers wounded.  Two civilians, wounded.

Apparently, there was at least one sniper.  Although police earlier reported two.  Shooting from elevated positions.  Triangulating.  Some of the officers were shot in the back.  Although two civilians got shot, the shooter or shooters were apparently carefully trying to avoid civilian casualties.

At time of writing, police state the sniper was killed when police claim negotiations were going nowhere and law enforcement felt threatened.  Sent in a robot with a bomb.  The sniper was killed by the device.  Police also state they have three others in custody.  Other than that, very little is known.  Police remain tight-lipped.

Judgment must be reserved until all facts are known and made public.  Will certainly take time.  A few things are clear at the moment, however.  First, instead of cordoning off the garage the sniper was holed up in and waiting him out, police killed him with a robot-delivered bomb.  This is quite an escalation of the use of military tactics by law enforcement.

Not clear why they didn't patiently wait.  Could have drawn back as they usually do and make sure he had no way of escaping.  Moreover, the problem with this type of escalation of tactics is the fact police became judge, jury, and executioner.  Instead of doing things as they have done earlier in other similar situations.

There is absolutely no justification for such an attack on police, however.  These officers had nothing to do with other atrocities perpetrated by fellow officers across our formerly great country.  We do need police.  Can't live without them.  They do need to conduct themselves professionally however, that is, non-abusively and within the parameters of the United States Constitution.

Too many of them are not doing so.  Yet, targeting all of them is an egregiously stupid mistake.  All the killer or killers did last night was further alienate whatever is left of good law enforcement in our formerly great country.  The aim of all criticism directed against corrupt, abusive, inept officers should be to seek change.  Justice.

Precisely, why whenever an officer does something heroic and/or highly beneficial to the community it always leads in this publication.  Always.  Yet, police show no willingness to change the status quo.  That's unacceptable, aggressively stupid, in no one's best interest, particularly theirs.

Hard to believe the dopey bastards who falsely believe they run and own this hell hole County have failed to date to rein in our jackbooted Sheriff and his thugs.  Force him to release the names of the officers who pulled the trigger in the killing of Jeffrey Gray Wise back in April.  There is no transparency.  No accountability.  The Sheriff and his jackbooted bastards remain answerable to no one.

The break down in law enforcement all across our formerly great country is dangerous.  Could very well lead to an unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon.  There is wake up call after wake up call that continues to be ignored at all levels of government.  -- Last night, being yet another example.  Such attacks are no more than low-grade insurrection.  Sadly, a portend of what is likely to come.

Yet, there is no willingness to change an unacceptable status quo.  Nowhere across the country.  Even the President goes out of his way to support police when such massacres occur against them.  Yet, his use of language when innocent citizens are murdered by criminal officers is nowhere near as strident.  This has to change.  -- Despite the fact the President endures unbelievable unjustified criticism both from the law enforcement community and their bought and paid for national socialist shills in the Republican Party.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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