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Special Edition 6-6-02   Letter To Burnet County Sheriff

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Letter To Burnet County Sheriff

Publisher's Note:  All parties cc'd or mentioned in the body of the following letter have at the least marginally aided and abetted obstruction of justice.  At the very worst, are glaringly guilty of obstructing justice and the prosecution of an egregiously corrupt and abusive police "officer".  In addition, all have willingly and knowingly violated First Amendment rights of this writer via an unwarranted ejection from the Burnet County Library System.  -- A pathetic and unsuccessful attempt to silence this publication.  Although repeatedly asked, not one of these cowards would provide justification in writing.  Again, expected from the fascist element in this country, sadly devoid of substance and character.  -- A glaring cancer, at all levels of government.  As previously asserted repeatedly, this is not the end of the matter.  Only the beginning.  Much more to be posted.  ... At a time and choosing of this exceptionally patient writer.  T.C. 6-9-02

Sheriff Joe Pollock
Burnet County Sheriff
Burnet County, Tx. 78611
(Hand Delivered)

June 6, 2002

Dear Sheriff:

On March 5, 2002, this writer was summarily ejected from the Burnet County Library System after a letter of complaint was sent to Burnet County Judge Martin McLean regarding five fraudulent criminal deletions of three Llano Ledger websites, perpetrated by Burnet County Deputy Bill Featherston.  Featherston moonlights as a computer technician in the Library System and has fully authorized unrestricted access to the machines,  -- past security software.  Certainly, at the very least, raises serious ethical issues that a police "officer" has such intimate authorized access to computers used by the public.

Ledger site passwords were stolen by this outrageously corrupt and abusive officer through surreptitiously and illegally installed key-sniffing software.  The last site deletion occurred Sunday, Feb. 3, from a Herman Brown Free Library IP address.  The library is closed to the public Saturdays and Sundays.  The sites were repeatedly deleted by this officer in a glaring attempt to deny this writer and non-profit publication First Amendment rights and privileges accorded the press.

No criminal charges have been filed locally against this sad excuse for an "officer", nor will be.  Nor will this publication cooperate with any and all local officials.  Pointedly, the equally corrupt, abusive, and inept District Attorney and his henchmen are incapable of prosecuting one of their own.  Any "investigation" or "findings" by Mr. Oatman wouldn't be worth the paper they were written on.  Sadly, the County Attorney is no better, nor are the District and County Judges.   Glaringly, the Good Old Boy system and kangaroo justice are alive and well.

Should federal officials refuse to investigate and prosecute Mr. Featherston, however, he will be the first "officer" featured on a new Llano Ledger Rogues' Gallery webpage exclusively dedicated to exquisitely corrupt and abusive officers.  Every bit of personal, employment, financial, educational, criminal, etc. history found on this corrupt and abusive officer will be posted.  As a public service, his life will become an open book.  After all, local citizens have the right to know exactly who and what "protects and serves" the public.


Tim Chorney, Publisher
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 997
Buchanan Dam, Tx. 78609

Cc:  Bill Featherston
Cc:  Llano Ledger website
Cc by e-mail: Paula Harris, Burnet County Librarian;
Cookie Wallace, Herman Brown Librarian;
District Attorney Sam Oatman