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The following letter was sent to the Sheriff after this writer received a terroristic threat from Buchanan Dam resident Richard Grayum.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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Sheriff Nathan Garrett
Llano County Sheriff's Department
Administrative Office
2001 N. St. Hwy 16
Llano, Texas 78643

September 2, 2005

Re:  Terroristic Threat Report-Richard Grayum; Criminal Hacking-Mick Henniger

Dear Sheriff:

On August 4, this writer, on state right of way, received a terroristic threat from an individual driving a red-maroon Ford E-150 van, Texas D8BHZ, parked on Water Ridge Development Corporation property on Hwy 261.  This thug also drives a cherry-red 1931 Chevy, Texas 483DDN.

Can you confirm the driver is indeed Richard Grayum of Hummingbird St., Buchanan Dam?  While thumbing several years ago, this writer received a ride from this very same individual who claimed to be a former Secret Service Agent assigned to the presidential security detail.

He was immediately given a business card at that time and informed corrupt and abusive officials at all levels of government, including law enforcement, were routinely figuratively targeted and exposed on the Llano Ledger website.

Additionally, the driver was quickly informed “President” Bush was indeed the most frequent, figurative “target” of all on the site.  Particularly excoriated, -- with gusto.  When asked to identify himself, the supposed former agent gutlessly declined.

Shortly before an unrelated fire in which this writer was injured, the individual just described repeatedly visited the Exxon on Hwy 261 in Buchanan Dam and made disparaging remarks, cowardly behind this writer’s back.  … Telling anyone who would listen this writer is an anarchist who cannot be trusted.  Imagine that.

This exceptionally cowardly individual, however, never had the guts to confront this writer directly.  -- Precisely, why he was dismissed as mentally unstable at the very least.  … At worst, a loose cannon that wisely got the boot from superiors.  While federal agents may indeed be goons, they are professional.  This lunatic was, and is, clearly not.  The unstable thug even perversely chortled he is Water Ridge Development Corporation.  Again, imagine that.

Specific circumstances leading up to, and including, the terroristic threat are as follows:

On Saturday, July 16, 2005, this writer fortuitously ran into the supposed former agent at the office of Water Ridge Development Corporation at the intersection of 261 and 29 in Buchanan Dam.  -- Had gone there looking for a possible place to park a motorhome in return for security services rendered.

Not immediately recognizing the individual, however, this writer asked if he was indeed the developer.  He ludicrously and insanely replied he was Water Ridge Development Corporation.  Nonetheless, identity and pressing business were quickly disclosed, and the individual, although not immediately recognizing this writer, recalled my name.

He further advised: “You should ‘pull up’ your file in Washington.”  That it is, in fact, quite extensive.  Quickly replied, however, it was truly impressive the government had such resources to waste, and is, as supposedly interested as it apparently was, in this writer.

The thug claimed he had received a complaint regarding this writer and the website.  When pressed to disclose the identity of the individual supposedly responsible for the complaint, he declined.  -- Apparently, the goon had forgotten he had indeed received a business card from this writer several years earlier.

The thug went on to haughtily pronounce this writer had indeed been determined by federal goons not to be a threat to the “President.”  Again, imagine that.  … What a relief, no?

Asked what he said his name was, he Aryan arrogantly replied he had not.  “There was no need.”  When this writer informed him he would be identified, he responded: “Get your ass out of here.”  I replied, “Would be glad to.”

Off corporate property riding a bicycle, he followed this writer in his vehicle, passing, turning around, re-passing.  Each time, I smiled and waved to the lunatic.  In fact, continue to do so each time I see him on the road.

Finally, however, got a break in the case on August 4 on the way to pick up the mail.  At about 3 PM that day this writer stopped on state right of way at the entrance of one of the Water Ridge lakeside circles and was able to finally get the plate number off his red-maroon E150 van: Texas D8BHZ.  Was able to do so without trespassing.

The driver was several hundred yards away and screamed obscenities as I left.  Called me an anarchist and made the following terroristic threat:  “We’ll burn you out next time.”  Wanted me to return and fight.  On the way back from the post office, I waved to the thug.

As you know, he recently ran unsuccessfully for constable in Precinct 2.  … Indeed, the “best” this County has to offer to replace Moore?  Have never knowingly met Grayum, though.  Nor have I seen a picture of him.  As you also know, however, he has quite a poor reputation around the County, especially here in Buchanan Dam.

His wife, an attorney, has filed junk lawsuits against local citizens.  He instigated quite a firestorm regarding finances of the Red Barn, a community gathering facility. Remember?  In addition and according to a source, he threatened the Exxon owner to go to authorities regarding alleged store violations, -- and was subsequently barred from the business.

Although the investigation by this publication has only begun, clearly, “Water Ridge Development Corporation” has problems following the law on even the most basic of issues.  Months ago, it illegally began construction without proper permits, -- bulldozing and removing trees, riprap, altering waterfront, etc..

Pink violation notices were posted on the property by the County, after the first phase of construction was done.  … Construction that took weeks to complete.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Signs on state right of way were ordered removed, not only at the development site, but on 1431 in Kingsland, -- six miles away.  Apparently, Grayum and his cronies do whatever they want, whenever they want.

A Native American couple recently angrily claimed Llano County authorities authorized the bulldozing of a tree containing an empty eagles’ nest on Water Ridge Development Corporation property, -- despite the fact eagles return to the same nest each year if left undisturbed.   Did the County indeed grant permission?  Were federal authorities consulted?

Sheriff, can you confirm Mr. Grayum is indeed a retired Secret Service Agent as he claims?  Or is this goon a liar?  Since there is no physical proof or witnesses to his terroristic threat, however, no criminal complaint will be signed by this writer against him.  Why bother?

As a law-abiding and civic-minded citizen, however, it is nonetheless a civic duty to report a terroristic threat, since it is highly likely the thug may eventually wantonly kill.  … Precisely, why this writer wasted precious time, money, and effort to craft and send this letter.

While this writer can protect himself, the public is at risk and must be protected from an outrageously unstable lunatic who claims to be a former federal agent.  What better way than public exposure?  They certainly will be informed regardless of the personal cost upon re-launch of this publication.  At that time, Mr. Grayum will be invited to comment and/or sue. Without question, he mistakenly crossed the wrong party this time, and will be publicly exposed for the thug he truly is.

In addition, a complaint will soon be filed with the U.S. Attorney against then Cisco engineer, Mick Henniger, who hacked Llano Ledger and Liberty In Peril websites at least nine times.  … Conveniently spoofing a Herman Brown library IP address, foolishly casting false suspicion on a Burnet County Deputy moonlighting there.  As you also know, these crimes were deliberately ignored by Burnet County authorities including Sheriff Pollock as well as the District Attorney.  Interesting, isn’t it, Sheriff?

Without question, the engineer is responsible for the crimes.  What is not clear, however, is whether there was involvement by Burnet and/or Llano County authorities.  There is, however, the strong possibility he may have received special treatment and material consideration from Llano County officials in return for his efforts.

Interestingly, the hacker and his wife apparently partitioned and gifted Burnet and Llano County community property to shield assets from exposure, should he be prosecuted and/or sued for his crimes.  (Partitioning & gifting documents, dated Feb. 18, 2004 by Martin & Millican, posted Mar. 5, 2004, Llano County Clerk's Office)  … Certainly, not the mark of an innocent man, is it, Sheriff?

Regardless, the hacker’s crimes have been aggressively reported to his employer, pastor, neighbors, business associates, etc..  While public disclosure has indeed been costly financially and professionally to him, he has yet to provide any restitution or accept criminal responsibility.  … Then again, with his colorful history, one can certainly understand his profound reticence.

Since this matter has not been settled privately, however, there is no choice but to file a complaint with the U.S. Attorney.  The recent terroristic threat from the thug claiming to be a former Secret Service Agent will also be reported to federal authorities at that time.  In addition to the fact both the Burnet and Llano County Library Systems have booted this writer off public computers for publishing highly unflattering material regarding outrageously corrupt and abusive local officials, -- in direct violation of the First Amendment and free speech.

Thirty-third Judicial District law enforcement and the District Attorney are incapable of properly investigating these crimes.  Not only is there serious dereliction of duty in regard to ignored, reported crimes committed by the hacker and his foolish implication of a Burnet County Deputy, there is also the distinct possibility the involvement of government authorities in these crimes may have gone much, much further.

Precisely, why there is absolute need for a truly independent investigation.  The Texas Rangers, however, are no credible option.  After all, they refused to investigate a complaint made by this writer quite some time ago, resulting from your actions in the Dave Hepler fiasco.  Remember, Sheriff?

On the night Mr. Hepler received a terroristic threat from one of his neighbors and asked this writer to contact your office for assistance, your response was to perversely stick your hands in my pockets after arriving on the scene.  … Nothing quite like hands-on “policing,” right?

… Actions you conveniently claimed not to have remembered, but promised to “check out,” during my interview of you several years ago.  Remember?  Saddest of all?  The late perpetrator of the terroristic threat to Mr. Hepler was conveniently not prosecuted by our outrageously self-serving County Attorney.  Again, imagine that.

Returning to the inefficacy of the Rangers and worse, Texas Ranger Joey Gordon found no evidence of a jail-rape in the Tina Wisdom case, -- despite the fact federal jurors unanimously agreed that a rape had indeed occurred in the Llano County Jail.  Interesting, isn’t it?

… But awarded no cash damages due to sovereign immunity statutes that conveniently protected and coddled the outrageously corrupt and abusive bastards who ran the jail.  Amusingly, one of them was even subsequently rewarded for his loyalty, and appointed Chief Jailer.  Reverse Darwinism, no?

It is highly unlikely federal investigators and prosecutors will be as easily intimidated and terrorized as Tina Wisdom lead attorney Iris J. Jones clearly was.  … Nor will they be bought off, as may also have happened.  Even with a federal investigation of more recent County activities, it is highly likely absolutely nothing will come of it.  After all, County officials will do as they’ve always done: lie like hell, and stick together like crap.

Might be interesting, however, to see what pops its ugly head after all stones are overturned should there be a federal investigation, no?  No question, Henniger would likely spill his guts to federal investigators and prosecutors if aggressively investigated and cornered.  After all, he has “baggage” and family interests to consider, doesn’t he?

While this writer has absolutely no faith or trust in any level of government or law enforcement, crimes have indeed been perpetrated and must be reported to someone in authority.  -- For whatever the hell it’s worth.  Upon hearing from the U.S. Attorney, the decision will then be made whether or not to civilly sue all offending parties, including Grayum.

Would at the very least bring unwanted attention, wouldn’t it?  Convenient access to records and other evidence through discovery as well.  Would also result in tremendous expense for those sued, -- with no risk to this writer.  … After all the injured party with no assets, remember?  Moreover, honest law-abiding citizens don’t live in fear of corrupt and abusive law enforcement, government officials, and others.  Regardless of personal cost.

Since it is likely nothing will be done by federal authorities regarding matters addressed in this letter, all germane correspondence will at the very least be immediately posted on the Liberty In Peril website upon re-launch.  The public, indeed, has the right to know.

This time, however, the site will remain up.  Hosted by a server outside jurisdiction of corrupt and abusive federal, state, and county authorities.  … This writer, more than willing to rot in jail, or worse, for contempt of court or any other trumped up “crime,” -- for no more than reporting the truth. In Nazi America.


Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
Formerly, The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 997
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

Cc: 1) American Civil Liberties Union; 2) Texas Civil Liberties Union;
3) Harvey H. Klee, Esq.; 4) Mick & Jill Henniger; 5) File-Document to be posted on Liberty In Peril website upon re-launch.

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Tim Chorney, Publisher
P.O. Box 997
Buchanan Dam, Tx. 78609