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Qualifier "Liberal" Bastardized By Right   5-13-16  And Continuing  ©2016 All Rights Reserved


Proposition 1 defeated.  Those on the Right seem to have forgotten the qualifier "liberal" derives from the concept of liberty.  Listening to nazis on the Right in our formerly great country you would never know that to be true.  They've so bastardized the concept Republican national socialists have no clue what liberty truly means any longer.  Precisely, why they desperately wish to deny women access to birth control and abortions.

They certainly don't believe women can make these decisions for themselves.  They desperately wish to abrogate reproductive liberty to impose their exceptionally convoluted, highly perverse religious and ideological views on all.  Austin is about the only part of Nazi Texas that remained a liberal oasis, that is, a freedom loving island.  Until now.

The aggressively stupid, hopelessly shortsighted bastards in Austin rejected Proposition 1.  What this defeat meant was that Uber and Lyft drivers would continue to be required to submit to fingerprint background checks.  This is goddamned unnecessary and a highly invasive abrogation of privacy rights.

What this requirement would mean is fingerprints of innocent non-criminals would wind up in a goddamned national FBI data bank.  What for?  Liberty is dangerous.  Sometimes, lethal.  Expect government to protect the gutless from ALL risk?  Then you have absolutely no clue what liberty truly is, means.  What it sometimes costs.

Uber and Lyft responded appropriately to the failure of the proposition.  They left the city.  Tough shit.  Freedom, liberty, privacy rights come before an unnecessary invasion of that of drivers.  Pay the cab fares you ignorant gutless bastards.  Ride the bus.  Drive your own vehicle.  You got what you deserved.  F--ked.  Where will gutless Americans draw the line?  Continue to put up with this goddamned unnecessary bullshit?  Falsely, in the name of 'security.'

What is surprising is the fact the defeat of this proposition came in a city that normally prizes liberty.  Does all it can to prevent GOP nazis from denying women the right not only to contraception and abortion, but all female healthcare.  Have unsuccessfully fought Republican nazis from forcing doctors to in effect sexually assault women seeking an abortion by imposing by statute a highly unnecessary invasive transvaginal ultrasound prior to an abortion.

Practice medicine without a license, all in an effort to make abortion, indeed a constitutional right, as difficult, uncomfortable, unnecessarily intrusive, invasive, and as unavailable as possible to discourage it.  All because these goddamned Republican nazis remain desperate to force their perverse and convoluted religious and ideological views on all by law.  Have deliberately shit, and continue to shit, on the United States Constitution.

Now, we have the supposedly liberal City of Austin doing what they rightfully accuse national socialist, fascist Republicans of doing.  They ought to be ashamed of themselves. With the defeat of this proposition, they offer highly troubling evidence they indeed remain no better than GOP national socialists.

What is not surprising is the fact GOP fascists hypocritically criticize Austin for voting down Proposition 1.  Claiming 'liberals' in Austin apparently want more regulation.  While hypocritically dictating themselves (GOP partisans) to women what they can and cannot do with their uterus vis a vis abortion, contraception, and medical care they are now being denied from Planned Parenthood by Republican nazis.

Egregious GOP hypocrisy aside, Austin does have its head up its collective ass.  Who the hell are they to require Uber and Lyft drivers to submit to fingerprint background checks that will remain in an FBI database?  This is an infringement on liberty.  An egregious infringement.  Houston is even worse. Lyft does not do business in Houston.  Uber is threatening to leave.  With good reason.

The City of Houston not only demands such fingerprint background checks, but requires drivers be drug tested and submit to a physical.  This is goddamned bullshit. Uber should leave.  It's none of the goddamned government's business what the condition of your health happens to be.  These are drivers of small vehicles.  Not 80-ton trucks, buses, fighter jets, commercial airliners, not soldiers going to combat.  It's an egregious invasion of privacy and government way over stretching its authority.

What's next?  Physicals and drug tests for ALL licensed drivers?  That will not be tolerated in this country.  People will drive without a license rather than comply.  The jails will be overloaded.  How far is too far?  Why not demand Uber and Lyft drivers undergo a colonoscopy?  After all this goddamned government is always looking up the ass of innocent citizens, isn't it?  Besides its lackeys in the medical profession could thus generate thousands of additional bucks to be shared with greedy government shysters, right?  Talk about an ass f--king, no?

With the growing number of fatal errors occurring in hospitals and clinics all over the country, why aren't all medical personnel including doctors and nurses constantly alcohol and drug tested?  Why aren't they forced to undergo outrageously invasive physicals every six months since they are in positions of great responsibility where the people they treat can easily die at their hands when mistakes are made?  And do.

If we are going to insist on drug tests and physicals for truck and bus drivers, pilots, etc.. why aren't we doing the same for all medical personnel?  Why is there a double standard?  Since leadership at all levels of government including the judiciary is so critical to the public, why aren't we routinely forcing all government officials to be routinely drug and alcohol tested as well as intrusively physically examined?  That is, let the fascist bastards take it up the ass.  Literally.

You idiots out there who work for corporations routinely, cowardly ignore the fact you are no more than human chattel.  No rugged individualism.  Corporate-owned, bought and paid for.  Precisely, why you cowardly, compliantly literally bare your asses for corporate inspection by the company doctor.  Willingly, compliantly, cowardly piss in a cup under employer supervision.  To sit in front of a keyboard or stock shelves all day.  When the hell are you going to require the same of all idiots who work for government?  On a regular basis.  Not just at time of employment.  Equally pointedly, when will you finally wake up and understand you've forfeited all civil and constitutional rights and liberties?  Falsely, in the name of 'security.'

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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