Pubescent Sexuality

Amazing how things have changed.  Not always for the better, however.  Teenage pubescent sexuality today is not recognized, not accepted, determinedly ignored, denied, repressed, suppressed, highly discouraged.  We don't even teach the basics in school.  Abstinence only.  Preach fear.  Promulgate scare tactics.  Deny contraception and access to abortion.  Provide false information.  At a time when hormones flow.  Teenage kids have little else on their minds. Then, we wonder why there are so many teenage pregnancies.  Worse?  Ill advised early marriages destined to fail.

Back in the Stone Age, as teenage boys, nary a one of us did not dream of an 'old' woman of 25 or 30 introducing us to the fine art of love making.  Hardly ever happened, but when it did, the thought was the kid got lucky, not abused.  No one was prosecuted.  That has changed.  Of course, there was a double standard back then.  Sex with an underage girl by a boy even exactly her age or younger was still considered statutory rape.  And prosecuted.  Anyone older, certainly got hung up by his testicles.

Today, the age of consent is the age of consent.  Enforced on both genders.  In most states, if there is more than a two year difference in age between an underage girl and her partner, or vice versa, the partner is prosecuted.  Kids can't be kids.  Aren't allowed.  The Nazi Right won't permit it.  Has imposed its perverse ideological and religious standards on all by statute.

Regardless, don't make the mistake of having sex with an underage partner of either gender under any circumstances.  No matter the age difference.  A pubescent teenage boy two years and one day older than a pubescent girl or vice versa, again, in many states will be prosecuted, branded a sex offender, labeled a pedophile.  Despite the fact pedophilia is defined as attraction to and/or sex with someone who has not reached puberty.  The brand is forever.  Not worth it.  Your life is effectively over.  Ruined.  Highly unlikely you'll ever find a good job.  Will certainly have trouble securing housing.  Remain an outcast the rest of your life.

Teachers need to be especially careful.  Could be falsely accused.  Guilt or innocence no longer matter.  If convicted, the penalties are indeed severe.   Former Lakeland, Fla. teacher Jennifer Fichter, 30, will likely be sentenced to 22 years in prison.  Already labeled a predator by the judge.  The prosecutor said that despite the fact the teenage boys were willing participants they were victimized.  Is that right?

Certainly know I never would have thought so had I been one of the boys.  Nor would I have believed the woman a predator.  Or, that I had been victimized.  Quite the opposite.  Would never have turned her in.  Would not have cooperated in her prosecution.  Remained silent no matter the consequences.  Truly believed I had gotten lucky.  More importantly?  Would have been forever grateful to her for the experience.  Indeed, a true learning experience.  An education I certainly would never have forgotten.  Then again, things have changed. Not for the better, however.

In fact, we remain hopelessly backward.  Far behind European countries in our thinking.  Rigidly, sickly, insanely Puritanical.  Yet, sex in media, advertising, virtually all aspects of life, remains ubiquitous.  The hypocrisy, inexplicable, stunning.  A double standard truly not sustainable.  Then again, in Nazi America, indeed a fascist police-state, day is night, night is day, and sh-t smells perversely sweet.  All ass backwards.  Courtesy of the hopelessly perverse, goddamned determinedly achingly hypocritical  not-so-religious Religious Right.  Aren't we 'lucky?'  Truly 'blessed?'

Directly because of the above, however, as men, we need to smarten up.  Always think with the brain in your head, not the head of what hangs between your legs, guys.  No easy feat for any man.  Certainly, not a teenage kid.  Never forget any mistakes or failure in judgment can and will have enormous lifelong consequences.  None of them good.  Especially in the goddamned fascist police-state we now live in.  Indeed, Nazi America.

Moreover, Puritanical guilt has always been a fact of life in our formerly great country.  Always been determinedly taught, craftily imposed by religious fanatics, abject fascists on the Right.  In an unbridled attempt, desperate effort to dictate 'acceptable' behavior, rigidly control the masses.  Obliterate free choice, eviscerate liberty.  Indeed, it's the power, stupid.  Control.

Despite all the effort, and comically, it hasn't worked.  Indeed, backfired.  Precisely, why statutes become more and more repressive.  Worse?  Supremely oppressive.  Draconian in nature.  Interestingly, what particularly terrorizes the Right, moreover, is the growing rumble in our formerly great nation.  That of an unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon.

The Right has always strongly believed to secure adherents, ensure continuation of its perverse ideology, it had to "get 'em while they're young."  Easily malleable.  Quickly manipulated.  Achingly, impressionable.  Effortlessly, brainwashed.  What better way to control?  Simply manipulate, dictate the prime mover in adolescence.  What's that?  Wake up.  What else?  Sex.

Precisely, why it unrealistically preaches abstinence.  Until marriage.  Doesn't work, however.  Never has.  Adolescents still have sex.  Before marriage.  ... Or, worse?  Marry early.  Only to have these marriages fail, quickly dissolve.  Often, leaving offspring with no future.  No chance in life.  This happens primarily because young people are determinedly denied access to contraceptive care and abortions.  Adequate sex education.  Based on facts.  Not religious propaganda designed to craftily control. Wake up.  That's the reality.  Don't blame the messenger.

Moreover, asking someone not to have sex with an available eager willing partner is akin to asking them not to eat, sleep, breathe, urinate, defecate, etc..  Indeed, a necessary biological function.  Much to the chagrin of the Religious Right, most of whom strongly resent having to squat and sh-t like all other animals.  Comically, viewed by these bastards as a continuing unacceptable indignity. Tough, isn't it?  Doesn't your heart bleed?

Amusingly, the Religious Right has clearly haughtily forgotten, egregiously ignored the fact we are, and indeed will continue to remain, animals.  Have basic needs.  One of them?  Sex.  Categorically deny these needs for bogus arbitrary superfluous reasons?  Result?  Nearly always?  Aberrant behavior.  Unhealthy, unwanted, counter productive behavior.

A possible prison sentence of 22 years for this woman?  For what?  Clearly, an example of ersatz phony morality trumping biological reality.  Forget?  Most women reach their sexual peak in their thirties.  Most young males are already there in their teens.  No brag, just fact.  Simple reality.  Determined by nature, not nurture.  Biological reality.  Indeed, an age mismatch.

Imposed by nature to best ensure continuation of the species.  For reasons far too complicated to review in depth here in this edition at this time.  Suffice it to say, however, mostly due to the ability of the more experienced older yet fertile female to better care for her young, as well as the younger male to provide protection, security for her and her offspring.

Of course, the Right won't be confused by science, only 'religious' myths it implicitly embraces without question.  Effectively, brainwashed.  Oblivious to the truth and biological reality.  Falsely believes modern humans, Homo sapiens, have only been existent some 5,000 years.  While science has fossil evidence it's in fact far, far longer.  Exponentially so, as reported in an earlier edition.

No question, however, some young males are not psychologically ready for sex.  Others are.  Let them decide.  Why have we artificially criminalized this?  Falsely imposed societal standards based on religion, not biological reality?  Indeed, an egregious abrogation of the Establishment Clause, First Amendment, i.e. freedom from religion.

Unless sex is forced, government needs to stay out of this.  So do the churches.  Gets far more complicated, however, far more questionable if not objectionable if the age difference is greater than in the aforementioned example due to the increased possibility of coercion by the older participant.  Or, if a young adult has indeed used a position of authority to force sex on a younger partner.  Again, we need to re-think current law.  Re-examine parameters.  To reflect changing reality and ongoing science.  Instead of forcing morality by statute.  Imposed by the Religious Right.

This only barely scratches the surface of an immensely complicated truly uncomfortable issue, however.  Again, we need to remove the blinders.  Refuse to allow the Right to impose its views of morality through law.  Otherwise, all we do is continue to sweep existent determinedly ongoing problems under the carpet.

Avoid solutions we as a society need to come together to discover and implement.  That is, take advantage of the collective wisdom of a far more enlightened far more expansive far more tolerant group. The entire population at large.  Not just the Religious Right.  To improve life.  Not control it arbitrarily with an iron fist.  Highly unlikely, though, as our formerly great country continues to nazify, falls apart at the seams, eventually dies on the vine.

If nothing else, enlightened self-interest should force some desperately needed change.  Think the "Slam, Bam, Thank You Ma'am" Syndrome would be as great a problem as it is or as prevalent if young males were better educated by an 'older' more experienced woman?  That is, to always place the woman's pleasure ahead of their own. Always.

This has to be taught and learned.  Forget?  Men can be insufferably stupid, hopelessly inconsiderate, selfish and self-serving to a fault.  By nature.  Sadly, usually are.  After all, too many of us still drag our knuckles.  Sadly, proverbially still live in the cave.  No question, time for change.  Ladies?  You tolerate this crap, you get what you deserve.

Should certainly expect your man to do half the housework if you indeed both work.  If, however, all he does is come home, vegetates in front of the boob tube each evening, drinks beer and farts all night, dump his sorry useless totally worthless ass.  Men?  Finally get up off that ass and do something.  If not, think she'll ever be in the mood?  What ever happened to enlightened self-interest?  GonePoof.

Tim Chorney 7-6-15