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The FBI postponed the pending court hearing between itself and Apple scheduled for 3-22-16.  Claims it's found a professional hacker who can supposedly break into the San Bernadino smart phone.  Supposedly, it's not NSA.  Likely, a security company which does this kind of work professionally.  The FBI is supposed to be back in court April 5 with the results.

If the phone is successfully hacked, would certainly mean Apple encryption and security isn't worth a crap.  Time for manufacturers to produce digital equipment that is truly secure.  Would take any hacker, government goon agency, law enforcement, etc.. years to break.  Privacy now trumps all.  Due to uncontrolled paralyzing fear, we seem to have forgotten privacy is indeed a hallmark of liberty.  Have become hopelessly blind to that fact.  Cowardly, so.  The public is shamefully gutless.

Moreover, we have a hopelessly corrupt and abusive government itself that remains the exigent threat to liberty.  All civil and constitutional rights and liberties.  Has been allowed to get out of hand.  Egregiously, so.  Remains a threat far in excess of any presented by a foreign power, terrorist group, or the criminal element.  Cannot be trusted.  Has betrayed that trust over and over and over again.

As supposedly a free country, it's none of the goddamned government's business what our most private intimate innermost thoughts, personal conversations, texts, etc. are.  We've foolishly given them carte blanche, however, to enter our homes with no warrant, not even inform us they were there.  "Sneak and Peek."  Courtesy of the goddamned not-so-patriotic USA 'Patriot' Act.  We did so out of cowardice.  The bastards, given an inch, took a light year.

We've stupidly given them the right to have their goons pin us down to take a blood sample if the jackbooted sons of bitches suspect we've driven drunk during a non-refusal holiday, or killed someone by allegedly driving drunk.  The court order is a rubber stamp by a 'judge' in the pocket of and beholden to these nazi storm troopers.  Nearly always signed unquestioned.  This has nothing to do with national security or good law enforcement.  It has to do with abuse of power.  Establishment of a fascist police-state.

Yet, we don't insist these bastards in law enforcement, the prosecution, and the courts be held to the exact same standard, if not a higher one.  -- Especially, since they're supposed to set the example.  They don't.  There's a determined, highly convoluted double standard.  They go on fishing expeditions without probable cause.  Want access and entry to our most personal thoughts and communications on these digital devices.

That's a problem.  A growing problem.  Far beyond anything the Founders would have considered acceptable.  We need to protect ourselves through the very best encryption.  If not available from American manufacturers, then overseas.  Make it as difficult, time consuming, and expensive as possible to wantonly abrogate privacy with no legitimate probable cause.

As a last resort, put nothing of substance in these devices.  This government is out of control.  As Franklin wisely opined over two centuries ago, anyone willing to trade liberty for security deserves and winds up with neither.  What is so hauntingly interesting is the fact the Nazi Right on the Supreme Court, that is, the Republicans who openly legislate their perverse ideological and religious views from the bench, view the Constitution as a dead document.

They insist it should be literally interpreted.  Not grow with the times.  Not be re-interpreted in light of changes since ratification some two hundred years ago.  Taken literally.  When it comes to law enforcement, the courts, prosecution, tax agencies, the corporate management suite, etc., it will not allow change in interpretation to reflect a change in times.  Conveniently, self-servingly so.

Why don't these national socialists, goddamned unabashed fascists remain consistent, however?  If it's indeed not in the Constitution, why are they allowing these self-serving corrupt and abusive bastards to use tactics clearly not in the Constitution?  There is nothing in the Fourth Amendment or elsewhere regarding access to digital devices.  Nothing at all.  Nothing in there allowing the taking of fingerprints, DNA samples, blood samples, breath samples, etc..  Yet, the bastards are doing all this.  Often with no probable cause to do so.  Courtesy, of a search warrant signed by a corrupt and abusive 'judge' clearly in the pocket of law enforcement and prosecutors.

What we have here is a goddamned hypocritical double standard.  Doesn't have to be in the Constitution when it comes to abrogating all civil and constitutional rights and liberties according to these national socialist, fascist sons of bitches, bona fide nazis.  Does have to be literally there to uphold these very same rights guarantied by the Bill of Rights.  This is goddamned intolerable bullshit.  Indeed, a pernicious achingly unconstitutional double standard.

The Founders were talking about far more limited powers for this government.  Not carte blanche.  This government keeps extending the limits.  Does so blatantly unconstitutionally.  Think carefully.  What happens when science progresses to the point when or if a machine can be connected to the human brain, and thoughts and memories could be conveniently obtained by law enforcement goons?  How far is far enough?  If we don't stop these bastards now, they will continue to take all this to the limit and far beyond.  Have done so well over 200 years now.

Resist.  Make it as difficult and costly for government as possible.  Say no.  Don't cooperate.  Stand up to them.  As Apple appears to be now doing.  If not, there will be no civil and constitutional rights and liberties.  We're already well on our way.  As repeatedly stated in this publication, give this national socialist, fascist, nazi government an inch, they take a light year.  This must end.  Hear the rumble?  An unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looming on the horizon.  That deaf?

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

Tim Chorney, Publisher
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