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"Presidential" Inauguration  January 20, 2005        ©2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999  All Rights Reserved

Disingenuously, "President" Bush has chosen "freedom and liberty" as the theme for his second inauguration.

... Particularly galling, since Ole' George indefinitely "detains" foreigners and American citizens "suspected" of terrorism, without access to attorneys and courts.

... Particularly galling, since at the same time Bush and his henchmen call for the end of tyranny, they grant carte blanche to CIA operatives to "render" "detainees" to Syria, Egypt, and elsewhere to be tortured.

... Particularly galling, since Mr. Bush, his henchmen, and Congress have eviscerated the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments via the USA "Patriot" Act.

... Particularly galling, since Americans now live in a fascist police state, courtesy of the Homeland "Security" Act, USA "Patriot" Act, and other equally unconstitutional Executive Orders.

... Particularly galling, since the "President" went to war in Iraq under false pretenses, removed an admittedly brutal dictator, and replaced him with an unwanted, puppet government beholden to the United States and not supported by the majority of the Iraqi people.  Precisely why, the terrorists are sadly winning in Iraq, and have created a heretofore inexistent bastion of terrorism there.  No question, government based on democratic principle is the very best.  Equally true, when forced on others it becomes no more than imperialism.

... Particularly galling, since the "President" has arrogantly turned his back on recalcitrant European allies, who correctly opposed the invasion and are exceptionally terrified of the enormous threat to freedom posed by an arrogantly self-righteous USA determined to go it alone via "pre-emptive" war.

... Particularly galling, since the "President" and his fascist henchmen are determined to abrogate a woman's right to do with her uterus as she damn well pleases.

... Particularly galling, since the "President" and his fascist henchmen are determined to abrogate the rights of gays by constitutional amendment, -- rights the rest of us take for granted.

Think we don't live in a fascist police state?  Try going through "security" at our airports.  Watch the Inaugural?  Washington went literally under lockdown on Inauguration Day.  Police departments all over the United States are militarizing and acquiring armored military vehicles and other equipment.  Habeas corpus is abused nationwide by the police.  Innocent people are exonerated and released from death row years after the fact by DNA evidence, -- many of whom came dangerously close to execution.  Undoubtedly, some were.

First Amendment right to free expression is stifled by police as the "President" and other government "dignitaries" are conveniently "protected" from peaceful dissenters at political and/or government events.   Day after day, civil rights and constitutional rights and liberties have been slowly eviscerated at the hands of all levels of government.

Public Information and Freedom of Information Acts have been watered down and ignored.  FBI thugs have the right to access library patron reading habits.  Government goons have been granted easier and easier access to email and other electronic forms of communication, through "administrative" rather than court-ordered warrants.

The list can go on and on.  Yet, the American people, like a frog immersed in a pot of water being gradually heated, are oblivious.  The "President" and Republicans want "unity."  How?  Why?  Fascism must be fought, not appeased.  It is the duty of Democrats to aggressively challenge and fight Republican fascists currently in power.  Otherwise, they're no different.  No better.

Sadly from the inaugural speech, Mr. Bush and his henchmen perversely equate "freedom and liberty" with imperialism.  -- An entrenched perception widely held both in the Moslem world and Europe.  Remarkably, the war in Afghanistan was the first "just" war since the end of the Second World War, and was initially brilliantly waged by Bush and his henchmen.  Tragically, Bush took his eye off the ball, however, and failed to aggressively pursue, capture, or kill bin Laden.  Instead, the "President" foolishly created a haven of terrorism in Iraq.

Our fascist "President" perversely distorts reality, brilliantly turning "freedom and liberty" into enslavement.  Day becomes night, night becomes day, and manure smells sweet in Mr. Bush's sick world.  Stunningly, the majority of the American people have bought the "President's" masterful propaganda.  ... Hook, line, and sinker.

Sadly, remarkably reminiscent of early Nazi Germany.  Delusions of grandeur.  Messianic.  Particularly chilling, since Hitler falsely and cunningly used "religion" and ersatz "nationalism" to deliver his perverse message, -- as does Mr. Bush.  Adolph would have indeed been proud of our domestically grown Fuhrer.

Mr. Bush declares he wishes to end "tyranny" around the world.  What about here, sir?  Look in the mirror, first, Mr. "President."  There is enormous evil, right here and now.  Perversely perpetrated by you and your henchmen under the deliberately distorted guise of "freedom and liberty."

Arrogantly and hypocritically, Mr. Bush claims the United States should present a "moral choice" to foreign dictators.  Again, Mr. "President", look first in the mirror.  Aryan arrogance is truly unflattering, unproductive, and exceptionally irritating to the rest of the world.

Height of hypocrisy?  At the same time Bush and his henchmen call for the end of tyranny, they grant carte blanche to CIA operatives to "render" "detainees" to Syria, Egypt, and elsewhere to be tortured.

Sadly, the most dangerous "enemy" remains unchecked right here, --  corrupt and abusive government at all levels, not al Qaeda, other terrorist groups, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc..  ... The United States could quickly take the wind out of the sails of terrorism by immediately implementing an even-handed approach to the Middle East and independence from Arab oil.

... Although fanatics would have to be hunted, captured, or killed for quite some time.  There is absolutely no appetite in the "Administration", however, to force change and rein in Israel.  Consequently, the war on terror will extend indefinitely.  ... Also,  will be exceptionally costly financially, -- and bloody.  Exactly, what defense contractors desperately want.

As in 2001, history repeated itself in 2005 as "Slick Dick" Cheney and Ole' George "The Tush" Bush perversely lied, again phonily swearing an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.
... Evilly lying, with a hand on the Bible.

While President Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about his personal sex life, Mr. Bush has been returned to office.  ... Despite repeatedly deceiving the American people about his "reasons" for going to war in Iraq, and earlier eviscerating the Bill of Rights.

Constantly and conveniently, lies and distortion are now perversely championed and embraced as "freedom and liberty" in our once great country.  Sieg Heil, Mein Fuhrer.  America Uber Alles.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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