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On The Road To Fascism: "Presidential" Distortion Of Terrorism Goals  February 13, 2004      ©2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999  All Rights Reserved

"President" Bush conveniently and repeatedly claimed "terrorists" attacked the U.S. because "they hate freedom and liberty."  ... Is that so?  Sadly, Bush is uninformed, deluded, -- or a liar.  The "President" refuses to acknowledge reality because hard light of truth is not palatable to political expediency, the Republican Party, or generous friends in the business community.  Worse, reality is not compatible with goals of power consolidation, both here at home and abroad.  Preposterous?  Wake up.

Bin Laden, al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist groups couldn't care less about American freedom and the Bill of Rights.  Why should they?  They do care about direct, continuing American intervention and interference in Middle Eastern affairs, as well as U.S. troops in the region.  They remain opposed to Americans living in Saudi Arabia, and oil profiteering,  -- not only by American "Big Oil", but by the House of Saud.  ... Despotic, ruthless rulers of Saudi Arabia.

At all costs, the "President" does not wish to rock the "Big Oil" boat, however.  Too much money and power at stake.  Sadly, the U.S. has had wake up call after wake up call, regarding energy consumption and availability.  For many, many years.  ... Can still remember Weekly Reader admonitions nearly fifty years ago as a child.

Spoofed, "manufactured" oil "crises" in 1973, 1979, and most recently about a year ago, although generating considerable interest and concern, resulted in no permanent solutions and true energy independence.  Why?  ... Political expediency and insatiable greed of energy producers and their shills in government.  -- Fueled by the nearly unlimited willingness of the aggressively stupid public to pay any price extorted.

In the truest sense of the word, the war against terror has oil at its base.  Our fascist "President" refuses to acknowledge this.  Conveniently and falsely claims hatred of "freedom" is root cause of 9/11 and other terrorist acts.  Brilliant deception.  -- Cunningly enables Mr. Bush to avoid dealing with real, pressing issues and conflicts that must be resolved for the war to be "won."

Not only is independence from Arab oil specifically Saudi crude absolutely required, the United States must adopt an even-handed approach to Middle Eastern affairs.  For the last 57 years since establishment of the State of Israel, the U.S. heavily favored its theocratic ally.  ... While conveniently sucking up enormous amounts of Arab oil at ridiculously low prices until the Saudis and others wised up in 1973.  ... Then, of course, Americans indignantly screamed bloody murder.  Tough, wasn't it?  All but the rich suffered.

For years, the U.S. supported Israel no matter what, no matter how.  No matter what the Israelis did.  In 1982, the United States remained deafeningly silent as Israel led by Gen. Sharon, now Israeli prime minister, committed atrocities in Lebanon.  Remained silent, as Israel bombed, without provocation, a nuclear reactor in Iraq over twenty years ago.  Supposedly, during a period of relative peace with its neighbors.  Yet, American aid continued to flow unabated.

Remained silent, as Israel used American-made F-16's and ordnance to assassinate Palestinian officials in highly-populated civilian areas.  In direct violation of American export law.  Yet, our fascist "President" along with Congress remained gutlessly silent, claiming Israelis were acting in "self-defense."  Remained silent, as Palestinian Chairman Arafat died under highly suspicious circumstances, apparently poisoned.

Then, ole' George, his henchmen, and an aggressively stupid American people wonder why the "terrorists" hate us?  Wake up, friends.  Until you do, the killing will continue unabated.  Silence kills.  Confirms and supports the view of politicians that the people are indeed stupid.  Can be easily suckered.  Only when those in power truly believe the public is strongly opposed to their policies, will change occur.  Quickly, we're reaching the point where consolidation and strengthening of power by the Right will render public opposition meaningless.  They'll simply do as they please with impunity.  In many instances, already are.

After expending minimal effort to find and capture bin Laden in Afghanistan, Mr. Bush foolishly turned his sights, -- and guns, on Iraq.  Apparently, far easier and more convenient than forcing the issue with Pakistan, a supposed ally that is, and was, effectively providing sanctuary to the world's most wanted terrorist.  ... Indirectly, albeit, by refusing to grant permission to American forces to cross the border and search in areas of Pakistan not controlled by the Pakistani military dictator.  Our friend, the military dictator of Pakistan.  ... Might effect the stability of his government, you understand.  Can't have that, now can we?

The "President" initially claimed weapons of mass destruction as pretense for "pre-emptively" invading another sovereign nation, -- Iraq.   Although most authorities falsely believed Saddam continued to possess such weapons, the Iraqi dictator was effectively and safely boxed in.  No-fly zones and an embargo on most oil exports had effectively caged the brutal despot, causing enormous financial problems for the government as well as his people.  Precisely, why the Iraqi infrastructure is in exceptionally poor condition, much to the chagrin of U.S. planners desperate to quickly rebuild the country.

Mr. Bush, however, was not content with the political status quo.  After all, Saddam had earlier enormously embarrassed "Big Daddy" Bush, the First.  The former President had wisely ended the Gulf War, without marching to Baghdad.  For precisely the reasons that have plagued Bush Junior over the last two years.  -- Bloody street to street, house to house fighting to root out guerrilla insurgents.  Yet, Daddy Bush was no longer in power, but Saddam was.  Can't have that, now can we?  ... Right, George?  Besides, there was the oil.  An enormous amount of crude.

When no weapons of mass destruction were found, no one was held responsible.  No one.  The buck clearly did not stop with the "President."  After all, fascists do not accept personal responsibility for their foibles.  -- Personal responsibility is reserved for the unwashed masses, not government or business officials in a fascist state.

Mr. Bush, unable to admit the truth and his fascist agenda, desperately moved the goal posts.  Falsely, claimed the real reason we "pre-emptively" attacked Iraq was removal of the brutal dictator.  Not so.  The American people would never have supported invasion for reasons of regime change.  Our deceptive "President" certainly knew this.  Precisely, why he falsely claimed weapons of destruction as the original rationale.

Rushed to war, without allowing weapons inspectors to complete their work.  Now, we're dealing with the aftermath.  Yet, Bush was never held accountable, returned to office by an outrageously cowardly, gullible, aggressively stupid electorate.

Oil, -- and avenging Daddy Bush's embarrassment at the end of the Gulf War, were the true reasons Ole' George "The Tush" launched an unprovoked, unjust, "pre-emptive" war against the surviving, boxed-in Iraqi dictator.  Did so, under false pretenses.  ... With weapons of mass destruction an initially convenient excuse.  When that didn't work, regime change became the mantra.

The "President" now insists the reason for the war was, and is, defense of American freedom.  Not so.  Never was.  Incredibly, the "President" now disingenuously and falsely claims we're fighting in Iraq to avoid fighting in the streets here.  Iraq never had the capability to attack the United States.  Never presented a threat here.

Now, sadly, it does.  Thanks to Mr. Bush and his "pre-emptive" invasion.  The "President" has foolishly created a haven for terrorism in Iraq that did not exist before the war.  Has stupidly given birth to newly created terrorists that will have to be dealt with after the United States eventually leaves Iraq with its tail between its legs.  ... Like it was forced to do in Vietnam.  Unlike Vietnam, however, the enemy will continue to strike long after retreat.  Yet, we continue to hear the same old tired rhetoric supporting the fiasco in Iraq, as we did forty years ago in Vietnam.

Mr. Bush even had the gall to falsely implicate Iraqi involvement in the 9/11 catastrophe.  No truth to it.  None.  Again, Iraq posed no threat to the United States.  None.  Had no hand in the 9/11 catastrophe, direct or indirect.  ... As stated in findings of the 9/11 Commission and elsewhere.

Despite the fact the fascist occupying the White House was finally forced to admit this, he is still content to cunningly allow millions of Americans to continue to falsely believe it to be true.  Precisely, why "Administration" officials every now and then disingenuously resurrect it when convenient.  ... Can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with BS.  Anything but the damned truth, right, George?

Sadly, this "Administration" is a fraud, based on lies and distortion of reality.  Goal posts are constantly and conveniently moved as needed.  Would indeed be laughable were it not for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, nearly 1500 Americans, and thousands of maimings.  To save the ass and political legacy of a fascist American "President."

Would be laughable, as well, had it not been for evisceration of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments by the USA "Patriot" Act, Homeland "Security" Act, and other equally unconstitutional Executive Orders.  What no enemy could ever have secured on the battlefield, the Bush "Administration" and its shills in Congress willingly ceded:  freedom, liberty, civil and constitutional rights.  Gutlessly and falsely, in the name of national "security."

Yet, our Nazi "President" now claims "freedom and democracy" are the reasons we're fighting in Iraq, why we must continue to forge ahead with imposition of "democracy" in all troubled areas of the world.  ... Must go to war to achieve the peace, suckers.  ... Destroy a country to save it, fools.  Imperialistic imposition of democracy and war abroad will achieve "freedom" and "peace" overseas and here at home, according to our hopelessly deluded "President."

Height of hypocrisy?  At the same time Bush and his henchmen call for the end of tyranny and promulgation of "freedom and democracy", they grant carte blanche to CIA operatives to "render" "detainees" to Syria, Egypt, and elsewhere to be tortured.  Perversely, night is day, day is night, and manure smells sweet in the distorted world of the Nazi.

Sadly and ominously, the real agenda of the Bush "Administration" is fascism.  ... The pernicious and abusive blend of government, big business, and "religion."  Sadly, justified by perversion of religion.  Mr. Bush is the new "American" Fuhrer.  Although not yet as brutal as Hitler or Mussolini, the "President" is messianically determined to promulgate his distorted views of "freedom" and "democracy", not only here but world-wide.

Said as much in recent Inaugural and State of the Union speeches, as well as at every public appearance.  Expects the Europeans and the rest of the "free world" to fall in lockstep.
... Behind the Fuhrer.  ... Doesn't understand why there is so much continued opposition to his vision of the world and what should be the established order.  Wake up, George.  Foreigners are not as stupid or shortsighted as you believe.

At the same time, the abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo and elsewhere continues.  The "Administration" insists on indefinitely imprisoning "detainees", including American citizens, suspected to be "terrorists" in jails throughout this country without access to attorneys and the courts.

Police departments continue to militarize across the United States.  Now armed with heavily-armored vehicles and other military equipment intended for use against American "lawbreakers," -- as inflicted on a religious sect in Waco over ten years ago.  Habeas corpus is ignored nationwide as the criminally accused languish weeks and months in jail before trial.

FISA courts conduct business in secret.  Reading habits are "lawfully" collected by federal goons at public libraries.  Librarians, under penalty of law and prosecution, are not allowed to inform their patrons.

Americans continue to be victimized by credit reporting agencies which fraudulently post false information 70% of the time.  A national ID card is in the offing, and will have to be produced by citizens on demand.  ... Papieren, bitte?

The failed war on drugs continues to corrupt police departments nationwide.  Officers use drugs.  Plant drugs.  Pocket, so to speak, confiscated vehicles, houses, and money.  Lie like hell on the stand.  Bribe other criminal offenders to falsely incriminate others, -- not only in drug cases, however.  Bribing of criminals, with reduced sentences, is endemic to the American system of "justice."  As "American" as Mom and apple pie.

Law enforcement has been granted unconstitutional easier access to information that used to require warrants.  Now, "administrative" orders by police themselves are sufficient in many cases.  Worse, pressure from law enforcement goons has been increasingly effective in getting recalcitrant ISP providers, employers, etc. to unlawfully provide information with no warrant.

Police too often wantonly kill or physically abuse citizens, with no justification.  Are then no billed by grand juries no more than a shill for corrupt and abusive prosecutors.  ... Prosecutors, who couldn't care less that the party being prosecuted is indeed guilty.  Just another notch on the belt.

All the above and much, much more, as reported elsewhere in this publication and others, are highly indicative of the continuing creation of a fascist police state.  ... A growing problem at all levels of government.  -- Fascist government, increasingly willing to use violence and false prosecution to attain its goals.

Sadly, Mr. Bush has shown a propensity to cunningly use violence to foster his political ambitions.  A few examples?  "Rendition" of "terrorist" suspects for "interrogation" to countries that employ torture, gleeful self-righteous enforcement of the death penalty as Texas governor, and prosecution of an unprovoked "pre-emptive" attack on Iraq.  Next targets?  Syria?  Iran?  North Korea?  We'll see.  Truly frightening times, as an aggressively stupid, cowardly American public has been deliberately and carefully lulled to sleep.  Sieg Heil, Mein Fuhrer.  America Uber Alles.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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