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Clinton continues to defend the indefensible.  Caught in a lie, she continues to lie.  Get this.  CBS reports:

"In an interview with Fox News this past Sunday, Clinton said, "[FBI] Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I've said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails."

"Comey, however, never said that of Clinton -- and the Democratic nominee's continued parroting of the claim has earned her both a "four Pinocchios" rating from the Washington Post's Fact Checker and a "Pants on Fire" grade from Politifact."

She's lying.  Has been caught in a lie.  Continues to lie.  Yet, during the debates she'll continue to skate.  Why?  Simple.  Trump's an idiot.  Cannot, does not, have the ability to challenge her.  Speaks only in sound bites.  Engages in symbolism over substance.  Jumps from topic to topic.  Shoots from the hip.  His handlers have no control over him.

Some say he only wants one debate.  Does not really want to debate at all.  Had Pence been the Presidential nominee, think he wouldn't hold her feet to the fire?  Expose her for the liar she truly is?  Any other Republican wouldn't have done the same?  Yet, Trump has not been held accountable to date by anyone in a one-on-one on any issue.  He'd figuratively get his ass kicked.

Too slippery.  Think he'd survive a Lincoln-Douglas?  Think Clinton would have survived a one-on-one with the FBI Director?  The Director did quite a good job on "Pilloried Hillary" recently in front of the Senate.  Yet, her sad, sick sycophants won't be confused with the truth.  Blind to her faults, character issues, outright lies.  Instead, they blindly, stupidly continue to support her.

"What Comey did tell Congress was that investigators "have no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI." It was not a blanket statement. When Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, asked Comey whether Clinton had lied to the public, Comey replied, "That's not a question I'm qualified to answer."

Then again, wouldn't want to confuse the public with the truth, would we?

"In one exchange between Comey and Rep. Trey Gowdy during the FBI director's testimony on Capitol Hill last month, Comey contradicted several statements made by Clinton throughout her campaign.  When Gowdy asked if it was true when "Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails either sent or received," Comey responded: "That's not true."  He later added that "there were a small number of portion markings on, I think, three of the documents."

Clinton lied.  Has not effectively answered any of these criticisms.  Not one of them.  Yet, her sick sycophants continue to ignore the indefensible.  Stick up for her.  Won't be confused with the truth.  She has serious character flaws.  Can't seem to tell the truth.  Moves the goal posts and distorts reality when caught in a lie.  When she's pointedly criticized, her sick sycophants accuse them of engaging in "hate speech."  What a crock of shit.

It's called the goddamned truth.  They won't be confused with the truth.  No matter what.  Everything she's endured at the hands of her critics she's earned.  Through her dishonesty.  Won't even hold a news conference.  Apparently, afraid the media would figuratively impose quite an ass kicking.  Is this the type of individual you want in the Oval Office?  A disingenuous liar?  A liar who has been afraid to courageously stand up for what she truly believes since 1969?  ... Or, has she no core values at all?  No more than an empty mirage.  A mirage who, like Trump, believes she deserves the Presidency by Divine Right?

Only, however, when she had the courage to criticize a United States Senator during the speech she gave at her graduation?  Only to cowardly cower when she received some subsequent flack from the school and the media for having the nerve to challenge a United States Senator?  It's been all down hill for her since.  She cannot, will not stand tall.  No matter the consequences.  Too damned gutless.  No matter the fact she was indeed right in her criticism of the Senator.

"Gowdy then asked if it was true when Clinton said "I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material."  Comey's response: "There was classified material emailed."

Again, what does it take?  This is precisely why Mrs. Clinton is so distrusted by over half the population.


Trump falsely claimed he saw a video he never did see vis a vis the $400 million in cash paid to Iran back in January by the United States:

"I'll never forget the scene this morning and remember this, Iran -- I don't think you've heard this anywhere but here -- Iran provided all of that footage, the tape of taking that money off that airplane, right, $400 million in cash. How does a president do that? How do you do that?"

He didn't.

"Now here's the amazing thing. Over there where that plane landed, top secret, they don't have a lot of paparazzi, you know the paparazzi doesn't do so well over there, right, and they have a perfect tape done by obviously a government camera, and the tape is of the people taking the money off the plane, right.  That means in order to embarrass us further Iran sent us the tapes, right. It's a military tape. It's a tape that was a perfect angle, nice and steady. Nobody getting nervous because they are going to be shot, because they are shooting a picture of money pouring off of plane."

All bullshit.  Never happened.  No more than a farce.  The quotes are from CBS News.  Again, none of the above is true.  None of it.  No truth at all.  All made up.  There was no video, because no video of it exists.  Trump is a congenital liar.  Wouldn't know truth if it figuratively bit him hard on the ass.  Still going to vote for this national socialist, fascist son of a bitch?  TL?  Ben?  TK?

Got the President's ire, moreover, when Trump claimed the November election would be rigged:

"Of course the election won't be rigged. What does that mean?  If Mr. Trump is suggesting that there is a conspiracy theory that is propagated across the country, including in places like Texas where typically it is not Democrats who are in charge of voting booths, that's ridiculous. That doesn't make any sense."

No, Mr. President, it doesn't.  Trump, again, is talking out his ass.  Further calling Trump's fitness for office into question, the President remarked:

"Just listen to what Mr. Trump has to say and make your own judgment with respect to how confident you feel about his ability to manage things like our nuclear triad.  This is serious business."

Indeed, it is.  Trump is unfit.  So is Hillary.  For different reasons, however.  -- All having to do with serious character flaws, both candidates.

Mike Morel is a former acting director of the CIA, as well as its former deputy director.  Isn't at all pleased with Trump.  CBS News reports he wrote in a New York Times editorial:

"Donald J. Trump is not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security.  Even more important, the character traits he has exhibited during the primary season suggest he would be a poor, even dangerous, commander in chief."

Interesting, isn't it?

"Mr. Putin played upon Mr. Trump's vulnerabilities by complimenting him," the ex-CIA director said of the primary race, when the Russian president commended Trump as "bright and talented."  "He responded," Morell said, "just as Mr. Putin had calculated."

Indeed, he did.

"In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation."

Finally, someone in the intelligence community has questioned Trump's behavior.  Imagine that.  Moreover, Trump's henchmen successfully pressured Republicans writing the party platform to water down sanctions that would have been imposed against Putin vis a vis Ukraine.  Interesting, isn't it?

Apparently, Trump is not sitting well with ole George "The Tush" Bush, either.  CBS News reports:

"Former President George W. Bush swiped indirectly at Donald Trump's "America first" foreign policy philosophy at a fundraising event Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported.  Without specifically naming the Republican nominee, Bush criticized recent trends toward "isolationism, nativism and protectionism" in a discussion with approximately 400 guests. Bush made the disapproving comments at a private fundraiser in Cincinnati for Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, which raised $1 million in one day, according to a Portman spokesperson."

It's also true, Bush and his family did not attend the Republican National Convention.  When are Republicans going to finally find some semblance of courage and openly disavow Trump?

The party bigwigs are apparently very unhappy with Trump this past week.  The Washington Post reports:

"Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was described as “very frustrated” and stressed by Trump’s behavior over the past week, having run out of excuses to make on the nominee’s behalf with donors and other party leaders, according to multiple people familiar with the events."

Interesting, isn't it?  When will they finally put some pressure on Trump?

Meg Whitman is indeed jumping ship.  CNN reports:

"Donald Trump's demagoguery has undermined the fabric of our national character," Whitman said in a statement. "America needs the kind of stable and aspirational leadership Secretary Clinton can provide."

How many others will follow in her path?  Remember the crying baby?  CNN reports one of the flip flops Trump apparently enjoys engaging in:

Trump responds to crying baby 01:44
"Don't worry about that baby, I love babies. I love babies! I hear that baby crying, I like it. I like it! What a baby. What a beautiful baby. Don't worry, don't worry. The mom's running around like -- don't worry about it. Its young and beautiful and healthy. That's what we want." -Aug. 2, 2016
But then...
"Actually, I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. That's alright. Don't worry. I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I'm speaking." -Less than two minutes later, on Aug. 2, 2016."

Does this man sound rational?  Fit for the Presidency?  Insult to injury?

His 'relationship' with Russian President Vladimir Putin
"I do have a relationship ... He's probably very interested in what you and I am saying today, and I'm sure he's going to be seeing it in some form. But I do have a relationship with him." -Nov. 2013
But then...
"I have no relationship with Putin. I don't think I've ever met him. I never met him." -July 2016

Again, think this man fit for the Presidency?

Hillary and Bill Clinton
"I know her very well and I know her husband very well and I like them both. And they are, uh, you know, just really terrific people." -August 2013
But then...
On Hillary: "She's the devil." -August 1, 2016
On Bill: "[He] is one of the great abusers of the world." -Dec. 30, 2015

Nothing quite like hypocrisy, is there?  Still going to vote for this psychotic national socialist son of a bitch, TL?  TK?  Ben?


Both Presidential candidates are about to receive classified intelligence briefings.  Frightening, isn't it?  "Hump The Rump" Trump is an out of control lunatic and liar.  "Pilloried Hillary" is not only a liar, but careless with her handling of classified material.  This, the best our formerly great country has to offer?

Trump is now claiming even legal immigrants are a threat to national security.  The Washington Post reports:

"We're letting people come in from terrorist nations that shouldn't be allowed because you can't vet them," Trump said. "There's no way of vetting them. You have no idea who they are. This could be the great Trojan horse of all time."

"At another point in the rally, Trump said: "Hillary Clinton wants to have them come in by the hundreds of thousands, just remember. This has nothing to do with politics, folks. This is a whole different level. This has to do with pure, raw stupidity. Okay?"

Once again, Trump is all over the place with his views.  Talking out his ass.  Not to be outdone, he indeed "Pilloried Hillary" through his favorite medium the tweet:

    Hillary Clinton is being badly criticized for her poor performance in answering questions. Let us all see what happens!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 6, 2016

    Crooked Hillary said loudly, and for the world to see, that she "SHORT CIRCUITED" when answering a question on her e-mails. Very dangerous!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 6, 2016

    Anybody whose mind "SHORT CIRCUITS" is not fit to be our president! Look up the word "BRAINWASHED."
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 6, 2016

The quotes are from CBS News.  More talk out his ass.  Distortion of reality by an irrational national socialist who is now questioning "Pilloried Hillary's" mental fitness for office.  He should talk.  The lying son of a bitch falsely accused her saying she "SHORT CIRCUITED."    That's absolute bullshit, achingly untrue.  The Washington Post reports:

“So I may have short-circuited it and for that I, you know, will try to clarify because I think — you know, Chris Wallace and I, we’re probably talking past each other be — because, of course, he could only talk to what I had told the FBI and I appreciated that.”
— Hillary Clinton, remarks to joint convention of black and Hispanic journalists, Aug. 5, 2016

Yet, Hillary has done absolutely  nothing to answer her increasing number of media critics alleging she's lying.  In fact, she's further muddying the issue with additional lies, subterfuge, abject bullshit, disingenuousness.  Sadly, she had a hard time answering questions after she addressed The National Associations of Black Journalists and Hispanic Journalists.  NPR reports:

"Kevin Merida, editor-in-chief of ESPN's The Undefeated, asked Clinton: "What is the most meaningful conversation you've had with an African-American friend?"

Set Madam Clinton aback.  She couldn't directly answer the question.

"Clinton at first exclaimed, amid a burst of chatter, "Oh my gosh."  Then she responded: "Can I tell you that I am blessed to have a crew of great friends, and I've had two chiefs-of-staff who were my African-American women friends, Maggie Williams and Cheryl Mills."  She listed off other African-American staff who have worked with her — and for her — and said she's had a "lifetime of friendship" with black people."

Say what?  She didn't answer the question.  Apparently, couldn't.  Why can't you open up, Madam Secretary?  What the hell is your problem?  Charisma is indeed a requirement to be a United States President.  Rambled on:

"They've supported me. They've chastised me. They've raised issues with me. They've tried to expand my musical tastes," Clinton said. "We've have a lot of great, great times because of our friendships. So, I can't really pick one conversation out of, you know, 50 years of conversation." She added that she wants to respect the "cone of silence" among her friends."

Again, more disjointed bullshit.  This woman cannot come out of her shell.  "Cone of silence?"  No one asked you to violate confidentiality, Mrs. Clinton.  You have no memorable conversations with your black friends and associates?  None you can remember?  None you're willing to share?  You had a chance to humanize yourself.  A chance you clearly missed.  A golden opportunity ignored.  The question remains.  Why?


Madam Clinton is still denying assertions of the FBI Director.  The Washington Times reports:

"For the second time in a week, Hillary Clinton on Friday again directly contradicted FBI Director James Comey, defending her use of a private email server while secretary of state and telling an audience of journalists that “I never sent or received anything that was marked classified.”

Again, Mrs. Clinton is lying.  Can't get her story straight.

"Speaking at a joint conference of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Democratic presidential nominee refused to admit that she’d mishandled classified information in her private email account. While she again apologized for using a private server, she doubled down on her central defense — that she never sent or received any emails that were marked classified at the time, even though the FBI chief has told a different story."

Again, this issue simply won't go away because Clinton continues to deny reality and what people involved in the investigation have said.  As FBI Director and ultimately in charge of the investigation, Comey needs to come out and disclose further details regarding the investigation.  Either provide proof positive Clinton is a liar, -- or retract the results of the investigation.

“What we have here is pretty much what I have been saying throughout this whole year, and that is that I never sent or received anything that was marked classified,” she said. “If, in retrospect, some different agency said it should have been [classified] … that’s what this debate is about. But Director Comey said there was absolutely no intention on my part to either ignore or in any way dismiss the importance of those documents.”

Again, Clinton is distorting reality, moving the goal posts, desperately trying to re-write history to cover her gluteus maximi.  Again, Comey needs to come out and resolve the matter with proof positive she's indeed a goddamned liar, -- or retract the results of the investigation.  Mrs. Clinton appears to be desperately trying to bullshit her way out of egregious mishandling of classified material and her aching lack of judgment.

"In congressional testimony last month, Mr. Comey said more than 100 emails sent or received through Mrs. Clinton’s private account contained classified information, though the majority of them were not clearly marked."

If any of them were indeed clearly marked classified, the FBI Director needs to publicly disclose a redacted copy of them.  The public has a right to know the truth.


Trump has received the endorsement  of the Chairman of the American Nazi Party, Rocky Suhaydac.  Surprised?  ... Why? The Washington Post reports:

“Now, if Trump does win, okay, it’s going to be a real opportunity for people like white nationalists, acting intelligently to build upon that, and to go and start — you know how you have the black political caucus and what not in Congress and everything — to start building on something like that,” Suhayda declared on his radio program last month.

“It doesn’t have to be anti-, like the movement’s been for decades, so much as it has to be pro-white,” he added. “You know what I’m saying? It’s kinda hard to go and call us bigots if we don’t go around and act like a bigot. That’s what the movement should contemplate. All right.”

A raucous boot clicking, goose stepping, treasonous, treacherous, traitorous Sieg Heil!, Mr. Trump?

"Audio from the radio program was posted Saturday by BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski, who noted that Suhayda has in the past avoided making statements about Trump out of concern that he might harm the businessman’s candidacy. Yet, Kaczynski reported, in an American Nazi Party report from September, the chairman argued that Trump’s rhetoric revealed the secret popularity of the party’s messages.

“We have a wonderful OPPORTUNITY here folks, that may never come again, at the RIGHT time,” Suhayda wrote, according to BuzzFeed. “Donald Trump’s campaign statements, if nothing else, have SHOWN that ‘our views’ are NOT so ‘unpopular’ as the Political Correctness crowd have told everyone they are!”

Still voting for the fascist son of a bitch, TL?  TK?  Ben?  Who the hell says the Allies truly won the Second World War European Theater?  Think Adolf and Benito aren't wildly cheering from their fiery perches in Hell?  The Extreme Right is endorsing him (Trump) en masse:

"Earlier this year, Rachel Pendergraft — the national organizer for the Knights Party, a standard-bearer for the Ku Klux Klan — told The Washington Post that the KKK had begun using Trump’s candidacy as a new conversation starter to recruit followers."

Think she's the only one? Wake up.

"On his radio show in February, David Duke — a former Ku Klux Klan leader and a current U.S. Senate candidate from Louisiana — encouraged listeners to cast their ballots for Trump, saying that “voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage.”

Think the cancer ends there?  Wake up.

"Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, a white-nationalist magazine and website based in Northern Virginia, told the New Yorker magazine that Trump may be in denial about the makeup of his base.

“I’m sure he would repudiate any association with people like me,” Taylor told the magazine, “but his support comes from people who are more like me than he might like to admit.”

Still voting for this nazi son of a bitch?  TL?  Ben?  TK?  Wake up.  You're voting for a goddamned nazi.


The Trump Campaign is desperate to establish any degree of legitimacy.  Any at all.  CNN reports:

"Ohio Gov. John Kasich still isn't ready to support Donald Trump for president -- but he confirmed that one of his aides was contacted about possibly joining the real estate mogul's ticket as his vice president."

The Governor is indeed well-respected in the Republican community.  With good reason.

"Kasich told CNN's Jake Tapper that he didn't receive a call himself. But he said one of his aides confirmed to him a New York Times report last month saying Donald Trump Jr. tried to entice Kasich with a position as the most powerful vice president in history -- putting him in charge of all domestic and foreign policy -- was accurate.  "That's what one of them has told me, yes," Kasich told Tapper in an interview aired Sunday on "State of the Union."

Trump's henchmen have previously denied all this.

"The Trump campaign has previously denied the details of the Times' report. When it was published late last month, Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller told CNN "it's completely ridiculous" and that an offer was never made. Trump Jr. also denied making such an offer."

Someone's lying.  Guess who.  All for naught, however:

"The Ohio governor, however, told Tapper he was never interested in serving as vice president.  "I never considered it ... I'd be the worst vice president. I have too many opinions," said Kasich, the last Republican challenger left standing amid ahead of Trump's nomination."

Interesting, isn't it?  Republicans know Trump is behaving like a psychotic idiot.  Fear the worst.  Democrats shouldn't gloat, however.  "Pilloried Hillary" won't escape intense scrutiny and highly pointed questioning as she continues to disingenuously lie, deny reality.  Refuses to come clean.

Republicans are growing increasingly antsy.  Have warned Trump if he doesn't clean up his act, the GOP could lose the Senate.  They're right.  They could.  Senate races seem to be close, will likely be hard-fought.  Republican bigwigs are urging Trump and Pence to focus on Clinton.


The following statement is an open national security letter from former high level officials against Trump vis a vis his fitness for office.  It originated from The New York Times:

The undersigned individuals have all served in senior national security and/or foreign policy positions in Republican Administrations,
from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush.  We have worked directly on national security issues with these Republican Presidents and/or their
principal advisers during wartime and other periods of crisis, through successes and failures.  We know the personal qualities required of a
President of the United States.

None of us will vote for Donald Trump.

From a foreign policy perspective, Donald Trump is not qualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief.  Indeed, we are convinced that he would be a dangerous President and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.

Most fundamentally, Mr. Trump lacks the character, values, and experience to be President.  He weakens U.S. moral authority as the leader of the free world.  He appears to lack basic knowledge about and belief in the U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws, and U.S. institutions, including religious tolerance, freedom of the press, and an independent judiciary.

In addition, Mr. Trump has demonstrated repeatedly that he has little understanding of America’s vital national interests, its complex diplomatic challenges, its indispensable alliances, and the democratic values on which U.S. foreign policy must be based.  At the same time, he persistently compliments our adversaries and threatens our allies and friends.  Unlike previous Presidents who had limited experience in foreign affairs, Mr. Trump has shown no interest in educating himself.  He continues to display an alarming ignorance of basic facts of contemporary international politics.  Despite his lack of knowledge, Mr. Trump claims that he understands foreign affairs and “knows more  about ISIS than the generals do.”

Mr. Trump lacks the temperament to be President.  In our experience, a President must be willing to listen to his advisers and department heads; must encourage consideration of conflicting views; and must acknowledge errors and learn from them.  A President must be disciplined, control emotions, and act only after reflection and careful deliberation.  A President must maintain cordial relationships with leaders of countries of different backgrounds and must have their respect and trust.

In our judgment, Mr. Trump has none of these critical qualities.  He is unable or unwilling to separate truth from falsehood.  He does not encourage conflicting views.  He lacks self-control and acts impetuously.  He cannot tolerate personal criticism.  He has alarmed our closest allies with his erratic behavior.  All of these are dangerous qualities in an individual who aspires to be President and Commander-in-Chief, with command of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

We understand that many Americans are profoundly frustrated with the federal government and its inability to solve pressing domestic and
international problems.  We also know that many have doubts about Hillary Clinton, as do many of us.  But Donald Trump is not the answer
to America’s daunting challenges and to this crucial election. We are convinced that in the Oval Office, he would be the most reckless
President in American history.

Donald B. Ayer
Former Deputy Attorney General

John B. BellingerIII
Former Legal Adviser to the Department of State; former Legal Adviser to the National Security Council, The White House

Robert Blackwill
Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Planning, The White House

Michael Chertoff
Former Secretary of Homeland Security; former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, Department of Justice

Eliot A. Cohen
Former Counselor of the Department of State

Eric Edelman
Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy; former National Security Advisor to the Vice President, The White House

Gary Edson
Former Deputy National Security Advisor, The White House

Richard Falkenrath
Former Deputy Homeland Security Advisor, The White House

Peter Feaver
Former Senior Director for Strategic Planning, National Security Council, The White House

Richard Fontaine
Former Associate Director for Near East Affairs, National Security Council, The White House

Jendayi Frazer
Former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs; former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

Aaron Friedberg
Former Deputy National Security Advisor to the Vice President, The White House

David Gordon
Former Director of Policy Planning, Department of State

Michael Green
Former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Asia, National Security Council, The White House

Brian Gunderson
Former Chief of Staff, Department of State

Paul Haenle
Former Director for China and Taiwan, National Security Council, The White House

Michael Hayden
Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency; former Director, National Security Agency

Carla A. Hills
Former U.S. Trade Representative

John Hillen
Former Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs

William Inboden
Former Senior Director for Strategic Planning, National Security Council, The White House

Reuben Jeffery III
Former Under Secretary of State for Economic Energy and Agricultural Affairs; former Special Assistant to the President for International
Economic Affairs, National Security Council, The White House

James Jeffrey
Former Deputy National Security Advisor, The White House

Ted Kassinger
Former Deputy Secretary of Commerce

David Kramer
Former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

James Langdon
Former Chairman, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, The White House

Peter Lichtenbaum
Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration

Mary Beth Long
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

Clay Lowery
Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs; former Director for International Finance, National Security Council, The White House

Robert McCallum
Former Associate Attorney General; former Ambassador to Australia

Richard Miles
Former Director for North America, National Security Council, The White House

Andrew Natsios
Former Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development

John Negroponte
Former Director of National Intelligence; former Deputy Secretary of State; former Deputy National Security Advisor

Meghan O’Sullivan
Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan

Dan Price
Former Deputy National Security Advisor

Tom Ridge
Former Secretary of Homeland Security; former Assistant to the President for Homeland Security, The White House; former Governor of Pennsylvania

Nicholas Rostow
Former Legal Adviser to the National Security Council, The White House

Kori Schake
Former Director for Defense Strategy, National Security Council, The White House

Kristen Silverberg
Former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations

Stephen Slick
Former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Intelligence Programs, National Security Council, The White House

Shirin R. Tahir-Kheli
Former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations, National
Security Council, The White House; former Ambassador and Senior Advisor for Women’s Empowerment, Department of State

William H. Taft IV
Former Deputy Secretary of Defense; former Ambassador to NATO

Larry D. Thompson
Former Deputy Attorney General

William Tobey
Former Deputy Administrator, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy; former Director for Counter-Proliferation Strategy, National Security Council, The White House

John Veroneau
Former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative

Kenneth Wainstein
Former Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, The White House; former Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Department of Justice

Matthew Waxman
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense; former Director for Contingency Planning and International Justice, National Security Council, The White House


Prominent Republicans continue to jump ship.  Intend to vote for Clinton.  Including, Richard Hanna, Meg Whitman, Henry Paulson, Jr., Richard Armitage, Brent Scowcroft, Doug Elmets, Maria Comella, and counting.  Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Ben Sasse, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Mark Kirk also announced they will not vote for Trump.


Trump announced a list of his economic advisers.  Most are Wall Street barons and real estate moguls.  Few bona fide economists.  Interesting, isn't it?  His economic goals are more of the same.  -- The failed trickle-down approach of Reagan, failure to force corporations to pay their fair share in taxes, failure to change the law to end the practice of corporations moving overseas to evade U.S. taxes, lowering tax rates without specifying how the deficit wouldn't skyrocket, etc..  More of the same old voodoo economics, devoid of sanity.


Judicial Watch has released some additional Clinton emails that seem to contradict earlier statements made by Mrs. Clinton.  The Washington Times reports:

"Messages involving the then-chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and a top Clinton Foundation official and donor are among the dozens of new email exchanges from Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state released on Tuesday by a watchdog group.  One message from Stephen Roach, then-chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, to Mrs. Clinton provides upcoming testimony on the U.S.-China economic relationship he was to deliver before Congress in early 2009.  Mrs. Clinton thanked Mr. Roach for sending it along and said she would ask her staff about possibly connecting in Beijing, later asking top aide Huma Abedin about that possibility.  Sen. Bernard Sanders had made Mrs. Clinton’s relationships with top Wall Street firms one of his more prominent criticisms during the Democratic presidential primary contest.  The messages were released by Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group that has fought for the release of her messages. The group said the new ones appear to contradict Mrs. Clinton’s statements that she turned over all her work-related emails to the State Department after her time there."

Figurative death by a dozen cuts, no?  It's time for Mrs. Clinton to come clean.  Instead, she continues to stonewall.  It's time for the FBI Director to release all results of its investigation of the email fiasco.  The public is entitled to full disclosure.  More on this as the story develops.


Once again, Trump has proven himself a clueless idiot.  Made what appeared to many a thinly-veiled threat against Madam Clinton vis a vis the Second Amendment, involving NRA, other gun rights groups, supporters and what, exceptionally unspecifically, they could or might do to stop her abrogation of this extremely precious right.  Throws his judgment yet again in question.

Is this what Republicans want in the Oval Office?  A clueless idiot?  Who doesn't seem to understand what a President is or isn't?  Can and cannot do?  Of course, the very same can be said of Clinton.  For different reasons, however.  No question, both candidates remain two of the least qualified in U.S. history.

What is so exceptionally aching about this most recent fiasco is it draws attention away from outrageously corrupt, abusive, murderous police officers.  The jackbooted bastards in blue continue to murder innocent citizens on the job with impunity.  Nothing is done.  No one is held accountable.  Even in Baltimore, six jackbooted pieces of shit have been exonerated in the death of Freddie Gray.  No one held accountable.  Instead some of them are suing the prosecutor.

This, despite a just-released 'Justice' Department report vis a vis ubiquitous civil rights violations by police in Baltimore.  Excessive force.  Abrogation of the First Amendment right to protest.  Racial profiling.  Not only are innocent people being shaken down there, the abuse has gotten so bad the bastards are conducting strip searches in public.  Then again, we have law enforcement here in Nazi Texas that have conducted body cavity searches on the side of the road.

Not only that, Baltimore police issue tickets and conduct arrests of innocent people to line City coffers.  So what else is new?  Happens right here in Nazi Llano County, right, Sheriff?  TL?  We also have a jackbooted bastard in the Sheriff's Office who refuses to disclose the identity of the officers who pulled the trigger, killing Jeffrey Gray Wise back in April.  What we have here is a dangerous, secret, goddamned fascist police-state.  Right, Sheriff?  TL?   You and your jackbooted bastards are out of uniform, Bill.  Where are your swastika armbands, you fascist son of a bitch?

More on Baltimore in the next edition.


Think Trump hasn't lost his mind?  Really think so?  CNN reports:

"Donald Trump on Wednesday repeatedly called President Barack Obama the "founder" of ISIS and labeled Hillary Clinton the "co-founder."
At a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Trump also said that ISIS "honors" Obama -- who the GOP nominee referred to as "Barack Hussein Obama."

Think this man fit for office?

"After lamenting the "mistake" the US made by going to war in Iraq -- a conflict he repeatedly says that he opposed, despite evidence to the contrary -- Trump then criticized Obama's attempts to "clean up."

Never confuse Trump with the truth.  Remains achingly incapable of grasping it.

"Normally you want to clean up; he made a bigger mess out of it. He made such a mess. And then you had Hillary with Libya, so sad," Trump said. "

Say what?  Non-sequitor.  Achingly, disjointed.  Abject bullshit.

"In fact, in many respects, you know they honor president Obama. ISIS is honoring President Obama. He is the founder of ISIS. He's the founder of ISIS, OK? He's the founder. He founded ISIS."  He then said that the "co-founder" of ISIS was Clinton."

More on all this in the next edition.  TL?  Ben? TK?  ... Still voting for this insane national socialist son of a bitch?


To its credit, the Democratic Convention on its last night included Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and family members of the Dallas officers murdered in the massacre.  While they were, for the most part, extremely well received, sadly, there were jeers.  Fox reports:

"Many in the crowd cheered Valdez, but the jeers were audible, too. (Associated Press)  When Valdez asked the crowd to join her in a moment of silence for cops killed in the line of duty, jeers erupted from the crowd."

That's unacceptable.  Outrageous.  Uncalled for.

“Please help me to honor ALL of America's fallen officers with a moment of silence,” as the anti-police group’s namesake slogan echoed through the Wells Fargo Center.  Valdez ignored the jeers and introduced family members of fallen police officers, including the mother of Moses Walker, a 19-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department who was gunned down in 2012 hold a moment of silence."

Some indeed in the crowd chanted "Black Lives Matter."  Of course, the law enforcement community was not happy.  Again, the chant was uncalled for.  Yet, there was, and is, a reason for it.  Not an excuse.  -- The undeniable fact murderous officers are not held legally accountable for their crimes.  This is an unresolved problem no one in government or law enforcement seems willing to address.

The jackbooted bastards in blue can't seem to understand Black Lives Matter isn't anti-police.  Rather, it's demanding criminal, violent, murderous, thieving officers be held legally accountable.  Equal treatment under the law the criminal bastards in blue cannot grasp, cannot understand, apparently will never accept.  Family members of the massacred officers were exceptionally poignant:

"Moses didn't live long enough to give all of the gifts he had to give," Wayne Walker told the thousands of delegates. "While we're here, we must do the good we can. Absolutely we have to believe that we're stronger together."  Jennifer Loudon, widow of fallen Chicago police officer Thor Soderberg, also addressed the throng and drew cheers when she said police risk their lives to protect citizens.  "I know that in light of recent events, some of us have lost faith," she said."

The jeering occurred because the root cause of the problem has not been addressed.  Not resolved.  Won't be addressed.  Neither major political party is willing to figuratively hold the feet of outrageously corrupt, abusive, inept, violent, murderous officers to the fire.  There is no accountability.  Just bullshit lip service that means absolutely nothing.  Shit squat.  Rings hollow.

"While many in the crowd appeared moved by the presentation, the jeers did not sit well with law enforcement advocates.  “The comments that were made at the convention last night speak for themselves and I think any intelligent person is going to recognize them for what they are,” said Rich Roberts, spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations."

Again, this cop simply doesn't get it.  Remains hopelessly, achingly clueless.  Precisely, why this problem, that is, the unbridled violence perpetrated by police will not end any time soon.  Will likely get worse.  Police have become gutless.  Hopelessly achingly gutless, cowardly trigger happy.  -- Pull the trigger first, ask questions later.  Beat the shit out of the innocent to get their cookies off.  Asserting power simply for the sake of asserting power.  Mindless power.  Vicious, uncontrolled power.  The kind of abuse that sadly incites insurrection.

One of the most compelling speakers at the convention was Khizr Khan.  This man's son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, was killed in a suicide bombing in Baghdad.  Some 12 years ago.  Securely kicking ole "Hump The Rump" Trump's national socialist fascist ass, Mr. Khan pointedly asked the son of a bitch:

"Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery? Go look at the graves of the brave patriots who died defending America -- you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one."

Goddamned right.  He hasn't.  Remains clueless to the fact there are countless patriotic Muslims buried in Arlington who made the supreme sacrifice for their country. Died for this nation.  Consider the following from CNN:

"In one particularly powerful moment of his speech, Khan pulled a pocket-sized Constitution from his suit jacket and held it in the air.  "Donald Trump, you're asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?" he said. "I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words, look for the words, liberty and equal protection (under) law."

"His speech and reference to the Constitution came just minutes after Trump defended his stance to use waterboarding on terror suspects if he became president."They ask me about it, I say, 'no problem. No problem. You have to do it. Because they're chopping off heads and we can't waterboard?" Trump said during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, describing his response to a question about waterboarding and ISIS during a debate."

This is the achingly fascist son of a bitch you want in the Oval Office?  This, the best our formerly great country has to offer?  Think this man has the temperament to have his thumb on the trigger of the nuclear arsenal?

"Khan said in his speech: "If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America. Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims. He disrespects other minorities, women, judges, even his own party leadership. He vows to build walls and ban us from this country."

Fascists in the Republican Party still want this piece of national socialist shit in the Oval Office?  Tim?  TL?  Ben?  Wake up.  You want a goddamned nazi fuhrer in the White House?  Where did you lose yourselves, gentlemen?  Greed blind all judgment?

The Washington Times reported Madam Secretary suffered some taunting during her acceptance speech:

"Hillary Clinton couldn’t deliver her big speech Thursday accepting the Democratic nomination without some encountering resistance from her own party, as she was taunted by signs held up by delegates that challenged her integrity and her policy positions.  As she spoke from the podium in Wells Fargo Center, she had to look out at a bright red placard hoisted high on a pole that read: “Keep your promises.” Another sign raised high on a pole said: “Walk the walk.”  Several members of the California delegation wearing shirts endorsing her primary rival, Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders, rearranged their “Hillary” pole banners to spell “Liar.”

Interesting, isn't it?  There are many in this country who consider Clinton to be untrustworthy.  Sadly, she did nothing to combat this perception during her speech.  In fact, quite the opposite.  She ignored it.  Spoke in generalities:

"America is once again at a moment of reckoning. Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart. Bonds of trust and respect are fraying.

"And just as with our founders, there are no guarantees. It truly is up to us.  We have to decide whether we all will work together so we all can rise together."

This is no more than bullshit.  Meaningless, achingly empty rhetoric.  When will Mrs. Clinton call for the prosecution of law enforcement officers who murder on the job? When?  Instead of being politically correct and placating the vicious murderous jackbooted bastards in blue.  Until egregious injustice ends, unrest will continue.  It's not just abusive officers.  It's the top 1% of the food chain that skate.  Are not held accountable.  No justice.  While the bottom 99 receive kangaroo justice, take it hard up the ass without the Vaseline.  Until that changes, there will be no resolution.  Unrest will continue unabated.

"And we'll build a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are already contributing to our economy!"

How?  Will not happen with a Congress run and owned by Republican national socialists.  ... Who like Adolf Hitler, oppose immigration, legal or not.

"There's too much inequality. Too little social mobility. Too much paralysis in Washington. Too many threats at home and abroad."

Again, empty, achingly hollow rhetoric.  Especially, since she offered no concrete way to accomplish any of this.  Even if the Democrats owned Congress there would be no consensus.  None.  That's not how Congress operates.  Either major political party.

"And most of all, don't believe anyone who says: “I alone can fix it.”  Those were actually Donald Trump's words in Cleveland. And they should set off alarm bells for all of us."

Indeed, she's right.  Those are the words of a dictator.  She then began addressing the distrust issue.  Did so, tentatively.  Then backed off without truly opening up and addressing her credibility problem:

"Now, sometimes the people at this podium are new to the national stage.  As you know, I'm not one of those people. I've been your First Lady. Served 8 years as a Senator from the great State of New York.  Then I represented all of you as Secretary of State.  But my job titles only tell you what I've done. They don't tell you why.  The truth is, through all these years of public service, the “service” part has always come easier to me than the “public” part."

Indeed.  Great start.  Then got lost in the weeds.  Failed to answer her critics.  Failed to take on the FBI Director and his skewering of her regarding the email server fiasco, her lies vis a vis this issue, her inept handling of classified material, etc..  Not that anyone truly expected her to do so.  Her problem is she has, and continues, to not-so-deftly cover her gluteus maximi when exposed in a lie.  This is why her credibility is questioned by so many.  She, her handlers, and her sycophants can't seem to understand this.  Have no clue.

"I've gone around our country talking to working families. And I've heard from so many of you who feel like the economy just isn't working.  Some of you are frustrated – even furious. And you know what??? You're right. It's not yet working the way it should."

You think?  Again, more disingenuous bullshit.  Mrs. Clinton forgets she's part of the problem.  Remains in the top 1% of the food chain.  Courtesy of, among other things, huge speaking fees she received from the very same Wall Street barons she tepidly now criticizes.  It's all phony.  Contrived.  Forget?  She and ole Bill lined their pockets off speech fees financed by the corporate management suite.  It's all a sham.

"My primary mission as President will be to create more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages right here in the United States... From my first day in office to my last! Especially in places that for too long have been left out and left behind."

More disingenuous bullshit.  She can't do this by fiat, that is, Executive Order.  She needs Congress.  She won't have them.  Republicans line their pockets by keeping the middle class in indentured servitude.  Think they'll cooperate with Clinton?  Even if the Democrats retake Congress, the GOP will stonewall.  Filibuster, etc..  She can't deliver.  She's pandering. Pathetic.

"If you believe that companies should share profits, not pad executive bonuses, join us.  If you believe the minimum wage should be a living wage… and no one working full time should have to raise their children in poverty… join us."

She has no way of accomplishing any of this.  Can't do it alone by fiat, that is, Executive Order.  She needs Congress.  Won't have them.

"If you believe that every man, woman, and child in America has the right to affordable health care…join us. If you believe that we should say “no” to unfair trade deals... that we should stand up to China... that we should support our steelworkers and autoworkers and homegrown manufacturers…join us."

Obamacare is failing.  Will likely collapse of its own weight.  Think Madam Clinton will renege on NAFTA, reject TPP?  Wake up.  She's bought and paid for.  Her corporate masters have lined her pockets.  She owes them.  Forget?

"Bernie Sanders and I will work together to make college tuition-free for the middle class and debt-free for all!   We will also liberate millions of people who already have student debt."

How?  This is more unadulterated bullshit.  This is a promise she cannot deliver.  Can't do it by fiat, that is, Executive Order.  She needs Congress.  She won't have them.  What's more, she hasn't addressed the fact the corporate management suite benefits most from an educated work force.  Why aren't they footing the bill instead of looted middle class taxpayers?

"Now, here's the thing, we're not only going to make all these investments, we're going to pay for every single one of them. And here's how: Wall Street, corporations, and the super-rich are going to start paying their fair share of taxes."

Again, this is further proof positive Mrs. Clinton is clueless.  That's not going to happen.  The corporate management suite owns government at all levels, all branches.  Government officials are bought and paid for.  They do the bidding of their corporate masters.  The Democrats are equally guilty of this.  They're all bought and paid for.  It's how our hopelessly corrupt, abusive, inept system is cleverly designed to work.

"I've laid out my strategy for defeating ISIS. We will strike their sanctuaries from the air, and support local forces taking them out on the ground. We will surge our intelligence so that we detect and prevent attacks before they happen. We will disrupt their efforts online to reach and radicalize young people in our country. It won't be easy or quick, but make no mistake – we will prevail."

What Mrs. Clinton failed to tell you last night is President Obama is already doing this.  Or, trying to.  Has failed miserably.

"Now Donald Trump says, and this is a quote, “I know more about ISIS than the generals do….”  No, Donald, you don't. He thinks that he knows more than our military because he claimed our armed forces are “a disaster.”

She's right about this.  Trump is an unmitigated disaster.  Has his head so far up his ass his eyeballs are turning inside out.  -- Not that Clinton is the solution, however.  She's not.

"Ask yourself:  Does Donald Trump have the temperament to be Commander-in-Chief?  Donald Trump can't even handle the rough-and-tumble of a presidential campaign.  He loses his cool at the slightest provocation.  When he's gotten a tough question from a reporter.  When he's challenged in a debate.  When he sees a protester at a rally.  Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons."

Again, she's right.  Trump is unfit.  The same can be said of Clinton herself.  She is not trustworthy.  Has lied to cover her gluteus maximi.  Distorted reality to cover her failings.  Has not properly handled classified material.  Worse?  Lied about all of it.

"I can't put it any better than Jackie Kennedy did after the Cuban Missile Crisis. She said that what worried President Kennedy during that very dangerous time was that a war might be started – not by big men with self-control and restraint, but by little men – the ones moved by fear and pride.

"America's strength doesn't come from lashing out. Strength relies on smarts, judgment, cool resolve, and the precise and strategic application of power. That's the kind of Commander-in-Chief I pledge to be."

Again, that sounds good, but is it backed by substance?  Or, just achingly empty rhetoric.  She has not responded publicly to questions regarding her trustworthiness.  Has failed to respond to the FBI Director's assessment of her careless handling of classified material, more importantly, has not challenged his assessment that she lied.  What the hell does she think Trump will do to her?  Not only on the campaign trail, but at the debates?

"And if we're serious about keeping our country safe, we also can't afford to have a President who's in the pocket of the gun lobby.  I'm not here to repeal the 2nd Amendment. I'm not here to take away your guns. I just don't want you to be shot by someone who shouldn't have a gun in the first place.

"We should be working with responsible gun owners to pass common-sense reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and all others who would do us harm."

Madam Clinton is a liar.  She indeed wishes to in effect repeal the Second Amendment by bastardizing it, watering it down.  Her idea of "common-sense reforms" amount to one and the same.  The NRA certainly understands this.  So do the rest of us who truly believe the Second Amendment is the last best defense against corrupt, abusive, inept government.  As did the Founders.

Worse, Mrs. Clinton is certainly delusional if she truly believes gun control will "keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and all others who would do us harm."  That's nuts.  Criminals and terrorists will always have easy street access to weapons.  Always.  Guns are ubiquitous.  Any attempt to confiscate them would lead to an unwanted dreaded second American revolution.

"For decades, people have said this issue was too hard to solve and the politics were too hot to touch. But I ask you: how can we just stand by and do nothing? You heard, you saw, family members of people killed by gun violence. You heard, you saw, family members of police officers killed in the line of duty because they were outgunned by criminals. I refuse to believe we can't find common ground here."

That's more delusional bullshit embraced by Clinton and those who 'think' like her.  There is no common ground to be found here.  None at all.  Gun control will not control violence.  All the restrictions to date have done nothing to alleviate it.  The reason for this is the fact the root problems that cause gun violence have not been addressed in our formerly great country.  Those problems run the gamut from poverty to police militarization and, equally importantly, to the fact that police murder on the job with impunity.  Are not held accountable.

"We have to heal the divides in our country. Not just on guns. But on race. Immigration. And more. That starts with listening to each other. Hearing each other. Trying, as best we can, to walk in each other's shoes."

That's more bullshit.  Psycho babble.  Does not even begin to address profound, systemic problems now rampant in our formerly great country.

"We will defend all our rights – civil rights, human rights and voting rights… women's rights and workers' rights… LGBT rights and the rights of people with disabilities!"

Again, that's absolute bullshit.  Madam Clinton is already doing the direct opposite.  Shitting on the Second Amendment.  Failing to hold murderous, abusive, thieving law enforcement legally accountable.  Hypocritically, taking enormous sums of money, no more than bribes, from the corporate management suite in speaking fees.  These bastards on Wall Street own her as much as they own Trump.  Her sycophants don't understand this.  They overlook the negative, the double talk, bullshit, and psycho babble.

"Yes, the world is watching what we do. Yes, America's destiny is ours to choose. So let's be stronger together, my fellow Americans. Let’s look to the future with courage and confidence. Let’s build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country. And when we do, America will be greater than ever."

Again, more empty, clueless, phony rhetoric.  Years ago, as a young college graduate Hillary had fire in the belly.  What ever happened to that fire?  Life got in the way.  So did fear, apparently.  Consider the following from NPR:

"Hillary Rodham's 1969 commencement address at Wellesley College did not stand out because of what she said.  It stood out because of how she said it, and because she said it at all. This is a story not about words, but about context."

Did it ever.  She stood tall.

"The special guest speaker that day was Sen. Edward Brooke. A moderate Republican from Massachusetts and the first African-American popularly elected to the U.S. Senate. His speech celebrated incremental progress and spent a lot of time arguing against protest. Ultimately, he said, he believed "the overwhelming majority of Americans will stand firm on one principle: Coercive protest is wrong, and one reason it is wrong is because it is unnecessary."

Sound familiar?  We heard the same goddamned condescending patronizing bullshit all over the country at the time.  Placating bullshit.  Disingenuous bullshit.  Bullshit that was determined to maintain the status quo at all costs.  Hillary rose to the occasion.

"When she stepped to the lectern, Rodham didn't go directly to her prepared remarks. She spoke extemporaneously instead:

    "I'm very glad that Ms. Adams made it clear that what I am speaking for today is all of us. The 400 of us. And I find myself in a familiar position, that of reacting. Something that our generation has been doing for quite a while now. We're not in the positions yet of leadership and power, but we do have that indispensable element of criticizing and constructive protest."

Yes, we did.  The young certainly took advantage of it.  Rightfully, so.  Kicker?

"She broke from her script to react to Sen. Brooke's remarks.

    "This has to be very quick because I do have a little speech to give. Part of the problem with just empathy with professed goals is that empathy doesn't do us anything. We've had lots of empathy; we've had lots of sympathy, but we feel that for too long our leaders have viewed politics as the art of the possible. And the challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible possible."

What ever happened to that young courageous woman, Mrs. Clinton?  Where did you lose yourself, Madam?

"Schechter, her adviser, was surprised and impressed with how Rodham ad-libbed and then seamlessly moved back into her prepared remarks.  "She was able to go from one to the other without pausing at all," Schechter said. "I was particularly impressed with the skill, with the articulateness that she demonstrated."  And when it was over, others were impressed too. She got a standing ovation, from her classmates at least.  "And that was both in support of the speech and in support of her for going up there and taking it on for us," her classmate Acheson recalled."

The reaction from the school was nowhere near as accepting.  Nowhere near.

"The administration was not happy afterwards, or at least some people were not happy," Schechter said, "because they felt it was inappropriate for a student to criticize the commencement speaker."

That was the problem then.  That's the problem today, nearly fifty years later.  Same old, same old.  If you don't question insane authority, abusive authority, clueless authority, nothing ever changes.  True then.  True today.

"Acheson says Rodham felt she had a responsibility to call out the senator's remarks as insufficient to the moment. But in 1969, it was surprising that a student, a young woman, would break protocol and openly disagree with the remarks of a U.S. senator on a public stage."

She did have that responsibility.  Both then, -- and now.  Vigorously.  She did then.  She doesn't now.  Why?  Quite simple.  Patience.  It will soon become quite evident why.

"And it was news. It made the New York Times and the Washington Post. United Press International, a news wire, circulated a blurb about Rodham's remarks to papers around the country. The Chicago Tribune wrote "Miss Rodham's discourtesy to Senator Brooke was unjustified."  And this all led to Rodham's inclusion in a spread in Life magazine about the class of '69. The article has the subhead "With eloquent defiance, top students protest right through commencement."

Didn't end there, however.

"Compared to other commencement speeches at the time, Rodham's words weren't all that defiant. It's the context that made them remarkable."

They weren't.  Not at all.  Far from it at the time.  Far from it today.  Especially, in this publication.

"Time, which owns the Life magazine archives, dug up some notes from the photographer and reporter who worked on the story. Rodham said press accounts had been "vastly different from what she actually said," and she was "quite concerned that it be made clear she was not attacking Senator Brooke personally."

There is where her failure began.  Had its roots.  Who cares what anyone thought?  She was personally criticizing the Senator.  With damned good reason.  Why lie about it?  He got precisely what he deserved.  Had truly earned.  Had gotten it from someone young, courageous enough to stand up to the bastard.  What happened, Madam Secretary?  Why ever back down when you're right?  Public pressure?  That's gutless.

"It would seem Hillary Clinton's first moment in the limelight was also the beginning of her difficult relationship with the press."

You think?  It was also the very beginning of her problem with lying, being hopelessly disingenuous, untrustworthy.  If she doesn't courageously stand up to Trump, give him hell?  She'll lose the election.  She needs to find herself.  One good example for her to follow would be the Marine she had the good sense to have speak at the convention.  Retired Marine Gen. John Allen.

He did quite a job at taking the fight to ole "Hump The Rump" Trump.  So much so, Trump himself felt compelled to disingenuously stick it to the General.  Failed miserably doing so.  Made a fool of himself criticizing a truly fine Marine, -- a Marine who reminded this writer of another great soldier, Gen. Patton.

Trump is going to get far dirtier than he already has been.  Hillary, to win, will have to take him on.  Do so vigorously.  Fearlessly.  Yet not drop to his level.  Be a tough row to hoe for the Democratic candidate who has problems herself with the truth, honesty, trustworthiness. She needs to find herself.  Be that young courageous woman she briefly was so long, long ago back in 1969.


Bill O'Reilly is a hopeless jackass.  Worse?   A liar.  A bigot.  Consider the following from ABC:

"Bill O'Reilly tonight defended his controversial declaration that slaves who built the White House were "well-fed and had decent lodgings," claiming he is being unfairly attacked by "smear merchants."

How?  Is this fascist son of a bitch so clueless he doesn't understand his comment regarding slaves being "well-fed and had decent lodgings" is achingly irrelevant?  Has the bastard forgotten they were indeed slaves?  Is he making excuses for slave owners?  Giving them a pass?

"The host of Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor" made the comments Tuesday night in reference to first lady Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday, during which she said, "I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. And I watch my daughters —- two beautiful, intelligent, black young women —- playing with their dogs on the White House lawn."

What could he possibly be thinking with his comments?

"So tonight, O'Reilly addressed the controversy on his show, saying, "that commentary was 100 percent accurate providing context to Mrs. Obama's remarks and explaining how the administration of George Washington conducted itself in the construction of the executive mansion. Is that not important to know? Come on. For doing that I was immediately attacked by smear merchants."

Nobody needs context to the First Lady's comments, you pompous, bigoted, fascist son of a bitch.  Don't flatter yourself, Bill.  You're a worthless piece of crap.  When will you retire?  Haven't you done enough damage?

"He continued, "It is a given that slavery is an abomination. Reporting the story behind Mrs. Obama's very valid points does not diminish the horror of enslavement as these dishonest critics allege."

The hell it doesn't.  Again, Bill, that's crap.  -- A disingenuous hypocritical afterthought after you received well-deserved, exceptionally pointed criticism from many?  Can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit?  Once again, sir, you have disgraced yourself.  Saddest of all?  You're too damned aggressively stupid, hopelessly ignorant to understand the profound extent of your inexcusable gaffe.


"Hump The Rump" Trump has again disgraced himself.  Had the nerve to criticize the parents of the Muslim United States soldier who died for his country.  The Washington Post reports:

"Asked to comment on the convention speech of Khizr Khan, a Pakistani immigrant whose son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, died in Iraq in 2004, Trump described Khan as “very emotional” and said he “probably looked like a nice guy to me” — then accused him of being controlled by the Clinton campaign."

How was he controlled?  He spoke from the heart.  Was not scripted.  Why would this fascist son of a bitch believe the Democrats had to pressure him?  He responded to Trump's hatred of Muslims as well as all immigrants.  Trump's comments regarding Muslims and others echo those of Adolf Hitler in the 30s and 40s.

“Who wrote that? Did Hillary’s scriptwriters write it?” he asked in an interview with ABC."

Did it sound scripted to you, you goddamned nazi son of a bitch?  Sounded like a father suffering the ultimate loss, -- that of a son or daughter.  A son, who as a Muslim, would not have even been in our formerly great country if you had been in power, you shameless piece of human excrement.  This what you want in office, TL?  Ben?  Tim?

"Trump also questioned why Khan’s wife, Ghazala, did not speak on stage, despite the fact that she sat for an interview with MSNBC the following day."

Why would this goddamned nazi question whether or not she spoke?  Are you that stupid, Donald?  That clueless, you classless piece of shit?  She was too overcome to speak at that time.  You don't know that?

“His wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say,” he said. “You tell me, but plenty of people have written that. She was extremely quiet and it looked like she had nothing to say.”

Who's written that? Who?  You're full of shit.  You're nothing more than a psychotic congenital liar.  Even got "Pilloried Hillary's" knickers in a wad.  Rightfully, so:

“He attacked the distinguished father of a soldier who had sacrificed himself for his unit, Captain Khan,” Clinton said in disbelief."

This man simply does not have the temperament to be President.  He's a caricature.  A cartoon.  A dangerous buffoon like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini.

"In a statement earlier that day, she said: “I was very moved to see Ghazala Khan stand bravely and with dignity in support of her son on Thursday night. And I was very moved to hear her speak last night, bravely and with dignity, about her son’s life and the ultimate sacrifice he made for his country.”

You think?  Even Hillary, a liar in her own right, got this right.  Spot on.  Trump, on the other hand, tried to claim moral equivalency between the sacrifice of this American Muslim family with the loss of their son and his own business foibles:

"In the ABC interview, Trump pointed to the sacrifices he has made as a businessman: “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs,” Trump said."

This piece of national socialist shit thinks his 'sacrifice' in business is equivalent to the loss of a son in combat.  Can you believe this?  TL?  Tim?  Ben?  Really think so?

Would you believe Trump has no clue regarding Ukraine?  ABC reports:

"He's not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He's not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want," Trump said in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos on "This Week."

What is this guy 'thinking?'  On the same planet as the rest of us?  That detached from reality?  ... Hey TL?  Tim?  Ben?  Still voting for this insane national socialist clueless son of a bitch?

"Well, he's already there, isn't he?" Stephanoploulos responded, in a reference to Crimea, which Putin took from Ukraine in early 2014."

Wouldn't want to confuse the psychotic nazi with the truth, would you, George?

"Trump said: "OK -- well, he's there in a certain way. But I'm not there. You have Obama there. And frankly, that whole part of the world is a mess under Obama with all the strength that you're talking about and all of the power of NATO and all of this. In the meantime, he's going away. He takes Crimea."

Say what?  That's gibberish.  Absolute, meaningless nonsense.  TL?  Tim?  Ben?  Voting for this psychotic fascist son of a bitch?

"Stephanopoulos interjected to note that Trump has suggested he could recognize Russia's claim on Crimea over Ukraine's -- and Trump didn't back away from that possibility in the interview.  "I'm going to take a look at it," he said. "But you know, the people of Crimea, from what I've heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were. And you have to look at that, also ... just so you understand, that was done under Obama's administration."

Again, say what?  What is he talking about?  This man is a traitor.  Supports the Russian dictator.  Admires the former KGB thug.  That okay with you, TL?  Tim?  Ben?

"Trump added: "And as far as the Ukraine is concerned, it's a mess. And that's under the Obama's administration with his strong ties to NATO. So with all of these strong ties to NATO, Ukraine is a mess. Crimea has been taken. Don't blame Donald Trump for that."

Who the hell is blaming you for the problems, Donald?  Other than to say Putin apparently has you in his pocket.  It's not what you psychotically say that is the problem.  It's what you'll do in office that is of such great concern to those of us who value freedom, all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.

Trump has been caught in yet another lie.  Seems he wouldn't know truth if it figuratively bit him hard on the ass.  Consider the following also from ABC:

"He also said that the NFL wrote him a letter complaining about the scheduling of debates at the same time as football games -- a point that the league disputes."

They dispute it because no letter was sent.

"Trump told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos: "I got a letter from the NFL saying, 'This is ridiculous. Why are the debates against --,' because the NFL doesn't want to go against the debates."  An NFL spokesman said in a statement, however, "We did not write a letter, but we obviously prefer the debates on a different night than scheduled games."

One side is lying.  Guess who.

Subsequent to writing the above, Trump continues to disparage the Gold Star parents of Army Capt. Humayun Khan who died for his country.  Consequently, he's taking quite a beating from both Democrats and Republicans, including Sen. John McCain:

"I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I disagree with Mr. Trump’s statement.  I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers or candidates."

If they truly don't Senator, why are you and other Republicans still supporting this insane national socialist Hitler 'wannabe' for President?

Gold Star parents have sent an open letter to Trump.  VoteVets released the letter.  Reported:

"Family members of twenty-three fallen service-members are writing to Donald J. Trump today, expressing their dismay at his treatment of the family of CPT. Humayun Khan, and demanding an apology.  The letter was organized by Karen Meredith, a Gold Star mother who serves as Military Families Coordinator for

"The letter is below:

August 1, 2016
Donald J Trump
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Mr. Trump,

We are all Gold Star Families, who have lost those we love the most in war. Ours is a sacrifice you will never know. Ours is a sacrifice we would never want you to know.

Your recent comments regarding the Khan family were repugnant, and personally offensive to us. When you question a mother's pain, by implying that her religion, not her grief, kept her from addressing an arena of people, you are attacking us. When you say your job building buildings is akin to our sacrifice, you are attacking our sacrifice.

You are not just attacking us, you are cheapening the sacrifice made by those we lost.

You are minimizing the risk our service members make for all of us.

This goes beyond politics. It is about a sense of decency. That kind decency you mock as "political correctness."

We feel we must speak out and demand you apologize to the Khans, to all Gold Star families, and to all Americans for your offensive, and frankly anti-American, comments.

We hope you will hear us.


Diane and Neil Santoriello, Mother and Father of 1LT Neil Santoriello, KIA, Iraq

Summer Lipford-Mickelson, Mother, Frederick Sirko, Father, Kirby Mickelson, Stepfather, Laura Sirko Samimy and Bridget Sirko Gentle, Sisters of PFC Steven Sirko, KIA, Iraq.

Sue and Randy Loudon, Mother and Father of 2ndLt. Christopher Loudon, KIA, Iraq

Melanie House, Widow of HM3 John Daniel House, KIA, Iraq

Derek and Lorene Davey, Mother and Father of Cpl. Seamus M. Davey, KIA, Iraq

Celeste Zappala, Mother of SGT. Sherwood Baker, KIA, Iraq

Sue Niederer, Mother of 2LT Seth Dvorin, KIA, Iraq

Fulvio and Gilda Carbonaro, Father and Mother of Sgt. Alessandro Carbonaro, KIA, Iraq

Karen Meredith, Mother of 1LT Ken Ballard, KIA, Iraq

Sergio Torres, Father, Lupe Torres, Mother and Beatriz Saldivar, Aunt of SGT Daniel Torres, KIA, Iraq

MG (Ret.) Paul D. Eaton, and Frank Eaton, sons of Col. Norman Eaton, KIA, Vietnam

Stephanie Fisher, mother of SSG Thomas Fogarty, KIA  Afghanistan

Norma and Oscar Aviles, parents of Lcpl. Andrew J. Aviles, KIA Iraq

Cheryl Lankford, widow of CSM Jonathan"Miles"Lankford Sr., KIAIraq

Carlos and Melida Arredondo Father & Step-Mother to Lcpl. Alexander Arredondo, KIA, Iraq

Florence Sandra Penn , sister of 1 LT Charles Penn Jr , KIA Korea

Nadia McCaffrey, mother of SGT Patrick McCaffrey, KIA Iraq
Xiomara Mena, Mother of CPL Andy D Anderson KIA, Iraq

Annette Pritchard, Aunt of PFC William Ramirez, KIA Iraq

Paula Davis, Mother of PFC Justin R. Davis , KIA Afghanistan

Nooshin Razani, Sister of SPC Omead Razani, KIA Iraq

Christina Ayube, Mother of Sgt James Anthony Ayube II, KIA Afghanistan

Keavin Duffy, Brother of SGT Shane Duffy KIA Iraq

Still think this psychotic, national socialist, fascist son of a bitch fit for office, TL?  Ben? Tim?


The Muslim community has stood tall in France.  Readers will recall an Islamic militant recently slit the truth of an elderly priest saying Mass.  An atrocity.  The priest is Rev. Jacques Hamel, 86, who was also stabbed in the chest by the goddamned heartless savage.  In an expression of solidarity, the Muslim community across France attended Mass this past Sunday.  They also did so in Italy.

In addition to that and exceptionally striking, the murderer will not be buried by the local Muslim community.  CNN reports:

"Mohammed Karabila, president of the local Muslim cultural association, said that neither he nor the local Imam would take part in any burial service for the 19-year-old Kermiche, who had pledged allegiance to ISIS."

That's quite striking since a proper Moslem burial is required of all Moslems.  From what I understand, it is necessary to gain entrance to Heaven.


Hillary can't quite seem to come clean.  On Fox, she contradicted FBI Director James Comey:

"Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton still insisted Sunday that she never sent classified material on her private account when she was secretary of state, contradicting claims by FBI Director James B. Comey."

Someone's lying.  Both can't be telling the truth.  Guess who.

“I was communicating with over 300 people in my emails. They certainly did not believe and had no reason to believe what they were sending was classified,” Mrs. Clinton said on “Fox News Sunday.”

That's beside the point.  Comey claims they were classified.  Again, Madam Secretary, who's lying?

“I take classification seriously,” she said, repeating that she had made a mistake in using a private email account."

No, you don't, Mrs. Clinton.  If you did, you never would have used a private email server.  Even the "great unwashed" know that, Madam.

"She also said that “some people” might blame State Department professionals for the mistakes made handling classified information, but she said she refused to second-guess her underlings."

That's more disingenuous bullshit, Madam Secretary.  You ran the show.  Now, you refuse to take responsibility?  Refuse to be held accountable?  Will you do the same as President, Madam?  The buck stops with you, Mrs. Clinton.  You don't know that?  That clueless?

“I relied on and had every reason to relied on the judgment of the professionals with whom I worked,” she said. “So in retrospect, maybe some people are saying, ‘Well, among those 300 people they made the wrong call.’ At the time there was no reason in my view to doubt the professionalism and the determination by people who work every single day on behalf of our country.”

That's more goddamned unresponsive bullshit, Madam Secretary,  More excuse making.  Refusal to take responsibility.  It's not for your underlings to take responsibility.  It's for you, as leader, to do so.  Clearly, you are no leader.  Pay phony lip service to leadership.

Comey was quite clear:

"Last month, Mr. Comey said that 110 of her emails contained information that was classified at the time she sent or received them, and a small number of them included markings that identified them as classified."

One of them is lying.  Guess who.  Fox tore into Clinton on the perception of her untrustworthiness.  Get this:

"Hillary Clinton acknowledges that Americans have a legitimate concern about her trustworthiness, particularly related to her email scandal and the Benghazi terror attacks, but criticized those who have attempted to undermine her Democratic presidential campaign and make a “caricature” out of her, in an exclusive interview with “Fox News Sunday.”

You have become a caricature, Mrs. Clinton, because you continue to lie.  Even after being caught in a lie.  Continue to move the goal posts instead of taking responsibility for your foibles, serious character flaws.

“I think that it's fair for Americans to have questions,” Clinton said, in an interview taped Saturday. “Every time I run for an office, though, oh my goodness, all of these caricatures come out of nowhere. And people begin to undermine me because when I left office as secretary of state, 66 percent of Americans approved of what I do.”

That approval rate was indeed, 64% when she left office.  Mrs. Clinton conveniently neglected to mention the poll was taken before the Benghazi tragedy and the email server fiasco.  That's when the lies came en masse.  Clearly, Clinton still doesn't get it.  Apparently, believes she's entitled to the Presidency by Divine Right.

"On the issue of two-thirds of Americans having concerns about her trustworthiness, Clinton repeated what she has often said, “I know that I have work to do.”

Mrs. Clinton, wake up.  You need to come clean.  Take responsibility.  Unless you do, you will be as unfit for the Presidency as "Hump The Rump" Trump.  For different reasons, however.  In Trump's case it's his insanity and lies.  In yours, it's the lying and failure to take responsibility, Madam Secretary.

Most galling?  Clinton blamed family members of Benghazi victims for not getting it right:

"On the issue of the Benghazi terror strikes, Clinton denied telling family members of people killed in the Sept. 11, 2012, incident on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, that the attack was sparked by an anti-Islam video and was not terrorism."

The media said otherwise at the time of the tragedy, Mrs. Clinton.  Were they all lying, Madam Secretary?  Even more galling?  Get this:

"She instead suggested the family members misunderstood her because they were overwhelmed by grief.  “I understand the grief and the incredible sense of loss that can motivate that,” Clinton said. “As other members of families who’ve lost loved ones have said, that's not what they heard. I don't hold any ill feeling for someone who, in that moment, may not fully recall everything that was or wasn't said.”

Can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit?  This is precisely why both Presidential candidates remain as despised as they are.

Subsequent to writing the above, Fox reported:

"Hillary Clinton is getting hammered for saying on “Fox News Sunday” that FBI Director James Comey confirmed her statements on her email scandal were “truthful” – with one prominent fact-checker giving the claim four “Pinocchios.”  The former secretary of state cited Comey when asked to account for her repeated claims that she never sent or received material marked classified on her personal email account. When host Chris Wallace noted that Comey said those things were not true, Clinton disagreed.  “That's not what I heard Director Comey say … Director Comey said that my answers were truthful and what I've said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails,” she said."

Again, Madam Secretary is not-so-cleverly dancing around the truth.  It gets worse.  Fox also reports:

"The Washington Post Fact Checker picked apart that statement, ultimately giving it four “Pinocchios,” its worst rating for truthfulness.

“Clinton is cherry-picking statements by Comey to preserve her narrative about the unusual setup of a private email server. This allows her to skate past the more disturbing findings of the FBI investigation,” the Post wrote, noting that she was relying on Comey’s statement to Congress: “We have no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI.”

Again, this is the problem with Mrs. Clinton.  She lies, distorts reality, re-writes history when caught prevaricating.  -- Not that Trump is any better.  Both remain unqualified to be President.  Both candidates continue to intentionally dance around the truth.  Won't take responsibility for their foibles.  Remain unfit for office.

CBS reports:

"When asked on "CBS This Morning" about Trump's comments, Gen. Michael Hayden -- a former director of the National Security Agency and the CIA -- said, "Well, it certainly was a fact-free description of what's going on in the Ukraine."

Again what we have here is a guy who has no foreign policy experience.  Worse, has no clue what's going on in foreign affairs.  Doesn't stop him, however, from expressing his ignorance starkly, no matter the facts.  -- While Hillary lies like hell to cover her gluteus maximi.  Either way, the public is f--ked.  No matter who wins the election, the people lose.

Can you believe the Trump Campaign is asking for support from Republican lawmakers vis a vis his comments regarding the Khan family?  Get this.  CBS News reports:

"An aide who works for Donald Trump's presidential campaign asked GOP lawmakers on Monday to issue statements in support of the GOP nominee in the controversy over Khizr and Ghazala Khan, but none seem to have honored the request.

"We want to try and get several member statements out today on this, and would really appreciate your help. If your Senator does a statement please send a copy to me so I can catalog them," Rob Wasinger wrote in an email to staffers for Republicans on Capitol Hill."

Takes nerve, doesn't it?  Seems GOP bigwigs are doing all they can to avoid the disgraceful son of a bitch.

The President has entered the fray.  CNN reports:

"The strong rebuke in the White House East Room came after Trump's criticism of the family of a slain Muslim US soldier, along with comments that displayed apparent confusion related to the Russian incursion into Ukraine."

Obama stuck it to the son of a bitch:

"The Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president.  He keeps on proving it.  The notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge of critical issues in Europe, the Middle East, in Asia, means that he's woefully unprepared to do this job."

CNN continued to report:

"Speaking alongside Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in the White House East Room, Obama said there are now weekly episodes in which even Republican party leaders distance themselves from Trump.  "There has to be a point at which you say, 'Enough,' " Obama said.  Obama placed responsibility for Trump's statements squarely on his fellow Republicans, many of whom denounced his statements on the slain soldier's family but didn't withdraw their support.  "What does this say about your party that this is your standard-bearer?" Obama asked of GOP leaders. "This isn't a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. This is daily and weekly where they are distancing themselves from statements he's making. There has to be a point at which you say, 'This is not somebody I can support for president of the United States, even if he purports to be a member of my party.' "

The President's right.  What took him so long to unload on the fascist son of a bitch?  Coup de grace?  Get this:

"Obama said that denunciations from Republicans of Trump's remarks "ring hollow" without an accompanying withdrawal of support.  "I don't doubt their sincerity. I don't doubt they were outraged by some of the statements that Mr. Trump and his supporters made about the Khan family," Obama said. "But there has to come a point in which you say, 'Somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world.' "

Again, Mr. President, what took you so long?  It's time to hold these bastards accountable.  Too bad the only one he unloaded on was Trump.  "Pilloried Hillary" has her own problems with untrustworthiness.  Cannot seem to tell the truth.  Accept responsibility for her mistakes, foibles.  F--kups.

Ludicrously, Trump called Hillary "The devil."  What the hell does he think he is?  Jesus Christ?


There were examples of great valor outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  -- Despite extreme danger at the hands of law enforcement charged with keeping order outside the Convention.  Fortunately, both conventions were relatively non-violent.  Could have easily turned the other way.  Especially, in Cleveland.

To their credit, police acted professionally during the Republican National Convention.  Despite exceptionally pointed, strident, non-violent protest from blacks determined to get their message across to law enforcement.  NPR reports:

"It was a hot day in Cleveland at the height of the Republican National Convention and Stevedore Crawford Jr. was angry. He stomped through the city sweating through his white T-shirt, stopping at corners to denounce police. Right next to him was his young daughter, wearing the same camouflage pants as her dad. She also wore the same white T-shirt, scrawled with Tamir Rice's name."

Readers are reminded there was no justice for the murder of Tamir by the jackbooted bastards in blue.  The bastard skated.  What else would one expect in a goddamned fascist police-state?

"Tamir was a 12-year-old boy killed by Cleveland police in November 2014."

Indeed, he was as reported here and elsewhere.  Was murdered for nothing.  Officers failed to follow procedure.  Shot first, asked questions later.  Gutless, hopelessly cowardly bastards.

"Like Tamir, Crawford's daughter carried a toy gun. This one, however, wasn't a replica airsoft gun, but a bright green toy gun."

Still, indeed, a stupid, dangerous thing to do in today's atmosphere.  Officers are edgy.  Trigger happy.  Not a smart thing to do.  The kid could have been murdered by yet another jackbooted bastard in blue.

"As he rounded a corner, Crawford stumbled upon four police officers — Indianapolis state troopers who had come to town to help Cleveland police patrol the Republican convention.  He stood right in front of them.  "I don't give a f*** about a pig," Crawford screamed. "And a pig don't give a f*** about me."

Indeed, they don't.  All over the country.  While this guy indeed had the First Amendment right to call an officer a pig, it's a stupid thing to do.  Could get one killed, arrested for the law enforcement catch all charge, -- disorderly conduct.  Worse?  It needlessly insults a valued, exceptionally intelligent, highly-trainable farm animal particularly known for its contribution to delectable cuisine.

Especially stupid to do since cops remain trigger-happy.  All across our formerly great country.  Crawford couldn't leave well enough alone.  Took things a step further.  Certainly, an example of uncommon valor:

"Crawford paced back and forth, playing a game with police officers.  "Which one of you is a pig?" he asked. He pointed at one of the officers, looked him in the eyes and said, "You're not a pig."  He pointed at another officer. "You're a pig," Crawford said."

They could have beaten the shit out of him.  Could have murdered him on the way to jail.  Despite the fact he had broken no law.  They did not.  Wisely, remained in control.

"The officers were silent, their hands on their waists or folded in front of them. They looked straight ahead, no reaction apparent on their faces. Crawford stood there for seconds but it felt like an eternity, like that moment you hold your breath as a car spins out of control, and then finally exhale."

Readers are reminded there were plenty of witnesses.  Hard to believe the officers could have gotten away with beating the shit out of him, -- or worse.  What Crawford did was indeed stupid.  At the same time, it was an example of uncommon valor desperately needed at a time when police murder on the job with impunity.  Crawford had the last word:

"We are missing the real issue in this world, in these United States," Crawford said. "Murdering a 12-year-old child by a police officer and everybody just living a normal life accepting it means that every human being in the United States should take a real good look at themselves, because they are not who they think they are. How can you sit back? How can you live your life ... watching a 12-year-old child being murdered by the cops ...?"  Crawford finally lowered his gaze and he moved along, his little girl following behind him with her toy gun in hand."

He's right.  Without pointed, strident, peaceful protest, nothing will change.  Clueless Trump nazis on the Right harassed protesters:

"Just a few blocks away from where Crawford confronted police, a Donald Trump supporter wearing a "Blue Lives Matter" button screamed at the protesters as they passed by. He would only give his name as Paul and say he was from Berea, just outside Cleveland, because he said he was afraid that someone might want to hurt him. He said he was angry at how little respect the protesters showed for police."

This fascist, national socialist idiot is reminded the jackbooted bastards in blue are murdering innocent citizens with impunity.  Why do you think protest from Black Lives Matter is as strident as it is?  This piece of nazi shit remains too clueless to understand this.  Or, worse?  Doesn't give a shit.  Supports the murderous jackbooted bastards in blue no matter what they do.

"Respect?"  What respect do the police show for their hapless, f--ked over victims? What respect?  Where?  What respect for innocent citizens they beat, shake down, falsely arrest, and all too often murder?  This fascist son of a bitch is a coward.  Too damned gutless to give his name.  If you believe the fascist bullshit you spout out both sides your ass,  why not stand up for the insanity you believe in?  You're a goddamned coward.

"No, he said, he did not believe that African-Americans were the victims of systemic racism."

They're not?  What planet do you live on, you clueless fascist, gutless son of a bitch? That blind?  Or, is it you're hopelessly aggressively stupid.  Achingly, ignorant.  At lease this piece of shit is out of the closet with his racism, making it much easier to expose him for whom and what he is.

"These people's rap sheets are so long and you want us, the smart America, to buy this crap?" he said. "That these people didn't deserve to be shot? I would've shot them."

You don't know that, you nazi son of a bitch.  "Smart?"  You really consider yourself and other bigots like you enjoy any degree of intelligence?  Any at all?  Why would you have shot them?  Why?  For telling the truth?  A truth you remain too goddamned stupid to understand?


Trump has called for the Russians to hack Hillary's emails.  Has encouraged a foreign power to commit espionage.  CNN reports:

"Donald Trump called on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email on Wednesday.  "Russia, if you're listening I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press," Trump said during a news conference in Florida.

"Shortly after his event ended, Trump repeated his call on Twitter.  "If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton's 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!" Trump tweeted."

Imagine that.  The GOP Presidential nominee has again disgraced himself.  Think if any of you had done the same, your sorry ass wouldn't have been prosecuted?  This what you want in the Oval Office?


Looks like the Democratic Convention may turn out to be as controversial as the Republican.  Already, there is strife.  CNN reports:

"Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not have a major speaking role or preside over daily convention proceedings this week, a decision reached by party officials Saturday after emails surfaced raising questions about the committee's impartiality during the Democratic primary."

That's an understatement.  At time of writing looks like she'll likely soon get the boot.  Hard to believe she didn't immediately resign to spare the Democratic Party the same fate as what befell the Republicans last week at theirs.  She gaveled in the morning session to an enormous amount of booing, some reportedly from her own Florida delegation.  Amazing, how those in power remain so unwilling to relinquish power even when their backs are up against the wall.

"Her stewardship of the DNC has been under fire through most of the presidential primary process, but her removal from the convention stage comes following the release of nearly 20,000 emails.   One email appears to show DNC staffers asking how they can reference Bernie Sanders' faith to weaken him in the eyes of Southern voters. Another seems to depict an attorney advising the committee on how to defend Hillary Clinton against an accusation by the Sanders campaign of not living up to a joint fundraising agreement."

Bernie has been constantly claiming the system's rigged against him.  Trump has also amusingly backed Sanders on this. More on this as details become available.  Seems Putin and the Russians may have been responsible for the hacking that led to the release of the emails.  Some 20,000.  After all the hoopla regarding the Clinton email server fiasco, think party officials would have smartened up.  Clearly, not.

Seems the jackbooted bastards in blue who murder the innocent also have their panties in a wad. The Washington Times reports:

"Philadelphia's police union is blasting Hillary Clinton for inviting relatives of victims of police shootings to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week, but failing to include relatives of slain police officers."

If this is true, it is outrageous.  Then again, considering the source, the bastard could be lying.  Think not?  Don't rush to judgment.  Patience.

"John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5, said the union was “shocked and saddened” by the planned choice of speakers at the convention, which opens Monday in Philadelphia."

Why would they be "shocked and saddened?"  The jackbooted bastards in blue continue to murder innocent citizens with impunity.  Are not being held accountable.  Not convicted even with reliable witnesses and indisputable video.  Yet, the Blue Wall stands firm.  No matter how unjust.

“The Fraternal Order of Police is insulted and will not soon forget that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are excluding the widows and other family members of police officers killed in the line of duty who were victims of explicit and not implied racism,” Mr. McNesby said in a statement."

The last phrase of the jackbooted fascist's statement calls his credibility into question.  The police murdered were not "victims of explicit and not implied racism."  That's self-serving  hyperbolic bullshit vomited from the mouth of this goddamned fascist.  The nazi son of a bitch is running scared.  He's not stupid, just gutless.

This piece of shit can certainly hear the rumble as the rest of us.  ... An unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon.  It's there because jackbooted bastards in blue like him refuse to be held accountable for their crimes.  Are coddled by their government handlers.

This cowardly piece of shit went on to falsely opine:

"He said it’s “sad that to win an election Mrs. Clinton must pander to the interests of people who do not know all the facts, while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country.  “Mrs. Clinton, you should be ashamed of yourself, if that is possible.”

We know the facts, you disingenuous gutless piece of shit.  When a victim has no weapon, your thugs are on top of him, have him pinned to the ground, and then open fire for no reason at all, it's call murder.  Had it been anyone other than a goddamned jackbooted bastard in blue, his ass would have been arrested and in jail.  When a goddamned cop does the same, he gets a pass.  Skates.

This clueless son of a bitch falsely claims he and his jackbooted bastards are "protecting the political institutions of this country."  That's goddamned phony bullshit.  Who the hell are you protecting, you lying piece of shit?  The top 1%?  The bottom 99 are being abused, looted, shaken down, mercilessly beaten, murdered by you jackbooted bastards in blue.

Clearly, you and pieces of shit like you simply cannot handle the truth.  Remain too damned aggressively stupid.  Achingly, psychotic.  While no fan of "Pilloried Hillary" why the hell should she be ashamed of showing concern for the victims you and your jackbooted bastards have murdered in cold blood, you clueless fascist son of a bitch?  Once again, you have disgraced yourself.  Remain too damned ignorant to realize it.

Likely, Mrs. Clinton's inability to tell the truth, disingenuously move the goal posts when caught in a lie, and the public's overwhelming belief she can't be trusted, remains devoid of trustworthiness will be combated during the convention.  They'll have their work cut out for them.  Criticism remains widespread and pointed.  Consider the following PolitiFact truth test regarding Madam Secretary:

"Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is promising to expand early childhood education programs, make community colleges free and ensure that students can go to universities without assuming debt.

"People say to me, 'OK, well how are you going to pay for it?'" she said during a July 14 rally in Virginia.  "Well, we're going to go where the money is.  That means we're going to raise taxes on the wealthy and those who can afford to pay."

"... But I'll tell you this," she added.  "I am the only candidate who ran in either primary who said, 'I will not raise taxes on the middle class.'  And I mean that, and I won't do it."

"Our ruling

"Clinton said, "I am the only candidate who ran in either primary who said, 'I will not raise taxes on the middle class.'"

"Fifteen of the 17 Republican presidential candidates signed pledges not to raise taxes on anyone, which includes the middle class.  Thirteen of those candidates signed the vow last year; the other three inked such a pledge earlier in their careers.

"We rate Clinton's claim Pants on Fire."

Clinton's sycophants can't seem to understand the above is but one representation of a profound ongoing problem Madam Secretary has with telling the truth.  Precisely why so many in the public consider her untrustworthy.

Amazing how the evening session of the first day of the Democratic Convention was so remarkably different than the earlier one.  Gone was the strife.  The First Lady hit a grand slam.  ... Further evidence the wrong Obama had been elected President eight years ago.  Mrs. Obama did a remarkable job of trying to 'humanize' "Pilloried Hillary."

There was nothing in her speech that was questioned by pundits regarding the truth of her statements.  Even the most pointed statement she made is true:  "I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves."  It was.  She's right.  The other speakers also did their best to 'humanize' Madam Secretary.  Indeed, a near impossible job.

The problem with all this is only Mrs. Clinton can put to rest public sentiment she is untrustworthy.  Her shills cannot.  "Pilloried Hillary" needs to hit a grand slam Thursday night in her acceptance speech.  Otherwise, the fact some 54% of the public have problems with her credibility will dog her to the election.  -- Not that ole "Hump The Rump" Trump doesn't have egregious problems of his own.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren seemed lackluster in her speech.  Could have wiped the floor with ole "Hump The Rump" but failed to do so.  Didn't quite get it right about Trump gloating about making a fortune during the Great Recession.  CNN reports:

"Warren castigated Trump, alleging that he "said he was excited for the 2008 housing crash that devastated millions of American families, because he thought it would help him scoop up more real estate on the cheap."

That wasn't true, taken out of context at the very least, if not worse:

"Trump wasn't specifically referring to the 2008 financial crash in his remarks, which were made a year or two before the crisis hit. And neither Trump nor many economic experts predicted the severity of the crash or the following recession. For taking Trump's remarks almost completely out of context, Warren's claim is false."

Warren needs to understand, as do "Hump The Rump" and "Pilloried Hillary,"  that you have to be extremely careful about the facts.  Politicians seem to fall miserably short.  Both parties.  Interestingly, the Democrats had decided they weren't going to be anywhere as negative at their convention as were the Republicans.  That means there was far less of substance to vet and ferociously criticize.  -- At least, the first night.  Hopefully, there'll be some fireworks as the convention continues.

While Warren heartily commended the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, it remains clear the bastards in this bureaucracy allow big banks to skate.  Did so with Wells Fargo vis a vis egregious deceptive trade practices as reported elsewhere in this publication.  They indeed have a long, long way to go.  Despite the fact that national socialist GOP fascists have relentlessly criticized the Bureau for being too tough on the banks.

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey indeed has a problem with the truth.  Regarding Trump, he claimed:

"The man who wants to make America great doesn't make anything in America."

That's bullshit.  Simply, untrue.  CNN reports:

"Trump built six hotels, 11 golf courses and 24 other properties in the US that indicate otherwise. Casey nearly got a Trump property in his own state when the Pennsylvania Trump Tower was in the works. Guess he'll just have to settle for the Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia -- which is in New Jersey.

"The verdict on Casey's second claim: false."

You think?  Hyperbole nearly always gets politicians into trouble.  Yet, never seems to stop them from engaging in it.

Nevada state Sen. Pat Spearman also suffers from the same affliction.  CNN reports:

"Spearman said Trump opposes same-sex marriage despite his promise that he would be a protector of the LGBT community during his speech at the Republican National Convention.  "He is against marriage equality and he has said he is all for overturning it," said Spearman."

It's not clear what Trump thinks because he has repeatedly moved the goal posts:

"Actually, Trump hasn't said that he opposes same-sex marriage. During a "Fox News Sunday" interview in January, Trump said he was surprised by the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. He then said that it's a states rights issue. He finally concluded that he would maybe consider picking judges who would reverse the decision."

This is the problem with someone like Trump.  He's all over the place.  May not know what he truly thinks himself.  Changes his mind when it's convenient, politically correct:

"Because Spearman said Trump is "all for" overturning same-sex marriage, when his opinion is not all that clear, our verdict is false."

This is precisely what Democrats will find most difficult as the campaign continues.  Since Trump is slippery as hell, they'll have to be very careful about making misleading statements that don't ring true.

Then again, "Pilloried Hillary" has more than her share of problems vis a vis the truth, as well as what she can and cannot do as President.  PolitiFact Texas has compiled ten promises made by Madam Secretary:

1. "For families making less than $125,000 a year, we will eliminate tuition" for in-state students at public colleges."

She can't do it by fiat, that is, Executive Order.  Unless Congress is reclaimed by Democrats, there is no way she can fulfill this promise.  Forget?  As President, she has no authority to tax.

2. "Pass comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship."

Again, she needs Congress.  Cannot do it alone.  If Congress continues to be owned by the GOP, she will not be able to deliver.

3. "Stand up to Republican-led attacks on this landmark (healthcare) Law," making "a 'public option' possible."

Again, she needs Congress.  Likely, will make no difference anyway since Obamacare seems to be failing of its own weight as premiums and co-pays skyrocket.

4. "We will do everything we can to overturn Citizens United."

Good luck.  The only way that will happen is if she has the opportunity to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who are not Republican national socialists.

5. "Fighting for equal pay."

Again, she needs a Democratic Congress to accomplish this.  Cannot do it by fiat, that is, Executive Order.

6. "I will not raise middle-class taxes."

That's a goddamned phony promise she won't, cannot deliver on.  She would need a Democratic Congress.  Even then, it's not clear taxing the living shit out of the top 1% would generate enough revenue to maintain egregiously overbloated military spending and all the rest of the entitlements.  The corporate management suite thrives on military spending, owns its bought and paid for shills at all levels of government, all branches, both major political parties.  Would never cooperate with her or anyone else trying to force such desperately needed change.

7. "Say no to attacks on working families and no to bad trade deals and unfair trade practices."

Would require her to run up against the policies of her husband that egregiously f--ked workers during his regime.  Indeed, Hillary sounds like Trump on this matter.  How will she deliver?  Renege on NAFTA?  Flip flop on TPP?  Truly think that will happen?

8. "We're going to increase the federal minimum wage."

With a GOP Congress?  Won't happen.  Forget?  Republican national socialists believe in indentured servitude.  It's what lines their pockets and those of the corporate management suite.

9. "Expand background checks to more gun sales."

She will be fought every step of the way.  Has Madam Secretary ever read The Second Amendment?  Highly unlikely the GOP would ever allow her to shit on this precious Amendment, -- the last best defense against hopelessly corrupt, abusive, inept government.

10. "Clinton would increase federal infrastructure funding by $275 billion."

How?  With what?  She certainly can't do this by fiat, that is, Executive Order.  Would need a Democratic Congress.  Highly unlikely that will happen any time soon.

Saw a side of Bill Clinton last night never seen before.  For once, he wasn't at the center of his convention speech Tuesday night.  His long-suffering wife was.  Clearly, their relationship is complex, deep-rooted, profound.  Bill, and all the other speakers, have done a remarkable job trying to 'humanize' Madam Secretary.

While trying to help her cause, does nothing to obviate the main obstacle she faces, -- widespread public perception of her untrustworthiness.  Only she can do that.  No one else.  Needs to hit a grand slam tomorrow night during her acceptance speech.  Otherwise, this matter will indeed continue to mercilessly dog her until the election.

Madam Secretary repeatedly and rightly claims she doesn't have her husband's charisma, unpracticed ease as he expresses himself, effectively deals with the public.  She's right.  Charisma is absolutely necessary for any Chief Executive.  So far, she appears lacking.  Her discomfort with all this may be, at least partially, why she appears so untrustworthy.

Her penchant for secrecy, fudging the truth, moving the goal posts when caught in a lie remain disturbing.  Questions remain unanswered vis a vis Libya and her email server fiasco, particularly her careless handling of classified material.  She needs to open up, come clean during her acceptance speech,  Again, if she doesn't, "Hump The Rump" Trump will continue to savage her during the campaign.

Since this edition will be posted before her speech, it will be covered in the next.  Interestingly, the public is tired of dynasties.  Precisely, why Jeb Bush had no traction earlier this year.  Despite the fact he was far more qualified, gifted than his brother, former President George "The Tush" Bush.  Hillary doesn't seem to understand the Presidency is a privilege, not a right.

To date, Madam Secretary has placed personal interests, ego, ahead of the best interests of her party as well as that of the country.  So has Trump.  -- Two of the most despised Presidential candidates in history.  With damned good reason.  Hopefully, whoever is elected turns out to be better than expected.  If not, the second unwanted dreaded American revolution clock will strike ever closer to midnight.

Unlike the Republican Convention, Democrats paid tribute to murdered victims of the jackbooted bastards in blue.   Grieving “Mothers of the Movement” were given time to speak:

"Geneva Reed-Veal: One year ago yesterday, I lived the worst nightmare anyone could imagine. I watched as my daughter, Sandra Bland, was lowered into the ground in a coffin.  Sandy, my fourth of five daughters, was gone.  No, not on administrative leave, but on permanent leave from this earth, found hanging in a jail cell after an unlawful traffic stop and an unlawful arrest.  Six other women died in custody that same month: Kindra Chapman, Alexis McGovern, Sarah Lee Circle Bear, Raynette Turner, Ralkina Jones, and Joyce Curnell. So many of our children gone but not forgotten.  I’m here with Hillary Clinton because she is a leader and a mother who will say our children’s names.  Hillary knows that when a young black life is cut short, it’s not just a personal loss. It is a national loss. It is a loss that diminishes all of us.  What a blessing to be here tonight, so that Sandy can still speak through her mama. And what a blessing it is for all of us that we have the opportunity, if we seize it, to cast our votes for a president who will help lead us down the path toward restoration and change."

"Lucia McBath: You don’t stop being a parent when your child dies. I am still Jordan Davis’s mother. His life ended the day he was shot and killed for playing loud music. But my job as his mother didn’t.  I still wake up every day thinking about how to parent him. How to protect him and his legacy. How to ensure his death doesn’t overshadow his life.  Here’s what you don’t know about my son. When Jordan was little, he wouldn’t eat a popsicle unless he had enough to bring out to his friends. He loved practical jokes. He liked having deep conversations about our love for God and why He allows suffering and pain.  I lived in fear my son would die like this. I even warned him that because he was a young, black man, he would meet people who didn’t value his life.  That is a conversation no parent should ever have to have.  Hillary Clinton isn’t afraid to say black lives matter. She isn’t afraid to sit at a table with grieving mothers and bear the full force of our anguish. She doesn’t build walls around her heart.  Not only did she listen to our problems, she invited us to become part of the solution.  And that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to keep telling our children’s stories and urging you to say their names.  We’re going to keep building a future where police officers and communities of color work together in mutual respect to keep children, like Jordan, safe. Because the majority of police officers are good people doing a good job.  And we’re also going to keep using our voices and our votes to support leaders, like Hillary Clinton, who will help us protect one another so this club of heartbroken mothers stops growing."

"Sybrina Fulton: I am an unwilling participant in this movement. I would not have signed up for this. None of us would have.  But I am here today for my son, Trayvon Martin, who is in heaven.  And for my other son, Jahvaris, who is still here on earth.  I didn’t want this spotlight. But will I do everything I can to focus some of that light on a path out of this darkness.  Hillary Clinton has the compassion and understanding to comfort a grieving mother. She has the courage to lead the fight for common-sense gun legislation. And she has a plan to repair the divide that so often exists between law enforcement and the communities they serve.  This isn’t about being politically correct. It’s about protecting our children.  That’s why we’re here tonight with Hillary Clinton. And that’s why, in the memory of our children, we are imploring you — all of you — to vote in this election.  Hillary is the one mother who can ensure our movement will succeed.  We leave you what God has given us, strength and peace."

The transcript is courtesy of Time.  Too bad the families of the officers massacred in Dallas and Baton Rouge weren't apparently invited to speak.  Clearly, nothing is resolved.  There is no willingness to rein in the murderous bastards in blue who wantonly kill on the job with impunity.

Nothing exceptionally unusual about Wednesday's line up of speakers.  -- All of them highly experienced, gifted, charismatic officials.  -- Professionals proficient at saying little to nothing.  Doing so, however, to wild applause, basking in mindless partisanship, yet offering no real, viable solutions to enormously difficult problems.  No more than empty rhetoric.

A portrait painted of Hillary that doesn't seem to match reality.  Be interesting to see if she'll rise to the occasion, however, during her acceptance speech.  If not, Trump will savage her in coming months right up to the election.  If she continues to come off as a lying, conniving, shyster attorney, she'll likely lose.

Never in history have both candidates for President been so widely despised.  For damned good reason.  Both have serious, disqualifying, highly disabling character flaws.  ... If you're about to be executed, does it truly matter whether it's by hanging or guillotine?  Either way, cervical damage inflicted is fatal.  You're dead, regardless.  A long, long, long time.

Similarly, it will take a long, long, long time for this country to recover should either abomination attain office.  "Hump The Rump."  "Pilloried Hillary."  To shamelessly steal a line from a great comic whose identity I no longer recall:  "What a great country!"

Since this edition is posted hours before the Clinton acceptance speech, it will be covered in the next edition.


Trump once again disgraced himself.  His acceptance speech last night at the GOP Convention was appalling, -- about as phony, disingenuous, bleak, and long-winded as they come.  "Hump The Rump" rambled on for approximately an hour and 15 minutes. Of the sixty to seventy or more promises he made, provided no indication as to how he was going to deliver them.

This bastard came off remarkably like Hitler in the old newsreels decades ago.  Stokes unjustified fear as Hitler did.  Paints a picture of crime in this country that is simply untrue.  Crime is not rampant.  In fact, quite the opposite.  It's, fortunately, dropped since the time of "Tricky Dick" Nixon and his similar approach to bamboozling the public.

His claim that the number of police killed this year has increased some 50% is simply untrue.  It's closer to 8%.  -- According to The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.  Yet, the nazi bastard made no mention of the increased number of innocent people murdered by the jackbooted bastards in blue.  Clearly, he has no sympathy for them.  Quite the opposite.  Did they get what they deserved, Donald?  Is that how nazi bastards like you 'think,' sir?

Much of the speech was patently false:

"We will be a country of generosity and warmth.  But we will also be a country of law and order."

We're already a "country of law order."  A brutal, repressive, oppressive, jackbooted, intolerable fascist police-state.  What are you going to do, Donald?  Lock down the country, you fascist son of a bitch?  What "generosity and warmth?"  Where?  In the circles you run in, sir?  That is, the top 1%?  The elite?  What planet do you live on, "Hump The Rump?"  Certainly, not the same one the rest of us live on.

"I have a message for all of you: the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon, and I mean very soon, come to an end.  Beginning on January 20th of 2017, safety will be restored."

Is that right, Mr. Trump?  There is no safety to be restored, sir.  Violent crime is down.  Way down.  What are you going to do, you fascist son of a bitch?  Impose a dictatorship?  Declare a state of emergency crowning you Fuhrer?

"Household incomes are down more than $4,000 since the year 2000. That's sixteen years ago."

How about that?  Ever occur to the Trumpster why?  Other than blaming Obama?  It's so because the corporate management suite, that is, the top 1% set the rules.  To line their pockets.  Indeed, a zero-sum game.  Winner take all.  The corporate management suite owns its bought and paid for lackeys at all levels of government.  Both Democratic and Republican.

"America is far less safe – and the world is far less stable – than when Obama made the decision to put Hillary Clinton in charge of America's foreign policy.  Let's defeat her in November, okay?  I am certain that it was a decision that President Obama truly regrets."

That's unadulterated bullshit.  Patently, false.  The President is in charge of foreign policy, not the Secretary of State.  "Hump The Rump" doesn't know that?  How can he say the President regrets nominating "Pilloried Hillary" as Secretary of State.  He's repeatedly praised her service.  Enthusiastically, so.  He endorsed her bid to run for the Presidency.  Trump has his head securely lodged up his ass.  Oblivious to reality.

"This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness. But Hillary Clinton's legacy does not have to be America's legacy."

That's crap.  Egregious distortion of reality.  Madam Secretary did not have the level of power he ascribes her.  Nail her on the email server, not this incomprehensible bullshit.

"That is why Hillary Clinton's message is that things will never change. Never ever."

Again, that's simply untrue.  She has never put out a message even similar to this.  In fact, quite the opposite.  She has repeatedly stated how she would change things.  That's the problem.  It's change many of us do not support, particularly, her attack on the Second Amendment.

"When the FBI Director says that the Secretary of State was "extremely careless" and "negligent," in handling our classified secrets, I also know that these terms are minor compared to what she actually did."

No, Mr. Trump, you don't know that.  You're talking out your ass.  You have no evidence.  If you did, you would have presented it.  Yes, it was outrageous "Pilloried Hillary" was not indicted vis a vis the mail server fiasco.  Would have been the same had the President been a Republican, as well as the Secretary of State.  Principle no longer exists.  Only party loyalty.  Partisanship reins supreme.  One of the reasons why our formerly great country is, indeed, going down the tubes.

"The first task for our new Administration will be to liberate our citizens from the crime and terrorism and lawlessness that threatens our community."

Again, that's abject bullshit.  Achingly, false.  No truth to it.  Hyperbole.  Quite the opposite.  It's putting our noses where they clearly don't belong overseas.  That's the true threat.  As are the jackbooted bastards in blue murdering innocent citizens on the job with impunity.  Nazis on the Right are too damned aggressively stupid, hopelessly ignorant to understand this.

"I have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets and the safety of our police: when I take the oath of office next year, I will restore law and order to our country. Believe me. Believe me.

"I will work with, and appoint, the best and brightest prosecutors and law enforcement officials to get the job properly done."

What are you going to do, Mr. Trump?  Lock down the country?  We already live in a goddamned fascist police-state.  The people are already being f--ked over by the jackbooted bastards in blue.  Can't hear the rumble?  An unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon.  That deaf?  Or, too goddamned aggressively stupid.

"In this race for the White House, I am the Law And Order candidate."

No sir.  You're not.  What you are, sadly, is a goddamned nazi fuhrer.  An exigent threat to all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.

"The irresponsible rhetoric of our President, who has used the pulpit of the presidency to divide us by race and color, has made America a more dangerous environment that frankly that I have ever seen of anybody in this room has ever watched or seen."

More patently false bullshit.  Achingly, untrue.  Mr. Trump is a congenital liar.  The President has placated, coddled the jackbooted bastards in blue who murder on the job.  Refuses to hold them legally accountable for their crimes.  Has pandered to an out of control, hopelessly brutal law enforcement community.  That's precisely why an unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looms on the horizon.  Crime is down.  Not up.  Wake up, you clueless national socialist, fascist son of a bitch.  You're hopelessly out of touch with reality.

"To make life safe for all of our citizens, we must also address the growing threats from outside the country. We are going to defeat the barbarians of ISIS and we're going to defeat them fast."

How, Mr. Trump?  How?  Are you and your goddamned henchmen going to suit up and lead the charge?  ISIS is currently no threat to the U.S. mainland.  Will be should we continue to put our noses where they don't belong overseas.  You don't know that?  How about the out of control jackbooted "barbarians" right here in our formerly great country?  The bastards in blue who murder on the job with impunity?

"As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. Believe me."

Is that right, Mr. Trump?  You will?  How?  By talking out both sides your national socialist ass?  Your own Party does not support LGBT rights.  You do?  How will you protect them against the bigotry and violence they endure?  How?  You won't even rein in the jackbooted bastards in blue who murder on the job, you goddamned fascist son of a bitch.

"Tonight, I want every American whose demands for immigration security have been denied – and every politician who has denied them – to listen very, very closely to the words I am about to say. On January 20th of 2017, the day I take the oath of office, Americans will finally wake up in a country where the laws of the United States are enforced."

Is that right, you fascist son of a bitch?  How?  Ordering the military to the southern border in direct violation of posse comitatus?  Illegal immigration is down.  Way down.  You don't know that?  That clueless?  You distort reality just as the Nazi Fuhrer did decades ago.  Sound like Adolf Hitler.  Proud of yourself?  Or, too damned aggressively stupid to know any better?

"My plan is the exact opposite of the radical and dangerous immigration policy of Hillary Clinton. Americans want relief from uncontrolled immigration. Which is what we have now. Communities want relief. Yet Hillary Clinton is proposing mass amnesty, mass immigration, and mass lawlessness."

You have no plan, Donald.  You talk out both sides your ass.  Worse?  You outright lie.  While Clinton has more than her share of faults, she never proposed "mass amnesty, mass immigration, and mass lawlessness."  That simply is bullshit, Mr. Trump.  Abject, nonsense.  Egregious distortion of reality.  A boldfaced lie.  You wouldn't know truth, sir, if it figuratively bit you hard on your patrician, financially portly, fat fascist ass.

"Next comes the reform of our tax laws, regulations and energy rules. While Hillary Clinton plans a massive, and I mean massive, tax increase, I have proposed the largest tax reduction of any candidate who has run for the president this year – Democrat or Republican."

More of the same old phony bullshit.  You plan to allow unregulated fracking resulting in contamination of well water?  More fracking-induced earthquakes?  What massive tax increase?  Clinton has proposed none.  -- At least, not yet.  You're a goddamned liar, Mr. Trump.  Have once again disgraced yourself.  You going to bring back leaded gas and paint, you clueless fascist son of a bitch?  Relax regulations vis a vis asbestos?

"America is one of the highest-taxed nations in the world."

Again, that's bullshit.  False.  A boldfaced lie.  Europe is far worse.  It's precisely why their healthcare, standard of living, benefits are far better than ours.  You don't know that?  That ignorant?  Hopelessly, clueless?

"Excessive regulation is costing our country as much as $2 trillion a year, and we will end it very, very quickly."

That figure is highly questionable.  Nowhere does the generation of this statistic reflect the money saved by regulation.  Taxpayers haven't already been looted enough to pay for miners sick and dying from black lung?  How about the rest of us susceptible to disease as a result of breathing the pollution created by coal-burning to generate electricity?  The Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged fascists responsible for generating this phony statistic take none of this and far, far more into consideration while generating this outrageously phony statistic.  --A statistic that was clearly generated to benefit the corporate management suite.

"My opponent would rather protect bureaucrats than serve American children. And that's what she's doing. And that's what's she's done. We will repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare."

A non sequitor.  What does Obamacare have to do with protection of bureaucrats?  What evidence does this lying son of a bitch have that "Pilloried Hillary" placed the bureaucracy over children?  This lying fascist son of a bitch has none.  None at all.  He's talking out his ass.  Yes, Obamacare needs to be repealed.

It's un-American to force by statute an unwilling public to buy insurance they don't want or need.  Or, remains egregiously unaffordable.  If you don't own a vehicle, you're not forced to buy liability insurance.  Yet, if you pay federal income taxes you are forced to buy health insurance.  No matter what.  Worse?  Obamacare is a glaring failure.  Will likely soon fall of its own weight.  Has become unaffordable despite subsidies.  Worse, the co-pays are hellacious.  Unaffordable.  The cost of policies is rising unchecked.

"We will completely rebuild our depleted military, and the countries that we protect, at a massive cost to us, will be asked to pay their fair share."

Our military is not "depleted."  Far from it.  That's goddamned bullshit.  A lie.  We spend well over a half trillion a year on defense.  How much is enough?  "Hump The Rump" Trump lies to line the pockets of the war-profiteer corporate management suite that's f--king us all.  If we stopped haughtily putting our noses where they don't belong overseas, there would be no need for such exorbitant military spending.  We'd be far less a target of terrorism.

"We are going to appoint justices of the United States Supreme Court who will uphold our laws and our Constitution."

Again, that's disingenuous bullshit, achingly false.  This fascist son of a bitch will appoint national socialist justices who will continue to legislate their outrageously perverse ideological and religious views from the bench.  -- Like Trump's hero, the late 'Justice' Antonin "Tony Baby" Scalia.  A goddamned unabashed, shameless nazi.

"At this moment, I would like to thank the evangelical and religious community because I'll tell you what. Because the support they've given me, and I'm not sure I totally deserve it, has been so amazing. And has had such a big reason for me being here tonight. True. So true."

Particularly amazing, since this fascist son of a bitch doesn't even go to church.  They want to make sure he'll appoint another nazi to the Court in the mold of Scalia.

"They have so much to contribute to our politics, yet our laws prevent you from speaking your minds from your own pulpits. An amendment, pushed by Lyndon Johnson, many years ago, threatens religious institutions with a loss of their tax-exempt status if they openly advocate their political views. Their voice has been taken away."

There is a good reason for this.  The First Amendment Establishment Clause guaranties church-state separation.  Precisely, why the churches remain tax exempt.  No one forces tax exemption on the churches.  They're free to decline it.  If they accept tax exemption as nearly all of them do, why should other taxpayers be looted to pay for the national socialism, nazism, fascism most churches extol from the pulpit?  If they don't pay their fare share in taxes, why are others forced to pick up the slack when they don't believe in the Religious Right and its outrageously perverse values?

"I have had a truly great life in business."

Yes, you have, Mr. Trump.  You've done it by going bankrupt four times, stiffing your financiers, and calling it good business.  How many of your suppliers have you stiffed?  More and more of them seem to be coming out of the woodwork as time passes.  How many 'student's' of the now defunct Trump 'University' have you stiffed, Mr. Trump.  Looking forward to court soon after the election, sir?  Or, will you buy your way out of the problem?

"We don't win anymore, but we are going to start winning again.  But to do that, we must break free from the petty politics of the past. America is a nation of believers, dreamers, and strivers that is being led by a group of censors, critics, and cynics."

More bullshit not-so-cleverly designed to divert attention from the damage done by the top 1% of the food chain who own nearly all, including their bought and paid for lackeys in government, all levels, all branches.  A zero-sum game.  Winner take all.  A system that is cleverly rigged by Trump himself and the fascist bastards like him in the corporate management suite.

Mr. Trump is a deluded congenital liar.  This government is not run by the Democrats or the Republicans.  They're bought and paid for.  The corporate management suite runs and owns it all.  No one knows this better than "Hump The Rump" Trump himself.  After all, he's helped design and build this unsustainable system that f--ks the bottom 99% to line the pockets of the top 1%.  Forget?

"My opponent asks her supporters to recite a three-word loyalty pledge. It reads: "I'm With Her".

Again, that's blatantly false, and Trump knows it.  "Pilloried Hillary" and the Campaign don't require a pledge.  It originated as a hashtag.  Nothing more than that.

“Fifty-eight percent of African American youth are not employed.”

Again, that's not true. The Washington Post reports:

"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among blacks 16 to 19 years old was 31.2 percent in June 2016."

Again, Trump is talking out his ass.  Doesn't know what he's talking about.

“Only weeks ago, in Orlando, Florida, 49 wonderful Americans were savagely murdered by an Islamic terrorist. This time, the terrorist targeted our LGBTQ community.”

Again, that's achingly false.  The FBI declared there is no evidence of this.

The President also reacted to Trump's distortion of reality in the acceptance speech:

“Some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don’t jibe with the facts.  The violent crime rate in America has been lower during my presidency than any time during the last three or four decades.”

That's true.

“This idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn’t really jive with the experience of most people.”

It doesn't.  Remains egregious distortion of reality.  Yet, there is immense dissatisfaction throughout the land.  The fact we've been f--ked by the top 1% remains ubiquitous, well-accepted by the vast majority.  Precisely, why there is growing unrest, and worse, an unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looming on the horizon.

“The rate of illegal migration into the United States today is lower by two-thirds than it was when Ronald Reagan was president. We have far fewer undocumented workers cross in the border today than we did in the ‘80s or ‘90s or when George [W.] Bush was president. That’s a fact.”

Didn't stop ole "Hump The Rump" from lying like hell, however.

Trump came off during the acceptance speech as a strongman.  A dictator.  If you watched Hitler newsreels decades ago in the 50s and 60s, the striking similarity between Trump and Hitler is chilling.  Trump is, and remains, an exigent threat to all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.

Equally pointedly, he has no clue he can't set policy for NATO.  Can't dictate his terms.  ABC News reports:

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump drew swift rebukes from both ends of the political spectrum, as well as from NATO’s top official, for his declaration that, if he is president, the United States will defend fellow NATO countries only if the countries in question were contributing their fair share to NATO’s budget."

That's not how NATO works.  If he picks and chooses, the alliance falls apart.  Europe is already in an uproar regarding his comments.

“We’re talking about countries that are doing very well. Then yes, I would be absolutely prepared to tell those countries, ‘Congratulations, you will be defending yourself,’” Trump said during an interview with The New York Times, adding that he would defend only countries that had “fulfilled their obligations to us” financially."

Again, that's not how things work.  Clearly, ole "Hump The Rump" doesn't understand or value treaty obligations.  Would directly threaten American national security with his intention to rule by fiat.  Won't work there or here.

"Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., one of Trump’s former Republican primary opponents, accused him of appeasing the Russian president with his assertions.  I can only imagine how our allies in NATO, particularly the Balkan states, must feel after reading these comments from Mr. Trump. I’m 100 percent certain how Russian President Putin feels — he’s a very happy man,” Graham said."

Graham's right.  Trump has no experience at foreign policy.  Demonstrates profound ignorance with an unreasoned ready willingness to abrogate agreements made by treaty.

Black Lives Matter had a strong reaction to Trump's acceptance speech.  Surprised?  Why?  The Washington Times reports:

"Black Lives Matter officials blasted presidential nominee Donald Trump as a “terrorist” after his Thursday speech to the Republican National Committee, saying he wants to give police authority to “terrorize our communities.”

No question, they do.  Especially here in Llano County.  Race doesn't matter to the Sheriff's jackbooted bastards.  They remain equal opportunity f--kers.  It's how they get their cookies off.  Abusing power.  More importantly, they line County coffers with unlimited cash flow from the innocent they ticket and arrest.

“The terrorist on our televisions tonight was Donald Trump. He pledged to fight for Americans, while threatening the vast majority of this country with imprisonment, deportation and a culture of abject fear,” said Patrisse Cullors, co-founder in Black Lives Matter, in a late Thursday statement."

Sounds like right here in Llano County.  Black Lives Matter does make the mistake of assuming only blacks are profiled, harassed, beaten, and murdered.  The f--king occurs across all racial and ethnic lines.

“The terrifying vision that Donald J. Trump is putting forward casts him alongside some of the worst fascists in history,” Ms. Garza said in a late Thursday statement."

No question.  The public needs to wake up.  The problem is "Pilloried Hillary" will be no better.  She doesn't tell the truth.  Distorts reality.  Changes the message as she gets caught prevaricating.  Either way, the public is f--ked no matter the winner of the election.

Trump, without question, remains a congenital liar.  Consider the following two Trump PolitiFact truth tests:

Our ruling:  Trump said the day after the Republican convention that Cruz "never denied" his father was pictured with Oswald before Kennedy's assassination.

Facts:  This spring , Cruz called the National Enquirer story "lies," and a Cruz camp spokeswoman earlier had said the elder Cruz wasn't in the published photo.  We rate this statement Pants on Fire!

You think?  In regard to Trump's claim holding Madam Secretary responsible for ISIS consider the following PolitiFact assessment:

Our ruling:  ISIS' roots trace to 2004, before Clinton was secretary of state, and the group gained ground for various reasons.  As a senator, Clinton did vote like many to authorize force in Iraq.  She also later supported intervention in Libya that gave ISIS an opening.  Yet it's incorrect that she alone was responsible for ISIS.  We rate this claim False.

Wouldn't want to confuse Fuhrer "Hump The Rump" Trump with the truth, would we?


The Washington Post is reporting 'conservative' 'Christians' may be having a real problem with a woman becoming President:

"Clinton is poised to be nominated for president by the Democratic Party next week. And so religious hard-liners of all faiths — the most conservative Christians, Muslims and Jews — are debating: Do their Scriptures prohibit a female president?"

Forget?  The Scriptures are written by men.  Misogynists.  Rabid misogynists.  "Pilloried Hillary" is not unfit to be President because she is a woman.  She's unfit because she can't seem to tell the unvarnished truth.  Keeps moving the goal posts as she's caught in a lie.  Truth a moving target, -- as it is here in Nazi Llano County.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?


The Right has lost its mind.  A second politician thinks Hillary should be hanged.  Pitiful.  Don't these fascist bastards claim to be Christians?  CBS News reports:

"A county official in Ohio is apologizing after a newspaper quoted him as saying presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton "should be hanging from a tree."

"Licking County Commissioner Duane Flowers read a prepared apology during a meeting Thursday, after The (Newark) Advocate reported on the comment he made during a meeting earlier this week."

Give me a break.  Had it been Joe Blow up the street, his sorry ass would be in jail on a terroristic threat charge.  Not so, the elite in the top 1%.  Pitiful.  Appalling.  The bottom 99% take it hard in the ass without the Vaseline.  The top 1% skate.


Political conventions are a bore.  Both parties.  The GOP convention seems to be exceptionally poorly run this time.  Couldn't stay on schedule the first night.  Couldn't believe the hyperbole, outright lies, deception, distortion of reality that occurred speaker after speaker.  The saddest moment came when Mrs. Trump's speech sounded remarkably familiar.

Seems her speech writers deliberately plagiarized a speech Mrs. Obama gave before the Democratic Convention 8 years ago.  A small portion of Mrs. Trump's speech was near word for word verbatim.  While a number of news outlets offered proof positive, at time of writing the Trump people refuse to acknowledge this egregious faux pas.  The speech was well delivered.  It's hard to believe Mrs. Trump was aware of the plagiarism.  Her speech writers need to be held accountable.  More on this as things develop.

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst falsely claimed:

"According to the FBI, ISIS is present in all 50 states. Think about it for a moment. Terrorists from ISIS are in every one of our 50 states."

That simply is not true.  Comey never said that.  What he did say was his agents:

"have investigations of people in various states of radicalizing in all 50 states."

There's a big difference.  The Senator is clearly a liar.  Multiple speakers criticized "Pilloried Hillary" for a supposed stand down order vis a vis Benghazi.  That order is bogus.  Consider the following from NPR that originated from The Washington Post:

"The Washington Post pulled the key passage from the House Intelligence Committee's 2014 report: "The evidence....provides no support for the allegation that there was any stand-down order. Rather, there were mere tactical disagreements about the speech with which the team should depart prior to securing additional security assets."

Interesting, isn't it?  Rudy Giuliani boldfaced lied at the Convention:

"You know Donald Trump will secure our borders.  His opponent has had her chance to do that, and she has failed. Hillary Clinton is for open borders.

That last sentence is simply untrue.  She's not.  Never has been.  In fact, she's declared the direct opposite.  NPR reports:

"PolitiFact took a look at other immigration proposals Clinton has supported or opposed and rates Giuliani's claim as false."

You think?  The former mayor of New York is a liar.

Subsequent to writing the above regarding Mrs. Trump, a staff speechwriter for the Trump campaign took responsibility for the plagiarism in Mrs. Trump's speech before the Convention. The Washington Times reports:

"A speechwriter for the Trump campaign took the blame Wednesday for including remarks in Melania Trump’s speech that sounded almost identical to those delivered by first lady Michelle Obama.  Meredith McIver said she offered to resign over the gaffe Tuesday, but Donald Trump — the GOP’s presidential nominee — refused to accept it, saying it was an “innocent mistake.”  “I apologize for the confusion and hysteria my mistake has caused,” Ms. McIver said.  She said the problem began when Mrs. Trump read passages from Mrs. Obama’s 2008 speech over the phone, and Ms. McIver wrote them down and later included them in the speech she was writing. Mrs. Trump “has always liked” the first lady, Ms. McIver said.  “I did not check Mrs. Obama’s speeches. This was my mistake and I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps, as well as to Mrs. Obama. No harm was meant,” Ms. McIver said.  Just hours earlier, the Trump campaign had insisted the words were Mrs. Trump’s own."

Interesting, isn't it?  Clearly, Mrs. Trump knew what she was doing.  Fascinating as well the Trump Campaign wouldn't own up to the faux pas until its back was up against the wall.  Wouldn't, couldn't accept the speechwriter's resignation since Mrs. Trump was equally responsible.  How could both women not expect they would be caught?  While I did not immediately remember where I had heard the plagiarized material before, it was clear it was not original.

Since each edition of this publication is posted the day before publication date, the Trump acceptance speech will be covered in next week's edition.  Along, of course, with the upcoming "Pilloried Hillary" Democratic Convention.  The most interesting portion of the third night of the GOP Convention was the fact "Screws Loose" Cruz failed to endorse "Hump The Rump" Trump.

Got booed off the stage when at the end of his speech he urged the assembled masses and those viewing to vote their conscience in the fall.  While this national socialist, egregiously fascist, sad excuse for a United States Senator is continually, ferociously excoriated in this publication, have to give him credit, however, for sticking it to the Trumpster.  Be glad when the conventions are over, however.  What a bore.

The Trump Campaign read the Cruz speech hours before it was delivered.  Knew what was coming.  Precisely, why Trump himself came out when Cruz was winding up, -- to the roar of the crowd.  ... A tactic used all the time in professional wrestling.  Readers are reminded ole "Hump The Rump" indeed has been a featured celebrity guest in WWE matches.

Complicating matters for nazi Texas Republicans, The Texas Voter ID law was just placed on hold by the appeals court.  No more footdragging.  The national socialist, hopelessly fascist bastards running Texas will have to make desperately needed changes before the election.  About time.  More on this in the next edition.


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg publicly lambasted ole "Hump The Rump" Trump.  Unusual for any judge to do so.  They're supposed to remain non-political, non-partisan, etc.. Then again, since when was the late Justice Scalia ever non-partisan, non-political?  The late fascist, unabashed national socialist, ardent nazi took great delight in shamelessly legislating his outrageously perverse ideological and religious views from the bench.

When Ginsburg suffered an egregious faux pas, that is, had a recent serious lapse in judgment and let loose with her true thoughts regarding the nazi bastard, ole "Hump The Rump" was not a happy camper.  NPR reported:

"Donald Trump is firing back at Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after she disparaged him in several media interviews. He tweeted late Tuesday that she "has embarrassed all" with her "very dumb political statements" about the candidate. Trump ended his tweet with "Her mind is shot - resign!":

    "Justice Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. Her mind is shot - resign!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 13, 2016"

Doesn't your heart bleed for the nazi son of a bitch?  The only time this most recent faux pas could become a problem is if the current presidential election turns into another Bush v. Gore.  Other than that, who cares?


"Hump The Rump" chose  Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be his running mate.  Has certainly placated many mainstream Republican national socialists who desperately want an Evangelical on the ticket.  Will make it even easier for "Pilloried Hillary" and the Democrats to make their case with female voters.  Pence is about as anti-woman as they come.

John Podesta, who is chairman of Hillary for America, wasted no time lambasting the pick:

“By picking Mike Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump has doubled down on some of his most disturbing beliefs by choosing an incredibly divisive and unpopular running mate known for supporting discriminatory politics and failed economic policies that favor millionaires and corporations over working families.”

While there is indeed great truth to the above statement, think "Pilloried Hillary" is the solution?  Wake up.  The Washington Post reported:

"Pence has endorsed controversial legislation on abortion, gay rights and immigration both in Indiana and while in Congress, where he was consistently ranked as one of the most right-leaning members of the House. He attempted to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding, supported a measure that made English the nation’s official language and signed one of the nation’s strictest abortion laws earlier this year."

Indeed, sounds exactly what mainstream Republican national socialists desperately want and need.  This fascist bastard is, without question, an exigent threat to all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.  So is "Pilloried Hillary."  Untrustworthy.  A self-serving fake.  A mirage.


In follow up to the last edition, FBI Director James Comey claimed "Pilloried Hillary" was not placed under oath when she was interviewed by FBI jackbooted goons.  Interesting, isn't it?  No end to the fodder.  The Washington Times reports:

"FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may not have been “sophisticated enough” to understand the classified markings on emails she sent and received, which explains why did didn’t know she was breaking the letter of the law."

Give me a break.  Since when is ignorance of the law or what you're illegally doing ever an excuse if a peasant is accused by some goddamned government goon?  Those on top clearly remain held to a different standard than the unwashed masses.

Insult to injury?  Comey testified in front of a House committee that "Pilloried Hillary" wasn't “sophisticated enough” to know she was jeopardizing national security by sending and receiving classified information on a private email server.  Therefore, he stated she should not have been prosecuted.  Is that right?

Again, since when is ignorance of the law or the consequences of breaking the law ever an excuse for the peasants on the bottom of the food chain?  The peasants take it hard in the ass without the Vaseline.  Not so, the people in positions of high authority.  They skate as did "Pilloried Hillary."  As has "Hump The Rump" Trump for years wheeling and dealing.  F--king his victims vis a vis the now defunct Trump University and other equally highly questionable schemes.

Under sharp questioning by committee members, Comey admitted Mrs. Clinton repeatedly lied in public assertions she made since it was revealed she indeed used a private email server.  This is heavily damaging to Madam Secretary and certainly adds additional evidence she is unqualified to be President of the United States.  Comey eviscerated all of Clinton's excuses and lies since the fiasco initiated.  All of them.  Did so methodically under pointed questioning before Congress.

Consider the following exchange between South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI Director James Comey:

Gowdy: Good morning, Director Comey. Secretary Clinton said she never sent or received any classified information over her private e-mail, was that true?

Comey: Our investigation found that there was classified information sent.

Gowdy: It was not true?

Comey: That's what I said.

Gowdy: OK. Well, I'm looking for a shorter answer so you and I are not here quite as long. Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails sent or received. Was that true?

Comey: That's not true. There were a small number of portion markings on I think three of the documents.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said "I did not e-mail any classified information to anyone on my e-mail there was no classified material." That is true?

Comey: There was classified information emailed.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton used one device, was that true?

Comey: She used multiple devices during the four years of her term as Secretary of State.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said all work related emails were returned to the State Department. Was that true?

Comey: No. We found work related email, thousands, that were not returned.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said neither she or anyone else deleted work related emails from her personal account.

Comey: That's a harder one to answer. We found traces of work related emails in — on devices or in space. Whether they were deleted or when a server was changed out something happened to them, there's no doubt that the work related emails that were removed electronically from the email system.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said her lawyers read every one of the emails and were overly inclusive. Did her lawyers read the email content individually?

Comey: No.

Gowdy: Well, in the interest of time and because I have a plane to catch tomorrow afternoon, I'm not going to go through any more of the false statements but I am going to ask you to put on your old hat. Faults exculpatory statements are used for what?

Comey: Well, either for a substantive prosecution or evidence of intent in a criminal prosecution.

Gowdy: Exactly. Intent and consciousness of guilt, right?

Comey: That is right?

Gowdy: Consciousness of guilt and intent? In your old job you would prove intent as you referenced by showing the jury evidence of a complex scheme that was designed for the very purpose of concealing the public record and you would be arguing in addition to concealment the destruction that you and i just talked about or certainly the failure to preserve.

You would argue all of that under the heading of content. You would also — intent. You would also be arguing the pervasiveness of the scheme when it started, when it ended and the number of emails whether

They were originally classified or of classified under the heading of intent. You would also, probably, under common scheme or plan, argue the burn bags of daily calendar entries or the missing daily calendar entries as a common scheme or plan to conceal.

Two days ago, Director, you said a reasonable person in her position should have known a private email was no place to send and receive classified information. You're right. An average person does know not to do that.

This is no average person. This is a former First Lady, a former United States senator, and a former Secretary of State that the president now contends is the most competent, qualified person to be president since Jefferson. He didn't say that in '08 but says it now.

She affirmatively rejected efforts to give her a account, kept the private emails for almost two years and only turned them over to Congress because we found out she had a private email account.

So you have a rogue email system set up before she took the oath of office, thousands of what we now know to be classified emails, some of which were classified at the time. One of her more frequent email comrades was hacked and you don't know whether or not she was.

And this scheme took place over a long period of time and resulted in the destruction of public records and yet you say there is insufficient evidence of intent. You say she was extremely careless, but not intentionally so.

You and I both know intent is really difficult to prove. Very rarely do defendants announce 'On this date I intend to break this criminal code section. Just to put everyone on notice, I am going to break the law on this date.'

It never happens that way. You have to do it with circumstantial evidence or if you're Congress and you realize how difficult it is prove, specific intent, you will form lathe a statute that allows for gross negligence.

My time is out but this is really important. You mentioned there's no precedent for criminal prosecution. My fear is there still isn't. There's nothing to keep a future Secretary of State or President from this exact same email scheme or their staff.

And my real fear is this, what the chairman touched upon, this double track justice system that is rightly or wrongly perceived in this country. That if you are a private in the Army and email yourself classified information you will be kicked out. But if you are Hillary Clinton, and you seek a promotion to Commander in Chief, you will not be. So what I hope you can do today is help the average person, the reasonable person you made reference to, the reasonable person understand why she appears to be treated differently than the rest of us would be. With that I would yield back.

Stunning, isn't it?  Disturbing as well.  Again, proof positive, there is no justice for the high and mighty.  Only kangaroo justice for the peasants in our formerly great country.  The transcript is from CNBC.


The FBI has decided to bring no charges against "Pilloried Hillary."  Surprise, surprise.  Had it been the other way around, that is, a Republican President and Republican former Secretary of State, the very same would have occurred.  They protect their own.  It's all partisanship.  Justice?  What's that?

Strange, isn't it, ignorance of the law and/or no criminal intention is indeed no excuse for the peasants on the bottom of the food chain?  The peasants get prosecuted, usually no matter what.  If you're in a position of great power, however, usually you skate.  Indeed, the American Way, -- with very rare exception.

Interestingly, FBI Director James B. Comey hellaciously skewered Mrs. Clinton.  Certainly, pointedly called her judgment into question.  Undeniably, did great damage to her already lacking credibility, honesty, and ability to tell the truth.  Republicans will have a field day.  Rightfully, so.  Then again, Trump is just as bad.  As much a liar as "Pilloried Hillary."  As untrustworthy.  As careless, hopelessly reckless with the truth.  -- Truth, indeed, a moving target for both.

While the Director's full statement is to immediately follow shortly hereafter, the following excerpt succinctly confirms Mrs. Clinton's aching lack of judgment and unfitness to be President:

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate
laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely
careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

For example, seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the Top Secret/Special Access
Program level when they were sent and received. These chains involved Secretary Clinton both sending
e-mails about those matters and receiving e-mails from others about the same matters. There is
evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position, or in the
position of those government employees with whom she was corresponding about these matters,
should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. In addition to this
highly sensitive information, we also found information that was properly classified as Secret by the
U.S. Intelligence Community at the time it was discussed on e-mail (that is, excluding the later “upclassified” e-mails).
None of these e-mails should have been on any kind of unclassified system, but their presence is
especially concerning because all of these e-mails were housed on unclassified personal servers not
even supported by full-time security staff, like those found at Departments and Agencies of the U.S.
Government—or even with a commercial service like Gmail.

Separately, it is important to say something about the marking of classified information. Only a very
small number of the e-mails containing classified information bore markings indicating the presence of
classified information. But even if information is not marked “classified” in an e-mail, participants who
know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it.

While not the focus of our investigation, we also developed evidence that the security culture of the
State Department in general, and with respect to use of unclassified e-mail systems in particular, was
generally lacking in the kind of care for classified information found elsewhere in the government.

The following full statement from the FBI Director is exceptionally scathing.  Rightfully, so.  When will the Director and his equally fascist henchmen conduct a criminal investigation of "Hump The Rump" Trump and his egregiously crooked business practices.  Not only the four bankruptcies, but his failed Trump University achingly phony 'business' scheme.  To say nothing of all the people who have stepped forward to claim he has ripped them off as well.  While FBI scrutiny of "Pilloried Hillary" was certainly warranted, so is equal treatment for "Hump The Rump" Trump.

Laughably, "Hump The Rump" opined the "system's rigged."  Indeed.  It is.  -- For the top 1% of the food chain.  Including him, -- and "Pilloried Hillary."  What's his beef?  His protest rings hollow.  Clearly, he's not f--ked.  Nor is Madam Secretary.  We, the people, are.  Two systems of 'justice.'  Kangaroo for the masses.  None for the privileged.  Precisely, why an unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looms on the horizon.  Can't hear the rumble?  ... That deaf?

The following statement from the FBI Director vis a vis "Pilloried Hillary" and her egregious carelessness regarding classified material pointedly calls her judgment into question.  Will certainly be used by Trump and his party politically to their great advantage:

Home • News • Press Room • Press Releases • Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey on the Investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Personal E­Mail...

Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey on the
Investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Use of a
Personal E­Mail System
Washington, D.C.
July 05, 2016

FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691

Remarks prepared for delivery at press briefing.

Good morning. I’m here to give you an update on the FBI’s investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use of a
personal e-mail system during her time as Secretary of State.

After a tremendous amount of work over the last year, the FBI is completing its investigation and
referring the case to the Department of Justice for a prosecutive decision. What I would like to do today
is tell you three things: what we did; what we found; and what we are recommending to the
Department of Justice.

This will be an unusual statement in at least a couple ways. First, I am going to include more detail
about our process than I ordinarily would, because I think the American people deserve those details in
a case of intense public interest. Second, I have not coordinated or reviewed this statement in any way
with the Department of Justice or any other part of the government. They do not know what I am about
to say.

The investigation began as a referral from the Intelligence Community Inspector General in connection
with Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail server during her time as Secretary of State. The
referral focused on whether classified information was transmitted on that personal system.

Our investigation looked at whether there is evidence classified information was improperly stored or
transmitted on that personal system, in violation of a federal statute making it a felony to mishandle
classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way, or a second statute making it a
misdemeanor to knowingly remove classified information from appropriate systems or storage

Consistent with our counterintelligence responsibilities, we have also investigated to determine
whether there is evidence of computer intrusion in connection with the personal e-mail server by any
foreign power, or other hostile actors.

I have so far used the singular term, “e-mail server,” in describing the referral that began our
investigation. It turns out to have been more complicated than that. Secretary Clinton used several
different servers and administrators of those servers during her four years at the State Department, and
used numerous mobile devices to view and send e-mail on that personal domain. As new servers and
equipment were employed, older servers were taken out of service, stored, and decommissioned in
various ways. Piecing all of that back together—to gain as full an understanding as possible of the ways
in which personal e-mail was used for government work—has been a painstaking undertaking,
requiring thousands of hours of effort.

For example, when one of Secretary Clinton’s original personal servers was decommissioned in 2013,
the e-mail software was removed. Doing that didn’t remove the e-mail content, but it was like removing
the frame from a huge finished jigsaw puzzle and dumping the pieces on the floor. The effect was that
millions of e-mail fragments end up unsorted in the server’s unused—or “slack”—space. We searched
through all of it to see what was there, and what parts of the puzzle could be put back together.
FBI investigators have also read all of the approximately 30,000 e-mails provided by Secretary Clinton
to the State Department in December 2014. Where an e-mail was assessed as possibly containing
classified information, the FBI referred the e-mail to any U.S. government agency that was a likely
“owner” of information in the e-mail, so that agency could make a determination as to whether the email
contained classified information at the time it was sent or received, or whether there was reason to
classify the e-mail now, even if its content was not classified at the time it was sent (that is the process
sometimes referred to as “up-classifying”).

From the group of 30,000 e-mails returned to the State Department, 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains
have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were
sent or received. Eight of those chains contained information that was Top Secret at the time they were
sent; 36 chains contained Secret information at the time; and eight contained Confidential information,
which is the lowest level of classification. Separate from those, about 2,000 additional e-mails were
“up-classified” to make them Confidential; the information in those had not been classified at the time
the e-mails were sent.

The FBI also discovered several thousand work-related e-mails that were not in the group of 30,000
that were returned by Secretary Clinton to State in 2014. We found those additional e-mails in a variety
of ways. Some had been deleted over the years and we found traces of them on devices that supported
or were connected to the private e-mail domain. Others we found by reviewing the archived
government e-mail accounts of people who had been government employees at the same time as
Secretary Clinton, including high-ranking officials at other agencies, people with whom a Secretary of
State might naturally correspond.

This helped us recover work-related e-mails that were not among the 30,000 produced to State. Still
others we recovered from the laborious review of the millions of e-mail fragments dumped into the
slack space of the server decommissioned in 2013.

With respect to the thousands of e-mails we found that were not among those produced to State,
agencies have concluded that three of those were classified at the time they were sent or received, one
at the Secret level and two at the Confidential level. There were no additional Top Secret e-mails found.
Finally, none of those we found have since been “up-classified.”

I should add here that we found no evidence that any of the additional work-related e-mails were
intentionally deleted in an effort to conceal them. Our assessment is that, like many e-mail users,
Secretary Clinton periodically deleted e-mails or e-mails were purged from the system when devices
were changed. Because she was not using a government account—or even a commercial account like
Gmail—there was no archiving at all of her e-mails, so it is not surprising that we discovered e-mails
that were not on Secretary Clinton’s system in 2014, when she produced the 30,000 e-mails to the
State Department.

It could also be that some of the additional work-related e-mails we recovered were among those
deleted as “personal” by Secretary Clinton’s lawyers when they reviewed and sorted her e-mails for
production in 2014.

The lawyers doing the sorting for Secretary Clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all
of her e-mails, as we did for those available to us; instead, they relied on header information and used
search terms to try to find all work-related e-mails among the reportedly more than 60,000 total emails
remaining on Secretary Clinton’s personal system in 2014. It is highly likely their search terms
missed some work-related e-mails, and that we later found them, for example, in the mailboxes of
other officials or in the slack space of a server.

It is also likely that there are other work-related e-mails that they did not produce to State and that we
did not find elsewhere, and that are now gone because they deleted all e-mails they did not return to
State, and the lawyers cleaned their devices in such a way as to preclude complete forensic recovery.
We have conducted interviews and done technical examination to attempt to understand how that
sorting was done by her attorneys. Although we do not have complete visibility because we are not able
to fully reconstruct the electronic record of that sorting, we believe our investigation has been sufficient
to give us reasonable confidence there was no intentional misconduct in connection with that sorting

And, of course, in addition to our technical work, we interviewed many people, from those involved in
setting up and maintaining the various iterations of Secretary Clinton’s personal server, to staff
members with whom she corresponded on e-mail, to those involved in the e-mail production to State,
and finally, Secretary Clinton herself.

Last, we have done extensive work to understand what indications there might be of compromise by
hostile actors in connection with the personal e-mail operation.

That’s what we have done. Now let me tell you what we found:

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate
laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely
careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

For example, seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the Top Secret/Special Access
Program level when they were sent and received. These chains involved Secretary Clinton both sending
e-mails about those matters and receiving e-mails from others about the same matters. There is
evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position, or in the
position of those government employees with whom she was corresponding about these matters,
should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. In addition to this
highly sensitive information, we also found information that was properly classified as Secret by the
U.S. Intelligence Community at the time it was discussed on e-mail (that is, excluding the later “upclassified” e-mails).
None of these e-mails should have been on any kind of unclassified system, but their presence is
especially concerning because all of these e-mails were housed on unclassified personal servers not
even supported by full-time security staff, like those found at Departments and Agencies of the U.S.
Government—or even with a commercial service like Gmail.

Separately, it is important to say something about the marking of classified information. Only a very
small number of the e-mails containing classified information bore markings indicating the presence of
classified information. But even if information is not marked “classified” in an e-mail, participants who
know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it.

 While not the focus of our investigation, we also developed evidence that the security culture of the
State Department in general, and with respect to use of unclassified e-mail systems in particular, was
generally lacking in the kind of care for classified information found elsewhere in the government.
With respect to potential computer intrusion by hostile actors, we did not find direct evidence that
Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail domain, in its various configurations since 2009, was successfully
hacked. But, given the nature of the system and of the actors potentially involved, we assess that we
would be unlikely to see such direct evidence. We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the
private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from
her personal account. We also assess that Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail domain was both
known by a large number of people and readily apparent. She also used her personal e-mail extensively
while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related e-mails in the territory of
sophisticated adversaries. Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors
gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.

So that’s what we found. Finally, with respect to our recommendation to the Department of Justice:
In our system, the prosecutors make the decisions about whether charges are appropriate based on
evidence the FBI has helped collect. Although we don’t normally make public our recommendations to
the prosecutors, we frequently make recommendations and engage in productive conversations with
prosecutors about what resolution may be appropriate, given the evidence. In this case, given the
importance of the matter, I think unusual transparency is in order.

Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified
information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Prosecutors
necessarily weigh a number of factors before bringing charges. There are obvious considerations, like
the strength of the evidence, especially regarding intent. Responsible decisions also consider the
context of a person’s actions, and how similar situations have been handled in the past.

In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot
find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. All the cases prosecuted
involved some combination of: clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or
vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct;
or indications of disloyalty to the United States; or efforts to obstruct justice. We do not see those
things here.

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity
would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or
administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.

As a result, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are
expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case.

I know there will be intense public debate in the wake of this recommendation, as there was throughout
this investigation. What I can assure the American people is that this investigation was done
competently, honestly, and independently. No outside influence of any kind was brought to bear.
I know there were many opinions expressed by people who were not part of the investigation—
including people in government—but none of that mattered to us. Opinions are irrelevant, and they
were all uninformed by insight into our investigation, because we did the investigation the right way.
Only facts matter, and the FBI found them here in an entirely apolitical and professional way. I couldn’t
be prouder to be part of this organization.

Accessibility   eRulemaking   Freedom of Information Act   Legal Notices   Legal Policies and Disclaimers   Links   Privacy Policy   White House is an official site of the U.S. government, U.S. Department of Justice



No matter your political persuasion or the fact you may strongly disagree with her, Elizabeth Warren is clearly an example of unbridled courage.  A woman who has certainly found herself and her purpose in life.  NPR reports:

"It was April 15, 2009, in the depths of the financial crisis. Elizabeth Warren was backstage at The Daily Show, about to make her national TV debut, but her head was not in the clouds.

"It was in the toilet. She was throwing up.

"I had stage fright — gut-wrenching, stomach-turning, bile-filled stage fright," she would later write."

She overcame it.  Did so magnificently, -- but not prior to and during her assigned segment on the show, however.  Daily Show host Jon Stewart is one of the best at what he does.  She bombed during her assigned segment.  Was still rattled and so into minutia she failed miserably when she couldn't remember what an acronym stood for.  Things were so bad:

"In her book A Fighting Chance, Warren said at that point she knew: "My work in Washington was over. I'll call Senator Reid tomorrow and resign," she wrote. "Maybe they can get someone to run this panel who isn't an idiot."

She is no idiot.  Stewart knew that.  Being one of the best in the business, knew he hadn't gotten all he could have gotten out of her.  Can you imagine the pain she endured during that segment:

"The agony went on for more than six minutes, an eternity in TV time, before the show broke for a commercial and the end of her segment. But Stewart wouldn't let her go, telling her that if she had an important message for people, she hadn't gotten to it."

The director had his shorts in a wad, but Stewart put her back on.  Finally managed to get her shit together.  Dazzled.  Hit it out of the park.  Grand slam.  The rest, -- history.  She is a rising star in the Democratic Party.  Doesn't matter whether or not one agrees with her politics.  What is important is the fact she displayed uncommon valor.  Profound courage.  Something you seldom see today.  Stood tall.  Never gave up.  Certainly, an inspiration.  Again, no matter her politics.  ... Some of which, highly questionable.


"Love her or hate her — and lots of people do each — it was clear she knew how to talk to people, to offer solutions. She was no longer the puking, petrified professor in the backstage bathroom. A star was born."

Here, here.  She had better be careful, however.  Very careful.  She gets too tied to "Pilloried Hillary," and Hillary very unlikely gets indicted and/or loses the Presidential election, Warren could become damaged goods.  Hopelessly, tainted, -- no longer the rising star she appears to be at the moment.  Deserved or not, -- then or now.

The Republicans also have a rising star who deserves equal treatment.  Shown remarkable courage.  Readers are reminded Florida Sen. Marco Rubio took quite an undeserved beating at the hands of both Trump and the Gov. of New Jersey when he (Rubio) was still in the Presidential race.  Was unjustly savaged by both men.

To his credit, Rubio announced he'll run for re-election as U.S. Senator.  Good for him.  Says he's running again to combat ole "Hump The Rump" Trump, -- if Trump in fact is elected President.  Interesting, isn't it?  Courageous, as well.  If he stays in the game, rises to the occasion, he'll go places.


Insanity runs rampant.  Consider the following from the latest "Screws Loose" Cruz newsletter:

"On Tuesday, Sen. Cruz chaired a Judiciary Committee hearing to investigate the Obama administration’s dangerous practice of scrubbing anti-terror material and turning a blind eye to radical Islamic terrorism.

“We cannot combat and defeat radical Islamic terrorism without acknowledging it exists and directing our resources to stopping it,” Sen. Cruz said in the hearing. “And an Orwellian doublethink that seeks to excerpt any reference to it, as the Administration did to the President of France, or erase pledges of allegiance to ISIS, as the Administration did with the Orlando terrorist, is counterproductive to keeping this country safe.”

"On Thursday, Sen. Cruz questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about the Administration’s refusal to acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism.

"While questioning Secretary Johnson, Sen. Cruz said, “What concerns me, and I believe should concern the Department of Homeland Security, is that because of this effort – scrubbing your law enforcement materials of any acknowledgment of radical Islamic terrorism – when you see the red flags of radical Islamic terrorism, you do not follow up on them effectively. And we have terrorist attack, after terrorist attack, after terrorist attack that could have been prevented but for this Administration’s willful blindness.”

Nothing ever changes, does it?  This piece of crap still doesn't get it.  The threat is now homegrown.  Ever since 9/11.  Not overseas.  ISIS is not on the Mexican border as falsely claimed by the Texas Governor.  -- Or, on the Canadian border.  What we have here is a Republican national socialist grandstanding.  Falsely, accusing the President of not doing enough.

He's not?  We live in a fascist police-state.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?   What would the Senator have us do?  Lock the country down?  What we have here is a United States Senator fond of crying wolf for political gain.  Shamelessly, grandstanding.  This guy figuratively shoots from the hip.  Cluelessly, takes great pleasure in making a jackass of himself.  Doesn't think things through, -- or the ramifications.  No more than a loose cannon.

What this GOP nazi wants is the President to condemn all who adhere to the Moslem religion.  All.  The President, rightly, won't do so.  He knows all Moslems are not terrorists.  Most are law abiding, loyal Americans.  "Screws Loose" Cruz and others who 'think' like him don't believe so.  They're full of shit.  Hopelessly, ill-informed.  Delusionally psychotic.  An exigent threat to all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.

This grandstanding national socialist Senator keeps blaming the President for all terrorist attacks occurring in our formerly great country.  This ignorant, fascist son of a bitch still can't understand the perpetrators are Americans.  United States citizens.  Not foreign nationals.  Even the 9/11 terrorists, who were indeed foreign nationals, could have been prevented from executing their attacks had the State Department did its job.

It did not.  Did not conduct full background checks on these bastards.  Looked the other way when flight schools informed them the bastards wished to learn only how to fly straight and level, not take off and land.  Not one head rolled.  Instead, derelict government chose instead to betray, that is, f--k its own citizenry by imposing a goddamned fascist police-state.  ... A raucous Sieg Heil!, Sheriff?  TL?  Certainly, did your bidding, didn't it, gentlemen?

Via The USA 'Patriot' Act, Homeland 'Security' Act, 'Real' ID Act, and several other outrageously unconstitutional laws, treacherously, traitorously, treasonously cleverly designed to eviscerate all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.  The fascist Senator ignores all this.  Instead, recently joined other traitors in the Senate to vote on a bill that would further eviscerate the Fourth Amendment by allowing traitors in the FBI to access electronic data of anyone they choose without probable cause and a signed warrant.

The measure did not pass.  The Republican national socialists who voted for this atrocious bill are traitors.  Including John McCain and Texas Sen. Cornyn.  All of them.  Bet they won't eventually get enough votes to end Democratic blocking of this outrageously unconstitutional bill, that is, 60 votes?


"Pilloried Hillary"  was finally questioned by the FBI at Headquarters, Saturday morning, 7-2-16.  For three and a half hours.


Once again, Congressman Mike Conaway, 11th District of Texas, has made a jackass of himself:

"Supreme Court Decision on Texas HB 2

"This week, the Supreme Court released a 5-3 decision on Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which overturned a lower court’s ruling on a Texas state law establishing higher standards for abortion providers and facilities. I am very disappointed in this Supreme Court ruling, which sets a dangerous precedent for both the rights of individual states as well as the health and well-being of expectant mothers. I believe that we have a God-given duty to protect all lives, and all medical facilities should be held to the same high standards in order to provide the best possible care for patients. With this decision justices put their own ideology before the will of the people of Texas, and I couldn’t disagree with their decision more."

This fascist bastard and sad excuse for a Congressman has egregiously disgraced himself and his office.  It's not a states rights issue, Congressman.  Not at all.  ... Would you complain had Texas wished to eviscerate the Constitution by re-imposing slavery?  How is this any different?  Who the hell are you or any other national socialist Republican to dictate to a woman what she can and cannot do with her uterus, Congressman?

This is no more than national socialist Republicans forcing their perverse ideological and religious views on all by statute.  Blatant imposition of your religious views on others by statute is indeed a direct violation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause, that is, church-state separation.  Freedom from religion.  Nazis like you can't seem to understand this.  Apparently, never will.

Moreover, the medical community has repeatedly declared Republican claims they (Republicans) imposed this outrageously unconstitutional law to protect the health of women to be nothing more than unadulterated bullshit.  A ruse.  False.  A naked, blatant attempt to deny women their constitutional right to do with their uterus as they damn well please.

The healthcare community has repeatedly made it clear imposition of these requirements is medically unnecessary.  The Supreme Court saw through this outrageous ruse.  Too bad you and other Republican nazis can't do the same.  "God-given duty to protect all lives?"   You hypocritical fascist son of a bitch.  How were you and other GOP nazis protecting innocent life when you deliberately look the other way when innocent people are executed in our nazi state?

How about all the murders committed by law enforcement all across our formerly great country?  You national socialist bastards, fascists deliberately ignore all this as well.  Your embrace of jackbooted law enforcement thugs is stunning.  A true indication of your character, more precisely, lack thereof.

To say nothing of all the undeclared wars our formerly great country has stupidly fought since the end of the Second World War.  To line the pockets of the corporate management suite.  Hopelessly greedy bastards who literally own all their bought and paid for lackeys at all levels of government.  Including you, you fascist son of a bitch, Congressman.

Where is your outrage the 9/11 attacks could have been prevented had the State Department done full background checks on all 19 terrorists?  Took no action even after flight schools warned them the bastards wished to learn how to fly straight and level, not take off and land.  Not one head rolled.  Instead, you nazi, national socialist, fascist bastards in Congress and an equally national socialist Bush "The Tush"  stripped us of nearly all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.  Goddamned gutless treasonous traitors.

You achingly gutless bastards in Congress have disgraced not only yourselves, but the people of Texas.  Done so off the blood of all those needlessly killed and maimed on all the battlefields since the end of the Second World War.  To line the pockets of your corporate masters in the corporate management suite.  A raucous Sieg Heil!, you fascist son of a bitch?


Former President Clinton has a problem.  Thinks he can do as he pleases with no ramifications.  No consequences.  Precisely, why he was impeached years ago.  Although not convicted and removed from office, he certainly was one hell of an embarrassment to his wife, daughter, and the American public.   Doesn't seem to have learned anything, however.

What could he possibly have been thinking inviting himself into the plane of U.S. Attorney General  Loretta Lynch recently in Arizona?  His wife, "Pilloried Hillary," is being investigated by the FBI.  What could the Attorney General been thinking herself?  Didn't think she could deny a former President a "social call?"  What a crock.

Had the Attorney General been thinking straight, she should have simply had the former President informed by staff any meeting under any circumstances during a criminal investigation of his wife would have been highly improper.  Just the appearance alone.  Did not.  Why not?

The Washington Times reports:

"The Arizona reporter who broke the story that U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch was going to meet privately with former President Bill Clinton said FBI agents demanded nearby witnesses to put away cameras and cellphones."

If this is indeed true, why?  Furthermore, how could this possibly have been an impromptu meeting?  How?  Both the former President and the Attorney General have security staff.  Nothing happens anywhere without preparation and communication.  None of the explanations given so far by the Attorney General ring true.

Even if any discussion was limited to small talk as claimed, think the Attorney General felt no pressure?  No undue influence?  Forget?  This is a former President whose wife, a presidential candidate, is under investigation by the 'Justice' Department and the FBI.

NPR reports:

"Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she "fully expects" to endorse the recommendations of career prosecutors and FBI agents investigating the security of Hillary Clinton's email server, but stopped short of recusing herself from the politically charged case."

Which is exactly what the Attorney General should have done, that is recuse herself, after the story broke.  This fiasco continues to reek.  To high heaven.  Justice?  What's that?  To their credit, reaction from both major political parties was swift and negative.  Not good enough.  Not by a long shot.  The question to be asked of both Democrats and Republicans is simple.  What are you going to do about it?  Nothing?


"Hump The Rump" Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.  No end to the fodder.  Seems this national socialist's not-so-great example of foreign experience and expertise is indeed a golf course in Scotland he bought over a decade ago and has lost millions.  The fascist spent some time over there last weekend to celebrate what he calls its 'success.'

Get this.  The Washington Post reports:

"But to many people in Scotland, his course here has been a failure. Over the past decade, Trump has battled with homeowners, elbowed his way through the planning process, shattered relationships with elected leaders and sued the Scottish government. On top of that, he has yet to fulfill the lofty promises he made.

"Trump has also reported to Scottish authorities that he lost millions of dollars on the project — even as he claims on U.S. presidential disclosure forms that the course has been highly profitable."

Which is it, Donald?  Hard to believe, however, he'd know the truth if it figuratively bit him hard on the ass.

People in Nazi Germany were attracted to Adolf Hitler for the same reason they're attracted to Donald "Hump The Rump" Trump.  The mindless appeal of national socialism.  America First!  Deutschland Uber Alles.  Germany Above All.  The parallels are chilling.  Attack immigrants.  Drive them out of the country.  Blame them unjustly for unsustainable foibles, failures within the system itself.  Rather than look in the mirror.

Think this bastard if elected President wouldn't do the same?  Round them up?  Eisenhower did it decades earlier.  Was called Operation Wetback.  That's where the racist, bigoted, epithet originated.  With another GOP fascist.  Ike rounded up and deported many Latinos in the early 50s to Mexico.  Many of them were American citizens.  Is this what you Trump supporters want?

His recent speech against Hillary and the Orlando massacre achingly lacked substance, was based more on innuendo, distortion of reality, re-write of history than fact.  He could have figuratively wiped the floor with her had he been better prepared and advised.  He was not.  Missed a golden opportunity.  Came off as the Nazi Fuhrer he seems desperate to emulate.

He did say something unequivocally true, however:

"She lacks the temperament, the judgment and the competence to lead our country. She should not be president under any circumstances."

Sadly, the same can be said of him.  Precisely, why both candidates are so despised by so many.

Trump's recent meeting with the Evangelical community turned out to be a lovefest.  Why wouldn't it be?  The Evangelical community fervently supports national socialism.  Why wouldn't they support this fascist?  He's right up their alley.  Questions were softball and friendly.  Clearly, they don't question the national socialist they so fervently support.  Despite the fact he seems to practice no religion at all.  Go figure.

He pandered, however, to their insane assessment religious liberty is abrogated.  It's not.  They continue to force their perverse religious and ideological views on the rest of us by statute.  Rubber stamped by their bought and paid for equally national socialist shills on the bench.  'Judges' who shamelessly legislate their perverse religious and national socialist ideological views on the bench.

The Trumpster apparently is running scared.  Only had $1.3 million in the campaign bank.  What to do?  Write off, that is, forgive $50 million in loans he personally made to his campaign.  Hopes this action will spur donors to donate.  If not, intends to finance the campaign himself.  Tough, isn't it?  Doesn't your heart bleed?

Insanity makes strange bed fellows.  Henry Paulson is former treasury secretary in the Bush "The Tush" regime.  This piece of Wall Street crap should have been prosecuted for the 2008 financial melt down.  Now, he's come out against Trump and is urging voters to support "Pilloried Hillary."  Trump had no reaction.  Claimed he didn't know him.

... Say what?  This Wall Street piece of shit engineered the bailout.  F--ked consumers where the sun seldom shines.  Contributed to the demise of the middle class.  Everything going to the top 1% at the expense of the bottom 99.  A royal f--king without the Vaseline.  Yet, no one held accountable.  Why would there be?  "It's the money stupid."  The corporate management suite owns it all.  Including their bought and paid for lackeys at all levels of government.  Aren't we lucky?


The House Benghazi Committee finally released its 800-page report.  A shamelessly partisan self-serving sham that resolved absolutely nothing.  Introduced nothing that wasn't already known.  Absolutely nothing.  Democrats immediately challenged the veracity of this GOP-produced 'masterpiece.'  Seems the Republicans have been cleverly and determinedly using this issue for political purposes for quite some time now.  A far more important matter is Madam Secretary's email server fiasco.

Highly unlikely any justice will occur regarding this boondoggle as well.  Forget?  Mrs. Clinton is Obama's heir-to-be.  Think Obama's 'Justice' Department will take any action against Madam Secretary?  Snow ball's chance.  Likely the same result had it been a GOP President and his GOP Secretary of State.  Politics almost always take precedence over any principle of justice.  Both parties.  Yet, another reason why both parties have egregiously failed our formerly great country.

Would you believe Republican national socialists spent over $7 million in taxpayer dollars to produce this piece of trash?  Thought they were the party of 'conservatives.'  Clearly, not.  True conservatives wouldn't have squandered taxpayer money for no more than political purposes.  These GOP national socialists are not conservatives.  They're fascists.  In the mold, sickening image of Hitler and Mussolini.

The only possible benefit of this otherwise waste of millions in taxpayer dollars was the revelation of Clinton's private email server.  If she is not guilty and/or not indicted on any criminal charges, however, it will have been a total waste.  Needless distraction.  Diversion from far more pressing issues demanding immediate attention.

Political expediency at expense of execution of desperately needed change.  If Clinton is indeed innocent of any malfeasance, all this can be laid at the feet of self-serving Republican national socialists.  ... Who would have deceptively implemented what would have been nothing more than a clever ruse to do political damage to the Clinton campaign.

At time of writing, nothing is clear.  Nothing resolved.  ... Not that Madam Secretary is worth a shit herself, regardless.  Other than the fact the public has indeed been egregiously f--ked, achingly bamboozled.  By both major political parties.

What is so sad about all of this is the fact four Americans were killed for nothing.  That's the bottom line.  We had no business there.  No business elsewhere in the region including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and other nations in the Middle East.  Terror continues to be a problem because we place our Aryan arrogant noses where they don't belong.  Shit on other countries' sovereignty.  Think we know best.  Everyone else knows shit.

When the direct opposite has become clearly true recently.  Moreover?  There is no exigent threat to mainland USA.  Time to carefully re-think our foreign military strategy and tactics.  If we were to somehow become more enlightened and end U.S. imperialism, doesn't mean U.S. world leadership would end.  Quite the contrary.

In fact, it might expand since we wouldn't be viewed as a super power with the global vision of running the world and dictating to all.  The level of trust would increase.  We might even be viewed as a benevolent giant, -- instead of an imperialistic power determined to force our views and brand of government on the rest of the world.

Highly unlikely any change in Middle East policy will occur any time soon.  Forget?  Big Oil is centered in the Middle East.  The corporate management suite clearly owns its stooges in government.  They're bought and paid for.  Change?  There will be none.  Precisely, why the unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically, tragically looms on the horizon.  As the revolution doomsday clock sadly strikes ever closer to midnight.


Trump has made AMERICA FIRST! the new slogan for his campaign.  Know where it has its origin?  Deutschland Uber Alles.  On every Nazi artifact.  Know what it means?  Germany Above All.

The Trumpster thinks he doesn't need the Republican Party.  Can win either way.  Think so?  Without GOP backing?  In a fractured party?  A party that seems to be talking out both sides its ass?  That is, condemns at least some of what Trump stands for, yet is willing to continue to endorse him?  What disturbs independents is the fact there is no real choice in the coming election.  None at all.

On Face The Nation, regarding racial profiling, Trump opined:

"Well I think profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about as a country.   Other countries do it, you look at Israel and you look at others, they do it and they do it successfully.   And I hate the concept of profiling but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads."  It's not the worst thing to do."

It's not?  Say what?  Think this isn't the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler?  Want this in the Oval Office?  Think he's qualified to be President?  Commander In Chief?  This in a country where law enforcement remains out of control?  Where innocent blacks and others are almost routinely killed and little to  nothing is done?  No indictments.  No trials.  No punishment.  No consequences for the jackbooted sons of bitches who murder with impunity.

Profiling has always been a problem.  Particularly so, after the cocaine overdose death of Len Bias thirty years ago.  This led to the intensification of the failed drug war decades ago.  A failed war.  Massive incarcerations and profiling exacerbated the problem.  Led to the massive amount of imprisonment at a cost of billions in our formerly great country.  For what?  What was gained?  Nothing.  The top 1% enriched itself at the expense of the bottom 99.

Ruined lives.  No job prospects after release.  Increased antagonism between minorities and law enforcement.  All to no good end.  Just more of the same.  Now, we have a nazi named Donald Trump running for President.  A national socialist fascist bastard who wants more of the same.  We have no alternative candidate available in the Democratic Party who is a viable alternative.  To say nothing of the Libertarians who remain no more than ersatz 'bona fide' Republicans in sheep's clothing.

Clinton has problems of her own.  Unresolved problems.  A criminal investigation conducted by the FBI remains ongoing.  The President has cluelessly opined Clinton did no wrong and has endorsed her.  At the very least, improper.  The Attorney General, however, has made excuses for the President.  Claims it will in no way influence or effect the criminal investigation. Think not?  In a Democratic administration?  Where the President and the President-To-Be are members of the very same political party?  Just the appearance, alone, of impropriety on the part of the President and Mrs. Clinton reeks.


The Washington Post is usually quite favorable to Democratic interests.  Unlike the unabashed Republican-leaning Washington Times, however, The Post is far less partisan.  Will challenge Democratic bullshit as it arises.  Latest case in point is its criticism of a new Hillary ad that distorts reality.  Intentionally accords Clinton credit she does not deserve for the creation of CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program:

"The operative phrasing in the ad is that Clinton, as first lady, “worked with Democrats and Republicans to fix it, creating the Children’s Health Insurance Program.” At this point in the ad, the 1998 clip appears of Clinton speaking about the program.

"CHIP was actually passed in 1997, as part of a balanced-budget deal signed by the president. In 1998, the Clintons were urging states to sign up for the program, and Hillary Clinton took a more overt public role in promoting it. But the campaign would have been unable to find a clip from 1997, because Hillary Clinton’s role was more hidden — and in dispute."

There needs to be truth testing vis a vis all political advertising.  All of it.  Both parties.  Everything needs to be questioned.  No sacred cows.  Hold the goddamned corrupt, abusive, inept, lying bastards' feet proverbially to the fire.


Been a shake up in the Trump presidential campaign.  The old fascist son of a bitch succumbed to intense pressure and fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, 6-20-16.  Trump's poll numbers continue to sink.  His daughter, Ivanka, apparently was instrumental in engineering the firing.  Reportedly, threatened to leave the campaign.  If true, got to admire her figurative cajones.

The only problem with this is the fact a change in campaign staff will do absolutely nothing to rein in a national socialist, fascist, nazi candidate stupidly determined to figuratively shoot himself in the ass.  Then again, in all fairness, the Democrats and their failure to challenge the foibles and unfitness for office of their candidate, "Pilloried Hillary," remains equally appalling.

Subsequent to writing the above, Trump adviser Michael Caputo resigned.  Had tweeted:

    Ding dong the witch is dead!
    — Michael Caputo (@MichaelRCaputo) June 20, 2016

Is that right?  Breaks your heart, doesn't it?  Sarcasm aside, Michael Steven Sandford, 19, was arrested for trying to kill Trump at a rally.  What the hell is happening to our country?  Sandford is allegedly a British subject in the U.S. illegally.


Trump continues to defend the indefensible.  -- His attack on the judge who released hundreds of pages of highly-unflattering evidence against the bastard and the fraud reportedly committed by his now-defunct Trump University.  Republicans are scrambling to manage the fiasco.  When is this 'businessman' going to be held criminally responsible for not only this fiasco, but hundreds of others now coming out of the wood work?

CNN reports:

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Donald Trump needs to carefully select a running mate to bolster his inexperience, adding that Trump doesn't know much about "the issues."  McConnell made the comments in a podcast with Bloomberg Politics, as he continued to repudiate comments made by Trump about a federal judge.  "He needs someone highly experienced and very knowledgeable because it's pretty obvious he doesn't know a lot about the issues," McConnell said of a running mate for the mogul.  McConnell said the obvious lack of knowledge is another reason that the Kentucky Republican has pressed the presumptive GOP nominee to use scripts."

Clearly, the gloves are off.  Republicans do have their panties in a wad.  They've sadly missed the point, however.  Trump is a national socialist in the mold of Hitler and Mussolini.  This is what makes him dangerous, an exigent threat to liberty, all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.  To falsely believe a more experienced, better educated running mate will make up for Trump's deficiencies is no more than wishful thinking, it's appalling horse shit.


The Republican Party wonders why Trump is their candidate?  Why?  Insanity runs rampant in the Grand Old Party.  Why should anything come as a surprise?  Get this.  Georgia Sen. David Purdue addressed a group of 'religious' 'conservatives,' Faith & Freedom Coalition's Road To Majority Conference.   Urged members to pray for the President.  Informed them, "We need to be very specific about how we pray."

The fascist son of a bitch suggested Psalms 109:8.  "Let his days be few.  Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow."

This nazi piece of shit, who claims to be a Christian, seemed to be praying for the President's death.  Got a laugh out of the group.  They thought it funny.  Imagine that.  Fascist bastards who falsely claim to be Christians.  Think the Head Honcho of their professed religion would have laughed?  Thought it funny?  Why would anyone wish to be a member of such a sick, psychotic, hopelessly perverse group?


Want a person in the Oval Office who has absolutely no respect for the judiciary?   Has gone as far as trying to intimidate U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel with the possibility of an investigation he may indeed order should he be elected President.  Think this wouldn't be an egregious abuse of power?  Readers are reminded this Judge is handling two class action lawsuits against Trump and his now defunct Trump University.  The bastard billionaire and his henchmen allegedly defrauded students.  Egregiously.

The Washington Post reports:

"U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is handling two class-action lawsuits against Trump University in San Diego, has emerged as a central target for Trump and his supporters in recent weeks. The enmity only escalated after Curiel ordered the release of embarrassing internal documents detailing predatory marketing practices at the for-profit educational venture; that case is set to go to trial after the November election.

“I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He’s a hater,” Trump said at a campaign rally in San Diego, adding that he believed the Indiana-born judge was “Mexican.”

"He also suggested taking action against the judge after the election: “They ought to look into Judge Curiel, because what Judge Curiel is doing is a total disgrace. Okay? But we will come back in November. Wouldn’t that be wild if I am president and come back and do a civil case? Where everybody likes it. Okay. This is called life, folks.”

Trump renewed his charge the Judge is biased against him because of his Mexican heritage.  Can you believe that?  The Judge is an American citizen.  Was born here.  His parents are immigrants.  Want someone like this, a nazi, in the Oval Office?  A bigot remarkably in the mold of Adolf Hitler.  It's goddamned racism.  Glaring racism.  Practiced by a clueless national socialist who would have made Adolf and Benito blush.  It's also bullshit.  Lame.  Clueless.  Unbecoming anyone aspiring to be President.  Can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit, right, Donald?

This fascist bastard intends to change libel laws so he can go after anyone who criticizes him.  The First Amendment guaranties otherwise.  He intends to put Obama's use of Executive Orders on steroids to impose his will.  Can you say r-e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n?  Should this goddamned nazi do any or all of this should he attain the Presidency, the unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon would likely quickly become reality.  Sadly, so.

Think this man qualified to be President?  A man who intends to water board and torture?  Kill the families of terrorists?  All in direct violation of international law.  Is this what you want in the Oval Office?  A goddamned nazi fuhrer?  This your idea of change you clueless Republican nazis want?  Haven't learned anything from Hitler and Mussolini some 70 years ago?  Nothing at all, you hopelessly ignorant  GOP fascist bastards?  The Fourth Reich.  Wake up.  You're un-American.  Nazis.

... Not that the Democratic front runner is any better, however.  More on that, shortly.

ABC reports:

 "A Trump University seminar presentation advised students to try and boost their credit card limit by inflating their income by $75,000, according to documents made public in federal court this week. The instruction, legal experts said, could amount to a lesson in bank fraud.

“If someone is encouraging people to make a false representation about their current income -- that might be an appropriate target for prosecution,” said John W. Moscow, former head of the Frauds Bureau of the New York County District Attorney’s office.

“If the caller actually does what they were told to do, that could easily be fraud,” agreed Randall M. Fox, who served as founding Bureau Chief of New York Attorney General's Taxpayer Protection Bureau."

You think?  This what you want in the Oval Office you nazi bastards?  Raises one question.  Why haven't there been any criminal prosecutions?  Has this guy received special treatment?  Do any of you think you would have been afforded similar treatment?  Senate Majority Leader Mitch "The Bitch" McConnell, R-Kentucky worries Trump is turning off Latino voters to the Republican Party.  Is that right?  Wake up, Mitch.  That's the least of it, you clueless fascist ignorant son of a bitch.  What happened to our formerly great country?  It's been taken over by The Fourth Reich.

The Nazi Right uses nearly unlimited cash looted from the middle class and bottom of the food chain to impose its will.  That is, its discredited Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged brand of national socialism.   Charles Koch is prime example.  This fascist son of a bitch is spending millions to impose his brand of national socialism on college campuses around the country.  Thinks he can buy his way.  In Nazi America, The Fourth Reich, he just may. A raucous boot clicking, goose stepping, treasonous, treacherous, traitorous Sieg Heil!, you fascist son of a bitch?

The Texas Governor and his spokesman are taking credit in the Trump University fiasco they do not deserve. The Statesman reports:

"The unthinkable has happened-- the media's obsession with Donald Trump is now leading them to highlight the job then-Attorney General Abbott did in protecting Texas consumers," Abbott spokesman Matt Hirsh said."

Say what?  That's absolutely false, achingly untrue.  Abject bullshit.  Appalling deception.  The opposite is the case.  Both the spokesman and the Governor know the claim is phony.  The Governor, as Attorney General, did not prosecute the outrageously extensive fraud perpetrated by Trump and his henchmen.  In fact, Trump three years later contributed $25,000 to the former Attorney General in 2013.  Another $10,000 in 2014.

Endorsed him earlier this year for President after "Screws Loose" Cruz suspended his campaign.  Was there a quid quo pro in the earlier campaign contributions?  Not clear.  Will take a criminal investigation that will highly likely never occur.  Forget?  The fascist son of a bitch warming the Governor's chair ignored a letter sent him by this publication when he was Attorney General alleging criminal deceptive trade practices perpetrated by Wells Fargo.  Click on the icons.  It's all here.  Ad nauseum.

Hey, Governor?  Wells Fargo pay you anything to ignore the complaint filed by this publication, sir?  Line your pockets you fascist son of a bitch?  Clearly, we not only have the best County government money can literally buy, but the State as well.  To say nothing of the United States Government.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?  Hear the rumble?  That deaf?  An unwanted dreaded second American revolution already clearly, catastrophically looming on the horizon.  The Fourth Reich.  A raucous Sieg Heil!?

Subsequent to writing the above, seems former Deputy Attorney General David Morales is now providing the Governor with at least one degree of separation.  Morales currently claims it was he, not former Attorney General Abbott who made the decision not to prosecute when Trump and his compadres decided to leave town.  What a crock of shit.  Kangaroo justice.  Nazi justice.  Based on one's financial status.  Moreover, the Governor, when he was Attorney General, was ultimately personally responsible for all decisions in the AG's office.  Not a goddamned underling.  The buck stops with Abbott.  No one else.

The bastards in the Governor's Office clearly cannot get their shit together.  Are making false contradictory claims of responsibility.  Hirsh falsely claims the Governor as AG looked out for consumers.  That's goddamned bullshit.  Morales claims he forced Trump to leave Texas.  Trump's people claim they did it on their own.

Can't have it all three ways you clueless fascist sons of bitches.  One thing is for sure at this time.  Trump and his henchmen were given a free pass out of the state.  Were not prosecuted.  Anyone else would have been.  How is that protecting consumers, Governor?  What we have here is two standards of justice.  One for the top 1%.  The other for the rest of us.

Democratic Presidential front runner Hillary Clinton blasted Trump:

"Americans aren't just electing a president in November — we're choosing our next commander in chief, a person we count on to decide questions of war and peace, life and death.  It's not hard to imagine Donald Trump leading us into a war just because someone got under his very thin skin."

Point well taken, Madam.  It is a valid criticism that has millions of us concerned about Trump's fitness for office.  The same, however, can be said of you.  You, indeed, have a reputation for being a hawk.  Forget?  You voted to authorize George "The Tush" Bush and his sidekick "Slick Dick" Cheney to invade Iraq under false pretenses.  Not all of us bought the ruse.  Stood up strongly against the invasion under false pretenses at the time and afterwards.

The invasion of Iraq was no more than an act of unbridled brazen aggression, that is, unvarnished imperialism.  You went along, Madam.  Did not stand up against it.  In fact, quite the opposite.  You were proud to be one of the boys, that is, one of the idiots who voted for this goddamned fiasco.  This is a problem, Mrs. Clinton.

How can you be trusted not to do so again?  This time as President, Commander in Chief, -- if in fact you are elected.  As disturbing as Trump's thin skin truly is, so is your all too often projection of dishonesty, disingenuousness, Aryan arrogance, entitlement.  These also remain a serious issue.  ... And a real problem, a continuing concern, -- since the public never knows which Hillary will surface, present herself at any given moment.

At a time when the United States should be re-evaluating long-term failed policies, questionable alliances that have not always benefited the American public, you, Madam, will likely reinforce and continue to implement these very same policies.  That frightens many of us.  The same old, same old just doesn't make it any longer.  This is likely why Trump and Sanders have done as well as they have.  The public clearly wants change.

Change you clearly can't deliver on.  Only, more of the same.  What will likely be an extenuation of the Obama Regime.  The public is sick of this.  Tired of the Clintons and the same old shit.  Even if you do intend to deliver change, what that change is remains in question.   Moreover, there is no one currently running for President that offers change that can either be implemented in a fractured Congress or accepted by a majority of the public.

Including you, Madam.  Both parties fail to understand the status quo simply no longer works.  Is unacceptable.  The public is no longer buying the bullshit, Mrs. Clinton.  None of it.  This is exactly why the campaigning has become so raucous for both parties.  Precisely, why an unwanted dreaded second American revolution remains catastrophically looming on the horizon.  Our formerly great country appears to be coming apart at the seams.

Worse and ferociously pointedly?  Both parties can't even seem to rein in egregiously out of control criminal murderous law enforcement officers.  Nor is there any real willingness to do so.  Just more of the same old goddamned bullshit that is no longer working.  Excuse making.  Distortion of reality.  Re-write of history.  Forcing 'evidence' to fit the agenda rather than using it to prosecute murderous, corrupt, abusive, criminal officers.

In fact, current circumstances appear to be worsening across our formerly great nation.  More and more criminal officers are getting a free ride.  Do as they please with virtual impunity.  Murder on the job and are not prosecuted for murder, not convicted of murder in these cases, and are not summarily executed after their cases move through the court system.  The murderous jackbooted bastards aren't even charged.  When they are they seek bench trials knowing the 'judges' are in their pocket.  Nazi America.  The Fourth Reich.  A goddamned fascist police-state.

Then, the determinedly clueless public wonders why there is so much unrest in most of the major cities across our formerly great nation?  They fail to understand crime is low grade insurrection, revolution.  Sadly, expect more of the same as both parties continue to ignore an intolerable situation.  That grows worse by the day.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?


The following is an open letter sent by Texas Cong. Filemon Vela to Donald Trump:

June 6, 2016

Donald Trump
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Dear Mr. Trump,

As the United States Representative for the 34th Congressional District of Texas, I do not disagree with everything you say. I agree that the United States Government has largely failed our veterans, and those of us who represent the people in Congress have the obligation to rectify the Veterans Administration’s deficiencies. I also believe that the Mexican government and our own State Department must be much more aggressive in addressing cartel violence and corruption in Mexico, especially in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas. And clearly, criminal felons who are here illegally should be immediately deported. There might even be a few other things on which we can agree.

However, your ignorant anti-immigrant opinions, your border wall rhetoric, and your recent bigoted attack on an American jurist are just plain despicable.

Your position with respect to the millions of undocumented Mexican workers who now live in this country is hateful, dehumanizing, and frankly shameful. The vast number of these individuals work in hotels, restaurants, construction sites, and agricultural fields across the United States. If I had to guess, your own business enterprises either directly or indirectly employ more of these workers than most other businesses in our country. Thousands of our businesses would come to a grinding halt if we invoked a policy that would require “mass deportation” as you and many of your supporters would suggest. That is precisely why the Republican-leaning U.S. Chamber of Commerce agrees that these workers deserve a national immigration policy that would give them a pathway to citizenship.

While you would build more and bigger walls on the U.S.-Mexico border, I would tear the existing wall to pieces. No doubt Mexico has its problems, but it is also our third-largest trading partner. U.S. Chamber of Commerce has documented that this trade relationship is responsible for six million jobs in the United States. In 2015, the U.S. imported $296 billion in goods from Mexico while exporting $235 billion in products manufactured in this country to Mexico. The Great Wall of China is historically obsolete, and President Ronald Reagan famously declared, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall … ” while urging the Soviet Union to destroy the barrier that divided West and East Berlin. Why any modern-thinking person would ever believe that building a wall along the border of a neighboring country, which is both our ally and one of our largest trading partners, is frankly astounding and asinine.

I should also point out that thousands of Americans of Mexican descent that you mistakenly refer to as “Mexicans” have valiantly served the United States in every conflict since the Civil War. While too numerous to list, let me educate you about a few of these brave Medal of Honor recipients:

Master Sergeant Jose Lopez, from my own hometown of Brownsville, Texas, fought in World War II. Lopez was awarded the United States’ highest military decoration for valor in combat – the Medal of Honor – for his heroic actions during the Battle of the Bulge, in which he single handedly repulsed a German infantry attack, killing at least 100 enemy troops. If you ever run into Kris Kristofferson, ask him about Jose Lopez because as a young man Mr. Kristofferson recalls the 1945 parade honoring Sergeant Lopez as an event he will never forget.

In 1981, President Reagan presented Master Sergeant Roy Benavides with the Medal of Honor for fighting in what has been described as “6 hours in hell.” In Vietnam, Sergeant Benavides suffered 37 separate bullet, bayonet and shrapnel wounds to his face, leg, head and stomach while saving the lives of eight men. In fact, when awarding the honor to Benavides, President Reagan, turned to the media and said, “if the story of his heroism were a movie script, you would not believe it.”

You have now descended to a new low in your racist attack of an American jurist, U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, by calling him a “Mexican” simply because he ruled against you in a case in which you are being accused of fraud, among other accusations. Judge Curiel is one of 124 Americans of Hispanic descent who have served this country with honor and distinction as federal district judges. In fact, the first Hispanic American ever named to the federal bench in the United States, Judge Reynaldo G. Garza, was also from Brownsville, Texas, and was appointed by President John F. Kennedy in 1961.

Before you dismiss me as just another “Mexican,” let me point out that my great-great grandfather came to this country in 1857, well before your own grandfather. His grandchildren (my grandfather and his brothers) all served our country in World War I and World War II. His great-grandson, my father, served in the U.S. Army and, coincidentally, was one of the first “Mexican” federal judges ever appointed to the federal bench.

I would like to end this letter in a more diplomatic fashion, but I think that you, of all people, understand why I cannot. I will not presume to speak on behalf of every American of Mexican descent, for every undocumented worker born in Mexico who is contributing to our country every day or, for that matter, every decent citizen in Mexico. But, I am sure that many of these individuals would agree with me when I say: ‘Mr. Trump, you’re a racist and you can take your border wall and shove it up your ass.’


Filemon Vela

Member of Congress

Congressman, great letter.  Couldn't agree more.  Time for all other legislators to take a similar stand.  Both parties.  If you don't stand up to nazism, you truly get what you deserve.  Too bad the rest of us suffer the consequences of your cowardice and bigotry.  Each day that passes the revolution doomsday clock strikes ever closer to midnight.

A Fuhrer will never be tolerated by the American people.  Precisely, why an unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looms on the horizon.  The nazi bastards in the Republican Party who support this fascist son of a bitch are old enough to have watched Hitler newsreels as children.  They were ubiquitous in the 50s and early 60s.  Translated to English or with English subtitles.

These very same elderly nazi bastards in the Republican Party who watched these newsreels now support this fascist son of a bitch.  Despite knowing full well Trump is the American version of the Nazi Fuhrer that terrorized Europe during the Second World War.  Yet, these very same hopelessly clueless, determinedly ignorant national socialist, fascist bastards want the change, nazi change, that Trump embraces.

The chants USA! USA! USA! at Trump rallies are chillingly reminiscent of the Nazi chant Sieg Heil! (Hail Victory!) rendered by the German public to Hitler's rantings.   Clearly, they've lost their minds in the Republican Party.  The Grand Old Party is no longer grand.  Rather, fascist, narrow minded, bigoted, misogynistic, hopelessly greedy, and homophobic.  Even practice medicine without a license to impose their perverse religious and ideological views on women seeking an abortion as well as their healthcare providers  ... To be kind and list but a few of its faults.

The GOP lost itself somewhere along the way the last sixty years starting with the McCarthy Era.  Their paranoid psychotic view of the world has done great damage to our formerly great country.  Will do far more if Trump becomes President.  This fascist, national socialist son of a bitch has already promised to eviscerate free speech guarantied by the First Amendment if elected President.

What this means is those of us who continue to ferociously criticize this goddamned nazi will likely wind up in jails and prisons across this goddamned fascist police-state, peacefully resisting this nazi son of a bitch.  Unlike Republican nazis, moreover, the Center and whatever is left of the Left will strongly resist, not cooperate with this appallingly un-American f--king, that is, the determined, imposed abrogation of the Bill of Rights, loss of all civil and constitutional rights and liberties in The Fourth Reich.  Courtesy of national socialists, fascists, nazis who have commandeered the Republican Party.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?  Ben?  Tim?

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 151
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609
United States Of America