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                                                           Massacre In Orlando

Where to begin?  Sadly, at time of writing 49 people were killed and over 50 wounded in a terrorist attack perpetrated in an Orlando, Florida LGBT nightclub called Pulse starting approximately at 2 am Sunday morning, 6-12-16.  The rampage and hostage crisis continued an additional 3 hours until law enforcement was able to shoot and kill the perpetrator.

American citizen Omar Mateen, 29, from Fort Pierce, Fla. has been identified as the shooter.  The FBI interviewed Mateen three times in the past as part of two prior investigations.  He was not charged at the time.  The FBI states not all who are investigated are charged.  They had nothing on him.  Had to let him go.  Recently, Mateen legally purchased a Glock pistol and an AR-15.

Although off duty at the time of the massacre, he had currently been employed as a security guard.  Had passed extensive background checks.   Not surprisingly, the President was quick to call for increased gun control.  New legislation to further bastardize the Second Amendment.  Same old, same old each and every time a lunatic goes off on a rampage.

Police claim Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS prior to the massacre in one of several calls to 911.  That was finally confirmed by law enforcement.  This is the deadliest mass shooting in American history. Yet, the powers to be remain hopelessly clueless.  Seem to think gun control is the answer to this insanity.  Our candidates for President remain clueless.  CBS reports Trump's reaction:

"Donald Trump's response to the tragedy was initially to express sorrow at the incident, but he later attacked Hillary Clinton over her first general election ad, congratulated himself for warning the American public about Islamic extremism, and had an aide go on television and describe Mitt Romney as a "coward."

Think it gets any better with Clinton? Madam Secretary responded with the personally-signed Tweet:

"Woke up to hear the devastating news from FL. As we wait for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act. -H
    — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 12, 2016"

Clinton, cluelessly, called for an expansion of terrorist watch lists.  She asserts anyone on a no-fly list should be denied the Second Amendment right to purchase a weapon.  Sadly, Mrs. Clinton has again demonstrated the fact she's an idiot or simply shitting on the Second Amendment.  Or, more likely, both.

Republicans, in response to this idiocy, have rightfully pointed out people are placed on watch lists who have done nothing to warrant being placed on them.  Can't get off one, usually no matter what.  The government has no process for challenging this bullshit.  Yet, Mrs. Clinton would deny anyone on these goddamned lists the legal right to purchase a firearm.  This alone disqualifies her for the presidency.  She has no respect or regard for the Bill of Rights.

Sanders opined on Meet The Press:

"Oh, it's horrific, it's unthinkable. And just hopes go out to all those who were shot that they can recover.  And I've got to tell you, 25 years ago, I believe that in this country, we should not be selling automatic weapons which are designed to kill people.  We have got to do everything that we can on top of that to make sure that guns do not fall into the hands of people who should not have them, criminals, people who are mentally ill. So that struggles continues."

We don't sell automatic weapons to the public, Bernie.  Only the police and military purchase and lawfully use fully automatic weapons.

Trump later added in a Tweet:

    "Horrific incident in FL. Praying for all the victims & their families. When will this stop? When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 12, 2016"

What would you have law enforcement do, Mr. Trump?  Lock down the country?  We already live in an over-policed, egregiously corrupt, hopelessly abusive, highly inept goddamned fascist police-state.  When called on the carpet by news organizations, Trump demonstrates his true colors and opposition to the First Amendment, particularly freedom of speech and the press.  He banned The Washington Post from his campaign.

Amazing the 'profound' level of 'thought' displayed by our incredibly 'erstwhile' presidential contenders, no?  Still too early to know precisely what happened in Orlando, how it went down, and why.  Speculation must be reined in until more is known.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is a prime example of the danger of unbridled speculation and over simplification of analysis and solutions offered to exceptionally complex issues our formerly great country continually engages in.  Particularly, the Republican Party.  Closely, followed, however, by equally clueless Democrats.

Rubio, however, is an example of a Republican who simply cannot think for himself.  Cluelessly, tows the Republican line of egregiously ignoring U.S. responsibility for the rise of modern terrorism that was initiated when the United States, Europe, and the UN gave the Israeli aggressor carte blanche to invade Palestine in 1948.

Readers are again reminded the Israeli aggressor is responsible for developing modern terroristic tactics determinedly designed, created, and intended to be employed against Palestinians during and subsequent to the invasion of 1948 right up to the present.  Then, we wonder why terrorists throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world have shrewdly mimicked the Israeli aggressor and done the same?  Wake up.

Worse?  Fascists on the Right offer over simplistic analysis and achingly ineffective solutions to enormously difficult problems routinely on quite a variety of pressing issues.  Possibly, to avoid the true labor of having to think things through.  Rubio ignorantly falls into this trap by towing the phony GOP line of labeling domestic terrorism as "the new face of the war on terror."  It's not.

That thinking is achingly intentional distortion of reality for political purposes.  To line the pockets of corporate war profiteers.  Worse?  To allow the leadership of our formerly great country to get its cookies off.  Imposing American will and values on other countries.  Imperialism.  Perverse 'American Exceptionalism.'

Think very carefully about this.  It's critical to understanding why we're so ineffective combating the seemingly intractable scourge of terrorism.  Rubio, adding further on CNN, cluelessly opined:

"They have said openly that they intend to target us here, and one of the hardest parts of this war is the individual who carries out an attack by themselves in a soft target like this, basically, in Orlando, Florida.  And it's a reminder that the war on terror has evolved into something we've never had to confront before -- individuals capable of conducting these sorts of massacres unexpectedly in places that you normally wouldn't associate with the kinds of attacks that you see."

Say what?  Did it ever occur to Rubio and other national socialists just like him if we didn't put our noses where they clearly don't belong we wouldn't be quite the target we've now become?  Equally pointedly?  Why is it we consider American jurisdiction to extend across the universe?  That we're somehow special?  This goddamned phony concept is indeed haughtily called "American Exceptionalism."

Destined by the Creator to rule the world?  How?  By Divine Right?  That's goddamned pathetic sickeningly delusional Aryan arrogance.  When will we start minding our own goddamned business instead of imposing what we think best on the rest of the world?  Who the hell are we?  When did the Creator die and appoint the United States God?  When?

Then we wonder why we're so hated, despised, ridiculed?  Unappreciated?  Under appreciated?  Can't seem to understand the world does not wish to be led by the nose.  By the United States and the Aryan arrogant bastards who run it.  Seem to think they know best.  Everyone else knows shit.  To the point we're now a target by terrorists in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Then, cluelessly, we wonder why.  Look in the mirror.  Wake up.

Rubio and his way of thinking is precisely why these attacks keep occurring.  Both parties can't seem to understand we don't rule the world.  Exactly, why these senseless attacks keep coming.  While it's still quite early in the investigation, did it escape notice of the readership the latest target was the clientele of an LGBT nightclub?

Rubio, regarding this issue, went on to opine:

"If in fact this terrorist attack is one inspired by radical Islamic ideology, it is quite frankly not surprising that they would target this community in this horrifying way, and I think it's something we'll have to talk about some more here, across the country."

... "Not surprising?"  You think?  What a goddamned hypocrite.  His party, the GOP, has been front and center regarding the determined continued mindless excoriation of the LGBT community.  Intended.  Designed.  Carefully engineered.  This nazi seems to have conveniently forgotten this fact.  Republicans are pointedly reminded they clearly, intentionally, deliberately enflamed LGBT issues recently.

Not only with their ferocious opposition to same sex marriage, but transgenders and their use of restrooms they had been using for decades with no incident.  They've gone so far as to falsely claim gays and transgenders are pedophiles.  There is absolutely no truth to their phony beliefs.  Ever occur to these clueless nazi bastards they and their perverse religious views may have indeed been a factor in the latest massacre?  If so, they share responsibility with the terrorist executing the massacre.  Don't like the rhetoric?  Tough shit.  Leave the country.

Republicans remain so goddamned clueless Texas Lt.Gov. Dan Patrick took hours to pull the following tweet from Galatians 6:7 sent 7 am after the massacre:

"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.  A man reaps what he sows."

Why would anyone want to be a member of such a sick, psychotic, insane group?  Yet, this goddamned national socialist remains one.  Willingly, so.  He is an embarrassment to our formerly great state.  Is unfit for office.  A disgrace.  A fascist.

The LGBT community is now beginning to blame Christians for the massacre.  They need to be more precise.  Not all Christians are anti-LGBT.  It's the Nazi Right, comprised of the Evangelical community and their shills in the Republican Party who share profound responsibility.  Must be held accountable.

At the same time, there are idiots who claim to be Christians who are clearly not.  CBS reports:

"SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento Baptist preacher's sermon praising the attack on an Orlando nightclub that left 50 people dead has the local LGBT community outraged, reports CBS Sacramento.

"Recordings of the sermon by Pastor Roger Jimenez surfaced on the Verity Baptist Church's YouTube account.

"Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?" he said in the sermon. "Um -- no -- I think that's great! I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida is a little safer tonight."

"The remarks were delivered on Sunday morning, hours after the attack.

"We don't need to do anything to help. As far as I'm concerned, Orlando is a little bit safer tonight," he said."

This is sick religion.  This pastor has serious mental issues.  Think the Head Honcho of his religion is a happy camper?  Does this piece of human excrement truly believe he represents the love of Christ?  That hate speech is indeed Christlike?  Does this perverse piece of goddamned shit truly believe this?

At time of writing, FBI Director James Comey continues to defend the FBI and its earlier investigation of Omar Mateen.  Be interesting to see if that continues to stand as the current investigation continues.  Seems Mateen was unstable and abusive.  Beat his ex-wife.  She had to be rescued by her family.  His second wife is under investigation and may be charged.  Currently, there seems to be no concrete connection between Mateen and ISIS or any other foreign terrorist groups.  We'll see if that stands as the investigation continues.

Interestingly, Trump continues to excoriate the President for not using the label “radical Islam” to describe the Orlando massacre.  Thinks the President should resign for not doing so.  "The Donald" is insane.  Not thinking straight.  Be a cold day in Hell.  Obama walks a tight rope.  He doesn't wish to alienate the mainstream Moslem community.

"The Donald" does not believe there is any such thing.  He's nuts.  Many Moslem U.S. military personnel have died on the battlefield and are buried at Arlington.  Their families are law abiding, support the United States, and are loyal American citizens.  Trump does not think so.  Forget?  He's insane.  His head so far up his ass his eyeballs are turning inside out.

Appears the President is finally beginning to ferociously excoriate Trump in speeches without yet openly naming him.  -- Republicans, as well, who still continue to talk out both sides their ass regarding this appalling piece of national socialist human excrement.  About time.  If a political figure remains silent, when an opponent is excoriating him or her, a gullible public begins to believe the goddamned bullshit.  ... Dukakis remains proof positive.

Trump is not the only idiot the President needs to address.  The Washington Times reports:

"A Florida congressman is ripping into President Obama in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Orlando over the weekend, saying Mr. Obama has failed to call out radical Islamic terrorism for what it is.

“We’re hearing the wrong signal out of this administration. President Obama owns this,” GOP Rep. Ted Yoho said this week on “Tim Constantine’s Capitol Hill Show.”

"The White House has refrained from using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,” but Mr. Yoho said you can’t defeat something if you can’t identify it or recognize it."

Again, these idiots never seem to wake up.  Remain proficient at distorting reality.  Stupidly offer over simplistic analysis and solutions to enormously difficult problems.  Myopically view all issues in terms of black and white, no shades of color.  Heaven forbid, no hues of brilliant color.  Remain too narrow-minded, anally-retentive to ever change.

Sadly, Orlando has had more than its share of tragedy.  The night before the massacre, singer Christina Grimmie was murdered in Orlando signing autographs.  Crime is indeed insurrection.  Worse?  Domestic terror is low-grade revolution.  Time to wake up.  Our country seems to be coming apart at the seams.  If things don't change, the future looks increasingly bleak.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
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