Ongoing Personal Family Business:

... Brief aside, dear readers, for a most exceptional reason.  -- Although infrequent, pressing ongoing personal business must come first on rare occasion.  Hope you agree, moreover, find it entertaining, -- as this writer did crafting what follows.  Principle trumps all.  Remains prime mover, prime directive no matter what.

This pressing issue involves a family thief. A heartless predator preying on the elderly who must be held accountable, exposed to the light of day.  Especially, since authorities failed to do their job.  The following is part of that continuing effort to expose this piece of shit for whom and what he is:

Hey, Bro?  Guess what?  Me, again.  Most determined pain in the ass.  Miss me?  An inconvenient, nagging hemorrhoid that simply won't go away no matter what.  -- A pile with a smile that takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

... Delusionally think this most persistent nemesis of yours conveniently disappeared to parts unknown, vanished in thin air? To give a turd a break?  Wake up.  Not a chance, you thieving son of a bitch.  ... When you insanely believe this writer's gone and you're finally in the clear, guess what, here I am, right in your face.

Despite what's going on across our formerly great country, always have more than enough time for personal business.  That is, exposing you, Bro, to the glaring light of day.  A pathetically greedy predator.  Your target, who else, the elderly.  Most defenseless, vulnerable, an easy fleece.  -- Thought you'd steal from the surly old curmudgeon with impunity, no consequences?

Successfully escape accountability?  Avoid detection, all responsibility?  Blatant theft of an old man's estate?  A little help from a bought and paid for hopelessly greedy unprincipled shyster?  Supposed cake walk due to 1800 miles separation?  No one to hold you accountable?  Your feet to the fire?  What could you possibly been thinking?

You've read this publication before.  Know precisely who and what I am, what I do.  Never give up.  Never say die.  Ignore all obstacles.  Know full well Liberty In Peril modus operandi remains as relentlessly ferocious, blindingly intense as ever.

No punches pulled.  No slack.  No personal consideration.  Certainly, not for a gutless son of a bitch, no more than a thieving predator.  Looted target, guess who, dear old dad.  Pitiful.  Delusionally believe you had the booty coming?  An entitlement?  For having had to put up with his shit all those years?  Wake up.

Hear of Historic Deerfield?  Of course, you have, you lying son of a bitch.  Forget?  You're one of their not-so-generous 'benefactors.'  ... With all the money stolen from our father's estate, only bequeath them a piss poor $40 bucks?

Unbelievable.  An achingly tight, cheap, thieving, worthless piece of duplicitous crap.  ... Write-off?  Negligible.  ... Feather in the cap? How?  Delusionally believe your treachery would never see the light of day? What planet do you live on?

Board of Trustees Chair Anne K. Groves know full well you looted the estate?  How about President Philip Zea?  Think both don't have a right to know?  How about Anne Lanning, Vice President For Museum Affairs?  To say nothing of Susan Martinelli, Vice President For Business Affairs?

These officials are entitled to know precisely whom they're doing business with.  A thief.  Gutless phony.  Blow-hard fraud.  Hoity-toity dandy.  Worse?  An unprincipled thief who stole from his father.  ... Glaring light of day sucks, doesn't it, Bro?  No escaping the unvarnished truth, this most bitter reality.  Not a chance.

Saddest of all?  Back in the day, Hell would have frozen over before anyone would have have been able to rip off the craggy old bastard.  Remember quite well how intent, determined he was not to be fleeced late in life by a sick son of a bitch like you.

A leech.  Ironic, isn't it?  Gutless rip off of an old man who couldn't adequately handle his affairs any longer.  How do you sleep nights?

Fraud runs in the family, clearly.  History repeating itself.  Right in the footsteps of our grandmother's son, who callously ripped off his mother decades ago.  Again, another achingly pathetic piece of human excrement.  Just like you.  Intend to lay it bare.  Methodically.  Painstakingly.  In great detail.  Living, breathing color.

For all to see.  A public service.  Exposure of the criminal piece of human excrement you truly are.  For sustained public review.  A goddamned thief.  Pissed? Chagrined?  Nonplused?  Tough shit.  Sue.  Would certainly immediately post all discovery no matter the consequences.

All snail mail will be returned unopened.  No phone tag.  Got something to say?  Email.  Say it right here.  On this website.  In public.  For the world to see.  Will be posted in its entirety.  No editing.  Unlike you, this writer doesn't lie, cheat, steal.  Honors his word.  Intend to expose you precisely for whom and what you are.

Duplicitous predator who preyed on his own father.  Blinding exposure to benefit the community.  Have nothing to lose providing this public service, but you do.  No better disinfectant than sunshine.

.. Think the old bastard not spinning in his grave?  -- Old lady not doing the same?  One thing for certain.  Neither brought you up to be a goddamned thief.  Yet, here we are.  ... Until next time, Tally Ho!

TC 7-14-17

Hey, Bro?  Hear of Old Sturbridge Village?  Haven't?  ... Not lying, are you, you thieving son of a bitch?  You and your long-term companion EC conspire, bequeath some of the old man's loot to this museum?  An achingly stingy gift of $250-$499, -- considering the size of the estate?  The CEO and Board have any idea you stole it?  Think they'd care?  -- Just getting started, dearest, dearest Bro.  ... Delusionally believe I haven't more than enough time, resources, determination to expose you for the thieving piece of crap you truly are?  ... Under $500 back in 2013?  Remarkably parsimonious with stolen money aren't you?   What does it feel like to have gutlessly ripped off an incompetent old man?  -- Dear old Dad.  Certainly, look forward to digging much deeper into how you and your shyster lawyer managed to bamboozle and loot the old bastard.  Back in the day, certainly wouldn't have fallen for your bullshit.  Would have kicked your worthless, thieving ass out the door.  Intend to expose it to the light of day.  Indeed, a public service. Seatbelts on, you thieving son of a bitch. Tally ho!

TC 3-24-17

Hey, Bro?  Remember me?  How soon they conveniently forget.  ... Half asleep?  -- Out to lunch?  ... In your own perverse little world?  That of a criminal?  Wake up.  Conveniently, gutlessly forget?  Insanely believe you're someway, somehow off the hook?  Think again.  We're not done.  You remain a thief who will be exposed for whom and what your are.  What you certainly have become.  No question about that.  Patience, you thieving son of a bitch.  Exposure is coming.  Promise.

Think I don't have time?  Truly believe the ongoing Presidential fiasco ends no matter who wins?  The murderous decay in law enforcement gets resolved any time soon?  Criminal Wells Fargo employees from local Kingsland bank manager Amanda S. Wright right up to and including CEO John Stumpf get prosecuted in the near future despite egregious criminal activity?  Wouldn't hold my breath, would you?

Think I don't have time to handle all this and your public exposure for the estate-stealing criminal son of a bitch you've truly become?  How could you steal from the old bastard, you incredibly sad sack of shit?  Certainly weren't brought up to be a thief.  What happened to you?  Where'd you lose yourself?

No question, 2017 will be a most remarkable, defining year for you, Bro.  Public exposure for the thieving piece of shit you've sadly become.  It's on the way. Promise.  Hope you sue.  Nothing for you to take.  Tough, isn't it?  Certainly, makes me judgment proof.  Will certainly, as well, take advantage of discovery.  Publish every detail I can get my hands on.  No matter the consequences.  Only consideration?  Prime directive?  Your exposure for whom and what you are.

Readers?  This not-so-brotherly piece of shit stole from our father.  Manipulated the old man to line his pockets.  Just like our uncle on my mother's side of the family did to my grandmother.  Runs in the family.  Our family.   ... Right, Bro?  This game now gets played my way, -- not yours, you son of a bitch.  That is, no more U.S. Mail tag.

Anything sent by mail will be refused, returned unopened.  Want contact?  Email.  Quick.  Easy.  Better yet?  A digital record.  Permanent.  Easily accessible.  Easily uploaded to this site when and if it becomes necessary.  The shyster bastard you hired to steal the estate shouldn't expect escape, either, from public exposure as the thieving piece of shit he, like you, truly both are.  Unscrupulous thieves.

Sincerely hope that piece of crap sues as well.  Nothing to take.  Discovery again would be published no matter the personal cost.  Nothing quite like public exposure, is there?  Especially, when it is nothing but the truth and there is absolutely nothing to lose exposing two pieces of criminal shit for whom and what they are.  Two pieces of gutless human excrement who looted an old man.  ... Right, Bro?

There is no better disinfectant than sunlight, readers.  Glaring sunlight.  Dazzling brilliance.  Amazing how the roaches run for cover.  Equally pointedly, how vermin on two legs manage to so easily prey on the elderly courtesy of the out of control fascist police-state we now live in.  While there'll never be any justice vis a vis this theft, there will be exposure to the brilliant light of day for both criminal perpetrators.  Count on it, you not-so-brotherly criminal son of a bitch.

TC 10-7-16

Brother dearest.  Save all the check stubs from the old man's accounts?  Fraudulently sign any of them yourself?  Think this material couldn't be obtained from the banks either through discovery or a criminal investigation?  Still own the house on Condict Rd.?   Any other properties besides this one and the old man's you stole with the help of your shyster bastard?  Be interesting to see how far your assets extend and where.  Think all that information isn't accessible?  That I won't determinedly obtain it?

That not only an extensive Internet search will be conducted that will likely take months to complete?  But an extensive background check as well?  Think the Catholic high school you attended shouldn't be informed of the thievery of one of its graduates?  Think the clerics there would be appalled at their failure to teach you right from wrong?  How about both universities?  Think neighbors in the old man's neighborhood won't be informed of your deception?  Think they don't have a right to know?

Ever follow the advice of Dr. Bert Wiser, psychological statistics professor at MSU?  That is, get treatment for your achingly debilitating instability?  Is that why you wound up looting the old man?  Or, is it simply a convenient excuse you'll use to defend the indefensible?  Think this will end any time soon?  That is, public exposure of you as a thieving son of a bitch?  We're just getting started, Bro.  Just getting started.

Don't like it?  Tough shit.  Sue me you thieving son of a bitch.  Would use discovery to learn and post on this website all there is to know about you, your activities, predilections, business 'deals,' as well as all your financial transactions, etc..  All of it.  Would certainly avoid the expense of an extensive background check on you, thieving brother dearest.

Even if you were successful in court, there is nothing for you to take, this remains, as well, a homesteading state where minimal assets are protected anyway.  This site is hosted in an overseas country that doesn't particularly like government intrusion, remains not prone to cooperate.  Besides, can always upload to another webhost in still yet another country.  The possibilities are endless, Bro.  Just takes willingness, effort, unshakable determination.

Even if I lost it all would be more than worth it to expose you for the goddamned thieving son of a bitch you truly are.  Even if you bribed a goddamned nazi 'judge' to remove posted material, would not cooperate and be more than willing to rot in jail.  Would certainly keep reposting it all no matter the cost and/or personal consequences every time it was taken down.  Forget, you thieving son of a bitch?  I never ever give up.

Since all I seek is your exposure for the thief you truly are, would all be worth it.  For the sake of principle.  All the work, financial cost, as well as the time I am about to dedicate to this effort, you deceptive, unstable, sick, thieving son of a bitch.  Unlike you, I live on principle and have absolutely nothing to lose.  You do.  Will certainly take great pleasure and satisfaction in doing all I can to publicly expose you for whom and what you are.

To say nothing of placing enormous pressure on prosecutors you and your equally corrupt shyster son of a bitch apparently bribed.  Don't like it?  Again, tough shit. Chew harder.  The public needs to know to protect itself.  From you and your shyster bastard.  People who live and travel in your circles as well.  Including his.  As a thief, you and he can't be trusted by anyone.  You'll determinedly f--k them.

More than willing to provide this truly public service.  People certainly need to know whom and what you are.  What you have sadly become.  You certainly weren't brought up to be a thieving son of a bitch.  What happened?  Where did you lose yourself, Bro?  -- Never mind.  ... Truly doesn't matter.  Only your exposure.

TC 4-22-16

TC 4-8-16

Brother dearest.  ... Been awhile, hasn't it, Bro?  A little antsy?  Wondering when the next shoe is about to fall, that is, when you'll be fully exposed for the thieving son of a bitch you truly are?  Patience.  All in good time, good buddy.  When I'm damned good and ready.  Timing just right.  After all, a son of a bitch who's stolen his father's estate needs to be fully exposed publicly for whom and what he is, don't you think?  Indeed, a public service for your neighbors, professional associates, family, and friends, etc..

Conveniently, forget?  Others need to protect themselves against a fraud who masquerades as both a teacher and a counselor, no?  -- How the hell did you ever pass an MMPI some forty years ago to get hired?  You're not stable.  Have not been.  ... Must have really been pissed off at the old man to rip off an estate, no?  How much did you steal while he was alive and supposedly under your care?

How much did you bribe law enforcement to ignore a complaint I filed with them years before the old man died?  How much did you bribe the prosecutor to ignore a complaint filed with her several years ago?  How much?  Use the old man's money to bribe the bitch?  Her cohorts?  Your law enforcement shysters?  While there may indeed be no justice from a corrupt system, fortunately, I do have a way to publicly expose you for the goddamned thieving son of a bitch you truly are.

... Unlike our grandmother who scrubbed floors on her hands and knees during the Depression for peanuts, only to have what little she had stolen by her son, our uncle, another goddamned thieving son of a bitch just like you.  Remember how, surprise, surprise, there was no life insurance when our grandfather died?  Despite the fact our grandmother gave her thieving bastard son premium money year after goddamned year?  Only, as the thieving son of a bitch he truly was, to have pocketed it.  Again, just like you.

Remember when he booted her out of the house she had bought him when he had had enough of her?  -- Despite the fact he had lied and promised she could stay the rest of her life?  She had to climb two flights of stairs on an ulcerated leg to get to a bathroom he had never built for her at ground level as falsely promised.   Nothing ever happened to the thieving son of a bitch as far as justice was concerned.  Worse, he was never exposed publicly for the thieving son of a bitch he truly was.

Will be different for you, Bro.  While you've bought off authorities, you will be publicly exposed.  In great detail.  In good time.  When I'm damned good and ready.  When exposure will do the maximum figurative damage to your goddamned sordid reputation.  -- Just the truth, brother dearest, however.  Just the truth.

Irony of ironies?  When the thieving son of a bitch died, and our mother was finally informed he had passed, she cried for her brother, -- the bastard thief who stole from her mother.  Sad, isn't it?  Too bad she's not still alive to see you publicly exposed for the goddamned thieving son of a bitch you, yourself, truly are.  As was he.  Not in a court of law you've bought off, however.  Right here.

In good time.  Again, when I'm damned good and ready.  Employing the very same tactics used against Amanda Wright of Wells Fargo.  -- On steroids, however, since all dirty family laundry will be aired.  All of it.  No threat.  A promise.  Emails sent to your neighbors, friends, professional associates, businesses you deal with.  Although an enormous amount of work, all doable courtesy of the Internet.  Despite being some 1,800 miles away.  -- Small world, isn't it, Bro?  Enjoy the stolen loot, you son of a bitch.  Forget?  It's all you have.


TC 7-15-15

An incredible amount of time has been expended the last several months exposing criminal activity perpetrated by Wells Fargo.  Will continue indefinitely.  Tirelessly.  Significant time has also been expended securing Internet access out of town due to abject cowardice on the part of local businesses too goddamned gutless to stand up to the bastards who falsely believe they run and own this hell hole County.

A move made a couple of months ago will be followed by a second that is about to occur.  Had been planned for some time now.  When that's executed, the attention of this publication will finally be expanded to include exposure of my thieving brother and his shyster lawyer for the theft of my father's estate.  Criminal complaints will be filed with local out of state prosecutors as well as the U.S. Attorney.

Doubt, however, any action will be ultimately taken since prosecutors and the courts across our formerly great country have been egregiously compromised.  Remain bought and paid for.  Consequently, the same tactics employed against Wells Fargo will be implemented against these two thieving sons of bitches.

That is, they will be aggressively exposed in their communities and professional circles for the thieving bastards they truly are.  Despite the fact both are 1800 miles away, the Internet conveniently narrows geographical gaps to zero.  This action will be taken for the sake of principle.  As well as to protect others in the community there who may come in contact with them.


Ongoing Personal Family Business:

Despite all pressing issues, including problems with insufficient Internet access being dealt with by this publication currently, complaints continue to be prepared against my brother and his shyster.  Will be filed with the Essex County Prosecutor and U.S. Attorney.  To be followed by a complaint to the state bar against the shyster.  Tim Chorney 3-31-15


TC 2-25-15:

The battle has been joined.  Nothing motivates this writer more than stonewalling, -- other than egregious injustice.  The lack of transparency remains stunning.  Speaks volumes.  Begs the question what are they so desperate to hide?  The following email, last of several, recently sent to the Chase corporate management suite, was conveniently, callously, cowardly ignored.  Imagine that.  Couldn't be, could it?

It's going to get ugly.  Very ugly.  Fully intend to expose these sons of bitches, all of them, for precisely whom and what they are.  Criminal complaints are being prepared.  Will be filed shortly against both my brother and his shyster with the out-of-state prosecutor and U.S. Attorney.  Later, a complaint will be prepared and filed with the State Bar.


Further Follow Up To Earlier Correspondence
JP Morgan Chase Executive Office
Agbana, George


Mr. Agbana:

Can you explain how a Chase check from an account you claimed I was not a beneficiary to found its way to a Kearney Federal Savings account owned by my late father?  Thought I'd give you and Chase one last chance to come clean as to what happened, how, and why.  ... Before sending criminal complaints to both the Essex County Prosecutor and the U.S. Attorney.

The Prosecutor has ignored two previous complaints.  -- May have been bought off, no?  Regardless, have a lot more now than before and intend to refile with her.  Since there appears to be bank fraud perpetrated by my brother and his shyster, this indeed becomes a matter for a U.S. Attorney.

There desperately needs to be a full audit of my father's estate for reasons already outlined in earlier correspondence.  Since the beneficiary money appears to be so unsubstantial, there is also the possibility my brother and his shyster looted those funds as well.  All the more reason to audit to see what went where and to whom.

Regardless, when and/or if this matter is settled, intend to publish every bit of material to date to expose my brother and his shyster to the light of day for precisely whom and what they are.  Hope they sue.  Will publish all discovery as well no matter the personal consequences.

If Chase has indeed broken no laws regarding this entire fiasco, it's time to come clean.  Hard to believe that even possible for a bank that has paid billions to federal regulators.  Then again, possibly ole Jaimie may have turned over a new leaf.

Then again, one would have to believe in the tooth fairy to think that, right, Mr Agbana?  One final point.  Why is it none of the principals involved in this fiasco can seem to get my name right?  Aggressive stupidity?

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger



For 16 years this publication continues to be dedicated to exposure of corruption, abuse, ineptness, malfeasance, whenever, wherever it occurs.  Will continue no matter where, no matter how.  Unfunded, however, this writer remains here for one reason and one reason only.  Unfinished, unresolved out of state family business.

Finally received my father's death certificate from the Executor who is also a family member.  -- Three years after my father's death.  Prior to the last several weeks, all contact has been with my father's estate shyster.  This shyster, and now the Executor, have stonewalled all requests for information regarding my father's care and treatment the last several years of his life.

An earlier written request by this writer for a welfare check of my father by his local police department was ignored.  There has been no transparency.  The shyster has repeatedly refused to release inheritance funds he claims supposedly belong to this writer.  Has repeatedly provided false bank account information.

Recently received a PDF file sent by email by one of the banks involved.  This bank official states in no uncertain terms this writer is not a beneficiary to this account.  The Executor, again a family member, continues to falsely claim I am.  Apparently, this bank official provided the Executor notice of my recent inquiry. This family member then made snail mail contact with this writer for the first time in nearly three years.

His recent three letters include the very same false bank account information as well as a continually changing re-write of history as well as that of reality.  Truth, indeed, a moving target.  Apparently, he remains increasingly desperate.  A renewed complaint will be sent to the local prosecutor who has neglected to respond to the last two.

A complaint will also be sent to the U.S. Attorney since the shyster, my family member, and at least one of the banks appear to be in collusion and involved in bank fraud.

Complicating matters is the fact this family member suffers from severe emotional problems dating back decades.  While completing my masters degree, a professor informed this writer my family member was under extreme stress and in danger of having a break down.  My mother was so informed at the time.  Nothing was done.

Both the shyster and this family member appear to have taken advantage of an old man.  May have looted his estate.  Both have been informed by this writer an audit needs to be conducted.  Both are also quite aware upon resolution of this issue, this writer intends to expose both for whom and what they are in this publication.  Also, a complaint will be filed against the shyster with his state bar.

Tim Chorney