The following was emailed to Wells Fargo Kingsland Branch Manager Lynn Massey 3-2-14:

Lynn Massey
Wells Fargo
Kingsland Store Manager

Ms. Massey:

My readers have been advised in the latest edition, v.350, March 3, 2014, a detailed continuing expose of egregiously fraudulent deceptive trade practices perpetrated by Wells Fargo is in full production.  Will begin being posted shortly on all six Liberty In Peril websites.  On a continuing basis.  Will run for quite some time.

Clearly, Wells Fargo remains too big to fail.  Demonstrated by continued footdragging by CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and the Texas Attorney General Consumer Protection Division.  -- CFPB?   Clueless.  Out to lunch. ... Good news, right, Lynn?  The canned computer-generated correspondence from this federal agency remains appalling.

Achingly, not germane, responsive, or relevant to the complaint.  Not in the least.  No personal contact with any regulator.  Exactly, as Wells Fargo and the rest of the hopelessly corrupt and abusive banking cartel want, craftily engineered, and have deliberately instituted, right, Lynn?  Clearly, Wells Fargo owns its CFPB lackeys, including Richard Cordray, its truly worthless, highly ineffective Director.  No more than an extremely useful shill for the hopelessly corrupt and abusive banking cartel.

All correspondence with this bought and paid for 'regulator' will be published for full review by my readership.  ... Their tax dollars at work.  Then again, your CFPB federal lackeys are beholden to the Wells Fargo corporate management suite and other members of the banking cartel, aren't they, madam?  By design.  Work for you and the rest of bank management.  Do your bidding, don't they?  Intentionally, remain toothless.  Engineered systemic ineptness.  About as effective as a suppository on a seriously hemorrhaging hemorrhoid desperately in need of surgical repair.  ... Bottoms up?

Attorney General Greg Abbott?  Too busy running for Governor.  As CFPB, equally likely bought and paid for by the Wells Fargo corporate management suite and other members of the banking cartel.  You outrageously corrupt and abusive bastards have it all sewn up, right, Lynn?  Isn't that why you do as you please with little fear of unpleasant consequences such as prison time for fraudulent activity?

Both agencies have been informed all correspondence will be published in its entirety on all six Liberty In Peril websites for public review.  The public, indeed, has the right to know Wells Fargo engages in deceptive trade practices, that is, fraud.  Without question, at the time accounts are opened.  Also, how Wells Fargo falsely believes it owns customer information and is free to do with it as it pleases.  Including keeping it accessible to any bank officer years after the account or accounts have been closed.  At risk of identity theft and consequences thereof.

Maintains false information not given by consumers, but deceptively, falsely, criminally added to altered bank records by bank officers as convenient.  Information that is none of the bank's business and was refused when asked of account holders.  Didn't stop the bank, however, from falsely manufacturing and fraudulently adding it to the record.  Had any consumer perpetrated such deception, i.e. fraud, they would have been quickly investigated and prosecuted.  Not so, bank employees.  A double standard.  They're protected. Right, Lynn?  ... Amanda?

Lynn?  Amanda? Readers?  This corporation clearly believes it owns your personal data.  ... "Know Your Customer" and the outrageously unconstitutional USA 'Patriot' Act?  ... Rubber stamped by an outrageously fascist U.S. Supreme Court routinely 'legislating' its perverse ideological and religious views from the bench?  Wells Fargo and its outrageously corrupt and abusive government lackeys can stuff both where the sun seldom shines.  It's none of the bank's and/or government's goddamned business.  Fourth Amendment.

You earlier haughtily claimed Wells Fargo is the government, Lynn.  In essence, clearly, you're right.  The Wells Fargo corporate management suite indeed runs and owns its bought and paid for government lackeys.  Including CFPB and our gutless, corrupt, abusive, hopelessly inept Attorney General.  Think a complaint to the U.S. Attorney in order?  Or, is this barrister also bought and paid for?  Might be additional fodder for this publication as this fiasco drags on indefinitely.  Will certainly consider it.  A raucous Sieg Heil!, Ms. Massey?  ... Got all your bases covered, girl?  Hope so, particularly since this is going to be one hell of a long, hard ride.  Glaring exposure.

It's called national socialism.  The Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged fascist police-state.  Fascism, nazism, national socialism defined as the pernicious blend of government, business, and religion.  "Justified" by perversion and bastardization of the latter.  Sunlight is, indeed, an effective disinfectant.  If not, an unwanted, dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looms on the horizon.  Hear the rumble?  Sadly, our government no longer serves its citizens.  Rather, its corporate masters.  A raucous, goosestepping, traitorous Sieg Heil!?  ... When will all Wells Fargo personnel be properly issued swastika armbands?  Wouldn't want to be out of uniform?  Worse?  Out of step with the times, would you?  ... Goosestep, that is.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 151
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

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