J&S Fiasco

Well, well, well.  The time has finally come.  Have waited for this opportunity years now.  Normally, this publication refrains from skewering, exposing local businesses to the light of day.  After all, this hell hole area needs all the cash flow it can get.  Some business owners are too damned stupid, greedy, short-sighted to have any appreciation what is in their best interests.

Recently received an eviction notice from J&S Foodmart, Hwy.261 Buchanan Dam.  What was it for?  Carousing?  Partying?  Noise?  Anything that interesting?  Hell, no.  Not at all.  The hopelessly clueless bastards that own this dump got a little too greedy.  Decided they were going to charge monthly for 'services' they hardly ever deliver.  In fact, haven't mowed or weed eaten since before the first of the year.  In response, left the following message for these goddamned greedy clueless turds:



"Now, $25 for mowing?  -- You haven't properly taken care of this dump since you bought it.  Haven't mowed in months.  Trash all over the place.  Septic violations.  Requiring a cook to clean out a grease trap?  Think kitchen patrons would appreciate that?  LCRA?

"You crap on your employees.  Precisely, why you have the turnover you have.  Why would anyone want to work for you?  Why?  Worse, you gouge your customers.

"This place remains a hell hole.  Grass as high as it is?  A fire hazard.  Think you wouldn't be sued? Wake up.

"$85/month?  For what?  No hook-ups.  Years ago you charged an additional $10/month for a dumpster I wasn't even using.  -- Burning all trash in my wood stove.  Greed, gentlemen.  Unbridled greed.  -- Think the community you allegedly serve has a right to know?  Force the issue?  Will be glad to publish all this.  No threat.  A promise.  Tim Chorney "

These two assholes reportedly had 9 stores.  Now, down to three.  There's a reason for this.  Not just a bad economy, however.  Businessmen, they're not.  They're charging $250/month for full hook-ups.  This place certainly is not the Edgewater, Poppy's Point, etc..  There are no amenities here.  None.  Not even wi-fi.  They don't even clean around the dumpster, leave cardboard outside it to save dumpster space.  Consequently trash blows all over the place.  Trash they never clean up.  The property owner next door complained some time back.  Nothing's changed.

A good cook was forced out primarily because, among other issues, she refused to clean out a septic grease trap.  Do you want a food handler cleaning out septic then handling your food?  This cook was instructed by the two assholes that own this dump to throw left over food away.  Not distribute it in back to the RV park.  She refused to do so.

The turnover is horrendous.  The prices so high I bought nothing in the store.  Just paid lot rent.  Hauled gasoline from another store a couple of miles away.  Not only is their gas at J&S overpriced there may be problems with moisture.  A local contractor just the other day reported to this publication he had such problems with it.

J&S is not competitive.  They loot as they please.  Despite the fact most business, other than on holidays and during the summer, comes from locals.  -- Locals these two guys are more than willing to egregiously f--k.  This has to change.  Otherwise, this business will not survive.  Time to get the word out.  If you've been f--ked over by this store let me know.  I'll protect your identity.  Particularly, interested in hearing from previous employees who've had problems getting paid.

... Hey, boys?  We're just getting started.  Much more to come.  Who better to expose all your sh-t to the light of day than someone who's lived there years?

 Tim Chorney 4-6-15

As promised and in follow-up to the above, do not dump trash in the dumpster behind J&S.  The turds have finally installed a security camera.  -- Took some pictures of my own, including not only the trash, security camera installation, grass a couple of feet high in places, but the septic issue as well outside the south wall opposite the kitchen.

Have not decided what to do with these photos, yet.  Possibilities?  Posting them in this publication, forwarding them to all the local chambers of commerce, the Better Business Bureau, LCRA, Texas Commission On Environmental Quality, etc..  Trouble is the latter government watchdogs aren't worth a sh-t and can be bought off.  Most often, are.  Have to consider any and all possibilities a bit further.

... As posted in earlier editions, they only go after people they believe can't fight back, -- like the guys neighboring the back of the store.  Financed and enforced by the jackbooted goons of the Llano County Sheriff's Office who enforce their regulations and loot poverty-stricken property owners.  Shake them down.  Right, Sheriff?  The biggest offenders are seldom, if ever reeled in.  Enjoy special treatment.

Trash dumping has indeed been an issue for years in this hell hole.  Well before the two jackasses who currently own this dump bought it.  Locking a dumpster is a pain in the ass.  Not only for store staff, but people in the RV park.  Prices have always been so high in the store, however, they should have more than paid for the cost of community trash removal.  LOL.

Hippie Bob, who died a couple of years ago, occasionally forwarded a plate number to the two owner assholes, enabling prosecution.  He was indeed pissed off as sh-t that he was being charged ten bucks a month for the dumpster.  He knew like I did the drunks in back more than paid for the dumpster in alcohol they purchased in the store.

Greed rules, however.  The bastards who own this dump can never get enough.  This Marine veteran didn't take particularly kindly to people enjoying spinning out on the gravel lot in back either.  Came out screeching at the top of his lungs at many an offender.  Put the fear of the Lord in more than a few of them.  Funny as hell to watch him in action.

Yet, when the two turds were recently offered a great deal on paving the lot, guess what, they declined.  Too goddamned cheap, hopelessly greedy.  Consequently, wild driving and the dust created remain an ongoing problem.  Indeed, a lawsuit waiting to happen if an RV, personal vehicle or property are damaged.  Worse yet, if someone is injured.  Then again, the two shysters couldn't care less.  Greed?  Stupidity?  Both?  You decide.

-- Bob was a good guy.  Died of cancer.  Sad to see him deteriorate over a long period of time.  Spent a considerable amount of money in the store as well as lot rent.  The two assholes who own the store didn't even have the decency to attend his funeral.  -- When in earlier advertising they claimed to "do people right," they certainly do.  Shamelessly, greedily, royally f--k  them.

-- Former owner ole Joe was achingly clueless.  A teacher, not a businessman.  These two turds?  Even worse.  Unsustainable.  If things don't change, this business will ultimately fail.  Won't be the poor economy that brings it down, however.  The lack of management will certainly facilitate this unfortunate fait accompli.

Bill Anderson, "Gypsy," was a disabled Vietnam combat veteran who lived here much longer than anyone else.  -- Worst case of post traumatic stress syndrome I've ever seen.  Lived very, very quietly.  Spent thousands each year in the store on beer, tobacco, food, etc..  Patronized the ATM as well on a regular basis.  Yet, when he died neither asshole who owns this dump saw fit to attend his services.  Imagine that.

On the contrary, they were more concerned his personal belongings, motor home, van, etc. be removed as quickly as possible.  Possibly, why a woman in the community with considerable property and an antique store, whose mother had built one of the local churches, took it upon herself to redistribute Gypsy's estate as she saw fit.  At the behest of both asshole owners?  Not clear.  If you have information, contact me.  Most of the estate went to another resident in the park, an employee of hers, -- whom Gypsy had privately accused of stealing on several occasions.

Insult to injury, this individual along with his wealthy benefactor gallingly sat in the first pew listening to a pastor who had egregiously been bamboozled.  As made quite clear to this woman and those who lived in the park, the estate was to have gone to a young woman Gypsy had been friends with for years.  She got nothing.  The pastor?  Indeed, a remarkably good, caring man, wound up leaving the area.  -- This church, without question, has been through so very many pastors over the years.

They never stay long.  Why?  Scuttlebutt is she insists on running the church herself. Not allowing the pastor she hired to do so.  Indeed, a busy body.  This is Bible Country.  Extremely hard, if not in fact impossible, to kill a church.  Any church.  But, interestingly, this woman managed to do just that.  This exquisitely beautiful quite moderately ornate place of worship remains empty, unused at the moment.  Too bad.  Sad.

Apparent final kiss of death?  When she changed churches because she didn't like the music.  Think, however, there was far, far more to it.  Shortly after he left the church, attempted to email the pastor, who had been a friend, for further information.  Never heard from him.  He was indeed a good guy.  Something that cannot be said of many men of the cloth these days.  I had earlier made him fully aware of what had gone down after Gypsy's death.  Not surprisingly, he was not a happy camper.

This wealthy woman?  Pillar of the community?  Got royally screwed on the travel trailer she had financed for her former employee, as well as his medical bills she had paid.  -- When he absconded to Florida to be with family.  Not only that, the two jackasses who own this dump reportedly did not receive all the rent owed before he left.  Tough, isn't it?  Breaks your heart, doesn't it?

-- The store reportedly cashed the rent check she had given him.  Seems he paid the store some of the rent, pocketed the rest.  Despite the fact the check was clearly marked to be only deposited for rent.  Not cashed.  Nothing quite like aggressive stupidity, is there?  Or, facilitated theft.  -- Who the hell says there's no such thing as karma?  ... What goes around, indeed, comes around.  Doesn't it make your heart bleed?

A former church member months after Gypsy's death told me the young woman who was Gypsy's intended heir had gone to the church to confront the wealthy woman responsible for distribution of his estate.  Nothing came of it.  An estate was successfully stolen.  If this young woman reads this publication, she is urged to contact me.

Will take some time to find, make contact with former employees of this dump who had been egregiously f--ked.  Think they won't sing?  One already has.  A recent former employee claims he was unjustly stiffed some $84 for an alleged shortage.  No explanation offered.  Awaiting paperwork and a copy of the check for confirmation and then full disclosure in this publication.

This individual also strongly claims the new store manager is disabled, on SSI.  Allegedly, being paid in cash to avoid income limitations.  Again, awaiting confirmation from a second trusted source before full disclosure.  If you have information, courageously step forward.  The only way to end this goddamned outrageous ongoing 'management' bullsh-t charade, all of it, is for it to see the light of day.  I will protect your identity.

This person is not a manager.  Others have quit rather than put up with her crap.  Including one of the cooks and a long-term trusted clerk who had worked the counter for years.  Other employees have informed this publication she's running the dump into the ground.  Apparently, the two clueless turds who own this dump can't see past the tip of their nose.

The former employee also asserts another new employee he allegedly trained has mental issues, was reportedly suicidal before being placed on medication.  Is allegedly working long hours he is not being paid for.  One day I noticed the air hose had been left outside.  Theft of hoses has been a problem in the past.  I brought it in and gave it to him.

Looked at me cluelessly.  Then told him there had been a problem with theft in the past.  Told me he wasn't aware it had been outside.  Despite the fact he had been on duty since opening and responsible.  Readers, please don't misunderstand.  Couldn't care less what happens to the two assholes who own the store.  Simply despise thieves and pity the next person who desperately needed the air hose.

... Certainly, as well, despise thieves and liars about as much as the two clueless, achingly inept turkeys who own this dump.  Worse?  This new guy has reportedly made false accusations about fellow employees and those living in back.  Apparently, these two clueless assholes believe the lunatic.  Then again, they're apparently getting long hours of labor for apparently little to nothing.  Forget?  Greed rules.  Intelligence?  What's that?

Notice the speaker outside and the music?  This new employee is reportedly responsible for its installation.  Guess what?  There've already been complaints from people who live across the street and have to put up with the noise.  Like a good neighbor, J&S is always there to do you right.  ... Can-you-say, f--k you?

Much more to come.  Patience.  Including the story of a former night clerk who backed his SUV right up to the front door each night.  Reportedly, stole some $40 grand before getting caught.  Got fired.  Was not prosecuted.  Apparently, the boys were willing to take the loss rather than endure bad publicity.  Apparently, the thief had a side-kick who also reportedly got the boot.

Have seen the side-kick repatronize the store again the last couple of years, however.  Apparently, these two clueless owner assholes think everyone but them is stupid.  When, ludicrously, laughably, achingly incompetently, the direct opposite happens to be the case.  Again, much more to come.  Patience.

Tim Chorney 4-13-15

In follow-up to the above, still looking for former J&S employees fleeced and/or otherwise abused.  Will take some time to do this methodically.  Still looking as well for the young woman who was fleeced, cheated of the Bill Anderson, "Gypsy" estate.  If you have knowledge of her whereabouts and/or direct knowledge of the circumstances regarding the theft of the estate as well as all principals involved, contact me.  Will protect your identity.

This and at least the next edition will be abbreviated due to insufficient Internet access as well as a pending move elsewhere in the area.

Tim Chorney 4-20-15

In follow-up to the continuing J&S fiasco, received a call from one of the former cooks.  Have known this woman for years.  Does not want her name disclosed.  Will certainly respect her wishes.  Her reticence may be due to my determination to get down to the bottom of the theft of the Bill Anderson, Gypsy, estate.

Heard an allegation some of his cooking utensils may have indeed made it into the J&S kitchen after his death.  Don't know if this is true or not.  Was hoping the former cook may have been able to shed some light, might have some information.  Sadly, fear rules.  Precisely, why employers and former employers get away with all kinds of bullsh-t.  This has to end.

Again, if you have personal knowledge regarding this estate theft or have been stiffed out of wages or subject to other abuse, contact me.  Will protect your identity.  Again, patience is required, -- will certainly take time to thoroughly investigate, make contact with as many former employees as possible.  ... My patience?  Limitless.

Tim Chorney 4-27-15

Vacated J&S premises 4-29-15.  Left no trash, nothing behind.  Nothing at all.  Despite the high grass, in far better condition than when I arrived years ago.  If the two greedy, hopelessly aggressively stupid bastards who own this dump claim otherwise, they're liars.  -- A photo gallery taken at time of departure displays the truth.  Will post it if necessary.  Readers should understand I could have forced the issue.  Had them initiate legal process that would have cost them dearly.  Chose not to.

No point.  Exposure, -- far better just retribution.  What particularly irks this writer is their abject cowardice.  Don't easily suffer fools as well.  These hopeless dolts presented a canned downloaded Internet notice of eviction.  Didn't have the guts to simply confront me in person and ask me to leave.  Would have taken some courage.

Surprise, surprise, they have none.  Sadly, lacking.  Gutless.  -- Would have left within thirty days no matter what.  Would never remain anywhere unwanted.  Had had more than enough of them and their goddamned bullsh-t for quite some time, regardless.

Had planned on leaving their hell hole shortly, anyway.  Had been looking for more suitable circumstances for months.  ... As continually posted in this publication and quite apparent to readers.  The blatant attempt to extort yet another $25 bucks a month for 'services' they had not provided since sometime last year was the last straw.  F--k 'em.  They figuratively, stupidly shot themselves in the ass.

$85 bucks for what?  A place to park the Pace Arrow and a few gallons of water a month?  Abject greed.  Especially, since I live quietly.  Cost them next to nothing.  While usually reluctant to criticize local businesses since this area desperately needs cash flow, these two incompetent turds took abuse and greed ''to a whole 'nother level."

-- Had planned on exposing the Bill Anderson, "Gypsy" estate theft, abuse and stiffing of employees after leaving, regardless.  No matter what.  Began doing so, however, a bit earlier than planned.  What has changed is the fact the level of effort and determination to expose these turds for whom and what they are has exponentially increased.  What did they expect?

Hope they sue.  Would certainly use discovery to expose, that is post, every bit of personal and professional information received.  No matter the consequences.  Legal or otherwise.  Have nothing to lose.  They do.  Truth, a scourge, indeed best 'revenge,' --  to and for the hopelessly stupid, painfully greedy.

Freedom?  What's that?  Already gone.  No longer exists.  Certainly, not since 9/11 and imposition of what amounts to a de facto fascist police-state.  What does that mean?  Wake up.  We're already 'jailed.'  'Free' to do what we're told, what they dictate.  Nazi America.  Should it continue?  Hear the rumble?  An unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon.

The J&S fiasco will take time to thoroughly investigate and post.  Have set up a link and webpage just for this, the link posted above.  Again, if you have information regarding the Bill Anderson estate theft, courageously stand up.  Step forward.  Will protect your identity.  Also, if you've been f--ked over by these bastards, stiffed out of wages, etc., stand tall.  The only way this goddamned bullsh-t will end is through glaring exposure.  No threat, boys.  A promise.

Separate webpages have also been set up for the criminal assault of Todd Jones by the Sheriff's jackbooted thugs, as well as the ongoing effort of this publication to expose my brother and his shyster for looting my father's estate.  ... The links posted above and in every subsequent Newsletter edition.  An additional webpage will also be set up for the continuing series on the history of the rise of fascism in our formerly great country.

Insufficient Internet access still remains an issue, but will not de-rail any of this.  Just delay the inevitable. Patience.

Tim Chorney 5-4-15