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Renewed Calls For Incorporation of Kingsland-Update Kingsland HEB         10-6-17 and Continuing  ©2017 All Rights Reserved

October 6, 2017

Renewed Calls For Incorporation of Kingsland-Update on Kingsland HEB:

Business cash flow leaves much to be desired in Kingsland.  Many are suffering.  Particularly, those locally owned and operated.  While major cities and metropolitan areas survived and recovered from the 2008 economic crash, other regions languished.  Kingsland, with rare exception, is certainly one of them.

Unemployment remains a problem.  Good jobs scarce.  Apparently, will grow scarcer if what HEB employees tell this writer is true.  ... Some in the community believe Kingsland incorporation is the answer to the unemployment issue.  -- More on that in a moment, but first, checkout lines at HEB grow longer and longer.

Not all registers are open.  Number of baggers have also declined.  Have been told employees were informed their hours will be cut.  Seems the corporate management suite does not consider store profits high enough.  Fascinating, isn't it?

-- Despite the fact the store had a tremendous influx of business as a result of the Hurricane Harvey catastrophe.  Not only that, the store is packed especially at rush hour late in the afternoon.  Not only that, prices have been increasing on staple items for quite some time.  Unbridled corporate greed.

Since there is no competition, prices at the Kingsland store are higher on many items than in Marble Falls, Burnet, and Austin.  Unbridled corporate avarice.  Must also be remembered local management is not free to do as it pleases, must kowtow to its corporate masters who have no clue what works and doesn't work locally.

Store remains cluttered, difficult to navigate with narrow aisles, merchandise stacked everywhere.  People on motorized carts have to be exceptionally careful.  The able-bodied carefully, considerately give right of way to the disabled.  Still, shoppers wind up running shopping carts into merchandise, refrigeration, displays, etc..

Money remains extremely tight in Kingsland.  HEB corporate elite are unable to comprehend this, worse, simply don't care.  Bottom line reins supreme, especially when the hopelessly greedy enjoy a captive market.  No competition.  Worse, the system is rigged to benefit the top of the food chain.

Consider the following.  CBS News reports:

"Billionaire Warren Buffett says America will continue to prosper overall, but government and philanthropy should do more to ensure that pockets of poverty don't continue to make it difficult for some to succeed."

Called Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged laissez-faire capitalism.  Zero-sum, winner-take-all.  A ruse.

"The American dream has succeeded in aggregate. We have failed, in my view, to create the equality of opportunity," Buffett said Tuesday at the national Purpose Built Communities conference in Omaha."

Precisely, the goal of an extremely poorly regulated system determinedly designed to line the pockets of the corporate management suite and shareholders.  Steal labor of human chattel by failing to pay a livable wage.  Loot consumers with overpriced, achingly shoddy products.

"Buffett is one of the financial supporters behind the Atlanta-based nonprofit group, which helps communities work to redevelop high poverty areas."

Which brings us back to the issue of the incorporation of Kingsland.  While incorporation ultimately benefits the community after the impoverished, both young and elderly, are forced to leave, the benefits are not forever.  Point of diminishing returns is eventually reached.  We're already seeing this throughout the country.

Precisely, why Buffet and his colleagues are forced to redevelop highly impoverished areas of otherwise wealthy cities and other municipalities.  Forget?  Zero-sum, winner-take-all capitalism.  While credit has to be given to Buffett for making the effort, will not ultimately solve the problem.

"On a local level, Buffett says communities can make a difference by tackling poverty from all sides with new housing that appeals to people with different incomes, better schools and other community improvements. That's the model Purpose Built advocates.  Buffett said history shows that the old model of housing projects filled with low-income residents doesn't work very well. Having a mix of income levels and races living together is more successful."

By definition, how can that integration occur ubiquitously when business believes it is not obligated to pay a livable wage?  Thinks it's entitled to steal labor.  Entitled to survive any way it can, no matter the consequences to the rest of the community.

The rules the rest of the population are forced to live with simply don't apply to the business community. Too big to fail.  Deserving of corporate welfare while the impoverished go without.  All the above, and more, are precisely why our formerly great country is failing.

Worse?  The above is facilitated when areas incorporate.  The impoverished quickly get the boot because they can't afford the exponential increase in taxes required to provide all services locally.  Worse, can't afford to upgrade property to zoning standards.

Also, takes time for initial benefits of incorporation to take hold.  That is, for large box stores and other major corporate operations to come into the community, provide jobs.  Often to find, ironically, the left over population base may not have sufficient wealth to justify corporate expansion into the community.

Worse, major incorporated areas of the country, cities and suburbs, are currently embroiled in and dealing with an exponential increase in cost of services and dwindling tax base.  Precisely, why incorporation will continue to be fought here locally.  Tooth and nail.  Bottom line?  Be careful what you wish for.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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