July 10, 2013


Recently, additional
Liberty In Peril websites were uploaded.  Several more will be posted shortly as well.  Each time one is hacked a new one will be created and uploaded to a new server.  Have fun.  

Think a webhost won't eventually tire and prosecute?  At least, try to?  They won't, however, secure the cooperation of this writer since no one in any level of government can be trusted to do the right thing. 
No one.  Like you, they're all bought and paid for.  
Webhosts, however, have earlier evidence of hacking perpetrated by you already posted in uploaded
Liberty In Peril files.  Think they can't access, as well, earlier 'indiscretions' allegedly committed dating back to childhood?  Think material sealed is truly inaccessible?  Think this publication won't post them?

The only goal is public exposure of a convoluted perverse criminal to the glaring light of day.  ... Cluelessly ignored.  By both your gutless self-serving employer, as well as hopelessly corrupt and abusive Llano County 'government.'

-- The best 'government' money can buy.  Literally.  Protected speech?  What's that?  First Amendment?  Incomprehensible to a nazi,
right, Mick?  A raucous boot-clicking, goosestepping, traitorous, treasonous Sieg Heil!

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
Formerly, The Llano Ledger                                                                                                    
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Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

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