On 6-4-13, this website endured a massive "brute force" hacking attack.  Then again, that comes as no surprise, does it?  You're going down, Mick. 
Hard.   Think  anyone will employ you?   ... When they find out what an untrustworthy, criminal, convoluted, sick son of a bitch you truly are?   Should you become self-employed, think your clients won't be informed?   ... Your neighbors, -- no matter where  you cowardly flee?   ... Indeed, the true value of the Internet.   You simply cannot escape the consequences of your crimes.   Promise.  A pitiful, pathetic, sick legacy no one in their right mind would want, countenance, or embrace.   A raucous Sieg Heil!?  Hopefully, your corporate masters will access this message.  They do have a right to know whom and what they've employed.

Tim Chorney, Publisher

Liberty In Peril
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