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Game on, Mr. Henniger. Indeed, game on. Your criminal behavior over a decade ago has been exposed. Amusingly, the Cisco CEO gutlessly ignored the earlier letter of complaint all those years ago. Sad, isn't it? All such documentation, all of it including the latter, has been posted for public review.  

We're just getting started, however.  Intend to fully, tirelessly expose you to your peers.  Hope you sue.  Two reasons.  First, every bit of personal information that can be found on you will be posted as time goes on.  Every bit of it.  Discovery would be most helpful, no?  Second, should you bribe a court, this writer is 'judgment proof.'  Remember?  No assets.  Knock yourself out, Mick.  Expend funds fighting a war you'll never win.  Fully willing to rot in jail on contempt of court should you bribe a corrupt 'judge.'

Disclosure of all personal information includes a criminal background check.  Nothing to worry about, right, Mick?  No substance to allegations from a credible source you've had problems dating back to childhood?  None at all?

Should you hack the current site, unlike earlier when I felt truly sorry for Jill, this time a complaint will be filed with the U.S. Attorney.  After all, she's no shrinking violet, allegedly committed felonies aiding, abetting you in your earlier desperate effort to asset shield, didn't she?  Remember?  Plenty of evidence of that, no?  All that signed paperwork.

Hacking skills improved?  After all, it was so easy to traitorously steal passwords on the network.  -- Cisco unconcerned the network was used to criminally hack?  Isn't public exposure as a hacker-employee an embarrassment for them?  Won't affect their reputation as a 'secure' router manufacturer?  Think Chambers will still stupidly stonewall.  Stand behind a sick criminal puppy?  

We'll see, won't we, Mick?  Think anyone will trust you after intense, unmitigated, relentless, continuing, tireless exposure?  We'll see.  

Only unanswered question?  Who in County government bribed you, Mick?  Who?  The plum job as president of the BDVFD Board a bribe?  How about the gas tank used by Llano County's 'finest' on the Marie Inks property?  The permit for a fully automatic M-16 granted by Garrett?  Including the silencer?  Think it wise to have fired the weapon on the old Boulder Drive property with all the neighbors around?  

... We're just getting started, friend.  Just getting started.  Relentless exposure to intense sunlight, glaring light of day.  Think you'll have any credibility left?  Any at all?   Think your current neighbors won't be informed?  Don't have a right to know what's living next door?  ... What webs we weave.  Intend to publicly expose you as the sick, convoluted, cowardly, traitorous son of a bitch you truly are.  A public service.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

The Llano Ledger
Box 151
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609