Cowardly Local Business Community

The citizenry that benefits most financially from this publication are business owners.  No question.  Not only have your taxes increased mercilessly the last few years despite no water in the lakes, the bastards who run and own hell hole Llano County unduly, illegally, unconstitutionally pressure their bought and paid for goons.  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  How? Wake up.  Where else?

In the Llano County Sheriff's Office, State Police, LCRA officers and security guards, game wardens, as well as other law enforcement agencies.  To do what?  What do you think?  Clueless?  Still sound asleep?  What else?  Loot visitors to this area with bogus tickets.  Why?  Think. Harder. Much harder.  Why else?  To line government coffers.  Engorge the leeches who falsely believe they run and own this hell hole.  You don't know that?

Many illegally, unjustly looted have informed this writer and other local businesses of this fact.  Worse? They're not coming back.  Won't put up with this.  You don't find this information anywhere else but in this publication.  Why is that? Wake up.  What do you think?  H-E-L-L-O?  As soon as any publication does so, all advertising income immediately dries up.  Forget?  The American Way.

Since this publication has never received advertising since these businesses are too damned gutless, this hasn't been a problem.  Certainly, free to let it rip.  Would have done so with or without financial support.  Have done precisely that.  No matter what. To your advantage.  A benefit you don't pay for.  Won't support.  Yet, enjoy.  While this certainly hasn't solved profound seemingly intractable problems in this hell hole, it keeps the bastards on their toes.  They don't like it.  Have made it quite clear.  Imagine that.  Think how much more could be done with sufficient funding?

Couldn't care less what anyone thinks.  Without question, such an attitude, no nonsense viewpoint empowers this publication. Certainly, not beholden to anyone.  Will never be.  Still, the level of effort to put quality material out on a consistent basis under survival conditions has grown increasingly difficult.  Businesses in the past who provided a place to park the Pace Arrow, supplied food, other necessities, quietly subsidized necessary expenses haven't done so for over a decade.

Too goddamned cheap, hopelessly greedy.  Worse?  Far worse?  Outrageous bone chilling cowardice is at play here.  Perpetrated by owners too damned frightened to realize how insincere, sadly lacking, pathetic, achingly pitiful their hopelessly lame excuses truly are.  This remains a problem throughout the entire business community in this hell hole County.  Business after business.  Those that have failed, those failing, and those who likely will fail.

Makes me goddamned ashamed to be an American.  Yet, so many of you struggling to survive here constantly complain to me about being shaken down, f--ked over by the bastards who seem to think they run and own this goddamned hell hole.  If they do, you as business owners are directly responsible.  Look in the mirror.  You're the problem.  Not the assholes who are perpetrating this bullsh-t.

These bastards determinedly know they have you securely by the gonads.  Give them a good hard twist every now and then to keep you cowardly in line.  Someone finally comes along and is willing to expose them for the human excrement they truly are and guess what?  You're too damned gutless to stand up.  Support this publication.

Precisely, why they determinedly f--k you with impunity.  They know you're gutless.  Worse?  Do stupid things because you're too damned afraid to think straight.  Some of you don't want phone, text, or email contact with this publication.  That's pathetic.  Precisely, why they're f--king you.  Because they can.  Fear rules.  You won't fight back.  Insist on keeping your heads low.  Hopeless cowards.

Too frightened, intimidated to realize this is what precisely empowers these corrupt, abusive self-serving assholes who continually shake you down with increased taxes, provide no services, force you to dig up septic systems for inspection at your expense that don't need inspection, are not in violation.  It's how these bastards and their bought and paid for contractors line their pockets with your hard earned money.

They've strangled the Golden Goose.  There is nothing left to take.  Yet, they keep taking.  You wonder how you'll make it another season.  They couldn't care less.  Why should they?  You comply.  Line their pockets.  Stupidly, go into further debt.  A seemingly endless gravy train for these goddamned worthless leeches.  They enjoy financial security at your expense.  This will not end anytime soon due to your cowardice.  They'll continue to mercilessly loot.

Why?  Wake up. Because they can.  Yet, you balk on providing sufficient help to do this job right.  You gutlessly, greedily expect others to do the right thing.  Foot the bill for you.  Carry your weight while you whine and complain about how bad business is.  How you're being looted by all the government and corporate assholes with their hand out.  Tough sh-t.  Chew harder.

Significant desperately needed change isn't facilitated by abject terror, doesn't come through fairy tales or wishful thinking.  Life, doesn't work that way.  Never has.  Never will.  Wake up.  Not speaking of any business in particular. Directing this against all of you in the business community in this area.  Every one of you.  You're greedy.  Worse?  Afraid.  Fear trumps courage.  Facilitates short-sighted, aggressively stupid decisions that seemingly benefit short-term to the determinedly short-sighted.  Long-term?  Wake up.  Most lose. Dearly.  Proof positive?  Each and every business that's gone under.  ... Still don't get it?

Internet access has been a problem.  Now, even worse.  Many of you offer wifi at your resorts or other places of business.  What are you so goddamned afraid of?  What?  You're already being royally f--ked by these assholes.  Mercilessly.  With very little business due to low water in the lake and law enforcement malfeasance driving away business, you have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose.  Why not go down fighting, figuratively speaking?  Give the assholes oppressing business and the innocent in this County some small bit of their own medicine back in return.

So many of you in business hypocritically enjoy the figurative ass kicking this publication continually delivers to these outrageous assholes who are deliberately, concertedly shaking your businesses down with new fees, permits, taxes, etc..  You're being royally f--ked. Forget?  Many of you have already gone out of business.  Others won't survive.  Yet, you remain too goddamned cowardly to stand up to these leeches.  Why?

Fear trumps judgment.  Will continue to do so until you finally wake up.  Or, worse?  Go out of business.  Grow a pair.  Otherwise, you will not survive.  Sadly, this publication has received more assistance from those on the very bottom of the food chain than those on top.  That is, the high and mighty, -- resort and other business owners who refuse to provide assistance, adequate or not, disingenuously cry poverty.  Business after gutless business.

You have no conception of what poverty is until you see the abject squalor so many on the bottom of the food chain live in in this community.  If you're not willing to stand by this publication, too cowardly or greedy to do so, don't complain.  Rings hollow.  Achingly, disingenuous especially since those of you in the business community are not living in dire poverty.  The quality of your lives, despite the endless stress and work, is exponentially higher than those on the bottom.

Worse?  Do you think I'm that stupid not to know it's fear driving all this, not phony empty hollow excuses I hear from so many of you?  Bottom line?  You hopelessly lack courage.  Remain truly hopelessly gutless.  Precisely, why the County assholes who run the show do as they please.  With impunity.  Because they can.

Calling them assholes, however, needlessly denigrates an extremely useful body part.  Unlike the worthless crap that directs the three-ring circus called Llano County.  Indeed, human excrement.  Worse than the people jailed to line their bottomless pockets.  If there is to be a place reserved in Hell for anybody, it should be for those who falsely believe they run and own this goddamned County as well as their corrupt, abusive, hopelessly inept bought and paid for lackeys in the Llano County Sheriff's Office.  ... Right, Sheriff?

Ultimately, consequently, many, many more of you will sadly go under.  While the greedy bastards responsible for doing this to you laugh their financially portly asses off all the way to the bank.  ... After properly giving thanks to the Good Lord each Sunday on bended knee.  For their good fortune.  Looted at your expense, as well as from those on the bottom of the food chain.

Tim Chorney 5-11-15

This publication continues no matter the hardship.  Now, have once again been forced to travel out of town to get online.  Increasingly difficult to do this under survival conditions.  Unnecessary as well, -- since it remains abject greed and aching cowardice of local businesses in Buchanan Dam directly responsible.  Has been a problem the last 16 plus years this publication has been in existence.  Indeed, grown worse.

Precisely, what the corrupt, abusive, inept bastards who think they run, own, and rule this hell hole County want.  Exactly, as well, why more lakeside businesses can expect to fail as the lake remains determinedly low due to no rain and outrageously inept management by LCRA.  Worse, visitors to the area continue to be targeted by law enforcement to unjustly line County and State coffers with phony tickets.  ... Right, Sheriff?

Should all this continue, will be the kiss of death to many more local businesses and resorts.  These businesses know it.  Fear it.  Know what's coming.  Yet, choose to "lay low," refuse to challenge an unsustainable status quo.  ... When one business courageously stands up, gets quickly shot down by other cowardly business owners.  Worse?  Refuse to stick together.  Won't help one another.  Will not join forces to fight the tyranny imposed by the Llano County assholes who continue to repress, egregiously oppress them.

Nothing new.  Always been a problem.  Now, even worse, -- with little water in the lake and visitors increasingly refusing to return due to out of control law enforcement. These business owners are not stupid.  Yet, behave stupidly due to unbridled fear.  Abject terror as they see more and more of their own failing.

Those that have managed to make it yet another year remain achingly insecure.  Know the status quo is unsustainable.  Worse?  Many of these owners are elderly themselves.  Their health may not hold up.  -- Sadly, an injury, illness, death of a spouse away from losing it all.  Some think younger family members will take over upon their deaths.

That may not occur due to worsening economic circumstances and government repression in the Lakes Area.  -- The lakes have always been cash cow to the bastards who run and own this goddamned County.  No longer the case.  Yet, these sons of bitches still continue the unbridled looting.  Strangling the Golden Goose, -- already on life support.  Near death.

What will ultimately solve this problem is likely decades away.  That is, as the Lakes Area continues to fill with out of state migrants, the demographics will change.  As the population increases with outsiders, these outsiders, including business owners, will be a force to be reckoned with.  Not true yet.  Likely won't occur for quite some time.  Well past the lifetimes of current business owners.  Sadly, they already know this.  Yet, will not stand up.  Grow a pair.

Should these conditions continue, their families will likely not continue to run these businesses after their deaths.  Too easy to simply sell at rock bottom price and get out.  After all, their descendants, despite having worked these businesses as children and young adults, don't have the labor capital invested as do their parents and grandparents.  Will likely sell.  Take the quick buck.

Can certainly imagine the consternation of the elderly couple who provided wifi access the last year and a half or so to this publication.  As they look down and see the business they worked so hard to build and develop over ten years now, -- squandered, run into the ground.  Cannot, however, disclose the identity of this fine, hardworking couple.  They're too afraid.  Yet, they've done a superb job under nearly impossible conditions.

They are outsiders.  Know what that means?  If you're not born and raised here, you 'ain't' sh-t squat to the assholes in Llano.  Not even if you've lived here decades.  You're no more than a target to be looted.  The Aryan arrogance of the nazis in Llano remains unparalleled.  ... Right, Sheriff? These outrageously achingly clueless assholes are killing this hell hole County.  Continue to do so.  Determinedly.  Greedily.

The elderly couple who own this resort have put up with more than their share of outrageous bullsh-t from these hopelessly evil bastards.  The costs imposed on their business are unnecessary.  Cleverly designed to line the pockets of the assholes who falsely believe they run and own the County.  They tried fighting this.  Were initially moderately successful as they hired professionals to challenge some of this for them.

Now, they simply choose to lay low.  Work the business as their profits continue to be looted away.  If the lake does not come up with water and outsiders refuse to return due to out of control law enforcement, they will ultimately lose their business.  Or, be forced to sell at rock bottom price.  What is so incredibly sad, these business owners, as all property owners, do not own their property.  They 'rent' it.

From the assholes who falsely believe they run and own this County.  Indentured servitude.  -- Don't pay the 'rent,' that is, taxes?  You lose the property you never truly owned.  The assholes 'sell' it to yet another sucker.  We tolerate this.  Consequently, get precisely what we so richly deserve. F--ked.  While they were successful fighting off a former Precinct 2 County Commissioner through outside legal counsel, it remained a temporary 'solution' to an unsolved growing problem.

If anyone can survive here in business, this elderly couple certainly deserves to.  Whether they will or not is far from clear.  They are an injury, illness, or death of a spouse away from disaster.  As the assholes who falsely believe they run and own hell hole Llano County laugh their financially portly asses off all the way to the bank.  After properly giving thanks to the Good Lord each Sunday in church on bended knee for their good fortune.  Looted from taxpayers they continue to egregiously f--k.  ... Nothing quite like 'Christian' 'charity,' is there?

Tim Chorney 5-18-15