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Texas needs to smarten up.  Adhere to the Second Amendment.  Instead of imposing restrictions.  Fox reports:

"Missouri on Wednesday joined a growing list of states allowing most adults to carry concealed weapons without a permit, as the state's Republican-led Legislature used its supermajority to loosen existing gun laws.  The measure, described by supporters as "constitutional carry," allows people to carry hidden guns anywhere they can currently carry weapons openly, effective January 1. Missouri will join 10 other states with laws that allow most people to carry concealed guns even if they haven't gone through the training required for permits, according to the National Rifle Association, which supported the legislation."

What part of the Second Amendment don't the Texas Legislature and Governor fully understand?  Another issue Texas needs to revisit?

"A divided federal appeals court ruled that a decades-old federal law indefinitely banning people committed to mental health treatment from owning a gun could violate the Second Amendment.  The Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday revived a lawsuit filed by a Michigan man who failed a background check while attempting to buy a gun in 2011. Clifford C. Tyler had been committed to a mental institution 25 years earlier but since has received a clean bill of health."

This needs to be very, very carefully considered.  In some cases it might be appropriate to restore full rights.  In others, not so.  Would depend on circumstances.


Pitiful to see Democrats make clueless jackasses of themselves by conducting a sit-in in the House over gun control.  Worse?  To see an elderly beloved icon of the civil rights movement make a fool of himself.  Georgia Congressman John Lewis is indeed one of the best known civil rights pioneers.  This truly great man has no clue regarding the significance of the Second Amendment, however.

Doesn't understand a well-armed public is critical to the survival of our formerly great country.  Particularly, as this nation continues to come apart at the seams.  We have a government that remains out of control at all levels.  All branches.  We already know this government is more than willing to kill its own.  Forget?

Kent State.  Wounded Knee.  Ruby Ridge.  Waco.  Many other locations including recently over federal lands usage.  To say nothing of countless murders committed by police on duty.  All this is a wake up call.  Precisely, why the Founders included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, -- the last best defense to outrageously corrupt, abusive, inept government.

Yet, Congressman Lewis would have us defenseless against such tyranny.  Turn the other cheek.  ... Turn the other cheek?  Guess what?  That cheek gets slapped as well.  Then, out of control government blows off the heads of dissidents who peacefully resist.  Those who stand up and question authority.  A goddamned fascist police-state.  A raucous boot clicking, goose stepping, treasonous, traitorous, treacherous Sieg Heil!, Sheriff?


Related to the above, the Supreme Court ruled, 6-27-16, those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence can be denied their Second Amendment right to own a firearm whether or not the offense is reckless or intentional.  The Washington Times reports:

"Convicted domestic abusers can be barred from owning a gun even if their offenses were reckless, and not intentional, the Supreme Court said Monday.

"The 6-2 ruling said Congress didn’t distinguish between domestic assaults committed reckless or knowingly when it extended the firearms prohibition in 1996 to those found guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence that involved physical force."

The problem with this ruling is the ease with which this right can be abrogated by authorities. Clearly, if someone has the living crap beaten out of them, such a restriction can, under the circumstances, be a no-brainer.

Conversely, men have been falsely convicted of domestic violence by women wishing to get even.  What then?  Especially, egregious when a man gets falsely accused of child abuse when none has occurred.  To date, men have not been adequately protected against such false complaints.  We need to find a better way of ensuring false complaints have no traction, nor long-term, indeed lifetime effects on the innocent.


Again, the United States Supreme Court has disgraced itself.  Took a raucous hard dump on the Second Amendment.  Allowed a lower court ruling to stand that rejected challenges to assault weapons bans  in New York and Connecticut.  These weapons indeed are the last best defense to inept, corrupt, abusive, outrageously out of control government.  As intended by the Founders and ignored by the bastards ensconced on the nation's highest court. -- achingly, egregiously determined to legislate their perverse ideological and religious views from the bench.  A raucous, goose stepping, boot clicking, treasonous, traitorous, treacherous Sieg Heil!?  Like the jackbooted fascist bastards in law enforcement, members of the judiciary are out of uniform.  No swastika armbands.


In follow up to the last edition, NBC reports"

"A federal appeals court's ruling this month that the Second Amendment provides no right to carry a concealed handgun in public is unlikely to prompt the Supreme Court to weigh in — despite the highly controversial nature of the issue.

"In a blow to gun rights advocates — and a boost to gun control groups — the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a California law that requires showing a county sheriff "good cause" in order to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. As a practical matter, the law makes it difficult for most people to get a permit in California's urban areas.

"After looking to the history of gun laws since pre-colonial times, the court held that "the Second Amendment does not protect in any degree the right to carry concealed firearms in public."

"It said, in a 7-4 ruling, that "any prohibition or restriction a state may choose to impose on concealed carry — including the requirement of 'good cause,' however defined — is necessary allowed by the Amendment."

This ruling does not apply to open carry.  Be interesting to see how long before another goddamned 'judge' legislates his/her ideological views from the bench and abrogates this right as well.  Nazi America.  The Fourth Reich.  A goddamned fascist police-state.


The f--king has begun.  Surprised?  Wake up.  The Washington Times reports:

"Attorney General Loretta Lynch overruled FBI Director James B. Comey on Thursday, saying the Obama administration does support a ban on firearms sales to those on terrorist watch lists.

"Mr. Comey last year had told Congress that the ban could end up alerting suspected terrorists that they are being investigated, and that could “blow” the cases his agents are trying to build.

"But his superiors at the Justice Department rejected that, issuing a statement Thursday saying they want to see Congress approve the “no-fly, no-buy” plan Democrats are pursuing."

Know what that means?  Clearly, Democrats have no clue.  No due process.  No court order.  No conviction.  Nothing.  Fiat.  Trouncing of the Second Amendment, -- if this remains unchallenged in court.  A goddamned fascist police-state.  Nazi America. The Fourth Reich.


Once again, the President is taking a hard dump on the Second Amendment.  He and his henchmen wish to add millions to the list of banned gun owners.  Mr. Obama and the idiots in his Administration seem to think those with mental impairment on Social Security Disability are a public threat no matter the personal circumstances.  Is that right?

Got a problem with anxiety?  Think you'll likely kill someone?  Even someone suffering from post traumatic stress?  Highly, unlikely.  Again, depending on personal circumstances.  How about depression?  Most suffering from this malady are not a threat to anyone.  At worst, only themselves. ... On medication and receiving quality care, even that becomes moot.  The problem remains veterans and others suffering from post traumatic stress still receive inadequate to no care.  This has to change.  ... Not shitting on the Second Amendment, Mr. President.  Wake up, you jackass.

-- The President and his henchmen seek any excuse to deprive as many individuals as possible their constitutional right to own a firearm.  No matter the circumstances.  How many desperately in need may avoid all care simply because the right to protect oneself trumps management of their symptoms?  What if the beatings and other abuse they endured as children make it impossible to work?  Think that justifies denying those the right to own a weapon?  What this insane change will most likely certainly do is ensure those that need care will not receive it.

This national socialist nazi government believes if you are too mentally impaired for whatever the reason to handle your finances, you're unfit to own a firearm.  That's goddamned bullshit in all but a few cases.  So clearly understand if your wife or another family member are handling your finances due to mental issues and you need Social Security disability and again no matter the circumstances, the President and his henchmen are proposing you forfeit your right to own a firearm.  Your Second Amendment right.  Again, goddamned bullshit in all but a few cases.

Equally troubling and unadulterated bullshit?  Many people are assigned handlers unnecessarily by the government to manage their finances.  Now, without just cause, a beneficiary will be denied Second Amendment rights courtesy of government fiat.  No due process required.  Government fiat.  To get those rights back, a beneficiary would have to go to court. Pay the government (court costs, attorney's fees, etc.) to adjudicate what's already theirs in the United States Constitution.  This is goddamned egregiously unconstitutional bullshit.

These most precious rights would be stripped automatically at the time the beneficiary wins benefits.  Gun rights groups and disability advocates intend to fight this goddamned change.  Insist beneficiaries would be forced to forfeit constitutional rights to pay the bills.  They're right.  This would be the bottom line in most of these cases.  ... As, the President and his minions apparently desperately want.  It's called control.  Again and sadly, we're living in what amounts to a fascist police-state.

Clearly, the President and his henchmen are doing all they can to deny gun ownership to as many as possible.  No matter the circumstances.  Without question, Mr. Obama and his government lackeys are not stupid.  Indeed, quite crafty and dangerously duplicitous.  They certainly have the vision to see an unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looming on the horizon.  This drives their train.  Keeps them up nights.  Sleepless at what can clearly be seen on the horizon.

Want to do as much as they can to deny the public the last best defense against hopelessly corrupt, abusive, inept government.  That is, a well-armed public.  Yet, another major facet of the determined attack on all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.  Where?  Wake up.  Where else?  Nazi America.  A goddamned fascist police-state.  ... If the President and his henchmen are indeed successful denying gun rights to those with mental impairment no matter the individual circumstances, think the goddamned bastards won't subsequently try to impose the very same on all Social Security Disability beneficiaries?  Give government an inch they take a light year.

A raucous boot clicking, goose stepping, treasonous, traitorous, treacherous Sieg Heil!, Mr. President?  This is yet another example where the President has directly abrogated his oath of office to protect and defend the United States Constitution.  To further the personal ends of the jackass warming the seat in the Oval Office, his henchmen, and sick sycophants.  At the expense of the public and the United States Constitution.  Hitler and Mussolini must be smiling from their fiery perches.

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