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The Aryan arrogance of Llano County officials remains unlimited.  Despite the fact the public is growing increasingly tired of the f--king perpetrated by these very same goddamned officials.  Would you believe this writer overheard a member of the Appraisal Review Board bitching to a friend aggrieved taxpayers who do not show up for a scheduled protest hearing should be charged a fee since it costs the County money?

Clearly, these pieces of hopelessly ignorant shit still don't get it.  Their Aryan arrogance knows no bounds.  Remain cluelessly deaf to the rumble.  That of an unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looming on the horizon.  They falsely believe they're regally entitled.  To egregiously f--k over the public they're mercilessly looting.

If the Appraisal District wasn't appraising all property along the Highland Lakes Chain two to three times reality, people wouldn't be protesting the appraisals.  These hopelessly ignorant sons of bitches can't seem to grasp this fact.  This clueless member of the Board, a wealthy member of the Llano County top 1%, hypocritically had the nerve to disingenuously condemn socialism during the very same overheard conversation.

What the hell does he think this goddamn property tax system is?  He and his buddies financially benefit from this taxpayer f--king, yet have no clue this is no more than Marxist socialism?  Determinedly, blind to this fact?  The hypocrisy reeks.  Yet, these clueless bastards in power conversely and blindly support the national socialist jackbooted fascist bastards in blue who are abusing, looting, shaking down, murdering innocent citizens.  With impunity.

To say nothing of repressive government at all levels currently owned by the Republican Fascist Right.  Their competition, the Democratic Party, is no better.  Has done equal damage to the people on the bottom, despite it's phony claims otherwise.  They're just as clueless as the GOP, for different reasons, however.  Both extremes have miserably failed.  Time for a new day that clearly is not going to come any time soon.

National socialism, fascism, nazism on the Far Right is quite acceptable to these hopelessly clueless, self-serving national socialist bastards in Llano County who have fervently and stupidly embraced it.  Including the Sheriff and the Tax Review Board.  So is Marxist socialism on the Left to these very same achingly clueless, hypocritically fascist bastards, -- as long as it generously lines their bottomless pockets.  It does.  So they have no problem with it.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?

Principle?  What's that?  It's the money, stupid.  That is, the power.  Same difference.  Again, the hypocrisy reeks.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?  What is so incredibly sad is the fact these clueless Republican national socialists can't grasp their brand of laissez-faire, that is, uncontrolled capitalism has miserably failed.

... Not for them, however, but the bottom 99% of the food chain who consequently foot the bill for the 'success' of the top 1%, pay the price for their personal enrichment.  A zero-sum, clearly rigged game, where predestined winner takes all.  Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged capitalism that has resulted in evisceration of the middle class.  Yet, clearly, these hopelessly fascist bastards both on the local level as well at the Republican Convention remain too blind to see.

These hopelessly greedy bastards fail to understand they've strangled the Golden Goose.  Repressed and oppressed the public to the point where unrest grows in the streets as innocent people continue to be murdered by the bastards in blue.  No accountability.  None at all.  They skate.  Yet, these very same clueless fascists currently in power remain too deaf to hear the rumble.  Of an unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looming on the horizon.


The carefully-engineered, highly-orchestrated, deliberate ass f--king perpetrated by the Appraisal Review Board continues.  These equally carefully selected stooges of the criminal bastards who falsely believe they run and own Llano County will indeed consistently rubber stamp overappraisals imposed by the bought and paid for turds working for the Appraisal District.

These bastards remain proof positive there is no such thing as private property in our formerly great country.  The government owns it all.  Specifically, the criminal bastards who falsely believe they run and own this government.  Don't pay the 'rent,' that is, taxes?  'Your' property is confiscated and 'sold' to another sucker.  Where?  Wake up.  Where else?  Nazi Llano County.  Nazi America.  The Fourth Reich.  A goddamned fascist police-state.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?


Have already alerted those responsible for fighting the incorporation of Kingsland in the past that at least one member sitting on the Appraisal Review Board is actively lobbying for incorporation.  Without question, it is time to mobilize, get ready for a long hard political fight.  Seems the Board wants to stop Kingsland resident and large residential and commercial property owner Brad Shaw from continuing his development activities.  Consider him a slum lord.

Also, wish to incorporate so appraised values can skyrocket.  Forget?  As repeatedly reported in this publication, the Lakes Area is cash cow to Llano and the hopelessly greedy corrupt and abusive bastards who falsely believe they run and own this hell hole County.  They're strangling the Golden Goose.  Still want more.  Never get enough.

Granted Shaw's vast holdings are not in the financial class of the Appraisal Review Board and its opulent masters in Llano, Shaw does serve a vital function and desperately needed service to the have-nots in Kingsland and elsewhere.  What's that?  Far more affordable housing and much lower priced commercial properties and store fronts.

As the hopelessly greedy, corrupt, abusive assholes in Llano continue to fight him and others to line their pockets and greedily f--k the middle class, the elderly, the young, and the impoverished, it is important to know why incorporation must be fought tooth and nail.  Many, if not most of Kingsland is exceptionally financially challenged.  Incorporation would mean a skyrocketing increase in taxes and rents.

Would mean those on the bottom, which includes much of Kingsland, would have nowhere to go.  Including most businesses operating on a shoe string.  Would be forced out of town due to increased taxes, rents, commercial leases, as well as draconian restrictions placed on residents and property use.  -- Think the Sheriff's goons are already egregiously f--king residents by bastardizing the law and imposing restrictions they have no authority to impose?

To put it in the vernacular, "you 'ain't seen nuttin' yet."  Under incorporation, the looting would be exponential compared to what it already is.  Right, Sheriff?  That's the true purpose of incorporation despite the goddamned bullshit coming from the Appraisal District and those appointed to do its will.  That is, to ultimately line the pockets of the top 1% in Llano County.  ... The thieves determinedly raping the bottom of the food chain.

None of this matters to the hopelessly greedy achingly clueless assholes ensconced on the Board courtesy of their masters in Llano.  None of these turkeys is financially challenged.  Not one of them.  Wouldn't sit on the Board if they weren't in the top 1% of Llano County.  Would, however, matter to the people on the bottom who would be royally f--ked by these cluelessly greedy assholes.

If another attempt is made to incorporate, this publication would be willing to publish full background checks on the officials responsible for this pending f--king.  Would need help from the community, however, to pay for these background checks.  The pieces of shit in power need to be fully exposed for whom and what they are.

Full background history of all the wheeling and dealing.  Follow the money trail.  Right, Sheriff?  Each and every member on the Appraisal Review Board?  Kingsland and the rest of the County need to step up.  Say no more.  ... And finally mean it.  Indeed, the f--king has gone on long enough. Wake up.


It's amazing how the right hand often can't see what the left is doing.  Our vision can be hopelessly myopic.  We often see what we want to see.  Ignore reality even when people tell us something is simply not so.  Not every Llano County official is bad.  Most are.  Corrupt, abusive, and interested only in lining their pockets and using power to their advantage to perversely get their cookies off.

Have repeatedly stated in this publication things are seldom what they seem to be.  This remains a good ole boy system.  -- You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.  This blinds officials to reality.  They think a scoundrel is good because the scoundrel has always been a straight shooter with them.  Fail to see the very same individual can be highly abusive with others not in their immediate sphere of influence.

They falsely believe because they've known someone for years and have been treated right on all occasions, that that's reality.  It's often not.  A mirage a corrupt official uses to get his or her way.  To skillfully manipulate.

Have personally become professionally friendly with an official who I truly believe is on the level and trying to do the right thing.  Presiding with others over a Llano County bureaucracy he or she has really no clue just how corrupt and abusive it truly is.  An entity that has egregiously f--ked taxpayers for decades to line the pockets of the bastards who truly but falsely believe they run and own this goddamned hell hole County and everyone and everything in it.

Shamelessly uses the Lakes Area as its personal fiefdom.  The Golden Goose it stupidly insists on strangling.  At a time of what amounts to a profound financial depression in this area, it never gets enough.  ... And no, I'm not speaking of the Sheriff's Office which consistently also lines the pockets of these goddamned greedy criminal bastards with proceeds from phony tickets and false arrests.

This individual seems to have had a good professional relationship with one of the Commissioners who leaves much to be desired.  Remains a determined good ole boy or gal.  Knows how to skillfully manipulate, get his or her way.  This Commissioner does so magnificently.  Have received numerous complaints not because he or she was tough about saying no to a constituent, but because he or she was mercilessly f--king a constituent.  Big difference.  Despite all this, this individual seems to think this Commissioner is doing his or her job quite well.  Not so.

At this time, can't go into any further detail than this.  Certainly, hope to develop a good professional relationship with the few good people in government to develop good, credible, reliable sources of information.  Professional relationships with the right people to bring the corruption to the light of day, force change through exposure, without injuring the careers of those in government who are trying to do the right thing.

Then again, maybe I'm just being suckered by this individual, -- maybe he or she is simply not what they appear to be, and all is a ruse.  Time will tell.  Won't take long to see the true mettle of this person.  Whether or not his or her feigned courage is real, -- or a mirage.

In Llano County, as well as all over our formerly great country, truth has become a moving target.  Now, you see it.  Now, you don't.  A clever shell game.  As the Founders spin in their graves, appalled at what they see is happening to a democratic republic they fought so hard at great cost to create.  ... In terms of blood and personal treasure.

While this individual claims to have taken quite a financial hit through a divorce as well as a business loss, he or she is clearly in the top 1% of Llano County.  Otherwise, would never have received an appointment to the entity in question.  Not quite sure whether this person clearly understands or cares many, if not most, of the bottom 99% in Llano County live under what amounts to survival conditions.

Doesn't seem to understand if Kingsland and other areas of the County are incorporated, would mean financial disaster for most residents.  Taxes would sky rocket even more than they already have.  So would rents as well.  Also, repression by the goons in the Sheriff's Office would exponentially increase.  Already, the Sheriff and his thugs have bastardized state statutes to intimidate, that is force people to remove unregistered vehicles from their property.

This is happening in unincorporated areas of the County where these bastards do not have the authority.  Forcing them to needlessly erect fences.  Again, in unincorporated areas.  These sons of bitches know the impoverished do not have the money to hire attorneys and fight.  Consequently, the Sheriff and his goons make up the law as they go.  With impunity.  Collect fines and/or jail people who do not cooperate.  A goddamned fascist police-state.  Right, Sheriff?

Equally pointedly, have received numerous complaints in the last 17 years from Lakes Area taxpayers of properties routinely appraised at twice to three times reality.  Doesn't matter whether the lakes are full or half empty.  Matters not Lake Buchanan taxpayers had no waterfront for years.  The taxes went up.  Always went up.  Courtesy of egregiously inflated appraisals.  Whether or not there was any business.  Or water in the lake.  Whether or not the properties could be sold at any price.

Consequently, resorts and other small businesses continued to be looted no matter what.  So were all other property owners.  Some lost their properties.  Others suffered greatly for years, barely making it.  Mattered not to the bastards in Llano.  Forget?  They had the Golden Goose.

This individual, among others, who was placed in great authority of the Llano County entity in question, does not seem to understand any of this.  That needs to change.  Taxpayers are dearly in need of relief.  This County simply does not live within its means.  Doesn't think it has to.  As more and more people move into the Lakes Area, however, they will eventually organize to fight the scourge of a County clearly and egregiously out of control.

After all, we no longer own property in this country.  The government does.  We rent it.  Don't pay the taxes, that is the rent, you lose the property you never truly owned.  It's 'sold' to yet another sucker.  While the bastards who believe they run and own this hell hole County, line their bottomless pockets.  Wake up.  You're being f--ked.  Egregiously.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
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