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Amusingly, the Fascist Right is scrambling to protect its darling, currently occupying the Oval Office, -- and, more importantly, return the Nazi to office.  ... An office stolen by fascist GOP thugs in Florida and their shills on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Tim Chorney, Publisher     August 7, 2004
Liberty In Peril

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                                                            Fascist Right In Disarray

Amazing how the Fascist Right conveniently distorts and re-writes history whenever necessary.  Not surprising, however, particularly in view of the fact our Nazi "President" stole the 2000 election, was rubberstamped and installed in office by an equally fascist U.S. Supreme Court.  -- Aren't we lucky?

Again, for new readers, definition of fascism?  -- An abusive and dangerous oligarchy based on a pernicious blend of government, big business, and religion. A boot-heel cynically placed on the throat of the masses, justified in principle by perversion and bastardization of religion.

Sadly, Mr. Bush has no regard for civil and constitutional rights.  None.  After all, he signed the USA "Patriot" Act and other equally unconstitutional Executive Orders cleverly designed to abrogate the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution.  Falsely, in the name of national "security."  -- The Founders must indeed be spinning in their graves, no?

Desperately fearing loss of the pending election, Bush "Administration" shills are deliberately distorting continued American failure in "liberated" Iraq.  Leading the charge, one particularly fascist network giant is using a self-serving, sad excuse for a "journalist", Geraldo Rivera, to deliberately paint a false picture of supposed "Administration" success in supposedly "building", not "re-building", Iraqi infrastructure.

Is that right?  Ring true?  With daily bombings and sabotage?  In a country so dangerous, journalists cannot safely traverse the Iraqi countryside?  Readers are reminded Rivera got the boot out of an embedded U.S. military operation elsewhere, earlier in the "war against terror."  Couldn't be trusted.  Now, a shamelessly partisan network seems to think the good ole' boy is suddenly credible. -- Only in Nazi America.  Where day is night, night is day, and manure smells sweet.

Amusingly, the fascist element in this country is severely chagrined and irritated by comparisons of Iraq to Vietnam.  Tough, isn't it?  Most correctly, however, points to the huge disparity in casualties.  Fascists conveniently, though, myopically avoid issues of reality incompatible with their exceptionally narrow and perverse perspective.  Tend to perceive in black and white.  No shades of gray.  No brilliant hues of color.

Precisely, why the Nazi element conveniently ignores valid comparisons between both conflicts.  Such as fighting a war without support of the indigenous population.  Or throwing taxpayer money down a corrupt rat hole in a country, which has not been pacified before onset of "building" or "re-building."

Or getting bogged down in an unwinable war with no exit strategy.  Or moving political goalposts as fighting increases and things go south.  All of which occurred in Vietnam and currently in Iraq.  -- Don't confuse a Nazi with the truth, however.  He or she can't handle it.  Amusingly, require immediate re-boot of their exceptionally jaded and perverse "operating system."

Proverbial icing on the cake?  Dishonest assertions falsely mitigating true cost of military operations by disingenuously stating troops are paid whether they're in combat or deployed at home.  Such outrageous prevarication ignores astronomical cost of combat.

Costs associated not only with increased combat pay, but increased expense of medical care for active, discharged, and retired veterans, training expenses of replacing casualties, replacing and/or repairing damaged equipment, etc..  Sadly, the list can go on.  Yet, shills of the Nazi occupying the Oval Office insist on planting their heads in the sand.

While the Fascist Right now apparently embraces Geraldo Rivera, it conveniently ignores the continued loss of rights and civil liberties in our formerly great nation by the USA "Patriot" Act, Homeland Security Act, and other equally unconstitutional Executive Orders.

To the point, they ignore and/or excuse the fact federal goons are unconstitutionally authorized to obtain library patron information such as reading habits and materials perused.
Conveniently ignore or excuse the fact librarians can be prosecuted for disclosing to library patrons government thugs have indeed inquired regarding their reading habits. In direct violation of First and Fourth Amendment guarantees.  Yet, outrageously and falsely claim to be "supporters" of the Bill of Rights.

Worse?  These outrageously gutless fascists ignore and/or condone the fact federal goons are unconstitutionally authorized by the USA "Patriot" Act to break into anyone's residence or place of business, seize and remove anything they wish, without informing the target of their actions until much later, if ever.  Again, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.  Using a sealed "search warrant" that will never be provided to the target.  Again, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Yet, these cowardly bastards remain silent.  Apparently, applaud the fact federal goons are authorized to conveniently lie to anyone, yet falsely but successfully "prosecute" citizens in outrageously kangaroo "courts" who supposedly lied to them.  Nothing quite like hypocrisy, no?  Don't do as I do, do as I say. Sieg Heil Mein Fuhrer, America Uber Alles.

As Franklin wisely asserted well over two hundred years ago, anyone willing to trade liberty for security deserves and winds up with neither.  Sadly, this country does not deserve to survive due to its abject, shameless, glaring cowardice.

Americans have gutlessly and mindlessly turned their backs on the blood of millions shed to defend the Bill of Rights, -- shamelessly gutted by the current Nazis occupying the Oval Office, helm of the "Justice" Department, and Congress.  Falsely, in the name of national "security."  Amusingly, the aggressively stupid "American" population has bought the ruse, -- hook, line, and sinker.  Pitiful.

Did countless true patriots die for absolutely nothing at Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, Inchon, Pork Chop Hill, Hamburger Hill, Tet, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere?  Apparently, gutless "Americans" now think so.  Pathetic.

Our generation is directly responsible for this fiasco.  Will be held accountable under the sharpest glare of history.  With extremely rare exception, most of us gutlessly gave up thirty years ago and became part of the problem.  We have no one to blame, only ourselves.  We are directly responsible for the perverse fascist entrenched in the Oval Office.

He is a direct product of our warped generation.  A generation interested in no more than personal best interests, -- and, above all, money.  A generation that gleefully laughs its financially portly gluteus maximus all the way to the bank.  After hypocritically giving thanks for its good fortune in church every Sunday on bended knee.

While glaringly and cynically ignoring those in need.  Where "personal responsibility" is reserved for the unwashed masses, not those in power.  Certainly, not the "haves" of our hopelessly greedy society, -- or our Nazi "President", his henchmen, other government officials, or corporate management.  Prosecution of these bastards is un-evenhanded, nearly nonexistent.

We get what we richly deserve, though, don't we?  Approximately, half the population mindlessly supports the continuing assault on rights and atrocities perpetrated by the Bush "Administration" and its cronies.  -- Who'd 'a 'thunk' it, no?  Couldn't be, could it?

Sadly and pointedly, the United States is directly responsible for the creation of bin Laden and al Qaeda.  Fifty-six years of un-evenhanded treatment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East and continued needless dependence on Arab oil are directly responsible for ongoing hatred and terrorist activities there and elsewhere.

Until the United States becomes a truly honest broker of Middle East peace and energy independent, al Qaeda will survive, prosper, and sadly continue soundly kicking American gluteus maximus.  Foolishly, Mr. Bush has given the enemy an opportunity in Iraq it could have only dreamed of.  Ludicrously, created a monster it will have great difficulty destroying.

Outrageously, occupying Americans and their suppliers have become sitting ducks for al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Iraq.  The Nazi gutless "President" remains incapable of admitting having made an horrendous mistake that has cost nearly a thousand American lives, thousands maimed, tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis killed, -- victims of collateral damage.  Doesn't matter to the fascist, though, -- only return to office is important to Mr. Bush and his cronies.

What no foe could ever have achieved on the battlefield, Mr. Bush, his henchmen, and Congress willingly ceded the enemy, -- through passage of the USA "Patriot" Act, unconstitutional Executive Orders, and other legislation such as the Homeland "Security" Act.  Sadly, a direct cowardly betrayal of everything this formerly great country used to stand for.  Bush and Cheney should already have been impeached, convicted, and removed from office.  Only in Nazi America.

Should offended apologists and shills for the fascist occupying the White House not appreciate this exceptionally pointed assessment, tough.  Let them leave the country. Now.

Frankly, their aggressive stupidity and gutless cowardice are un-American and a direct slap in the face of all who gallantly bled and died defending the Bill of Rights.  Such glaring cowards do not deserve liberty.  They haven't earned it.  On the contrary, foolishly and gutlessly forfeited it.  Operant factors?  Blind fear, driving stupidity.

As discussed elsewhere on the Liberty In Peril website, spent a week last August covering the 33rd Judicial District Narcotics Enforcement Team's (NET) State of Texas vs. Joe Albert Crouch case in district court.  NET lost big.  Deliberately manufactured "evidence" against Crouch because he refused to play ball and falsely implicate other innocent parties NET was illicitly targeting.

Crouch was on parole for an earlier drug charge and had turned his life around.  Was gainfully employed and owned a highly lucrative plumbing business before government thugs sank their corrupt and abusive fangs into him.

Continued to falsely imprison him on a blue warrant, however, despite being exonerated at trial.  Held him for a kangaroo, closed parole board hearing.  Returned him to the Texas Department of Corrections where he was promptly beaten and continues to rot, despite the fact he was found not guilty of the charges for which he had been held under the blue warrant.  In Nazi America.  Where day is night, night is day, and manure smells sweet.  Habeas corpus no longer exists in a fascist police state.

NET thugs and District Attorney goons got to the Crouch family after trial, forcing them to renege on an agreement to provide temporary Internet access so this writer could post a 25-page report on the trial.  Click Here For Report.  Consequently, nothing was published in the community regarding the atrocity.  Nothing.  Again, in Nazi America.

As repeatedly asserted elsewhere on this website, NET manages and directs a multi-million dollar methamphetamine manufacturing and distribution cartel in Central Texas.  Finances its activities by looting local governments of "donations" for its "law enforcement" operations.

Now and then, however, to justify its corrupt and abusive existence, arrests a meth "cook" who might or might not have cheated them of proceeds.  Quantities seized, though, are usually extremely small.  Got to keep the market supplied with product, no?  The same "perpetrators" are repeatedly arrested and prosecuted.  Over and over and over, again.

This writer was, and continues to be, ejected from public computers in Llano and Burnet Counties.  In direct violation of the First Amendment.  While government, indeed, has no obligation to provide the proverbial printing press and ink, it has no right to regulate and/or ban protected speech on public computers. NoneEspecially, in public libraries funded by taxpayers.  Speech, indeed, highly critical of corrupt and abusive government officials.

Much of the aggressively stupid American population is not aware the First Amendment, in addition to all other constitutional and civil rights, is under direct assault, -- particularly in the last four years during the Bush regime.  Why do you think there is virtually no investigative reporting any longer in media?  Extremely little.

The press is sadly in bed with government authorities, -- far from being independent and certainly no longer biased, if ever, to the Left.  Another myth falsely perpetrated by the Fascist Right, and bought by the aggressively stupid and gutless "American" public.  Sadly, the media is well to the right of center, -- but clearly not fascist enough for the Nazi Right.

Sadly, half the population remains unconcerned a Nazi appointed "President", fond of hypocritically wearing "religion" on his sleeve, launched an unprovoked attack for the first time in American history on another sovereign nation.  Under false pretenses, to secure his place in history and return him to office never earned in the first place.

... Readers are reminded this writer is a political independent who voted third party during the last presidential election.  While Democrats are no better than Republicans, Gore would indeed have enjoyed legitimacy of office deliberately denied Bush through shameless blatant theft of the election by GOP goons and their gutlessly partisan apologists and shills.

Not only in Florida, but the U.S. Supreme Court.  -- Outrageously unconstitutional action by a blatantly Nazi court.  No question, Adolph and Benito would have been proud.  Particularly of Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas, -- the most glaringly fascist members of the high court.

Although the Fascist Right claims to be "compassionate" and embrace "conservatism", it's neither.  On the other hand, the late Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona having lost to Johnson in '64, was indeed conservative.  A politician who believed in tight fiscal restraint.

Unlike Ole' George "The Tush" who to date has turned out to be the biggest spender of all time.  Goldwater also believed a woman's uterus was her own damned business, not that of government or the Fascist Right.  True conservatives want government out of the bedroom and the personal lives of their constituents.  Fascists want the opposite.

Sadly, Texas and the rest of the South has become the heart and birthplace of "American" Right Wing fascism.  Ground Zero.  The proverbial jaws of the tiger.

Tim Chorney, Publisher    August 7, 2004
Liberty In Peril

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