By Shelly Comerford
Candidate for JP 2, Llano County

It is with great regret that I publish this.  Not because it involves me, but because I never wanted to say anything negative about any of my opponents.  There are 5 of us in the race and 4 of us have respect for each other and are not engaging in rumors or dirty politics.

Even I dismissed the rumor at first because it was so ridiculous and there is no truth to the allegation.  However, because this issue has gone far beyond the pale of mudslinging and is now being discussed as if it were fact, it has to be addressed.  I have attached the Offense Narrative taken by Deputy Wolfe on November 22nd at the Buchanan Dam Annex.  It states that Jerry Sharrock and Pamela Starke, the auditor, told him of substantial embezzlement and forgeries relating to Dent-Ex during the period of May – July 2013.  I confirmed with the District Attorney on Friday, January 31st, 2014 that no one has presented an investigation to his office.  I also confirmed with the Sheriff’s office that there is no investigation regarding me at this time, so it stands to reason there is no arrest warrant.  In fact, the investigator told me when I spoke to him, and I quote, “There was a report filed, but I can’t tell you when or if there will be an investigation on this report.”  Bank statements don’t lie and these charges are completely false.

Because these charges fall far outside any conceivable jurisdiction a JP has, the proper procedure during an election, would have been for the complainant to be directed to either the Sheriff’s Office or the District Attorney’s office.  Instead, a phone call was made from the BD Annex to have a deputy come to the Annex to take the report.

I have attached a copy of a sworn statement by Jeremy Smith stating that he was present when Pamela told Jerry, “Shelly didn’t take a dime.  Every penny is accounted for.”  I have also attached the sworn statements of Brent Arnold & Brady Arnold who were told on two separate occasions by Pamela Starke, after she completed the audit, that I did not take one red dime.

To add insult to injury, I have received phone calls from friends telling me that Linda Ballard approached them and told them I was going to be arrested for embezzlement.

In today’s world, you can sue anyone for anything and you can file a complaint on anyone and ruin them without a shred of evidence to back it up.  This is dirty politics at its finest.  And why do candidates running for office do it?  BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!  If I had committed these acts, do you really believe that I would run for office and use “Honesty, Integrity & Justice” as my campaign slogan?  Talk to people who know me and you will find that I am honest to a fault and would never take anything from anyone.  Talk to those who know Jerry Sharrock and see what his reputation is.  Then decide whom you will believe.

It will now be left up to you, the voters, to decide if dirty politics will determine this election or if you will vote for the candidate you believe would best fulfill the duties of the JP office.  My phone number is purposely on every sign and piece of campaign literature so people can contact me with any questions they have and I’m more than willing to discuss this further in a group setting or on a one-on-one basis.  My contact # is 830-385-6833.

God Bless you and thank you for taking the time to read this.  I am truly sorry that it had to come to this.

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