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Small business doesn't want a livable wage in the United States.  Too used to getting nearly free labor.  What ever happened to the rugged individualism embraced by the Right?  That is, not wanting something for nothing?  Yet, small business throughout our formerly great country wants exactly that.  That is, they don't seem to understand if a business cannot survive without paying a livable wage, it indeed doesn't deserve to.

CBS News reports:

"A national day of protests for a higher minimum wage is seeing demonstrations from O’Hare Airport in Chicago to Kansas City to Los Angeles.  The national “Fight For $15” protest is the latest in the fight for a $15-per-hour minimum wage. Protesters called the day of action “Disruption Tuesday.” Fast food employees, child care teachers, graduate assistants, and others in low-wage jobs who plan to walk off their jobs in 340 cities."

Can't have that, can we?

"In May, the Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Seattle’s new raised minimum wage law brought by franchise owners, signaling it does not plan to stop the movement that is spreading across the nation. Labor unions and other organizers are taking advantage of the legal climate to push for the $15-per-hour minimum wage. President-elect Trump has not been clear about what he believes the minimum wage should be, but has indicated previously he would leave that decision to the states."

'Insightful' of him, isn't it?  Goddamned gutless, as well.  As our formerly great country has continued to nazify, the middle class has been eviscerated by the corporate management suite.  Laid off, so the top 1% and shareholders could enjoy the benefits of record corporate profits and cash reserves.  While laid off employees wind up working for a minimum wage or a dollar or two above with no benefits, -- part time.


Truly think there is such a thing as a 'free' market?  That the market is not manipulated by those with the wealth?  CBS News reports:

"Auto technology is moving ahead faster than a Texas speed limit. Automatic braking prior to an accident, blind-spot warnings in traffic, rear-view cameras and a host of other options now increase the safety of new models.  But will these new devices lead to discounts by auto insurers? No, according to a study by The Zebra, a car insurance comparison website. Drivers who buy the high-tech stuff actually save less that 1 percent on their insurance premiums."

Pricing is driven by uncontrolled greed.   Supply and demand?  Increasingly, irrelevant as the country continues to nazify.  Increased safety features and advanced technology do little to nothing to reduce premiums.  Why?  Simple.  Increase profits.  Lower liability.  Line pockets of the top 1%, including the corporate management suite and shareholders.  To say nothing of auto repair shops and dealers.  While policyholders continue to be looted, egregiously f--ked.  Hard in the ass.  Without the Vaseline.  Further proof Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged laissez-faire business practices have not only been discredited, but proven to be the sham they truly are.


Hear about the Brock Turner fiasco?  This former Stanford athlete who is quite well to do was handed a six month sentence for rape by 'Judge' Aaron Persky.  Likely will do only three months.  This piece of shit raped an unconscious woman.  Over 800,000 people signed a petition to remove the 'judge' from office.  Sadly, will likely not happen.

Would have had no more to say regarding this issue until a friend interrupted a conversation I was having with another friend subsequent to writing the above paragraph.  Condescendingly, patronizingly, cluelessly opined someone should have told the victim not to get naked, hopelessly unconscious drunk, and behind a dumpster.  Implied things might have turned out differently had that happened. This guy knows better.  Is a hard core alcoholic, clean and sober decades.  To his great credit.

Doesn't seem to understand, however, or grasp the fact one can't expect rational behavior from someone who is intoxicated.  If anyone should fully understand this, he should.  Some of the stories he's told would have made your toes curl.  Quickly informed him he was making excuses for the perpetrator.  He was.  Didn't think so, however, and replied I misunderstood him.

Misunderstood what?  The fact she could have been buck ass naked, drunk to the point of unconsciousness, behind a dumpster, AND to have the expectation of not being raped?  This guy seemed to have implied some moral equivalency between the actions of the victim and the rapist, -- despite talking out both sides his ass by asserting the perpetrator should have received far stiffer punishment.  Not good enough.  Not by a long shot.

That is, the woman committed no crime by being drunken unconscious, naked, and behind a dumpster.  Brock Turner did.  He raped her while unconscious.  There is no moral equivalency.  She didn't get what she deserved despite what Aryan arrogant Right Wing national socialists seem to be implying and do think.  Despite their pleas to the contrary, just doesn't wash.

Quite possibly, this wealthy friend has great sympathy for the wealthy father of the rapist.  The old man excused his son's appalling criminal behavior.  Blamed it on the culture of drinking in the college community.  Or, perhaps, my friend's affiliation with AA has egregiously blinded him and distorted his view of personal responsibility.  Yes, the victim shouldn't have gotten drunken unconscious, nude, and behind a dumpster.  Hard to believe she did all that by her lonesome.  That doesn't, however, make her responsible in any way for her rape.

The son of a bitch criminal who raped her is the only one responsible for this hellacious crime.  What father or mother of a son or daughter hasn't instructed their offspring regarding the dangers of alcohol consumption?  The consequences?  Including this young woman who was raped by the son of a bitch.  Rape is a problem all over this country.  Hard to believe there is a college or university that has not had this problem.  Goes back decades.

Again, this seems to be a guy who self-righteously enjoys holding the unresponsible victim at least partially responsible for the actions of the solely responsible rapist.  This is a favorite ploy of the Right.  Blame the victim for the crime, -- while swearing they're not doing precisely that.  Goddamned phony bullshit.  ... Self-righteous preaching seems to bring them great pleasure and a sense of power.  Pitiful.  Pathetic.  Aryan arrogant.

When you hold their feet to the fire and expose their bullshit for what it is, however, they claim you misunderstood them.  It's called sophistry.  That is, can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit.  This son of a bitch will likely do three months for the crime of rape.  Will likely remain on a sex offenders list the rest of his life.  Tough shit.  Daddy will take care of this piece of shit.  Count on it.  Meanwhile, the victim lives with the consequences of the crime the rest of her life.  Nazi justice in Nazi America.  The goddamned Fourth Reich.

... To my rich friend and his opinion.  Truly think her father and mother never taught their daughter how dangerous consumption of alcohol can be?  Did the very same admonition ever stop you from such overindulgance?


Amazing how people see themselves as they wish to be seen, not as they truly are.  We're all guilty of this to at least some extent, obviously.  Some worse than others, however.  It's, sadly, human nature.   Especially, those in positions of great power such as a government official bought and paid for by his/her corporate masters.  ... Or, more strikingly, by an exceptionally high member, more precisely, former member of the corporate management suite.

They seem to believe their own bullshit unflinchingly.  Aren't lying, and since they aren't liars, come off as convincing and credible by most who don't know them very well.   Certainly, have conflated egos and inflated opinions of themselves to go along with their 'leadership' 'qualities,' 'abilities.'  That's why they attain high office in the corporation in the first place.  Have what it takes to carefully influence others, that is craftily manipulate, get them to do what they want.  Usually, unflinchingly.  Often through fear.  That ability to effectively manipulate is often far more important than any technical or business savvy they bring to the job.

If you were to ask their underlings what they thought of their superiors, protected their identities so there would be no blow back, you'd get the truth.  -- A truth far different than what the 'leader' perceives it to be.  Often, quite the opposite.  But since there is indeed what is often a vicious food chain to be considered, these individuals in positions of high power usually remain shielded from the truth.  Indeed, "The King has no clothes!"  A truth they would never believe anyway since ego nearly always gets in the way.

Unless, of course, shareholders are getting f--ked.  That is, earnings suck, or have sucked too long for their positions in authority to be sustained.  Then they get fired, replaced with yet another 'leader.'  Since these corporate 'leaders' buy and sell their government lackeys with impunity, results can often be not what is expected by shareholders or board members.

Mistakes are always made.  Human nature is often unpredictable, but always driven by greed and unenlightened self interest.  Despite what the 'leader' delusionally believes to be 'leadership' 'talent', it's his/her overly inflated ego usually doing the talking.  If you aggressively challenge their bullshit, they do what it takes to divert attention from themselves.  Sophistry is often most conveniently applied when this happens.  -- Can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit.  Usually works, since few people are truly willing to hold their feet to the fire.  Too goddamned gutless.

Until this highly perverse Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged corporate way of doing business changes, the bubble will continue to grow until it bursts.  We're already seeing evidence of it as public unrest continues to grow.  Precisely, why both major political parties are having problems with candidates no one wants, no one is happy with.

Exactly, why police brutality and other malfeasance are being challenged on a scale not seen since the 1960s.  Unless there is desperately needed change, that is, the corporate management suite finally wakes up, as well as its bought and paid for lackeys in government, the unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon could indeed become reality.

Especially, since the corporate management suite sees absolutely no reason to change its ways, that is, compensate people with a living wage.  Treat them like human beings, not corporate chattel.  Refuses to take any responsibility for the decimation of the middle class.  That zero-sum, winner take all mentality is directly responsible for the middle class quickly becoming extinct.  Cynical view?  Hell, no.  Biting reality no one is willing to acknowledge.  Combat.  Too goddamned gutless, shortsighted, and clueless.  ... Right, TL?

Tim Chorney, Publisher
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