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In follow up to the last edition, The Washington Post reports:

"Richard Bertrand Spencer had just told his guests how inspired he was by their presence when the rising sound of fury outside the dining room’s double doors reached his ears. He knew what it meant."

Protesters.  ... Protesters who intend to give the Nazi Right no quarter.

"Spencer stepped into the open hallway and, there, beneath the wooden second-floor railing at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Northwest Washington, more than 30 protesters were marching up the stairway toward him. Several held posters — “No to Racism and Fascism” — and blew whistles. “No Nazis! No KKK! No fascist USA!” they shouted, their voices intensifying as he came into view."

If you remain silent, you get what you deserve.  Too bad the rest of us suffer for your cowardice, aching ignorance.

"Ten feet from the top of the stairs, a Maggiano’s employee — a black man in a light-blue button-down and red tie — spread his arms wide, blocking the mob from reaching the 100 or so white nationalists who had gathered at the restaurant Friday for a private dinner. Spencer walked behind him and looked down at the activists. Then the man who had coined the term “alt-right” grinned and waved."

The Aryan arrogance of these nazis remains highly reminiscent of Hitler and his Brownshirts.

"For years, Spencer and his followers worked in obscure corners of the Internet to promote pride in white identity and the creation of an “ethno-state” that would banish minorities. Then came the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, whose attacks on undocumented immigrants, Muslims and political correctness deeply resonated with them."

This is precisely what Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini stood for.  Fascist principles they imposed on cheering masses.

"Though Trump denounced the alt-right Tuesday, its adherents had crusaded for him on Twitter before the election and celebrated his victory as a seminal moment for their cause."

Indeed, it is.  ... As the rumble of an unwanted dreaded second American revolution catastrophically looms on the horizon.  Too deaf to hear?

"They exulted again when Trump announced that his chief White House strategist would be former Breitbart chairman Stephen K. Bannon, who once called his website “the platform for the alt-right.”

Trump is a nazi.  His rhetoric is that of a nazi.  His plan to mass deport millions is that of a nazi.  His intention to perniciously blend government, business, and religion is that of a nazi.  Unlike decades ago, however, his planned nazification of our formerly great country into The Fourth Reich will not stand unchallenged.

"And no one is more critical to the alt-right movement than Spencer, its carefully crafted public face. Last weekend, the articulate, highly educated 38-year-old hosted a conference in the nation’s capital that drew nearly 300 white nationalists and at least 50 reporters. But his agenda reaches far beyond any single gathering. Spencer envisions a world in which his ideals are embraced by the mainstream, and he has vowed to keep pushing until that happens."

This is what makes this piece of shit and his nazi henchmen an exigent threat to a democratic republic, to all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.  This is precisely why the Alt Right has embraced Donald Trump.  He's one of them.  He's embraced their national socialist, fascist, nazi ideology.

"But from a distance, almost everything about him appears as innocuous as the term “alt-right” — and that’s by design. Spencer heads a pair of organizations with unremarkable names: the National Policy Institute and Radix Journal. He dresses in three-piece Brooks Brothers suits, gold-coin cuff links and $5,000 Swiss watches, and he sports a swept-over hipster haircut known as a “fashy” (as in fascist). Spencer, who has degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago, dismisses such labels as Nazi, racist and white supremacist, preferring to describe himself as an “identitarian.”

This fascist son of a bitch is no “identitarian.”  He is no more than what he is, -- a goddamned nazi.  An exigent threat to a democratic republic, all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.

"Even before Twitter banned him and other white nationalists last week, he seldom trolled his enemies.  But to those who track hate groups, Spencer is dangerous because, when he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t look or sound or act dangerous."

Neither did Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

"With the protesters gone, he returned to the private room, which had been reserved under the name “Griffin family reunion.” Inside, former reality-TV star Tila Tequila — who claims she is Adolf Hitler reincarnated — joined two men in the movement in a Sieg Heil salute posted to Twitter. A young blond man who wore a tight shirt and thigh-high shorts in the style of a Nazi youth mingled with a gray-haired, 69-year-old lawyer in a dark suit and tie who once represented the KKK. (On Monday, the restaurant apologized for hosting the gathering, saying it didn’t know anything about the National Policy Institute.)"

How could it not know?  Didn't vet the group before taking their money?

“Let’s party like it’s 1933,” he declared, referencing the year Hitler was appointed Germany’s chancellor and the Nazis embarked on the creation of their own ethno-state.  Beneath chandeliers and amid dark, wood-paneled walls, the alt-right erupted in cheers.  Spencer, his expression now serious, waited for them to quiet, then spoke once more.  “Let’s party like it’s 2016!” he shouted, raising his bare arms and pumping them in the air as the room roared even louder."

You Republican fascists here in Nazi Llano County cheering for this piece of shit?  This, the man?  Your man?

"How, he was asked, in a nation with more than 100 million blacks, Asians and Latinos, could a whites-only territory be created without overwhelming violence?  Over chocolate croissants and an Americano coffee at a Corner Bakery Cafe, he avoided the question, discussing Nietzsche, communism’s origins, history’s unpredictability.  Then, at last, he offered an answer.  “Look, maybe it will be horribly bloody and terrible,” he said. “That’s a possibility with everything.”

This is the bottom line for a nazi.  ... What makes a nazi such an exigent threat to everything our formerly great country used to stand for.  The quotes are from a most gifted, insightful Washington Post writer, John Woodrow Cox.


Amazing how distorted the 'thinking' of the Right has become.  Robert Knight is a case in point.  The Washington Times reports:

"Despite all the talk about “rising inequality” in America, the real gap is not so much income disparity. It’s the neon-bright double standard in terms of laws, lawlessness and cultural values. The ruling class can do or say anything and go its merry way, while the average American finds himself in the grip of an ever-tightening octopus of official and unofficial sanctions for insufficient fealty to the opinions of our decadent ruling class."

Really think the people on the bottom and the middle class aren't truly financially suffering as the top 1% takes it all?  No more than a zero-sum game.  Winner-take-all.  Has nothing to do with the supposed government 'ruling class.'  Rather, the real 'ruling class,' the corporate management suite and the rich.

Knight seems to have conveniently forgotten the government at all levels is bought and paid for.  By the corporate management suite.  The high and mighty own their bought and paid for shills in government.  All levels of government.  Certainly, do at Wells Fargo.  Right, Amanda?  Knight conveniently seems to ignore, as well, these bought and paid for shills nearly always do their corporate masters' bidding.  If not, the gravy train ends.  ... Can't have that, can we?


In the latest edition of the Cruz Newsletter, the Senator continues to live in his own world:

"Last week, I had the opportunity to meet Texans from across our great state, including brave men and women in uniform, business leaders, and local officials, in order to listen to their concerns. After each stop, I was reminded of the common sense values that make our state so strong. At the national level, we see far too little common sense, but right here in Texas, we understand that when the government gets out of the way, individuals and businesses are free to chart their own course."

"Common sense values?"  Whose?  Yours, Senator?  How about the rest of us who strongly disagree with your re-write of reality, history, etc.?  How do women "chart their own course" when national socialists like you dictate what they can and cannot do with their uterus?  Think oil companies should do as they please as well?  Whether or not well water gets contaminated through fracking?  Whether earthquakes continue from the intense pressure used in the process?

How about Big Coal?  Think taxpayers should continue to bear the burden of black lung, etc.?  While Big Coal skates?  How about all the diseases the public is subject to from the pollution created?  Doesn't matter to an Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged national socialist like you, sir?  Can certainly go on, but why bother?  You're too damned clueless, aggressively stupid.


The White House simply doesn't get it.  Remains hopelessly clueless.  Job growth absolutely stunk during May.  Reportedly, 38,000 new jobs created.  The White House blamed the union and strike at Verizon.  Abject bullshit.  A crock of shit.  These workers are being f--ked over.  Verizon is lining its pockets.  Won't share the wealth.  Wants it all.  Tough shit.  Management got what it deserved.  Too bad they didn't stay out longer.  Hold out for more.

Unemployment statistics are determinedly inaccurate no matter what.  By design.  People who are unemployed and have given up looking are not included in the statistic.  That's called fudging data.  Abject bullshit.  A goddamned ruse.  This economy stinks because the top 1% are bound and determined to take it all.  Precisely, why salaries and perqs of the corporate management suite continue to sky rocket.

Why corporate profits and cash reserves remain at record levels.  The middle class and bottom are paying the price.  Royally f--ked in the ass without the Vaseline.  While the greedy bastards in the top 1% laugh their financially portly asses off all the way to the bank.  After properly giving thanks to the Lord for their good fortune on bended knee in church every Sunday.  Goddamned hypocrites.

Indeed, it's fascism:

Fascism, nazism, national socialism defined as the pernicious blend of government, business, and religion. 'Justified' by perversion and bastardization of the latter.

Yet, it's not enough.  Never is.  Unbridled, laissez-faire capitalism.  Discredited Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged 'principles' that line the pockets of the top 1% at the expense of the middle class and bottom of the food chain. These goddamned corporations continue to move headquarters overseas to evade U.S. taxes.  Let them go.  Force them to leave all assets behind including forfeiture of U.S. citizenship.

The middle class has been eviscerated as all wealth moves to a virtual handful, -- the top 1%.  Another reason why an unwanted dreaded second American revolution remains catastrophically looming on the horizon.  Yet, the greedy bastards still don't get it.  Remain determinedly clueless as Nero, who fiddled as Rome burned centuries ago.  Where? Wake up.  Where else?  Nazi America.  Indeed, The Fourth Reich. Right, Sheriff?  TL?


U.S. District 'Judge' Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled 6-3-16 the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Players Association has no right to strike the U.S. Soccer Federation and the Summer Olympics.  Sadly, this sad excuse for a 'jurist' has her head securely lodged where the sun seldom shines.  ... To put it 'politely.' -- More 'politely' than this woman truly deserves.  Especially, since she's determinedly legislating her perverse ideological views from the bench.

The contract she referenced expired, -- 2012.  Didn't stop this piece of crap from denying these ladies their constitutional right to strike.  Then again, this is Nazi America.  A goddamned fascist police-state.  Where day is night, night is day, and shit smells perversely sweet.  The ladies complain they're paid far less than the men.  Surprise, surprise.  Who'd 'a 'thunk' it, no?  This ruling needs to be appealed.  Nothing quite like involuntary servitude, is there?  To say nothing of a 'judge' beholden to her corporate masters.


Proposition 1 defeated.  Those on the Right seem to have forgotten the qualifier "liberal" derives from the concept of liberty.  Listening to nazis on the Right in our formerly great country you would never know that to be true.  They've so bastardized the concept Republican national socialists have no clue what liberty truly means any longer.  Precisely, why they desperately wish to deny women access to birth control and abortions.

They certainly don't believe women can make these decisions for themselves.  They desperately wish to abrogate reproductive liberty to impose their exceptionally convoluted, highly perverse religious and ideological views on all.  Austin is about the only part of Nazi Texas that remained a liberal oasis, that is, a freedom loving island.  Until now.

The aggressively stupid, hopelessly shortsighted bastards in Austin rejected Proposition 1.  What this defeat meant was that Uber and Lyft drivers would continue to be required to submit to fingerprint background checks.  This is goddamned unnecessary and a highly invasive abrogation of privacy rights.

What this requirement would mean is fingerprints of innocent non-criminals would wind up in a goddamned national FBI data bank.  What for?  Liberty is dangerous.  Sometimes, lethal.  Expect government to protect the gutless from ALL risk?  Then you have absolutely no clue what liberty truly is, means.  What it sometimes costs.

Uber and Lyft responded appropriately to the failure of the proposition.  They left the city.  Tough shit.  Freedom, liberty, privacy rights come before an unnecessary invasion of that of drivers.  Pay the cab fares you ignorant gutless bastards.  Ride the bus.  Drive your own vehicle.  You got what you deserved.  F--ked.  Where will gutless Americans draw the line?  Continue to put up with this goddamned unnecessary bullshit?  Falsely, in the name of 'security.'

What is surprising is the fact the defeat of this proposition came in a city that normally prizes liberty.  Does all it can to prevent GOP nazis from denying women the right not only to contraception and abortion, but all female healthcare.  Have unsuccessfully fought Republican nazis from forcing doctors to in effect sexually assault women seeking an abortion by imposing by statute a highly unnecessary invasive transvaginal ultrasound prior to an abortion.

Practice medicine without a license, all in an effort to make abortion, indeed a constitutional right, as difficult, uncomfortable, unnecessarily intrusive, invasive, and as unavailable as possible to discourage it.  All because these goddamned Republican nazis remain desperate to force their perverse and convoluted religious and ideological views on all by law.  Have deliberately shit, and continue to shit, on the United States Constitution.

Now, we have the supposedly liberal City of Austin doing what they rightfully accuse national socialist, fascist Republicans of doing.  They ought to be ashamed of themselves. With the defeat of this proposition, they offer highly troubling evidence they indeed remain no better than GOP national socialists.

What is not surprising is the fact GOP fascists hypocritically criticize Austin for voting down Proposition 1.  Claiming 'liberals' in Austin apparently want more regulation.  While hypocritically dictating themselves (GOP partisans) to women what they can and cannot do with their uterus vis a vis abortion, contraception, and medical care they are now being denied from Planned Parenthood by Republican nazis.

Egregious GOP hypocrisy aside, Austin does have its head up its collective ass.  Who the hell are they to require Uber and Lyft drivers to submit to fingerprint background checks that will remain in an FBI database?  This is an infringement on liberty.  An egregious infringement.  Houston is even worse. Lyft does not do business in Houston.  Uber is threatening to leave.  With good reason.

The City of Houston not only demands such fingerprint background checks, but requires drivers be drug tested and submit to a physical.  This is goddamned bullshit. Uber should leave.  It's none of the goddamned government's business what the condition of your health happens to be.  These are drivers of small vehicles.  Not 80-ton trucks, buses, fighter jets, commercial airliners, not soldiers going to combat.  It's an egregious invasion of privacy and government way over stretching its authority.

What's next?  Physicals and drug tests for ALL licensed drivers?  That will not be tolerated in this country.  People will drive without a license rather than comply.  The jails will be overloaded.  How far is too far?  Why not demand Uber and Lyft drivers undergo a colonoscopy?  After all this goddamned government is always looking up the ass of innocent citizens, isn't it?  Besides its lackeys in the medical profession could thus generate thousands of additional bucks to be shared with greedy government shysters, right?  Talk about an ass f--king, no?

With the growing number of fatal errors occurring in hospitals and clinics all over the country, why aren't all medical personnel including doctors and nurses constantly alcohol and drug tested?  Why aren't they forced to undergo outrageously invasive physicals every six months since they are in positions of great responsibility where the people they treat can easily die at their hands when mistakes are made?  And do.

If we are going to insist on drug tests and physicals for truck and bus drivers, pilots, etc.. why aren't we doing the same for all medical personnel?  Why is there a double standard?  Since leadership at all levels of government including the judiciary is so critical to the public, why aren't we routinely forcing all government officials to be routinely drug and alcohol tested as well as intrusively physically examined?  That is, let the fascist bastards take it up the ass.  Literally.

You idiots out there who work for corporations routinely, cowardly ignore the fact you are no more than human chattel.  No rugged individualism.  Corporate-owned, bought and paid for.  Precisely, why you cowardly, compliantly literally bare your asses for corporate inspection by the company doctor.  Willingly, compliantly, cowardly piss in a cup under employer supervision.  To sit in front of a keyboard or stock shelves all day.  When the hell are you going to require the same of all idiots who work for government?  On a regular basis.  Not just at time of employment.  Equally pointedly, when will you finally wake up and understand you've forfeited all civil and constitutional rights and liberties?  Falsely, in the name of 'security.'


Amazing how right wing media distorts reality to justify the unjustifiable, that is, reinforce its political agenda.  Latest case in point?  The Washington Times recently referenced an old study conducted by Washington State University, pre-Ferguson, to distort reality and falsely claim police are reluctant to exercise sufficient force against blacks.  Imagine that.  Where have we heard this bullshit before?

That's simply untrue.  A false statement not backed by data.  Worse?  That police are supposedly more reluctant to shoot black suspects than whites.  They're not.  Not by a long shot.  The number of blacks wantonly killed by police stands in dispute of this goddamned bullshit.  No more than a carefully constructed ruse, distortion of reality, and manipulation of statistics.  By the Nazi Right who rarely stands up against this goddamned corruption and abuse in law enforcement.

Indeed, more whites are killed than blacks by law enforcement.  That's not because cops are afraid of being labeled racists, however.  Most of them, at least way too many, couldn't care less what they're labeled.  Right, Sheriff?  TL?  Or, more importantly, how they're viewed by the public they allegedly serve.   Rather, The Times was moreover trying to make the point that cops are not killing blacks because they're racists as claimed by Black Lives Matter.  How 'bout that?  That seems to be the point The Times was apparently desperately trying to falsely make.  Again, to defend the indefensible.

Regardless, it's bullshit and irrelevant.  Indeed, a red herring.  Cops are wantonly killing blacks, that is murdering them, out of fear driven by stereotyping.  More so, far more so, than blatant racism.  ... Not that we don't have racist cops.  Including right here in Llano County.  Including and despite what's happening in California and the Deep South.  Worse and number one problem?  Law enforcement has grown achingly cowardly. Gutless.  It's why cops shoot first, ask questions later.

They may indeed be more afraid of blacks than whites, but they are killing more whites.  Likely so because whites remain a much larger sample of the overall population.  Not because of racism.  -- At least, we should hope not.  Or, the alternative would be achingly unacceptable.  ... An unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon.

What is not true, however, what there is no evidence of, is the supposed fact that police are reluctant to kill blacks because they're afraid of being falsely accused of racism.  That's a different matter.  Whole different breed of animal.  That claim is unadulterated bullshit manufactured by the Nazi Right.  That is, there is no "reverse racism" at work here.  That it is not a factor that is supposedly endangering police.

That's indeed goddamned bullshit claimed by The Times.  As well as the Nazi Right.  Doesn't wash.  Doesn't exist.  Unadulterated cleverly manufactured bullshit.  If it it did, there wouldn't continue to be as many unjustified killings of blacks as there continues to be.  That is, statistics vis a vis blacks killed would be far lower.  In other words?  Police are sadly having a field day killing innocent blacks.  Doing so with virtual impunity until Ferguson.  That changed the game.

Even now, they continue to murder on the job.  This must change.  Otherwise, the unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon could indeed become reality.  Saddest of all?  The Right continues to cowardly have nothing to offer vis a vis desperately needed change in the law enforcement community.  Other than engage in sophistry.  That is, can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?

The Washington Times claims:

"Instead, the Washington State University research, which was conducted before the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, lends support to previous studies pointing to a “reverse racism” phenomenon in policing.  (It does?  How?  Where?)

“We need to move beyond the post-Ferguson atmosphere where all use of force against a racial/ethnic minority person is considered biased and unreasonable until proven otherwise,” concluded the study, published in the May edition of the academic journal Criminology & Public Policy. (Additional unsubstantiated bullshit, distortion of reality)

“We need to move beyond this atmosphere that leads officers to put their lives in danger to avoid the significant-to-dire consequences of using force even when it is justified,” the report said." (More of the same unsubstantiated bullshit designed to protect murderous officers, maintain an unsustainable status quo)

No one claims all use of force "is considered biased and unreasonable until proven otherwise."  That's crap.  Bullshit.  No one ferociously criticizing law enforcement, including this writer, is making that claim.  It's distortion of reality by the Nazi Right which remains securely in the pocket of law enforcement, it's corrupt and abusive shills in prosecutor's offices, as well as on the bench.

Clearly, they're running scared.  Claiming police are at increased risk when the opposite is true.  It's the public that's severely threatened by out of control, unaccountable jackbooted thugs.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?  Worse?  They're making excuses for murderous out of control jackbooted thugs.  In this goddamned County we can't even get the incompetent jackbooted boob in office some seven and a half years to release dashcam footage of the latest killing by officers in the Wise case.  Four weeks after the fact.  The fascist bastard won't even release the identity of the officers who killed Wise.  That's goddamned pathetic.

Have their shorts in a wad over the fact  law enforcement, prosecutors, and shyster judges on the bench are now being sharply, pointedly questioned.  Tough shit. About time.  The alternative?  An unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon.  Must not be forgotten we have an abusive Sheriff and his jackbooted goons continuing to abuse the public right here in this goddamned hell hole County.  Doing so with impunity.  No consequences.  Just stolen elections. Right, Sheriff?  TL?

We have a Sheriff's election that appears to be no more than deliberately stolen.  A runoff denied since the Sheriff and/or his jackbooted goons appear to have intimidated Schilling.  Apparently, gotten him to effectively withdraw.  One way or the other.  Decline a nomination he was highly likely not to have gotten anyway.  Certainly, because of how Blackburn, his goons, and their masters in Llano do business.  The fascist bastards have it all sewn up.  Always do.  Why?  Wake up, readers.  You allow this.  Your cowardice reinforces this abominable criminal behavior.

We've had nearly eight years of a goddamned fascist police-state here in Nazi Llano County under Blackburn.  Worse, than during the Garrett regime.  The Garrett regime worse than Ligon before him.  Things always seem to progressively worsen as the County has nazified.  Grown into a goddamned fascist police-state.

... Right, Sheriff?  TL?  A raucous boot clicking, goose stepping, treacherous, traitorous, treasonous Sieg Heil!?  Where innocent people continue to be ticketed and jailed to generate revenue.  We have two recent elections that have the appearance of being stolen.  Nothing has been done.  Nothing will be done.

Since these bastards know you, the citizenry, remain hopelessly ignorant, aggressively stupid, achingly gutless.  No question, the ripest environment for unbridled corruption and abuse.  Indeed, you have the best County money can literally buy.  Yet, you remain too gutless to say no more.  Won't figuratively hold the feet of these corrupt, abusive, truly evil bastards to the proverbial fire.  Too goddamned gutless.

Consequently, we're in for more of the same.  Demand the Sheriff release dashcam video of the recent Wise killing by DPS and LCSO on Hwy 71.  Demand all law enforcement authorities here in Llano County release complete details of the supposed investigations of four other highly questionable killings in the last decade or so by officers in the field near Fuzzy's Corner, within the City of Llano, in Point Tella, and Tow.  If there are any others I'm not aware of, kindly bring them to my attention.  They will be published.

Most of all, we desperately need a criminal investigation of all County departments.  All of them.  Particularly, the Sheriff's Office.  That needs to be accompanied by an outside audit.  The problem is we can no longer trust any state agencies or the federal government to do this.  Sadly, there is no one who can be trusted any longer to do the right thing.  No one.  Our formerly great nation has indeed become a goddamned fascist police-state.

Don't like the tone? Rhetoric?  Tough shit.  Move to Iraq.  Syria.


The 'Justice' Department gave North Carolina until 5-9-16 to respond to a letter claiming the state's House Bill 2 law violates the Civil Rights Act and Title IX.  North Carolina sued in response.  Clearly, wishes to continue discriminating against the LGBT community.  HB 2 requires transgenders to use the bathroom corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate.

Doesn't matter if they've had surgery to change gender.  Doesn't matter what gender they've embraced and lived under for years.  Only matters to the not-so-great State of North Carolina they be discriminated against.  What we have here is national socialists in North Carolina who falsely claim to be 'Christians' who desperately wish to impose their perverse and convoluted religious and ideological views on all through the force of law.

The federal government immediately filed suit against North Carolina.  Will certainly be interesting to see how this is finally adjudicated.  It is another example where states are abusing their authority, shitting on the United States Constitution, and need to be reined in by federal authorities.  This is not a states rights issue.

Rather, it's a fight over whether or not religious fascists will be successful in imposing their perverse, highly convoluted religious views on all in direct violation of The Establishment Clause First Amendment, as well as The Civil Rights Act and Titles VII, IX.  The federal government should immediately suspend all federal aid to North Carolina until this issue is resolved.  Would amount to billions.  Why should federal taxpayers continue to be looted by a state that openly discriminates?

What these fascist bastards in North Carolina wish to do is openly discriminate against the LGBT community.  These hopelessly ignorant fascists perversely equate the LGBT community, particularly transgenders, with pedophiles.  That's bullshit.   Transgenders are not pedophiles.  Have been using bathrooms for years with no untoward incidents.  Where do these turkeys come up with this shit?  Sick religion?  What are their pastors teaching these turkeys?

National socialist states, including ours, are desperate to impose their outrageously perverse, convoluted ideological and religious views on all by statute.  Falsely, label it a states rights issue.  Bullshit.  We have the right to be free from religion and the fascists so desperate to force their sick, perverse, and convoluted views on all by law.  That's unacceptable.  Intolerable.  Not embraced by all Christians, but the fascist element on the fringe.

This has to be ferociously resisted.  If there is no freedom from religion, no reproductive freedom, there is no freedom at all.  Precisely, what the nazi element desperately wants and will not settle for less.  Should they be successful, the unwanted dreaded second American revolution already catastrophically looming on the horizon could indeed become reality.

To our nazi Texas Governor and Attorney General, a raucous, boot clicking, goose stepping, treasonous, treacherous, traitorous Sieg Heil!?  Where did you nazis lose yourselves?  Where are your swastika armbands?


Former Nixon and Ford National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger recently spoke at an LBJ Library symposium on Vietnam.  This fascist son of a bitch did all he could to re-write history:

"There was nobody who wanted war, there was nobody who wanted to escalate the war. They all wanted peace. But the question was, 'Under what conditions can you do that?'"

That's simply untrue.  Unadulterated bullshit.  Distortion of reality.  Convenient re-write of history to falsely improve history's judgment of him and his fellow fascist henchmen in the Nixon Administration.  Courtesy of a war criminal named "Henry The K" Kissinger who was never prosecuted for his crimes.

Johnson certainly wanted war when he first used a phony Gulf of Tonkin military 'incident' that never occurred as an excuse to start bombing the North in August 1964.  The equally phony Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was hastily passed by Congress as rubber stamp.  That quickly then led to the determined escalation of the war by sending combat troops en masse several months later in 1965.

It usefully lined the pockets of corporate war profiteers.  Got the cookies off of the Fascist Right when the war was escalated against the communists.  They were champing at the bit for blood.  Was certainly a carefully considered ploy considered for years after the French left Vietnam in defeat.  Kennedy was opposed to this escalation.  Had planned to get all advisers out shortly before he was assassinated in 1963.

-- Possibly, one of the reasons he was murdered.  Would certainly have damaged the financial interests of the corporate management suite back then.  As well as their bought and paid for shills on the Nazi Right.  Indeed, a rabid group of John Birch Society bona fide fascists, national socialists, nazis who had insinuated themselves quite successfully into the political arena courtesy of Sen. Joe McCarthy.  Certainly, one of the most rabid sons of bitches at the time, -- and of all time.

Johnson initially, insanely thought the war would be a cake walk.  Intended to invite veterans to the LBJ ranch for a barbecue after quick victory.  Imagine that.  The haughty bastard certainly achingly underestimated the tenacity and iron will of the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong.  Johnson began to have second thoughts as the war went south, however, and the young started vigorously protesting the war:

"Hey, hey, LBJ how many kids did you kill today?"

Was subsequently, consequently forced from office in disgrace.  Had no  way out.  Only to be replaced by another criminal national socialist named "Tricky Dick" Nixon.  This goddamned nazi son of a bitch lied about having "a secret plan to end the war."  Openly, egregiously lied to the people during the '68 election campaign.

Bold faced lied.  Had no such plan.  The aggressively stupid bastard and his sidekicks thought they could pull a fast one.  Deceive the North Vietnamese communists as well as the American public.  Sadly, they (North Vietnamese) had more on the ball than Nixon, Agnew, McNamara, Kissinger, and all the rest of the war criminals responsible for prosecuting this atrocity put together.

That's not, however, to justify the communists.  Simply put, it was not our responsibility to fight them.  It was the responsibility of the South Vietnamese.  Who certainly did not do all they could to defeat the bastards.  Were as corrupt as the day was long.  Instead, we were viewed and became imperialists in the eyes of the world.  Sadly, with damned good reason.  Although nazis in our country could never understand this.  Remain deliberately myopic to this very day.  Couldn't see past the tip of their national socialist noses.  Especially, "Henry The K" Kissinger.

Sadly, the war dragged on another four years.  The goddamned national socialist in the Oval Office disingenuously repeatedly chanted he wanted "peace with honor."  Ad nauseum.  A crock of shit.  Mind numbing goddamned bullshit the young in this country clearly saw through.  Almost as many were killed and maimed on the battlefield during these four years as in the previous five.

The fascist bastard warming the seat in the Oval Office had no plan.  None at all.  No workable strategy.  All they seemed to do was escalate the war as the communists hit back.  Tit for tat.  These bastards clearly knew almost from Day 1 they had an enemy that would never give up.  Never be intimidated.  Never capitulate.  Was willing to take a ferocious pounding from the air.  Shot down many of our pilots, -- especially since the traitorous assholes in Washington frequently told the North Vietnamese where we were going to bomb.

Pilots were subsequently consequently shot down, killed, maimed, spent years tortured in the Hanoi Hilton.  All courtesy of Johnson and his criminal son of a bitch successor "Tricky Dick" Nixon.  Who had no plan.  No strategy.  No way out.  We retreated under his successor, Gerald Ford.  Lost the war.  Can still remember U.S. military personnel jamming rifle butts against the hands of South Vietnamese nationals desperately clinging on to the retreating choppers.

A goddamned disgrace.  -- These people who were loyal to us were consequently killed or imprisoned after we left.  History repeated itself in Iraq.  How many did we turn our backs on there?  A country that never should have been invaded in the first place by another goddamned Republican war criminal named George "The Tush" Bush and his side kick "Slick Dick" Cheney.  Two goddamned war criminals who have yet to be prosecuted for their crimes.  Both unrepentant.  Both handsomely lined the pockets of their corporate masters.  At taxpayer expense and the blood of our best and brightest in the military.  Traitors.

Kissinger, regarding the Vietnam debacle, lamely, falsely, recently opined:

"The fundamental failure was the division in our country, without that we could have managed it. It's a historic tragedy that America found itself so divided."

That's more goddamned delusionally psychotic bullshit.  Phony re-write of history.  Blaming the victim for the crime.  The young, indeed, were victimized.  Cannon fodder.  They were draftees.  Few of them, volunteers.   This fascist son of a bitch lackey of Nixon continues to this very day to distort reality.  Self-servingly.

There was no way that war ever could have been won.  The enemy was determined.  It was their territory.  They knew it well.  Were well-prepared, superbly motivated, unwilling to compromise.  Aided by the Soviets and particularly, the Chinese.  We had no stake there.  None at all.  Never could have.  Never would have.  "It was the money, stupid."  Corporate and shareholder loot.

As well as the last best chance of the Fascist Right to kill communists.  They delusionally thought they'd have a field day.  Easy slog.  Not to be.  Yes, our troops kicked ass.  Never lost a major battle.  Even Tet in January '68 was a disaster for the communists.  They took horrendous losses.  Yet, it turned out to be the turning point of the war.

Was certainly clear at the time the war could not be won.  Was only a matter of how many more were to be killed in action and maimed.  Nazi bastard "Tricky Dick" placed ersatz 'honor' before military lives and what was best for our formerly great country.  'Peace with honor' was to cost thousands of additional lives.  Billions in treasure.  As well as a fractured formerly great nation.  An horrendous price to be paid.  Especially, since none of these bastards responsible was ever held accountable.  Not one of them.  Including, Kissinger.  Instead, insult was added to injury and the war criminal was invited to speak at the symposium.

Contrary to assertions of this son of a bitch, had it not been for protest, we still would have been in Vietnam.  Why wouldn't we?  It was lining the pockets of the corporate management suite and its lackeys in government.  Had it not been for protest, the charade and atrocity would have continued indefinitely.

The Nazi Right falsely embraced the Domino Theory, that is, if Vietnam fell, so would the rest of Southeast Asia.  Did not happen.  In fact, they're now our trading partners.  Want even more trade.  What webs we weave.  58,000 of our best and brightest died for nothing.  Absolutely, nothing.  Tens of thousands more were maimed.  Countless thousands are suffering from post traumatic stress today.  All for what?  So the corporate management suite could line its pockets.

Worse, Johnson, Nixon, Agnew, Kissinger, and countless other war criminals were never prosecuted.  Never held accountable.  Some of this activity was treasonous.  Such as warning the North as to where our A-4s, F-4s, F-105s, B-52s were going to attack.  Many pilots were shot down as a result, either killed in action or imprisoned in the Hanoi Hilton for some six years.

To be tortured and abused.  Yet, no one in our national socialist government was held accountable.  No one.  Instead, a nazi named Kissinger is invited to a symposium at the LBJ Library only to goddamn lie, distort reality, Aryan arrogantly blame the victims, and re-write history.  F--k the son of a bitch.  He remains no more than a goddamned traitor.  An immigrant who not only disgraced himself, but traitorously shit on the United States Constitution and the rule of law.  Where?  Wake up.  Where else?  Nazi America.  A goddamned fascist police-state.  Don't like the rhetoric?  Tough shit.  Move to Syria and/or Iraq.


What to do if all else fails?  Blow up the money.  Literally.  ISIS money.  NBC reports:

"The U.S. has quietly turned to a new strategy in fighting ISIS — follow the money, then blow it up, U.S. officials tell NBC News.

"At least four times in the past four months, U.S. military jets have targeted [major] ISIS financial centers, destroying them in strikes that have turned millions of U.S. dollars into confetti. The U.S. has also killed ISIS financial leaders — its "oil minister" in 2015 and its "finance minister" in March.

"The strikes are the fruit of a secret cyber war in which the U.S. is tracking, manipulating and even stealing or destroying the financial assets of terrorists. Five years after the SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011, it's a subtle shift from the U.S. strategy against al Qaeda in which degrading the operational leadership was the priority."

Beats all, doesn't it?  Quite all right for the government to track, hack, manipulate, steal, bomb, destroy financial assets, commit fraud, etc..  ALL WITHOUT A DECLARATION OF WAR.  Do the same as a citizen?  Guess what?  You get convicted, are labeled a felon, go to prison.  Anything wrong with this picture?  Anything at all?


Republican national socialists, especially those running for President falsely claim Obama has eviscerated the military.  Think so?  Really?  How much is enough?  Never enough?  Wake up.  NPR reports:

"Post-9/11 Pentagon spending peaked in 2009 at more than $691 billion — a combination of the Defense Department's request for basic funds and the supplemental request it made for wartime spending. Last year, those two accounts amounted to just over $580 billion (though the Stockholm International Peace Institute, or SIPRI, put total U.S. spending on its military in 2015 slightly higher at $596 billion). Meanwhile, every dollar buys less than it used to."

That's over a half trillion with a "t."  We've got people, who despite food stamps and food banks, are going without sufficient food.  We have people who remain homeless.  Others who are no more than a missed paycheck away from being out on the street.  While corporate profits and cash reserves both remain at record levels.  So do corporate management suite salaries and perqs.

The people that work for these companies are no longer paid a livable wage, have seen benefits drastically cut.  So shareholders and the corporate management suite can steal labor.  Further line their bottomless pockets.  Workers continue to be laid off and then rehired elsewhere at a fraction of the wages and benefits they were formerly paid.

Yet, GOP nazis wish to increase defense spending despite the fact there is no exigent threat to the American homeland.  None at all.  They wish to increase defense spending not because of any pending threat, but to line the pockets of their corporate masters who literally own these Republican and Democratic sons of bitches who line their bottomless pockets.

Unbridled greed.  Not only do taxpayers pay for this goddamned looting, but so does our military in terms of blood as they keep getting killed and maimed for nothing overseas other than lining corporate coffers here at home.  The shit continues to hit the fan as all levels of government have funding problems.  They've overspent.  Fleeced taxpayers.  Lined their bottomless pockets.  The chickens are finally coming home to roost.  Right, Sheriff?  TL?

Our government lackeys and their corporate masters are traitorously looting, egregiously f--king the middle class and the bottom of the food chain to line their pockets.  Our soldiers are paying for this fiasco in blood.  So when Republican national socialists continue to clamor for increased military spending ask the hopelessly greedy and bloodthirsty sons of bitches why.  Right, TL?  Sheriff?


Amazing how the Right disingenuously distorts reality, and/or outright lies to defend itself and impose its perverse convoluted ideology and religious views on the rest of us.  Certainly, legislates these views while on the bench, engages in sophistry as convenient when arguing its beliefs in any social setting.  Filibusters to limit exceptionally pointed opposition.

Cannot withstand dissent or tolerate those of us who ferociously challenge its determined perversity, aggressive stupidity.  Worse?  Argue a point with the determinedly clueless, provide additional strong supporting evidence of a position contrary to theirs, and guess what?  They can't respond intelligently.  Have no ability to do so.  Fall flat on their face when aggressively challenged.

Lamely, falsely, disingenuously then accuse their challengers with changing the subject when the additional evidence remains on point and directly on target.  Have no response or defense to their indefensible position.  Know they've lost the argument.  Yet, stupidly continue to flail ineffectively, display their ignorance no matter the personal cost.  That is, make fools of themselves, while desperately trying to cover their asses, instead of admitting the truth.

Can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullsh-t seems to be their chief operating principle.  Their thinking is black or white, no shades of gray.  No hues of brilliant color.  They're too narrow minded to see any further than the tip of their noses.  Their analysis of problems is achingly over simplistic.  Their solutions to enormously difficult problems are consequently ineffective and lacking.

Equally pointedly?  Someone tells you they're not politically correct.  ... Know what they're really saying?  They're achingly prejudiced, either racist bigots or hopelessly homophobic.  Usually and sadly, both.  Worse, they're a boor and/or a bore.  Care only for themselves, no one else.  Lining their pockets and the hell with the peasants they looted to get it.  Saddest of all and the epitome of irony?

Like the rest of us, when they die, it all gets left behind.  Ironically, to someone who never worked for it, didn't earn it, couldn't care less how much effort the unenlightened boor/bore expended looting it from someone who did.  Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged capitalism that even Rand herself allegedly disavowed before she died.  Saw the light.  Not so, the national socialist, fascist, nazi element, that like a cancer, has insidiously taken over our formerly great country.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 151
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