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Racism is alive and well in our formerly great country.  For the most part, remains in the closet.  Making if far more difficult to combat.  Racists are usually too damned gutless to openly express their bigotry, hatred.  Cowardly, use euphemisms and other less artful tactics to express that racism.  Not so, some of them.  Case in point?  Get this. The Washington Post reports:

"In his long career as an accomplished journalist working across the American South, Steve Crump has come face-to-face with hatred and bigotry.  The Emmy-winning journalist spent time reporting on the Ku Klux Klan in which he, a black man, interviewed members of the organization, people who by their very membership profess to hate him due to the color of his skin."

Takes guts to confront this bullshit.  Indeed, uncommon valor.

"For all that, though, Crump, 59, told The Washington Post that he’s never felt the blunt hatred he did in Charleston, S.C., on Oct. 8."

That's surprising since one, at first thought, would have expected the worst from the Klan.

"Crump, who works for WBTV in Charlotte, was in Charleston working on a story about cleanup following Hurricane Matthew. Along with his camera crew, he was filming near the southern tip of the peninsula when he came across a young white man, he and later police identified as 21-year-old Brian Eybers, holding an iPad, apparently producing some sort of “citizen journalism,” as Crump put it."

Blatant racism at its very worst.

“He basically said, ‘There’s a black guy here. No, wait a minute, he’s a slave. No wait a minute, he’s a ‘n-word,’ ” Crump told The Post.  Added Crump, “I went from 0 to 60 in an instant, just like that. I just turned to [my cameraman] and said, ‘We need to get this guy on tape.’”

Indeed, a racist piece of shit needs to be exposed for precisely whom and what he is.

"Crump told The Post that in the moment, he faced a simple but difficult question: “Do you respond to it, or not? Do you let it stand?”

You never, ever, never let this shit stand.  If you do, it grants carte blanche to the racist piece of shit.  Crump stood tall.

“Say that a little bit louder,” Crump said to Eybers on tape. “Come on, what did you just call me?”

Racism must always be challenged.

“I called you ‘Sir,'” Eybers said, eyes shaded by glasses. He sat on the ground near the cathedral, wearing a white T-shirt with the logo for the band Sublime, shorts and a purple hoodie wrapped around his waist, along with a pair of Nikes and black crew socks."

The bastard's a liar.

“You did not call me ‘Sir,’ ” Crump shot back. “You called me the n-word, right?”  At which point Eybers said, “I believe I did call you the n-word.”   When asked to spell it, Eybers obliged with an eerie calm.  “N as in Nancy, I as in indigo, G as in grant,” and so on."

Great, great evil personified.  A chilling reincarnation of Satan himself.

"When Crump asked what gave Eybers the right to call him that, the young man cited the Constitution of the United States. Crump pushed further, his microphone pointed at Eybers as if it were any other interview. He asked if the young man felt superior."

A racist inherently considers himself/herself superior.  If they didn't, they'd quickly realize, fully understand how profoundly inferior they truly are.  This drives racists to and through their delusion.

"Eybers pushed his sunglasses off his nose, revealing his eyes.  “Yeah, this one does make me superior,” he said."

Say what?  How?

"The video continued, with Eybers continued to layer insult after insult atop one another, all aimed at Crump’s skin color.  “You’re a f???ing idiot,” Eybers told Crump, chuckling. “You’re ignorant, so you really are a n?????, then. You’re acting niggardly.”

Psychotic, isn't it?

“What are you?” Crump asked.  “I’m Caucasian,” he said.  “And does that give you a right —” Crump began.  “It gives me every right I f—ing need. You don’t give me the right. God gave me the right. I was endowed by my creator,” Eybers said as he coaxed a flame from a lighter and held it up to an unknown item in his hand."

Gets worse.

“And I’m not?” Crump asked.  “No.”  “I can’t have the same lifestyle you have?” Crump said.  “No, you can’t,” Eybers said. “Because I don’t want you to.”

He gets to make that choice for another?  Think so?

"Finally, after Eybers asked whether Crump is a Roman Catholic, the newscaster climbed into his van and called the police. Eybers stood in front of the van and continued to light the unknown item.  He again called Crump the n-word.  Finally, police arrested Eybers, who smiled as he was guided into the back of a squad car."

He has been charged with disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.  -- The fact the bastard may have been stoned in no way excuses the goddamned racism.

“I’ve been around hate groups, that kind of thing, but it has never been this level of volatility,” Crump told The Post. “I’ve interviewed members of the Klan face to face, and they’ve never stooped to that level of vulgarity”

Sad, isn't it?

"To that end, he hoped Eybers receives “whatever help or counseling” he might need “to help him turn a corner.”  “This young man has some issues,” he said. “I’m hoping at the end of the day, there will be a workable outcome.”  Added Crump, “I hold no malice.”

The quotes come from a very gifted, insightful writer, Travis M. Andrews.


Appalling.  Unbelievable we could be so backward in this country.  So horribly, delusionally, psychotically racist.  To the point, where an autistic black man could be so cruelly attacked.  Several weeks ago.  For being no more than a black man.  The Washington Post reports:

"For more than two years, Clarise Coleman faithfully attended every track practice and every cross-country meet for her son, Chase.  Part of it was being a supportive parent, proud that Chase had finally found “his sport.” Coleman loved the camaraderie that the cross-country team gave her 15-year-old freshman, even if it meant frequently road-tripping from their home in Syracuse for meets all around New York state.  But as the mother of a nearly nonverbal autistic child, Coleman also knew that she needed to be there for Chase in case he needed help. She often scouted out racecourses ahead of time, noting where the lanky teenager might get lost or confused, as he often did."

No one should ever have to endure the following.  No one.

"A few weeks ago, her worst fears came true when Chase — who was running in a meet in Rochester, N.Y., with his team from Corcoran High School — was assaulted by a stranger in the middle of a race."

For being black.

"The female witness, identified in a police report as Collin Thompson, told police that she had seen Chase running in the middle of the road. Thompson then witnessed an older white male get out of his car, according to a police incident report. Thompson said the man approached Chase and pushed him to the ground, after which he yelled, “Get out of here.”

"The other witness, Kris Van Metter, told that he had just finished a bicycle ride when he saw the same scene.  “I see a grown man, who is quite tall and fairly heavy … exit the vehicle and give this young man a shove that puts him back 10 feet and flat on his butt,” Van Metter told the news site. “Like, just shoved him across the road. The kid didn’t seem to be doing anything but standing there, obviously had nothing in his hands and weighed all of 130 pounds. This guy was easily twice that.”

We're losing our country.

"They had, however, caught the man’s license plate number and police used it to track down a 57-year-old man named Martin MacDonald at his home in Pittsford, a suburb of Rochester, the incident report said.  When a deputy visited MacDonald’s home, he admitted he had pushed Chase to the ground, the report said.  “When [the deputy] asked him why he did that, he replied that he thought Chase was going to mug his wife and take her purse,” the incident report said. “MacDonald’s wife was sitting in the front passenger seat at the time of the [incident]. When [the deputy] asked him why he thought that, MacDonald told him that some youths had broke into his car recently and that crossed his mind. MacDonald went on to say that Chase wasn’t responding to him telling him to move out of the road.”

This is psychotic.

"Coleman said the Rochester police relayed MacDonald’s explanation to her — noting that it had been black youths who had allegedly broken into MacDonald’s car — and she was aghast that this could be used to justify an attack on Chase.  “I said, impossible. That’s a lie. Chase don’t even know how to defend himself. What? He can barely ride a bike,” Coleman said. “[Chase] was in a uniform. He had a number pinned to him. How did you think that he was out trolling to steal your car? … You can’t tell me that it wasn’t because my son wasn’t black. There were Asian kids, there were Caucasian kids. But you picked the black kid to say, ‘That crossed my mind’?”

This shit has to end.  If not, it will tear our formerly great country apart.

“My son is a minor. [MacDonald is] a grown man,” Coleman said she told police. “He put his hands on my son. Of course I want to press charges.”  On Oct. 21, Rochester City Court Judge Caroline Morrison sent a letter to the Colemans that shocked them: She had denied their warrant application, and MacDonald would not be charged for second-degree harassment."

Nazi justice in a goddamned fascist police-state.  The Fourth Reich.

The quotes are from Amy B Wang, a most gifted, insightful writer.


Sierra K. Thomas is a black student at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Va..  Decided she would take a stand against a nazi named Trump.  Attended a Trump rally in Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, N.C to protest.  In Nazi America, a protester can be killed for exercising the First Amendment right of protest.  Did not deter her.

Driving to the rally alone, she repeatedly tried to allay paralyzing fear by saying to herself:

"Sierra, don’t be afraid. You can do this. No matter what happens, remember why you’re here.

"This is for Shiya Nwanguma.

"This is for my children.

"This is for my ancestors.

"This is for every black man incarcerated, beaten and killed because of racism.

"This is so all Americans — white, black, Asian, Native American, brown, rich, poor — won’t have a huge target on our backs because we allowed a bigot to run this country."

Arriving at the rally, bided her time until the right moment.  Then rose up and put her fist in the air and repeatedly chanted “BLACK LIVES MATTER!”  Did it alone.  Took quite a bit of abuse and was manhandled by three officers as she was thrown out.  All the time repeating the chant.  As she was being booted out, a white middle aged piece of shit said to her, “Get your little ass out of here! Go home, nigger!”

This is what Trump represents.  The worst our formerly great country has to offer.  One of the jackbooted thugs repeatedly and desperately tried to get her fist out of the air.  Was unsuccessful.  This woman has uncommon valor.  Was not arrested.  Job well done.  If you do not stand up, tolerate the resurrection of nazism, you get what you truly deserve.  Black, white, green, purple, etc..  Race matters not one bit.  If they do this to her, who's next?

Black lives do not matter to nazis like Trump and his goddamned national socialist supporters.  -- Ever watched newsreels of Hitler's rallies dating back to the 30s?  Other than the language spoken, there is no difference.  To Trump and his nazis, a raucous boot clicking, goose stepping, traitorous, treasonous, treacherous Sieg Heil!?

The above quotes came from an article written by Ms. Thomas herself published in The Washington Post.  I do not watch the boob tube.  Despite an Internet search, have not yet found a video.  Still looking.

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