Bill Blackburn, Sheriff                      Copyright 2013 Tim Chorney, Publisher, Liberty In Peril
Llano County Sheriff's Department 
2001 N. State Hwy. 16 Suite A 
Llano, Texas 78643

July 10, 2013

Re: 6th Follow-Up To 11-27-12 Complaint-Sgt. Royce Graeter; J&S 11-26-12 Break-In


In follow-up to your continued hopelessly arrogant and cowardly failure to respond to a complaint against one of your gutless, abusive, jackbooted thugs, although corrupt and abusive as the day is long, truly hard to believe anyone in the Sheriff's Office would be stupid enough to "brute force" attack a protected speech website.  -- Free speech, as guarantied by the First Amendment.  

The criminal bastard responsible now has additional Liberty In Peril websites to hack.  Isn't he lucky?  Additional sites will be uploaded shortly as well.  Each time a site is brought down a new one will be uploaded on a new server.  Think a webhost won't eventually tire and prosecute the sick convoluted son of a bitch?  At least, try to.  

They won't, however, secure the cooperation of this writer since no one in any level of government can be trusted to do the right thing.  No one. Like you, they're all bought and paid for. Unresponsive to the constituents they allegedly 'serve.'  Right, Sheriff?  A raucous boot-clicking, goosestepping, traitorous, treasonous Sieg Heil!?

Tim Chorney, Publisher   
Liberty In Peril

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Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

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