Bill Blackburn, Sheriff                      Copyright 2013 Tim Chorney, Publisher, Liberty In Peril
Llano County Sheriff's Department 
2001 N. State Hwy. 16 Suite A 
Llano, Texas 78643

April 26, 2013

Re: 2nd Follow-Up To 11-27-12 Complaint-Sgt. Royce Graeter; J&S 11-26-12 Break-In


In follow-up to your continued hopelessly arrogant and cowardly failure to respond to a complaint against one of your gutless, abusive, jackbooted thugs, can you disclose the probable cause for a roadblock conducted by your Department at approximately 8AM this morning on Willowood in Kingsland? Who were the officers involved?

... On a happier note. Well, well, well. Sunlight, indeed, is the very best disinfectant, isn't it? Seems you have improved the substance of the jail booking records. Still not good enough. Why aren't all officers publicly identified? Don't people have the right to know the identity of their oppressors? Why aren't the records published in all local papers?

While the window dressing has indeed improved, the abuses still continue unabated. Symbolism over substance, no? ... Anything for a buck, right, Bill?

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

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