Bill Blackburn, Sheriff                                                               Copyright 2013 Tim Chorney, Publisher, Liberty In Peril 
Llano County Sheriff's Department 
2001 N. State Hwy. 16 Suite A 
Llano, Texas 78643

March 18, 2013

Re: 1st Follow-Up To 11-27-12 Complaint-Sgt. Royce Graeter; J&S 11-26-12 Break-In


In follow-up to your hopelessly arrogant and cowardly failure to respond to a complaint against one of your gutless, abusive, jackbooted thugs, can you explain why Chantell Rene Floyd of Kingsland was arrested and hauled to jail 2-22-13 "for driving while license is invalid?" That is, expired? The charge reported was not "revoked." Nor "suspended." A ticket and impoundment of her vehicle insufficient? Had she been previously warned, or was this her first offense? Who was the arresting officer?

Can you explain why Pamela Ann Starcke of Llano was arrested and hauled to jail 2-22-13 "for expired registration and inspection violation?" Again, a ticket and impoundment of her vehicle insufficient? Had she received previous warning, or was this her first offense? Who was the officer?

Why was an older gentleman well-known in the community for decades named Cecil harassed by one of your goons for walking along Hwy. 29 in Buchanan Dam at 5:17PM on 3-13-13? Since when is it illegal for someone to walk along a County road or State highway? Since when? -- He doesn't have the right to safely cross a road without being harassed by one of your cowardly thugs? Again, since when? ... On the basis of a crank call your dispatchers believed credible?

... Or, have you instructed them to participate in a ruse perpetrated by you and your goons? That is, harassment of innocent citizens who have done nothing to deserve the treatment they're receiving from your henchmen? Amounting to official oppression that will never be prosecuted by the jackasses occupying the District Attorney's Office, as well as the County Attorney.

On 2-18-13 on his way to his junk shop in Kingsland, Richard Hay was accosted by one of your thugs at Sweet Things on Hwy. 1431 while parked there and doing business at the establishment. Seems the Department had received a call from a crank who had accused Hay of running the stop at Fuzzy's Corner in Buchanan Dam, supposedly weaving all the way to Kingsland. Despite knowing who Hay was since he had earlier shopped at his store, the jackbooted bastard asked Hay for his driver's license. Why? The thug had no probable cause.

He had not seen Hay commit any violation. None at all. ... A crank call is not probable cause, does not give your thugs carte blanche to do as they please, Sheriff. You don't know that? Is it hopeless ignorance? Aggressive stupidity? Or, jackbooted Aryan arrogance worthy of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy?

The thug failed to identify himself to Hay. Who is he, Sheriff? Is he one of the 'finest' in the Department? Akin to the 'pillar' of local law enforcement, Sgt. Royce Graeter? Why aren't these bastards instructed to give business cards to anyone they stop? Is it the intimidation that gets your goons' cookies off harassing innocent citizens? Too much testosterone?

Since when is it probable cause for one of your thugs to harass an innocent citizen on the basis of a phony call by an old biddy or jackass with nothing but time on his or her hands to cause problems for the innocent? What will it take to get this bullsh-t to end? A lawsuit?

Wake up, Sheriff. You and your goons are out of control. You're doing great damage to the community and egregiously defecating on the already extremely poor image of law enforcement in this area. ... Along with lining County coffers, that is, the pockets of outrageously corrupt and abusive officials. -- More than frequently, off the backs of the truly innocent abused by the corrupt and abusive predator bastards who populate your Department.

Interestingly and after extensive investigation over the last three-plus months since the J&S fiasco, Graeter certainly has one of the worst reputations of all your thugs. Have you consequently promoted him yet again? Issued a commendation for meritorious service? Coup de grace? Taxpayers are looted to pay this thug's salary and perqs. Amusingly, gallingly, in effect, they're paying to get royally f—ked by this hopelessly ignorant, abusive, jackbooted thug. Another raucous Sieg Heil!, Sheriff?

... Ferociously pointedly, who runs the Department? You? -- Or, this bastard and others like him? ... Or, are you, all, indeed, one and the same? That is, thugs, goons all on the same page? To think we're paying for this. Outrageous abuse and corruption. Paying to get f—ked. Royally. Oblivious to ubiquitous anger and building resentment throughout the County, Sheriff?

Most often, the innocent you and your henchmen determinedly terrorize cannot afford good local legal representation, -- or any at all. Convenient, isn't it? For you and all the other bastards who haughtily truly believe they own Llano County. ... Makes it eminently easier to f—k the public, doesn't it? Right, Sheriff?

Consequently, the Department and both the District and County Attorneys railroad the innocent as well as the guilty. Designedly, so. With impunity. Absolutely no accountability. No due process. Even when the accused have counsel, the attorneys are in bed with the 'judges,' 'prosecutors,' and outrageously corrupt and abusive 'law enforcement.' All in cahoots. Blatantly, a hatchet job.

How can a reputable attorney knowing his or her client is innocent advise a plea bargain? How? Don't they swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution upon passing the Bar? Didn't you, Sheriff upon taking office? Forget? Or, did you lie like hell? The disingenuous cowardly argument made by attorneys is they have to live and do business in the County. Tough, isn't it? Don't we all? Worse, cowardly refuse to fight at all when they know the law is wrong, unjust, unconstitutional, abusive, etc.. Both civil and criminal.

Instead, they gutlessly jettison their cajones at the courthouse door. Like you and your thugs, right, Sheriff? Consequently, there is no justice. None at all. It's up for sale to the highest bidder. Convenient, isn't it? Too deaf to hear the rumble? Growing louder, Sheriff. Still can't hear?

Worse, in the experience of the general public and certainly contributing to their profound, widespread despising of the legal profession, attorneys in this area do not respond in a timely fashion or at all to calls or correspondence. ... Unless they can handsomely line their pockets. Greed rules. Principle? What's that? Sadly, this view of the profession is indeed widely held in Llano County and elsewhere. Another raucous Sieg Heil!, Sheriff? Certainly, promotes your not-so-golden vision of a fascist police-state, doesn't it? The public? F—k 'em, right, Bill?

Most galling? Why are prosecutors, particularly the County Attorney, waiting up two years to adjudicate? Speedy trial? What's that? Especially prevalent in cases where misdemeanor defendants can't afford attorneys. Hasn't she taken the same oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution you have, Sheriff?

While this 'prosecutor' has been a frequent target in earlier editions of this publication with damned good reason, her arrogance and gross incompetence have only grown with tenure. Sadly, no one has challenged her at the polls. Are they afraid of her? She will be challenged and exposed in this publication. With gusto. ... Why delay adjudication, Cheryll? Is it to cowardly wear down innocent indigents falsely accused by the Sheriff's goons to line your and other County officials' pockets? Is it how you get your cookies off, Counselor? Indeed, Nazi Texas in Nazi America. A raucous bootclicking, goosestepping, treasonous, traitorous Sieg Heil!? How do you sleep nights, girl? What a piece of crap you truly are, Counselor.

As you well know, Sheriff, the most lucrative f—king occurs in misdemeanor DWI and PI cases. According to sources, Bill, your thugs are refusing Breathalyzers to some 'suspects' in lieu of warrantless blood tests requiring hours to undergo and weeks to receive results. Why? Worse, PIs by statute are not permitted breath or blood tests to prove their innocence in Nazi Texas. Assbackwards, isn't it? Achingly, un-American. Nazi America.

Even worse, misdemeanor DWIs and PIs are not provided attorneys. Consequently, they're royally f—ked by you and your goons, prosecutors, and the courts. Some, if not many, innocent. Nazi Texas. Nazi America. A goddamned fascist police-state. Having examined and published Llano County Jail booking records some ten years ago, nothing has changed. Other than to get worse. Far worse. Far more repressive. Nazi. A raucous Sieg Heil!, Sheriff? There will be far, far more to be posted in coming months. Count on it.

Forgotten, Sheriff? Government not only is based but depends on consent of the governed. There is little, virtually no consent any longer. Rather, growing dissent. Rage. Abject distrust. With damned good reason. Still can't hear the rumble? You and the predator bastards who populate your Department are the true threat to liberty. Again, not any foreign power, terrorist organization, or the criminal element.

Only difference between you and the latter? You wear a badge, a uniform, and falsely believe you have a license to wantonly kill, harass, and abuse the citizenry you supposedly, allegedly 'serve.' Wake up, Sheriff. Our formerly great country is dying on the vine. Although abuse extends throughout all levels and branches of government, without question, you and your goons are an egregious part of the problem.

Can't or won't provide information on the aforementioned cases? Due to bogus privacy or pending prosecution concerns? Upon relaunch of this publication this and all correspondence will be posted for the benefit of the community. Voters need to know exactly how our outrageously corrupt County, its officials, and law enforcement goons operate.

Years ago, this publication snowed under all offending officials with seemingly endless Texas Public Information Act open records requests. To the outrageously corrupt and abusive bastards. Who arrogantly, repeatedly refused to honor informal information requests. Bastards, who are deliberately, concertedly, and egregiously f--king the community. Lining their pockets off the backs of the innocent. With impunity. Protected by a hopelessly corrupt and abusive District and County Attorney.

Certainly, will consider repeating the same strategy. With the ubiquitous nature of the Internet presently, however, it may be just as effective to post letter after letter such as this one for public review. Think they may pressure you and your thugs to finally clean up your act? Regardless, you will be exposed for whom and what you are. Indeed, a public service.

Will certainly take a long, hard, close look at ole' “Sonny Boy” in the District Attorney's Office. Be interesting to see if he's another ole' Sam “The Sham,” no? ... Or, worse. Clearly, no one's exempt, Bill. No one. Amusingly, Sheriff, we're only getting started. -- Sunlight, a most effective disinfectant. Exposure. Glaring exposure. It's going to get ugly. Very ugly. Quickly. Promise.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
Formerly, The Llano Ledger 
P.O. Box 151 
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

cc: Eddie Shell, Attorney At Law; Nina S. Willis, Attorney At Law; Liberty In Peril upon relaunch.