The following email was sent to the Sheriff 8-31-15:

Bill Blackburn, Sheriff                      Copyright 2015 Tim Chorney, Publisher, Liberty In Peril
Llano County Sheriff's Office
2001 N. State Hwy. 16 Suite A
Llano, Texas 78643

August 31, 2015

Re: 13th Follow-Up To 11-27-12 Complaint-Sgt. Royce Graeter; J&S 11-26-12 Break-In


In follow-up to your continued hopelessly ignorant, arrogant, cowardly failure to respond to a complaint against one of your gutless, abusive, jackbooted thugs dating back to 11-27-12,  can you explain to my readers how it's becoming for two of your thugs to harass an innocent citizen the bastards clearly knew to be innocent?

Twice in the last month and a half this writer has been harassed by your jackbooted goons due to false complaints likely made by criminal Buchanan Dam 'businessman' Jim Niesom.  Since when is it illegal to burn a fire in a woodstove?  Are you and your henchmen protecting this criminal son of a bitch?  Who else could have made the phony complaints?  Who?

The exchange was quite testy the morning of 8-30-15.  One of the jackbooted bastards not only refused to provide a business card, but to identify himself.  The other provided his business card.  Deputy Kirk Jowers.  Since when are your jackbooted sons of bitches allowed to refuse to identify themselves to the citizenry?  Who is this unidentified thug, Sheriff?  Who?  A jackbooted thug too damned cowardly to identify himself?

The people in this goddamned bought and paid for County have the right to know who the hell's oppressing them.  Your thugs look like they're straight out of TDC.  Have you done thorough background checks on these bastards?  Why haven't you made this information public?  Why doesn't the citizenry have a right to know their backgrounds?  Too embarrassed by these goons to release this information, Sheriff?

These two jackbooted bastards asked for information that was none of their goddamned business.  Refused to give it to them.  Didn't have to.  Lying like hell, they told me they were conducting an 'investigation.'  A crock of sh-t.  What 'investigation?'  Why weren't they investigating the corrupt son of a bitch who had made two false complaints?

All these goddamned jackbooted thugs were desperately trying to do was intimidate.  Didn't work.  Told them to get a warrant.  Niesom is likely the false complainant since Jowers proceeded to his property while your unidentified thug left him behind and headed up the road.  Interesting, isn't it?  You're not only protecting criminal 'business' people in this community, Sheriff.  No, no, no.  Hell, no.

You're protecting and coddling jackbooted 'officers' who are shaking down, abusing the citizenry they've falsely sworn to protect.  Tired of this crap, Sheriff.  Needs to end.  Rein in your henchmen.  Neglected to mention to either the fact should I be harassed a second time by either, every bit of personal information I can find on both will be posted in this publication.  All of it.  No threat.  A promise.

Indeed, the public has a right to know.  These jackbooted bastards are an exigent threat to the community and a lawsuit waiting to happen.  There needs to be a full open investigation of your Office and its thugs by the federal government.  There will be no justice by a corrupt, abusive, inept District Attorney.  To say nothing of our indicted Texas Attorney General.

Whoever made the complaint did so fraudulently.  Your thugs found no violation.  When will you charge the bastard responsible for making these false complaints?  When?  Or, is it how you and the boys perversely get your cookies off?  Abusing the innocent.  Again, Sheriff, are you and your jackbooted thugs protecting this criminal son of a bitch who falsely considers himself a 'businessman?'  Has repeatedly fleeced the public.  When will you do your job, Sheriff?  When?

The purpose of this publication is to expose this outrageous injustice to the light of day.  To expose you and your thugs for precisely whom and what you are.  Educate a gullible public you have egregiously overstepped your authority.  Have imposed a fascist police-state where you and your jackbooted bastards rule by whim.  Not the law.  Fiat.

Kindly be advised a copy of this email will be circulated among the legal community.  ... Couldn't be you and your goons are desperately trying to silence this publication, could it, Sheriff?  Couldn't be, could it?  -- You and your jackbooted bastards aren't that stupid, are you?

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 151
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

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