The following email was sent to the Sheriff 7-15-15:

Bill Blackburn, Sheriff                      Copyright 2015 Tim Chorney, Publisher, Liberty In Peril
Llano County Sheriff's Office
2001 N. State Hwy. 16 Suite A
Llano, Texas 78643

July 15, 2015

Re: 12th Follow-Up To 11-27-12 Complaint-Sgt. Royce Graeter; J&S 11-26-12 Break-In


In follow-up to your continued hopelessly ignorant, arrogant, cowardly failure to respond to a complaint against one of your gutless, abusive, jackbooted thugs dating back to 11-27-12,  can you explain to my readers how it's becoming for one of your thugs to harass an innocent citizen the bastard clearly knew to be innocent?  How?

Ever hear of the First Amendment, Sheriff?  Protected speech?  Not a clue?  Didn't think so.  Let me educate you, sir.  Llano County Deputy Les Daugherty and Llano County Dept of Land Development and Permitting Administrator Cristy Vaught paid a visit not even 24 hours after an extremely critical Liberty In Peril edition was posted against criminal Buchanan Dam 'businessman' Jim Niesom.  Imagine that.  Who'd 'a 'thunk' it, no?

Are you and your henchmen protecting this criminal son of a bitch?  Who else could have made the phony complaint?  Who?  Did your thugs bother to investigate the material just posted two days ago in the 7-20-15 edition?  Didn't think so.  There will be more in the next edition, 7-27-15, to be posted early next week.

Not only regarding Niesom, however, but Daugherty and Vaught as well.  The exchange was quite testy the morning of 7-14-15.  Tired of this crap, Sheriff.  Needs to end.  Rein in your henchmen.  Neglected to mention to either the fact should I be harassed a second time by either, every bit of personal information I can find on both will be posted in this publication.  All of it.  No threat.  A promise.  Indeed, the public has a right to know.

The jackbooted bastard accompanied by his self-impressed sidekick announced he was there to "make an inspection."  Allegedly, received a complaint.  Asked me what I was doing about sewage.  Despite the fact it is none of his goddamned business and to quickly get rid of this ignorant son of a bitch, however, told him the truth, -- had a composting toilet.

Told me that would be okay but they had to come inside to inspect.  Testily told the jackbooted jackass to get a warrant.  Responded he could.  On what basis?  What probable cause?  He had none.  The son of a bitch knew it.  So did his sidekick.  Precisely, why I told his equally jackbooted accomplice to do a walk around.

Took quite some time to do so while I did all I could to irritate this hopelessly ignorant grossly overweight haughty sad excuse for an 'officer.'  She finally returned from the other side of the motorhome to piously announce there was no violation.  You think?  Hey, Sheriff?  How many homes has this misfit and his sidekick illegally unconstitutionally walked into with absolutely no probable cause, no exigent circumstances, no warrant?

By intimidating some fool too gutless and ignorant to know he was being bamboozled?  Is this the image you want for your truly worthless Office?  Your jackbooted thugs?  What business is it of both these thugs whether or not there is a well?  They can go to hell.  It's none of their goddamned business or that of your Office.  Mind your own goddamned business.  Leave innocent citizens the hell alone.

Whoever made the complaint did so fraudulently.  Your thugs found no violation.  When will you charge the bastard responsible for making a false complaint?  When?  Again, Sheriff, are you and your jackbooted thugs protecting this criminal son of a bitch who falsely considers himself a 'businessman?'  Has repeatedly fleeced the public.  When will you do your job, Sheriff?  When?

Will also renew contacts with Burnet County deputies for the skinny on ole Les "The Pest."  Seems they couldn't stand the arrogant son of a bitch, Sheriff.  Why is that?  Why won't you release the history of this thug for review by the citizenry?  The public has a right to know the full background of all jackbooted goons oppressing them.  Forget?  Anyone who lives in this hell hole County is looted to pay their salaries.  You work for us, not yourselves.  That clueless?

Equally to the point, Sheriff, don't you set physical standards for your 'officers?'  This thug is so overweight he could suffer a heart attack or stroke chasing someone.  -- Certainly, wouldn't want to lose the gift that keeps on so generously giving to this publication over and over and over again.  Most disturbing of all?

When this jackbooted bastard was asked by what authority he dictates to people what they can and cannot have on their property in an unincorporated area he refused to answer.  That's the problem, Sheriff.  Precisely, the problem.  You and your jackbooted bastards answer to no one.  You rule by fiat.  That is not acceptable.  The courts in direct violation of their oaths of office aid and abet.

The purpose of this publication is to expose this outrageous injustice to the light of day.  To expose you and your thugs for precisely whom and what you are.  Educate a gullible public you have egregiously overstepped your authority.  Have imposed a fascist police-state where you and your jackbooted bastards rule by whim.  Not the law.

Finally, when will you educate your officers to enforce traffic laws designed to protect bicyclists?  Can't tell you how many times I've almost been hit riding as far to the right as possible and obeying all traffic laws.  Yet, your officers witness drivers doing horrendously careless, stupid things around bicyclists and do absolutely nothing about it.  Why is that, Sheriff?  The latest incident happened late this morning on 1431 on the way to Kingsland.  Yet, the officer who saw the near fatal wreck did nothing.

Kindly be advised a copy of this email will be circulated among the legal community.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 151
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

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