The following email was sent to the Sheriff 7-23-14:

Bill Blackburn, Sheriff                      Copyright 2014 Tim Chorney, Publisher, Liberty In Peril
Llano County Sheriff's Office
2001 N. State Hwy. 16 Suite A
Llano, Texas 78643

July 23, 2014

Re: 11th Follow-Up To 11-27-12 Complaint-Sgt. Royce Graeter; J&S 11-26-12 Break-In


In follow-up to your continued hopelessly ignorant, arrogant, cowardly failure to respond to a complaint against one of your gutless, abusive, jackbooted thugs dating back to 11-27-12,  can you explain to my readers why Todd Jones of Roselea Dr., Buchanan Dam was cold-cocked in the head by one of your goons while his hands were cuffed behind his back just before midnight 7-21-14?  This 'officer' identified himself as 007.  Does this corrupt, abusive son of a bitch truly think he's James Bond?  That delusional?  ... Don't psych screen your jackbooted thugs, Bill?

The arresting officer identified himself to Jones as 755.  Who the hell is he, Sheriff?  The citizens of this hellhole County have a right to know the identity of an 'officer' who filed false charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct on a man who had not been drinking.  Whose speech was cogent, coherent, unslurred.  The bastard who arrested him knew this.  So did his 'backups.'  So did the entire neighborhood.

Why was he denied medical care for his injuries?  Is it because your thugs knew he would demand a toxicology blood draw at the hospital, Sheriff?  Why were the cuffs over tightened to the point both hands are swollen and the skin broken on his right hand the day after?  Why did at least four of your bastards show up hours after he ordered a woman off his property?

-- Not the first time this has happened, Bill.  With remarkably similar results.  Clearly, he did not assault her.  Otherwise, the sons of bitches who work for you and remain firmly planted on the taxpayer tit, would have charged him with assault.  They did not.  Why wasn't she hauled in for criminal trespass?  Why was she still parked up the block the next morning?  Only to be asked by another neighbor to move on?

Can you explain to my readers why Jones' wallet was not returned to him after he provided identification.  ... Only to be found the next day on the seat of his Jeep which your bastards searched without benefit of a warrant, -- missing $40.  Can you tell us which officer stole the cash, Sheriff?  Can you tell us who stole his cell phone?  At the time of his false arrest, Mr. Jones asserts his house was locked.

Why was it broken into through a window, Sheriff?  Why was the dog who had been outside at the time Jones was assaulted by one of your goons now in the house the next day?  Can you tell my readers which one of your goons broke in?  Your thugs were on the premises at least thirty minutes after Jones was hauled to jail.  Why, Sheriff?  Where was the warrant?

Can you say lawsuit, Sheriff?  Can you explain to my readers if it is indeed procedure for one of your goons to hold a stun gun to the head of a prisoner cuffed with his hands behind his back lying on the ground?  A prisoner he's just cowardly cold-cocked while his hands were cuffed behind his back?  Is this the definition of 'courage' embraced by the goddamned cowards who work for you, Sheriff?  Do your bidding?  Llano County's 'finest?'

... Only to inform the prisoner he'd like to get him in a dark alley and work him over?  Think this bastard would have been quite so 'brave' had the prisoner not had his hands cuffed behind his back without the benefit of at least three other 'law' 'enforcement' goons as backup?  Your thugs are criminals, Sheriff.  Cowards.  Despicable cowards.  Need to be prosecuted.  Won't happen in Nazi Llano County.  Next best thing?  Exposure.  To the glaring light of day.  On all four Liberty In Peril websites.

We're just getting started, Bill.  No threat, a promise.  Incidentally, the guy living next door your goons are also harassing is providing valuable information, has given permission to use his name, Carl Wayne Smith, also of Roselea Drive, Buchanan Dam.  The fodder is seemingly endless, Sheriff.  You may be interested to know the fiasco at the time of the Jones arrest was heard throughout the neighborhood.  Too bad it did not occur during the day when it could have been video recorded.  Will happen eventually, Bill.  Count on it being quickly uploaded to all four websites when it does.

Hard to believe your goons would so stupidly and quickly criminally assault and falsely arrest him so soon after Daughtery was skewered just the week before in this publication for official oppression of the very same individual.  That's well beyond hubris, Sheriff.  It's called aggressive stupidity.  Think it intimidates the neighborhood?  Quite the opposite.  It enrages it.  Think this publication will ever back off?  Can be intimidated?  Wake up, Sheriff.  The public is beginning to rise up.  Finding courage it never knew it had.  Tired of an unsustainable status quo.  You and your thugs will be tirelessly exposed for the abusive, corrupt, inept, criminal bastards you truly are.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 151
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

c. Liberty In Peril, all four websites