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Amazing how nazi government delusionally believes it owns us cradle to grave.  Despite no evidence of foul play, butchered the body of Carrie Fisher conducting an autopsy to determine the cause of death.  Despite the fact she was under the care of a physician at the time of death.  Now, the coroner reports the cause of death remains unknown.  Reports as well there were drugs in her system.  Who cares?  Since there was no foul play, what business is it of the public or this goddamned government?


This goddamned government, all levels, truly believes it owns us womb to tomb.  Think not? Wake up.  NBC News reports:

"An autopsy of "Happy Days" star Erin Moran showed that she probably died of late-stage cancer, authorities said Monday."

Why was her body butchered by a medical examiner?  What probable cause was there that a crime had indeed occurred?  Authorities stated she had fourth stage cancer but refused to disclose what type cancer.  If no crime was committed, what business did they have conducting an autopsy?  None of their goddamned business, -- or anyone else's for that matter, other than family.  Outrageous governmental overreach.  A fascist police-state. The Fourth Reich.

Subsequent to writing the above, her husband stated she had skin cancer.


Further proof our hopelessly corrupt, abusive, inept government believes it owns us cradle to grave?  The needless butchering of the body of Carrie Fisher.  An autopsy was conducted with no probable cause a crime had been committed.  CBS News reports:

"Carrie Fisher’s autopsy has been completed."

Why was her body butchered by the Los Angeles Coroner's office?  There was no probable cause to do so.  Why needlessly butcher her corpse when there was no indication of foul play?  She had been under the care of physicians since being stricken with a heart problem on a flight from London.  Died several days later.

"The Los Angeles Coroner’s office confirms to ET that they conducted an examination on Fisher Friday morning, before releasing her body to “a mortuary selected by the family.”

What goddamned business was it of the government?  This is yet another clear indication the public has lost control of its government.  Is no longer a democratic republic as intended by the Founders.  Why is it an autopsy, that is determined, deliberate butchering of the corpse, can be ordered when there is no probable cause a crime had been committed?  It's none of the goddamned government's business.


A young woman was recently struck and killed by lightning while jogging in Austin.  With no probable cause a crime had indeed occurred, a medical examiner butchered her corpse by performing an autopsy.  Clearly, Republican 'law and order' national socialists truly believe nazi government owns your body womb to tomb.

Precisely, why these nazi bastards in power in the Texas Legislature and Governor's office practice medicine without a license.  Force unwilling doctors by statute to in effect sexually assault women seeking an abortion by requiring a medically unnecessary highly invasive trans vaginal sonogram.  To unconstitutionally force their outrageously perverse ideological and religious views on all by statute.

Why aren't hopelessly gutless Democrats ferociously opposing these nazis tooth and nail?  Instead, these gutless cowards pay lip service while GOP national socialists remain an exigent threat to all civil and constitutional rights and liberties.

Why are autopsies routinely ordered and conducted by medical examiners without family and/or prior victim consent by last will and testament in the absence of probable cause a crime has indeed been committed?  Is it to line the pockets of government lackeys by looting long-suffering taxpayers?  Or, do medical examiners get their cookies off unnecessarily butchering corpses? Both?


Further proof the fascist police-state we now live in is egregiously out of control?  Get this.  NBC reports:

"Soaring numbers of overdose deaths are adding to woes already plaguing medical examiner and coroner offices, resulting in a shortage of places to store bodies and long delays in autopsies and toxicology testing."

This has happened because our nazi government thinks it owns us womb to tomb.  Conducts autopsies on nearly a routine basis.  No probable cause.  No legitimate reason in millions of cases.

"Medical examiners and coroners say overdose deaths are adding to a strain on their offices that already includes a surge of urban violence, inadequate facilities, budget problems and the shortage of forensic pathologists qualified to perform autopsies."

Again, this is a problem because government has egregiously overextended its authority.  Why should an autopsy be routinely conducted on a corpse that shows absolutely no indication of physical trauma other than a needle sticking out of its arm?  No evidence of struggle where it was found?  No legitimate probable cause a violent crime had indeed been committed?  Especially, if surviving family members object?  Or the victim had made it clear in a will or living will he or she did not want one performed?

Yet, the fascist bastards in forensics want more detailed autopsy reports.  What for?  It's none of the goddamned government's business.  Who cares what the precise drug or drugs involved happen to be?  Dead is dead.  Victims will continue to use drugs no matter what.  Alcohol prohibition did not work.  Created the Mafia.

Drug prohibition is a miserable failure.  Has done nothing other than corrupt every goddamned law enforcement agency in the country to at least some extent.  Lined the prisons with millions of people, most non-violent, whose only 'crime' was abuse of their bodies.  Again, none of the goddamned government's business.  Precisely, one reason why we now live in a nazi nanny-state.

If you're stupid enough to use drugs, you get what you deserve.  Darwin's natural selection is certainly at work.  People don't survive.  Survival of the fittest, no question, at play.  The only exception should be those under-age.  Law enforcement should continue to do all it can to enforce prohibition of drug use vis a vis minors.  Otherwise, you're on your own.  Get caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you get what you deserve.

"There are about 500 forensic pathologists in the country, but at least 1,000 are needed, according to forensic science groups. A major cause of the shortage is that many medical students are opting for higher-paying jobs in regular pathology jobs in hospitals, Fowler said."

Why is it necessary to routinely butcher the bodies of all corpses without any probable cause?  Especially, when family objects?  What gives this goddamned government the right to do anything it pleases?

"Medical examiner and coroner offices generally investigate all violent deaths in their jurisdictions, as well as suspicious and unexpected deaths that don't occur in hospitals."

Who defines "suspicious?"  Out of control government goons lining their pockets?  Getting their cookies off executing unbridled uncontrolled power?  Why is it necessary or justified to routinely butcher a body through autopsy whose death was "unexpected?"  That's not probable cause.  It's bullshit.  It's abuse of power in the nazi nanny-state.

Or a death that occurred outside of a hospital?  If there is no probable cause, that is, no obvious signs of violence, it's none of the goddamned government's business.  Especially, in the case of the elderly.  We all die eventually.  Usually of natural causes.  That is, ultimately, old age.  ... If we're lucky.  Yet, this goddamned out of control government believes it owns us all womb to tomb.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
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