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Aching Hypocrisy

                                                                                                              6-1-15 And Continuing


No time in recent history have presidential front runners in both parties been so despised.  Worse?  Serious questions regarding possible criminal activity remain for both.  Allegations date back well over a year.  Why no criminal vetting to date, -- 5 months before the election?  Law enforcement and prosecutors have not done their job.

This could, and should have been, resolved well over a year ago.  One way or the other.  Both parties.  Trump.  Clinton.  Sadly, no matter how this goes down at this point, it's so close to the election no one will believe the outcome of any investigation.  Either way.  Was that the intention?  A lower standard for both front runners who remain at the top of the food chain?  Forget?  Both candidates are indeed in the top 1%.  To date, not been held accountable.

Likely, won't be.  Almost never are.  We'll see.  One thing seems for sure, sick sycophants in both parties won't be confused by the truth no matter how this winds up resolved.  ... If, in fact, it does.


Remember Ken Starr?  Independent counsel whose investigation resulted in the impeachment of President Clinton?  The son of a bitch recently lost his job as President of Baylor University.  Didn't get fired, -- just demoted to chancellor and will remain a law professor.  The fascist son of a bitch should have been canned.

Baylor football coach Art Briles, unlike Starr, got the boot.  NBC News reports the University released the following statement from Richard Willis, Chair of the Baylor Board of Regents:

"We were horrified by the extent of these acts of sexual violence on our campus.  This investigation revealed the University's mishandling of reports in what should have been a supportive, responsive and caring environment for students."

NBC further reported:  "Willis said the "depth to which these acts occurred shocked and outraged us.  Our students and their families deserve more, and we have committed our full attention to improving our processes, establishing accountability and ensuring appropriate actions are taken to support former, current and future students."

How?  By allowing this self-serving nazi bastard to continue his affiliation with Baylor?  Starr's hypocrisy is stunning.  Wake up.  One standard for the former President.  Another for Baylor and its students.  In the case of the former, the sex, although improper, was consensual.  In the latter, it was not.  Criminal.  Nazi justice in Nazi America.

Starr is indeed the epitome of hypocrisy.  Skewered the President for improperly enjoying oral sex with a willing intern, while looking the other way when those having suffered sexual assault sought help from the University.  What goddamned bullshit.  Why wasn't this asshole given the boot?  Barred for life from any and all affiliation with the University?

Once again, this sick son of a bitch received special treatment only afforded the rich and powerful.  A raucous, boot clicking, goose stepping, treasonous, traitorous, treacherous Sieg Heil!, you goddamned fascist son of a bitch?  What could you possibly been thinking, Ken?  Head so far up your ass your eyeballs are turning inside out?

Subsequent to writing the above, Starr resigned his position as chancellor.  Will remain as professor.  Why?  Why hasn't this fascist son of a bitch gotten the boot?


Insult to injury?  The following is an excerpt from the latest newsletter received from Sen. Ted "Screws Loose" Cruz:

"On Wednesday, Sen. Cruz released the following statement, praising Texas’ decision to challenge the Obama administration’s unlawful transgender bathroom agenda for public schools:

“I applaud the State of Texas for taking a strong stand on this issue,” Sen. Cruz said. “Through executive fiat, President Obama has threatened to cut off millions of dollars in federal aid to states that don’t allow men and boys into girls’ private restrooms and showers. This has no basis in federal law, and it once again demonstrates that Obama is more devoted to radical social engineering than to the democratic process and the separation of powers. Moreover, Obama’s decree flies in the face of common sense. In my years in law enforcement, I’ve handled far too many cases of child molesters, pedophiles, and people who abused little kids. The threats of predators are serious, and we should not facilitate allowing grown men or boys to be in bathrooms with little girls. I firmly stand by Texas—and other states, such as North Carolina—that have stood up to this politically correct nonsense, and I hope that the courts can be trusted to enforce federal law, rather than Obama’s partisan preferences.”

This is proof positive Cruz has lost his mind.  "Unlawful?"  What's unlawful about the President's directive?  It does not have the force of law.  No one can or will be prosecuted if they don't comply.  Yes, the President can and should deny Texas the millions it receives in education aid.  Immediately.  The President does have the authority to cut off that aid.  We'll see if the courts agree.

One thing for sure.  Cruz nor any of his equally national socialist, that is nazi Republican compadres, can come up with one incident where a transgender has done anything untoward in a rest room.  In fact, have been using the very same restrooms decades without incident.  The Senator is a sick, uninformed, ignorant, fear mongering son of a bitch.  This piece of shit cares nothing for the LGBT community and the atrocities it's endured all these decades.

This egregious piece of human excrement is grandstanding.  Has no credibility.  He couldn't have read the directive.  Nowhere in the directive does it "allow men and boys into girls’ private restrooms and showers." That's goddamned bullshit.  The Senator is a liar.  Deliberately distorts reality to bamboozle his sick sycophants who believe everything this goddamned liar falsely claims is true.

Moreover, the President's directive has nothing to do with political correctness, but the safety of transgenders.  Cruz remains too ignorant and ill-informed to understand this.  This piece of shit claims to be Christian.  Bullshit.  On the contrary, this clueless, psychotic, fascist bastard gives Christians a bad name.  To their credit, not all of them have bought his deception.  It's the outright deception, deceit, distortion of reality that's cost the Senator any traction in the race.  His sycophants, sadly, don't seem to understand this at all.  Remain hopelessly clueless.

The President's directive has nothing to do with "Obama's partisan preferences."  This is rabid distortion of reality by our national socialist Senator who has once again disgraced himself by his profound ignorance.  Aggressive stupidity.  He likes to reference "my years in law enforcement."  Why?  If law enforcement has embraced any of his perverse religious and ideological views, it's indeed no wonder we live in a goddamned fascist police-state.  ... Right, Sheriff?  TL?


More of the same and insult to injury, CBS reports:

"A House Republican on Thursday accused a number of his own GOP colleagues of committing a sin because they voted in favor of an anti-discrimination LGBT proposal, according to The Hill newspaper.

"To begin a Republican policy meeting, Rep. Rick Allen, R-Georgia, read a Bible passage aloud that condemns homosexuality, the report said. People inside the meeting told The Hill that Allen suggested his colleagues violated Christian tenets because they backed an LGBT protection provision.

"It was f***ing ridiculous," one GOP lawmaker told The Hill.

"According to the report, several Republicans walked out of the room."

It's not only ludicrous, it's goddamned unconstitutional.  These bastards took an oath of office to protect and defend The United States Constitution.  Not the Bible.


See the mug shot of  50-year-old Shanney Velwood recently convicted of possession of methamphetamine?  The characteristic sallow appearance of severe meth abusers?  A jury in Burnet convicted her in 15 minutes.  Recommended a prison sentence of 11 years.  State District 'Judge' Evan Stubbs so sentenced her.  Imagine that.

Although District Attorney "Sonny Boy" did not personally prosecute the case, disingenuously crowed:

“This verdict is another important step toward stamping out the scourge of methamphetamine in our community. And I am grateful to the jury for sending the message that those who choose to flaunt our laws will face real consequences.”

Is that right, Counselor?  Can you inform my readers what consequences former bank manager Lynn Massey, current recently-promoted bank manager Amanda Wright, and the Wells Fargo corporate management suite have suffered for deliberate, concerted criminal deceptive trade practices?

Can you also inform my readers the consequences outrageously corrupt, abusive, inept, murderous Llano County Sheriff's Office jackbooted thugs have suffered for their crimes?  Can you explain to my readers why one highly questionable killing by police in Llano, two in Buchanan Dam, and a fourth in Tow were not investigated by federal authorities especially since the Texas Rangers are beholden to you and the jackbooted thugs who 'work' in your jurisdiction?  All in the last ten years or so.

Can you explain to my readers why you conducted no investigation of a former Llano County Judge who blatantly, illegally, and unconstitutionally pressured four Constables and the Llano County Sheriff's Office to impose a quota system?  Can you explain to my readers why there has been no criminal investigation of all Llano County offices by federal authorities?

The list can indeed go on, Counselor.  No question, we do have the 'best' County money can buy.  Literally.  Readers, what is particularly sad about the conviction of Shanney Velwood is the long-term consequences, not only to her but taxpayers.  This woman is clearly addicted to a substance that can and will likely kill her.  Meth is a scourge.  Indeed, she has a history of its abuse.

Will spend her time in prison at taxpayer expense.  Likely, will receive no treatment.  No re-hab.  No job training.  When she gets out, with a felony conviction, her employment prospects are bleak.  Nearly non-existent.  She may either re-offend, that is, use drugs and steal, or wind up dying.  The District Attorney is clearly out of his mind if he thinks this conviction sends the message he believes it does.  ... Or, is simply lying.  To himself and/or a gullible public.  Who's bought his goddamned bullsh-t, drunk the Kool Aide.  Hook, line, and sinker.

As with any 'prosecutor' or law enforcement goon, when their lips move, they're lying.  Lying like hell.  Precisely, why not one of them can be trusted.  Backed by their bought and paid for 'judges' who sanction goddamned deception.  The ends justify the means to these lying sons of bitches.  Exactly, why there is no longer any respect or confidence in our failed system of 'justice.'  Either way, you, the taxpayers, foot the bill.

Not only will you pay for this woman's imprisonment, you will pay as well when she gets out.  One way or the other.  Even if just in food stamps or the expense of burying her.  Most of the millions imprisoned in state, federal prisons and jails are incarcerated on drug-related charges.  So much for the failed war on drugs.  Again, you foot the bill.  As did your forebears during alcohol prohibition.

This time it's far worse.  Not only do we deal with the ongoing scourge of drugs no matter how draconian the punishment, every goddamned prosecutor's office and law enforcement agency has been corrupted, egregiously compromised in our formerly great country as a result of the illicit near unlimited money resulting from drug prohibition.

Exactly, what the District Attorney, County Attorney, County Judge, and all the other corrupt abusive, inept bastards who run this hell hole expect and want.  It lines their pockets.  They've falsely sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution.  They've lied.  To themselves and you, the public.  They're goddamned frauds who line their pockets, get their cookies off looting, f--king the public they've falsely sworn to protect and defend.

Years ago, several meth 'cooks' claimed the Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) was ring leading 'cook' operations.  Indeed, a multi-million dollar operation locally.  Think that may be why at the time only relatively small amounts were seized?  A few token users and 'cooks' arrested now and then to make it look good?

Since there was no federal investigation, we'll never know.  The jackbooted bastards on the Narcotics Enforcement Team certainly knew the truth.  So did their 'cooks.'  So did many of us in the community.  All this a ruse.  Charade.  The bastards themselves were using drugs.  Shaking down the public.  Terrorizing occupants of homes they deliberately trashed.

Every goddamned one of these thugs deserved prosecution and imprisonment in TDC.  Obtained search warrants after they ransacked the houses of not only the guilty but innocent as well.  A goddamned evil scourge that's never been held criminally accountable.

So when our inept, clueless District Attorney disingenuously crows a drug conviction sends a strong message to users, you know he's either lying or achingly delusional.  Remember that when he's up for re-election.  This guy, his cohorts, and law enforcement lackeys cannot be trusted.  Only care County coffers continue to be lined with money looted from many who are innocent, committed no crime.  Guilt?  Innocence?  No longer matter in the goddamned fascist police-state we now live in.  Hear the rumble?

Tim Chorney 6-1-15

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
... Formerly
The Llano Ledger