R. L. "Bob" Watson
Chief Of Police
Burnet Police Department
P.O. Box 1369
Burnet, Texas 78611

Re: Harassment-Patrolman Heidi Hagen

September 23, 2003

Dear Chief:

After our highly illuminating conversation yesterday afternoon, it comes as no surprise Patrolman Heidi Hagen has a reputation for stopping and harassing innocent citizens with no probable cause. Sadly, the problem is clearly top-down , -- starting at the highest level, you. Not just my encounter with her earlier in the day, but many others according to credible sources.

The Fourth Amendment backed by statute clearly indicates officers must have legitimate probable cause to stop, detain, and ask a motorist or pedestrian for identification. Hagen had none. The Constitution and law indeed guarantee innocent citizens the right to drive and walk our streets unimpeded, free of harassment by overzealous "officers" lacking probable cause that any crime had indeed been committed. ... Essentially, the right to be left the hell alone.

No law had been broken and this "officer" had no business harassing an innocent citizen. My birth date is none of her damned business, -- nor is the identity of the party or parties who normally provide a ride. Worse, the "officer" apparently lied about the "concerned citizen" who had allegedly called in a report of "concern."

If indeed complete and accurate, the "officer's" incident report should include the identity of the Burnet County Deputy who passed prior to Hagen's stop, and then conveniently returned during the incident of harassment. -- A Deputy who was too damned gutless to step on the toes of your Department by dealing directly with me.

Should you refuse to release the identity of the Deputy involved in this fiasco, open records requests to both the Department as well as the Sheriff's Office will be made for access to tapes of all related radio traffic at the time of the incident. My readers are indeed entitled to know the identity of all "officers" involved in such phony harassment scams and precisely how they operate.

Sadly, the true predators on the roads are not only the criminal element, but "officers" who harass, and worse, falsely ticket innocent drivers unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All in an effort to engorge the coffers of hopelessly corrupt and abusive government.

Inexplicably and in further evidence of the "officer's" glaring lack of probable cause, Hagen foolishly admitted she knew me. -- Had correctly seen me standing there (site of harassment) repeatedly with an attaché case months earlier. -- Who'd a' 'thunk' it, right, Chief?

As you unprofessionally remarked during our meeting, my readers do have an interest in perusing Patrolman Hagen's incident report since her behavior is, as you stated, an indication of our "tax dollars at work." Kindly send a copy for my readers to examine so they may fully understand why two city "officers" and a county deputy expended time, money, and effort harassing an innocent citizen. Nothing quite like the power of sunlight as a strong disinfectant, right, Chief? Or is aggressive stupidity too great a hurdle to surmount even in

Apparently, Mr. Watson, you also falsely believe we live in Nazi Germany, -- where figuratively jackbooted thugs have the supposed right to harass innocent citizens who have an "attitude." Although you Aryan arrogantly stated you would "not have been surprised" had any of your "officers" further harassed this writer prior to departure from town due to my "attitude", sadly, none occurred.

Too bad. Would have been great additional fodder for my publication. -- And equally indicative of some serious problems still existent within the Department. Not the least of which is "Investigator" Paz' untimely departure after a local business owner had been harassed and intimidated by this sad excuse for a "peace officer." -- Tragically, he becomes another community's problem, right, Chief? Or will he return to the Department after "suitable" time has passed?

While you obviously have no problems with "officers" harassing innocent citizens, the community does. Sadly, they're too damned gutless to demand better of Burnet's "Finest." Cowardly, fearing retribution from abusive "officers."

Finally, Chief, and saddest of all, you're an anachronism. A pitiful dinosaur vestige of perverse police mentality that supposedly went out of vogue forty years ago. Not only are you glaringly unfit as an "officer" due to your Aryan arrogant attitude and acceptance and embrace of abusive police tactics by your minions, you have no business in a high level management position.

Sadly, you don't have the temperament nor even minimal appreciation and need for good public relations. -- Indispensable to professional non-abusive constitutional policing, and true support by the community you allegedly serve. Again, profoundest thanks for the fodder, and additional confirmation we apparently already live in a fascist police-state.


Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
Formerly, The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 997
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

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