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The President spent three days in Vietnam.  While there, announced weapons will be sold to the communist government.  Imagine that.  How times have changed.  Not always for the good, however.  Seems the President has forgotten 58,000 of our best and brightest died there.  Countless thousands maimed.  Many to this day suffering from post traumatic stress.  Either receiving inadequate or no care.  Homeless.  American combat veterans.

Nothing wrong with renewing diplomatic relations some 21 years ago.  Nothing wrong with increasing the level of trade with them, either.  Weapons sales, however, are another matter.  What for?  To line the pockets of American corporate war profiteers?  Renew the cold war with China?  The Vietnamese government engages in egregious human rights violations.  Denied protesters the right to meet with the President during his visit.  Regarding renewal of weapons sales, the President claims:

"The decision to lift the ban was not based on China or any other considerations."

It's not?  Believe that?  The President is a liar.  The Chinese know it.  Have already called him on it.  Again, we're putting our noses where they clearly don't belong.  This is no more than determined renewal of the Cold War with the Chinese.  Yet, we don't do what we ought to be doing to protect our interests in the region.  That is, freedom of navigation.

Why are destroyers and other naval vessels challenging the Chinese and their denial of free navigation in the China Sea not adequately militarily protected when they travel through the region?  The same can be said of reconnaissance flights that are unescorted just outside Chinese territorial limits.  Why are they not provided fighter escort?  We have carriers in the region.  Why are dangerous  barrel rolls by Chinese fighters over American recon aircraft tolerated?  Why are B-52s challenging Chinese restrictions on freedom of navigation in the region not escorted by fighter jets?

At the same time, the Chinese rightfully point to some of our highly questionable actions in our own hemisphere.  Forget?  Our CIA killed Allende and toppled his Marxist regime almost 45 years ago, -- only to have a Right Wing nazi dictator installed who tortured his own citizens.  Forget?  Bush "The First" invaded Panama and toppled the Panamanian strong man Noriega, accusing him of drug trafficking.  Imagine that.  The goddamned hypocrisy.

Needless to say, the former President did the same while head of the CIA before becoming United States President.  That is, the CIA trafficked in narcotics.  Equally pointedly?  Have we forgotten Iran-Contra?  Wholesale killing of Marxist rebels by Reagan and his henchmen through illegal funding and arming of the Contras?  On the QT.  Not one of these bastards, however, was ever prosecuted.

Not one of them.  All got a free ride.  Both former Presidents should have been impeached, convicted, removed from office and prosecuted.  Never happened.  Why would it?  Forget?  This remains Nazi America.  Worse?  Reagan is still insanely regarded as a hero by the Nazi Republican Right.  Imagine that.   The fascist son of a bitch broke the law.  Yet, is considered the epitome of what it is to be an American President by the psychotic in our formerly great country.  Indeed, day is night, night is day, and shit smells perversely sweet in Nazi America.

Now, we have an American President, the current Democratic incumbent hell bent on renewing the Cold War with China.  -- While not doing what it takes to protect American military assets challenging Chinese restrictions on freedom of navigation.  Imagine that.  They say history doesn't repeat itself.  Is that right?  Think not?  Think again.

Sadly, it's not only the Chinese, but the Russians as well.  Russian aircraft continue to make dangerous maneuvers around American planes.  Why are we tolerating this?  Why isn't fighter escort provided?  The Turks did the right thing months ago.  Forget?  Shot down a Russian fighter after repeated deliberate invasion of Turkish airspace by Russian warplanes.

Did not result in any retaliatory action taken by the Russians against the Turks, however.  Why not?  For damned good reason.  The Turks are members of NATO.  The Russians had no desire to start a world war.  When will our formerly great country finally smarten up?  We need to rethink foreign policy.  Start determining what truly is and is not vital to our best interests.  Accordingly, reset priorities.  Instead of relying on decades-old foreign policy objectives that have egregiously failed.

Of far greater concern than trade with Vietnam is the huge trade imbalance between China and the United States.  Remains a national security issue for our formerly great country.  Worse?  The trillions in U.S. debt held by China.  Clearly, the bastards in Washington, both parties, sold us out.  Big mistake.  Still can be used as leverage, however, in the event relations between both countries go totally south.  Worse?  Become confrontational.

-- Think the impact on China by a U.S. default wouldn't be significant against the communists there?  Both countries?  This egregious trade imbalance has clearly and exponentially benefited China, moreover, at expense of workers here and the middle class.  Lined the pockets of the corporate management suite and shareholders, as well.   ... As jobs went overseas, the middle class evaporated, and trillions in American treasure lined the pockets of the Chinese.

Worse?  Catastrophically worse than all this?  If unchecked, in several generations it could wind up reducing the U.S. to Third World status as our engineer population drops as well as that of highly skilled workers capable of manufacturing increasingly sophisticated products declines.  Not a happy future should all this come to pass.

Although no one has a crystal ball, our 'erstwhile' 'leaders' clearly are not carefully thinking all this through.  Refuse to consider the ultimate ramifications of their shortsightedness.  Won't be confused with the truth no matter what.  As long as their pockets are lined today, that's all that matters.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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