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Former Nixon and Ford National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger recently spoke at an LBJ Library symposium on Vietnam.  This fascist son of a bitch did all he could to re-write history:

"There was nobody who wanted war, there was nobody who wanted to escalate the war. They all wanted peace. But the question was, 'Under what conditions can you do that?'"

That's simply untrue.  Unadulterated bullshit.  Distortion of reality.  Convenient re-write of history to falsely improve history's judgment of him and his fellow fascist henchmen in the Nixon Administration.  Courtesy of a war criminal named "Henry The K" Kissinger who was never prosecuted for his crimes.

Johnson certainly wanted war when he first used a phony Gulf of Tonkin military 'incident' that never occurred as an excuse to start bombing the North in August 1964.  The equally phony Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was hastily passed by Congress as rubber stamp.  That quickly then led to the determined escalation of the war by sending combat troops en masse several months later in 1965.

It usefully lined the pockets of corporate war profiteers.  Got the cookies off of the Fascist Right when the war was escalated against the communists.  They were champing at the bit for blood.  Was certainly a carefully considered ploy considered for years after the French left Vietnam in defeat.  Kennedy was opposed to this escalation.  Had planned to get all advisers out shortly before he was assassinated in 1963.

-- Possibly, one of the reasons he was murdered.  Would certainly have damaged the financial interests of the corporate management suite back then.  As well as their bought and paid for shills on the Nazi Right.  Indeed, a rabid group of John Birch Society bona fide fascists, national socialists, nazis who had insinuated themselves quite successfully into the political arena courtesy of Sen. Joe McCarthy.  Certainly, one of the most rabid sons of bitches at the time, -- and of all time.

Johnson initially, insanely thought the war would be a cake walk.  Intended to invite veterans to the LBJ ranch for a barbecue after quick victory.  Imagine that.  The haughty bastard certainly achingly underestimated the tenacity and iron will of the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong.  Johnson began to have second thoughts as the war went south, however, and the young started vigorously protesting the war:

"Hey, hey, LBJ how many kids did you kill today?"

Was subsequently, consequently forced from office in disgrace.  Had no  way out.  Only to be replaced by another criminal national socialist named "Tricky Dick" Nixon.  This goddamned nazi son of a bitch lied about having "a secret plan to end the war."  Openly, egregiously lied to the people during the '68 election campaign.

Bold faced lied.  Had no such plan.  The aggressively stupid bastard and his sidekicks thought they could pull a fast one.  Deceive the North Vietnamese communists as well as the American public.  Sadly, they (North Vietnamese) had more on the ball than Nixon, Agnew, McNamara, Kissinger, and all the rest of the war criminals responsible for prosecuting this atrocity put together.

That's not, however, to justify the communists.  Simply put, it was not our responsibility to fight them.  It was the responsibility of the South Vietnamese.  Who certainly did not do all they could to defeat the bastards.  Were as corrupt as the day was long.  Instead, we were viewed and became imperialists in the eyes of the world.  Sadly, with damned good reason.  Although nazis in our country could never understand this.  Remain deliberately myopic to this very day.  Couldn't see past the tip of their national socialist noses.  Especially, "Henry The K" Kissinger.

Sadly, the war dragged on another four years.  The goddamned national socialist in the Oval Office disingenuously repeatedly chanted he wanted "peace with honor."  Ad nauseum.  A crock of shit.  Mind numbing goddamned bullshit the young in this country clearly saw through.  Almost as many were killed and maimed on the battlefield during these four years as in the previous five.

The fascist bastard warming the seat in the Oval Office had no plan.  None at all.  No workable strategy.  All they seemed to do was escalate the war as the communists hit back.  Tit for tat.  These bastards clearly knew almost from Day 1 they had an enemy that would never give up.  Never be intimidated.  Never capitulate.  Was willing to take a ferocious pounding from the air.  Shot down many of our pilots, -- especially since the traitorous assholes in Washington frequently told the North Vietnamese where we were going to bomb.

Pilots were subsequently consequently shot down, killed, maimed, spent years tortured in the Hanoi Hilton.  All courtesy of Johnson and his criminal son of a bitch successor "Tricky Dick" Nixon.  Who had no plan.  No strategy.  No way out.  We retreated under his successor, Gerald Ford.  Lost the war.  Can still remember U.S. military personnel jamming rifle butts against the hands of South Vietnamese nationals desperately clinging on to the retreating choppers.

A goddamned disgrace.  -- These people who were loyal to us were consequently killed or imprisoned after we left.  History repeated itself in Iraq.  How many did we turn our backs on there?  A country that never should have been invaded in the first place by another goddamned Republican war criminal named George "The Tush" Bush and his side kick "Slick Dick" Cheney.  Two goddamned war criminals who have yet to be prosecuted for their crimes.  Both unrepentant.  Both handsomely lined the pockets of their corporate masters.  At taxpayer expense and the blood of our best and brightest in the military.  Traitors.

Kissinger, regarding the Vietnam debacle, lamely, falsely, recently opined:

"The fundamental failure was the division in our country, without that we could have managed it. It's a historic tragedy that America found itself so divided."

That's more goddamned delusionally psychotic bullshit.  Phony re-write of history.  Blaming the victim for the crime.  The young, indeed, were victimized.  Cannon fodder.  They were draftees.  Few of them, volunteers.   This fascist son of a bitch lackey of Nixon continues to this very day to distort reality.  Self-servingly.

There was no way that war ever could have been won.  The enemy was determined.  It was their territory.  They knew it well.  Were well-prepared, superbly motivated, unwilling to compromise.  Aided by the Soviets and particularly, the Chinese.  We had no stake there.  None at all.  Never could have.  Never would have.  "It was the money, stupid."  Corporate and shareholder loot.

As well as the last best chance of the Fascist Right to kill communists.  They delusionally thought they'd have a field day.  Easy slog.  Not to be.  Yes, our troops kicked ass.  Never lost a major battle.  Even Tet in January '68 was a disaster for the communists.  They took horrendous losses.  Yet, it turned out to be the turning point of the war.

Was certainly clear at the time the war could not be won.  Was only a matter of how many more were to be killed in action and maimed.  Nazi bastard "Tricky Dick" placed ersatz 'honor' before military lives and what was best for our formerly great country.  'Peace with honor' was to cost thousands of additional lives.  Billions in treasure.  As well as a fractured formerly great nation.  An horrendous price to be paid.  Especially, since none of these bastards responsible was ever held accountable.  Not one of them.  Including, Kissinger.  Instead, insult was added to injury and the war criminal was invited to speak at the symposium.

Contrary to assertions of this son of a bitch, had it not been for protest, we still would have been in Vietnam.  Why wouldn't we?  It was lining the pockets of the corporate management suite and its lackeys in government.  Had it not been for protest, the charade and atrocity would have continued indefinitely.

The Nazi Right falsely embraced the Domino Theory, that is, if Vietnam fell, so would the rest of Southeast Asia.  Did not happen.  In fact, they're now our trading partners.  Want even more trade.  What webs we weave.  58,000 of our best and brightest died for nothing.  Absolutely, nothing.  Tens of thousands more were maimed.  Countless thousands are suffering from post traumatic stress today.  All for what?  So the corporate management suite could line its pockets.

Worse, Johnson, Nixon, Agnew, Kissinger, and countless other war criminals were never prosecuted.  Never held accountable.  Some of this activity was treasonous.  Such as warning the North as to where our A-4s, F-4s, F-105s, B-52s were going to attack.  Many pilots were shot down as a result, either killed in action or imprisoned in the Hanoi Hilton for some six years.

To be tortured and abused.  Yet, no one in our national socialist government was held accountable.  No one.  Instead, a nazi named Kissinger is invited to a symposium at the LBJ Library only to goddamn lie, distort reality, Aryan arrogantly blame the victims, and re-write history.  F--k the son of a bitch.  He remains no more than a goddamned traitor.  An immigrant who not only disgraced himself, but traitorously shit on the United States Constitution and the rule of law.  Where?  Wake up.  Where else?  Nazi America.  A goddamned fascist police-state.  Don't like the rhetoric?  Tough shit.  Move to Syria and/or Iraq.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril

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